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									                    KTI CHRONICLES
                               Where Students Are First™
Volume 4 Issue 10                                                                                         November 2009

    Inside this issue:         Halloween Comes to KTI!
                               By Kristen Cahill, Career Placement/Externship Coordinator
Student of the Month      2
                                                                                               Halloween Costume Winners:
Pacific Institute         2                                                                    Day: Scott Zimmerman
                                                                                               Evening: Krystelle Schramm
Faculty Spotlight;                                                                             Funniest:
KTI’s Mascot                                                                                   Day: Keith Jefferies
                                                                                               Evening: Christine Farley
Paralegal Department
                          4                                                                    Most Original:
                                                                                               Day: Roslyn Pridgen
Hand Washing; KTI                                                                              Evening: Eric Whitsel
Watch                                                                                          Best Overall:
                                                                                               Day: Tashayanna Spruill, Jamie
Blood Drive               6                                                                    Smart, Angelica Faller, Jennifer
                                                                                               Evening: Jim Broom
Students Taking Care
of Students                             Dental students show off their costumes
                                                                                               Window Decorations:
Honors Awarded           7-8                                                                   1st: Culinary (day)
                                     Halloween came early          During the day, the KTI 2nd: Paralegal
Ask the Computer               for the students at KTI this   staff went around to judge 3rd: Dental (day)
                          9    year! On October 22nd,         each department’s window
                               students came to school        decorations. This year’s
Birthday Watch            9    dressed in their costumes      windows were so well-done
                               and were treated to a fun-     and creative that there was
                               filled Halloween party.        a two-way tie for first place
Placement &
                         10         There was good food, a    between the Day Culinary
Externship Corner
                               piñata full of candy, and of   students and the Paralegal
                               course, KTI’s annual           students!
Recipe of the Month      10
                               Halloween         costume            In order to settle the
                               contest.                       dispute, the admissions rep-
Thanksgiving Quiz        11                                   resentatives were asked to
                                                              break the tie. Without know-
                                                              ing who the two tied depart-
Calendar of Events       12                                   ments were, the representa-
                                                              tives came back with their
                                                                    Thanks to the reps, the
                                                              drama was finally settled and
                                                              the Day Culinary students’
                                                              window was declared the
   2301 Academy Drive                                         official winner! They will get
   Harrisburg, PA 17112                                       either a pizza party or Chi-
                                   Part of the Culinary                                                    Mrs. A?
      717-545-4747                department's winning        nese in class as well as T-
                                   window decorations
VOLUME 4 ISSUE 10                                 KTI CHRONICLES                                                         PAGE 2

                      Profile in Success: October Student of the Month
  For Success
                                        November’s      work for someone else in the                Submissions
                                        Student of      massage field and maybe
     I will face                        the Month is    even open her own massage           • Are you creative?
                                        Deb Myers!      business one day.
      today’s                                                                               • Do you have an
                                       Deb was          Deb is very pleased with KTI’s        interest in writing?
  difficulties with                    born and         staff and faculty. She wants to
                                       raised in        thank all of her teachers who       • Is there something
   strength and
                                       Hershey and      have had a chance to get to           you would like to
     wisdom.                           now resides      know her.
                       in Annville. She graduated                                             share with the
                                                        In her spare time, Deb loves to
                       from Hershey High School
                                                        camp, play broomball, cook,
                                                                                              student body?
                       and then went to HACC for
                       two semesters to study Food      make new friends, and watch
                                                        the Hershey Bears.
                       Service Management. For                                              If you are interested in
                       the past 17 years, she has
                       been working full-time at
                                                        We can all learn from Deb’s         contributing to the
                                                        favorite quote: “You don’t have
                       Seaman’s Market in
                                                        to be better than everyone          December 2009 issue,
  I get my work        Grantville.
                                                        else. You only have to be the       please give your
       done            Having been told that she        best at what you do.”
                                                                                            submissions to Kristen
                       was a people person and
   effortlessly, I     knowing that she wanted a
                                                        Congratulations, Deb!!              Cahill, Career
 meet challenges       career where she could truly                                         Placement/Externship
                       help people, she decided to
  bravely, I grow      enroll in the Massage                                                Coordinator .
  stronger each
                       program here at KTI. After                                           Submission deadline
                       she graduates, she wants to
                                                                                            is November 23rd!

