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Pillager PTO Meeting Minutes


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									Pillager PTO September Meeting Minutes
Monday, October 12, 2009
6:30-7:30PM General meeting
7:30-8:00PM Board meeting

Members present: Jody Carey, Lorie Gratke, Marcia Rosenwald, Kelly Hughes, Trisha
Saulsbury, Anna Hunstad, Mandy, and Paul Groper
*Sue VanHal came late to the meeting and added her input on some questions and issues
that came up in the PTO meeting.


1. Call to Order:
Meeting called to order at 6:30PM.

2. Merry Rohloff, Dollars for Scholars

Mary Roloff a member of the Dollars for Scholars program at Pillager Schools, discussed
the collaboration of Pillager PTO and Dollars for Scholars. This would include
volunteering with the Dollars for Scholars for school events, and we could contact
Dollars for Scholars for volunteers for school events that PTO is involved in.

3. Minutes:

Lorie motioned to accept last months minutes and Marcia 2nd the minutes.

4. Treasurer’s Report:

The treasurer was absent, Betty. Trisha had a copy of the treasurer’s report. We
discussed the amount and how it compared to the bank statement. We discussed the
details of the treasurer’s report.

Marcia motioned to accept the treasurer’s report and Lorie 2nd the motion.

5. Committee Reports/Updates:

       a. Parent-Teacher Conferences, Marcia
We discussed feeding the teachers at Parent-Teacher Conferences. Most of the food was
eaten. We will keep track numbers of teachers fed and numbers of food and other things
that were needed.
       b. Fun Fest, Kelly
Kelly spoke about the Fun Fest. We have the 4th table from the left reserved. We will be
doing “Sucker Pull” and “Duck Race” at our PTO booth. Trisha will provide rubber
ducks. Discussed how many volunteers will be needed for the PTO booth. Fun Fest is
Friday, October 30th at school from 6-8pm. We discussed the details of the suckers. We
discussed hanging up our PTO banner (from Open House).
Kelly will be calling for more volunteers. We discussed the possibility of buying spray
hair-coloring from stores, during Halloween time, for a booth for Arbor Day. We
decided to wait until closer to Arbor Day (in April) to purchase the hair color spray.

*Sue mentioned that a community event will be added to Fun Fest. There will be a
Halloween costume parade from 6-6:30pm. The booths will be open from 6:30-8:30pm.

6. Unfinished (old) Business:

        a. Open House, Trisha
Trisha discussed the Open House. The pizza and pop booth with the Pillager Family
Center went great. The Family Center donated all the earnings to the Pillager PTO. We
discussed a possible seating area for parents and students to eat and drink for next year.
        b. Preschool Screening, Betty
Betty was not at the October meeting. Jody helped with preschool screening. Jody
discussed her involvement at the preschool screening. She helped at the preschool
screening by filling bags for the children/adults. She also helped direct parents and
children to the appropriate places/people at the preschool screening.
        c. Update for Donuts for Dads and Christmas Shopping
The date for Donuts for Dads is Friday, November 20th at 7:30am. Lorie is checking on
the prices of donuts. A discount is possible with Cub Foods or Sam’s Club. Last year,
there were pancakes and sausages also with the donuts (there was extra donated pancake
mix to use from another event). The making of the pancakes and sausages was a lot of
work! PTO will help provide volunteers for the night before the event and the morning
of the event. We, the Pillager PTO, are helping the Community Education Coordinator,
Sue VanHal, coordinate this event. Also, at Donuts for Dads last year, there was a
speaker. There was no speaker for the Muffins for Moms. This year, for Donuts for
Dads there will be a paper airplane contest.

Christmas Shopping for Kids will be December 11th. There will be more information at
our next PTO meeting.
        d. Communication Tools, Marcia
               bulletin boards, newsletter, website, flyers, branding, thank you notes
Marcia discussed the difficulty for people to locate the Pillager PTO website. We
discussed with Sue putting the link to the PTO website on the home page of the Pillager
Schools website. We discussed making a tri-fold flyer to be put in the main office of the
school and at The Shante. The flyer would include our PTO logo, mission statement,
events (past and future), top 10 reasons to join PTO (from PTO Today website), and
contact person/s.

Jody and Marcia will work on the bulletin board together. Thank you notes will include
approved PTO logo (voted on by members). Someone will contact Lakes Printing (Paul
Groper, who had left the meeting, works there!) about pricing of thank you notes. Jody
will call him. Someone will also call Office Max about pricing (cutting, folding, printing
about $1.14/copy). Jody will contact Insty Prints and Minute Man for prices also.

We talked to Sue about an AlertNow message about PTO meetings and “social hours”.
She said it might be possible to use AlertNow if we had a small group of people (our
membership list) to contact. We thought maybe AlertNow would be useful for contacting
PTO members for cancelled meetings (such as snow storms).
        e. Set Date for Bylaws
We decided to discuss and finish the Bylaws with the PTO board members (Jody, Betty,
Trisha, Marcia, Kelly and Lorie) at The Shante on Tuesday, October 27th from 5-6pm.
Following the bylaws meeting, a PTO “social hour” will be at The Shante. A flyer was
sent home with parents inviting them to a casual “social hour” with the PTO.
        f. Recruiting
This is an ongoing discussion that will happen at each monthly meeting.

7. New Business:

Jody, Betty and Trisha spoke to the elementary and preschool teachers. We presented
ourselves, members of the Pillager PTO during their afterschool staff meeting on
Tuesday, October 6th. Jody, our president, discussed who we (PTO) are and what we are
and that we want teachers to join our group (parent-teacher organization). Trisha spoke
on her reasons for joining PTO as Jody did. There has not been much input from the
teachers from that meeting.
        a. Community Meeting with Mrs. Bell
This should be an informal meeting. There should be note cards for ideas/questions for
Wanda. This meeting should not be negative. Good time to discuss concerns. Jody will
talk to Wanda and put together a flyer.

Upcoming, on Monday, October 19th, before the regular school board meeting there will
be a brainstorming workshop for the public from 3:30-6:30pm. Some of the PTO
members are planning to attend.
        b. Early Childhood Event if February
On December 1st, Santa Claus will be coming to the school. We discussed the Early
Childhood February event. Last year was Bubble Man. That was not very good. Some
entertainment ideas for this year are: Elvis impersonator, Teddy Bear Band, or a DJ with
kids’ music.
        c. Change board meeting time and location
We discussed changing the time and location of the Pillager PTO general/board meetings.
We decided to change the meeting time to 6:00-7:00pm. The new location would be in
the Early Childhood building board room. Childcare will be arranged for children who
come with their parents. An adult or trusted high school student/s will supervise the
children in the Fun Stop room or elementary gym. Lorie’s husband, Troy, also a PTO
member, will supervise the children who come with their parents to the next PTO
meeting on Monday, November 9th.
Marcia motioned to accept these changes for meeting time and place. Jody 2nd the
8. Principal’s Report:

Wanda, the elementary principal was not present at the meeting.

9. Announcements

Next Pillager PTO general/board meeting is on Monday, November 9th, 2009 at 6:00pm
in the Early Childhood building in the board room next to Fun Stop.

10. Adjournment

Kelly made first motion to adjourn the meeting. Lorie 2nd the motion.
The PTO meeting adjourned at 8:02PM.

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