                       Pacific Institute Unit Four:
                       My Brain’s Filter System
                       There is so much                 not get through.                        to learn simply because we
                       information hitting our                                                  go to class. We need to
 I have complete       senses that our central          Who decides what is                     apply ourselves and take
                       cortex can’t process it all.     important? We do. The goals             charge of our own future.
 control over my       To avoid having                                  we set opens
                       an information                                   our awareness           Without goals and without
     own life.                                                          to information          accountability we put
                       overload, there is           “The goal
                       a filter system                                  that helps us           ourselves to sleep. We
                       located from the         comes first…”           fulfill the goal.       need to make bigger goals
                       base of the brain                                The goal                for a bigger, brighter future!
                       to the central                                   comes first, and
                       cortex. It is called the         then we see and hear the
                       Reticular Activating System, information that is going to get
                       or RAS.                          us to that goal.
 Negativity does
                       The RAS filters out              The other area that shuts off
  not exist in my      everything that we think is      our awareness is
                       not important. Therefore, if     accountability. We need to
   world today.        something is not important       hold ourselves accountable
                       to us, the information does      for our lives. We can’t expect
  VOLUME 4 ISSUE 10                                        KTI CHRONICLES                                             PAGE 3

Faculty Spotlight: Christopher Schmidt
Paralegal Instructor

                    Christopher Schmidt           In September 2008, Mr. Schmidt
                    joined the KTI faculty    took a break from part-time teaching as              Classifieds
                    in May 2009. He           he was getting married and going on a
                    earned his                honeymoon to Hawaii. In the Spring of        • Have something to sell,
                    Bachelor’s of Arts        2009, he decided to return to part-time        swap or give away?
                    degree from the           teaching and he obtained a part-time
                    University of             position in KTI’s paralegal program.         • Looking for a particular
                    Maryland. He
                                                  Since joining KTI, he has taught
                                                                                             item to buy?
                    started his law
                    school studies at         Family Law, Business Organizations,
  Widener University School of Law and        Torts, and a few general education           If you are interested in
  finished them at Georgetown                 courses. Mr. Schmidt enjoys teaching at
  University Law Center. He is a              KTI and hopes to continue teaching at        composing a classified ad
  Pennsylvania attorney.                      KTI for a long time.                         for the newsletter, please
       Mr. Schmidt has worked in the                                                       give your ads to Kristen
  Pennsylvania court system for over six                                                   Cahill, in Career
  years as a judicial law clerk. A judicial
  law clerk assists a judge in deciding                                                    Placement.
  legal cases, conducts legal research,
  and drafts numerous legal documents.
  A highlight of Mr. Schmidt’s work for                                                    The cost is the best part of
  the court system was a three-year term                                                   all-it’s free!
  with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court,
  the highest state court in
  Pennsylvania.                                                                            So start cleaning out your
       Mr. Schmidt taught law school                                                       clutter and maybe make
  students in recent years. From 2006                                                      some cash in the process!
  to 2008, he taught as a part-time
  professor at Widener University School
  of Law. Mr. Schmidt has also written a                                                   Remember-one person’s
  number of articles on legal topics that
  have been published in legal journals.                                                   trash is another person’s

KTI Has A Mascot!

     Throughout the month of October,             Ben Douglas, a massage therapy stu-
KTI students were asked to submit             dent, was the one who came up with our
suggestions for our first school mascot.      mascot. He chose to nominate the Hornets            1st Place: KTI Hornets
    There were a lot of creative entries      because they have small colonies, they
ranging from the KTI Kangaroos to the         protect each other, and they have fierce
                                                                                                 2nd Place: KTI Mustangs
KTI Pet Rocks! In the end, it was clear       stings! Because of this, he felt as though
that there were two very strong               hornets would best represent our school.
                                                                                                 3rd Place: KTI Kangaroos
contenders: The Hornets and the                   Congratulations, Ben! Thank you to
Mustangs. Although it was a very close        everyone who participated in helping to
race between the two, the Hornets             choose our new mascot!
pulled off a win!
VOLUME 4 ISSUE 10                                    KTI CHRONICLES                                                   PAGE 4

          Department Spotlight: Paralegal
Guest Speaker Educates Paralegals
     Denise Foster, a paralegal with     build contacts in the legal community,
about 20 years of experience at the      and become very knowledgeable
law firm of Boswell, Tintner, and Pic-   about the law.
cola, spoke to KTI’s paralegal stu-
dents on October 22nd. Ms. Thomp-
                                              Her presentation was very infor-
son invited Ms. Foster to speak to
                                         mative and helpful to the paralegal
the students.
                                         students. Many thanks to Ms.
                                         Thompson for inviting Ms. Foster to
     Ms. Foster told the students        KTI!
what job duties she completes and
described some of her unique job
experiences. Ms. Foster also ad-
vised the students that they should
find a job that they would enjoy,

                                         Paralegals Tour State Prison
                                         By Tiyenne Greene and Medina Long, Paralegal Students

                                              In the Spring, many of KTI’s para-          It was an eye-opening experi-
                                         legal students visited the state prison      ence for the students to see the
                                         in Camp Hill. A prison official guided       day-to-day activities of the prison
                                         the students on a tour of the prison.        inmates. The students are very
                                         The students learned many things,            thankful to Ms. Thompson for ar-
                                         including the prison’s history, how it is    ranging the tour.
                                         operated, and how inmates are classi-
                                         fied in the facility.

Paralegals Hear Fidel Castro’s Daughter Speak
By James Broom, Paralegal Student

    In October, the Paralegal class            Farmers were only allowed to sell          After listening to her speak, it
went to the Penn State Harrisburg        their crops to the country—they couldn’t    made me thankful to be living in a
campus to hear Fidel Castro’s            openly sell to the public. She told of      country that still allows me to go down
daughter speak about her life in         how one time Fidel Castro gave every        the street to my neighbor and buy
Cuba.                                    person three chickens to raise and her      sweet corn or turn the TV channel if I
     She spoke of how for 23 hours a     neighbor had about twelve. The              don’t like what is on. And last but not
                                         neighbor tied a string around all of the    least, I am thankful to be able to live
day, the only thing that was on TV
                                         chickens so the stray cats wouldn’t eat     my life the way I want to, not the way
was either her father or executions.
                                         them, because they were starving just       someone else thinks I should be living
The other hour was old silent Rus-       like the Cuban citizens were. Castro’s      it.
sian or Cuban cartoons, but only if      daughter also told us a story about one          If you ever have the chance to
her father didn’t run into that time     occasion when a chicken fell into a wa-     listen to someone talk about their life
while talking. They weren’t allowed      ter drain. The neighbor gave the            in another country, do it—you never
to watch anything from the United        chicken mouth-to-mouth trying to resus-     know what you might learn!
States, including Mickey Mouse!          citate it.
VOLUME 4 ISSUE 10                                   KTI CHRONICLES                                               PAGE 5

                                               Clean Hands Save Lives!

Keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to
others. It is best to wash your hands with soap and clean running water for 20 seconds. However, if soap and clean
water are not available, use an alcohol-based product to clean your hands. Alcohol-based hand rubs significantly
reduce the number of germs on skin and are fast-acting.

When washing hands with soap and water:
• Wet your hands with clean running water and apply soap. Use warm water if it is available.
•   Rub hands together to make a lather and scrub all surfaces.
•   Continue rubbing hands for 20 seconds. Need a timer? Imagine singing "Happy Birthday" twice through.
•   Rinse hands well under running water.
•   Dry your hands using a paper towel or air dryer. If possible, use your paper towel to turn off the faucet.

When should you wash your hands?
• Before preparing or eating food
•   After going to the bathroom
•   After changing diapers or cleaning up a child who has gone to the bathroom
•   Before and after tending to someone who is sick
•   After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing
•   After handling an animal or animal waste
•   After handling garbage
•   Before and after treating a cut or wound

Remember: If soap and water are not available, use alcohol-based gel to clean hands.

When using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer:

•   Apply product to the palm of one hand
•   Rub hands together
•   Rub the product over all surfaces of hands and fingers until hands are dry.

                                                             KTI WATCH:
                                       Student ID cards will be here by the
                                               end of November!!!
 VOLUME 4 ISSUE 10                                              KTI CHRONICLES                                                             PAGE 6

KTI’s Blood Drive – Another Success!
By: Karen Altland, Medical Assistant Instructor

        On October 14th, KTI had another                I hope everyone realizes how impor-
  blood drive. Once again the students,            tant it is to donate blood. One pint of
  staff, and faculty of KTI came through           blood can save three babies’ lives. What
  with their dedication. We received 27            better gift to give than the gift of life!
  pints of blood. WOW!!!!
                                                       You did it once again, KTI students.
       A big thank you to everyone who             This is what makes you # 1. A big thank
  helped with the blood drive. Even the            you for your dedication from the bottom
  ones who could not brought in food for           of my heart.
  the ones who were able to donate.

Common Questions and Concerns about Blood Donation

  1. “I’m afraid”                                  5. “Do I have enough blood to spare?”            8. “I heard it hurts.”
  A lot of people are scared the first time, but   If you are healthy and weigh at least 110        Most donors say they barely felt anything
  after you make on donation, you’ll wonder        pounds, you have 10-12 pints of blood in         and they describe it as a slight pinch on the
  why you hesitated. There’s really nothing to     your body and can easily spare one pint.         inside of your arm. Eating a good meal and
  it!                                              The fluids in your body are completely           hydrating yourself with caffeine-free drinks
  2. “How many people donate?”                     replaced 24 hours after donation.                helps to make sure your donation experi-
  Only 5% of the population donates blood. If      6. “I’m afraid of getting AIDS through           ence is a positive one.
  only 10% of the population would donate, it      blood donation.”                                 9. “Will I feel weak the rest of the day?”
  would very possibly eliminate all blood          There is no way you can be exposed to the        Your body will begin to replace your blood
  shortages.                                       AIDS virus during donation. All needles and      immediately. After some cookies and juice,
  3. “Do you need my blood type?”                  equipment are pre-packaged, sterile, and         most people resume their regular activities
  We need regular donations of ALL types.          disposable. The blood bank is under strict       after donating.
  The rarest blood is the type which is not        regulation and nothing can be re-used on         10. “I’m too busy to donate.”
  available when its needed.                       another donor.                                   One out of five people who enter a hospital
  4. “Would you want my blood even                 7. “I have low blood iron. Can I donate?”        will need a blood transfusion. Blood dona-
  though I’ve had an illness or am taking          A sample of your blood is checked before         tion is the act of giving life. Although the
  medication?”                                     every donation. If your iron is low, we’ll ask   whole process can take up to an hour of
  If you have any doubts about your eligibility    you to donate on another day. Most of the        your time, it can provide an entire lifetime to
  to donate, you can discuss them with a           time, low iron is only temporary. We will        a local patient.
  blood bank staff member. Most people who         provide you with an “iron-rich foods list”
  feel this way are surprised to find out they     which will help boost your iron to strong

                              Students Taking Care of Students
                           When dental students take their Dental Office Procedures class, Kim Deterling and
                  Linda Runk give them a unique assignment in order to improve their interpersonal skills—
                  something they’ll have to perfect in order to be successful in a dental office. They must each go
                  out and get to know a fellow KTI student from a different program. Last month, the dental stu-
  dents went above and beyond what was required of them.
            While trying to complete their assignment at lunch, this extraordinary group met an expecting Culinary
  Arts student named Shelly. Feeling a connection with Shelly, the dental students took their assignment to
  heart and decided to help her prepare for her baby. During the next several weeks, they collected a huge box
  full of diapers, blankets, soaps, clothing, and everything else baby-related for their fellow student.
            The big box was recently delivered to Shelly at her home, where she has her hands full with a beauti-
  ful baby girl named Debbie. Shelly was extremely touched and appreciative of the students’ act of kindness.

     A special THANK YOU goes out to the dental students who helped Shelly. We’re all very proud of you!!!
 VOLUME 4 ISSUE 10                                KTI CHRONICLES                                  PAGE 7

Honors Awarded
Honors were awarded to the following
                                       Crystol Cook                Lisa Halsey
students for the Day Module ending
October 20, 2009:                      Perfect Attendance          Perfect Attendance
                                       Distinguished Honors
                                                                   Ashley Hartlieb
Keenan Alexander
                                       Randy Cook                  Outstanding Attendance
Outstanding Attendance
                                       Outstanding Attendance      Honors
Chris Anderson
Outstanding Attendance                 Connie Cornman              Michael Hawk
                                       Perfect Attendance          Outstanding Attendance
Distinguished Honors
                                       Distinguished Honors
                                                                   Jessica Heckenluber
Ashley Anderson Blyer
                                       Shelley Creager             Perfect Attendance
Outstanding Attendance
                                       Perfect Attendance          Distinguished Honors
                                       Distinguished Honors
Paula Antczak
Outstanding Attendance                                             Emily Hsueh
                                       Rebecca Curtis              Perfect Attendance
                                       Outstanding Attendance      Distinguished Honors
Chasity Armstrong
                                       Distinguished Honors
Outstanding Attendance
Distinguished Honors                                               Caitlin Jacobus
                                       Casey Ellenberger           Outstanding Attendance
                                       Outstanding Attendance      Distinguished Honors
Kelly Attick
Outstanding Attendance
Honors                                                             Kristin Jernigan
                                       Angelica Faller             Outstanding Attendance
                                       Outstanding Attendance      Honors
Mark Baer
                                       Distinguished Honors
Outstanding Attendance
                                                                   Ashley Johnson
                                       Kayla Fidler                Perfect Attendance
Arlee Barnes
                                       Outstanding Attendance      Distinguished Honors
Perfect Attendance
Distinguished Honors
                                       Susan Fisher                Valerie Kendall
                                       Outstanding Attendance      Outstanding Attendance
Joseph Beasom
                                       Distinguished Honors        Distinguished Honors
Outstanding Attendance
Distinguished Honors
                                       Alyssa Flaherty
                                       Outstanding Attendance
Tasha Brady
Outstanding Attendance
Distinguished Honors
                                       Tasha Ford
                                       Outstanding Attendance
Courtney Caudill
                                       Distinguished Honors
Outstanding Attendance
Distinguished Honors
                                       Carol Gibble
                                                                   Distinguished Honors-4.0 GPA & 90%
                                       Outstanding Attendance
Vi Chung                                                           Attendance
                                       Distinguished Honors
Perfect Attendance
                                                                   Honors-3.5-3.99% GPA & 90% Atten-
Distinguished Honors
                                       Loretta Goodling            dance
                                       Outstanding Attendance      Perfect Attendance-100% Attendance
                                       Distinguished Honors
                                                                   Outstanding Attendance-90-99% Atten-
 VOLUME 4 ISSUE 10                  KTI CHRONICLES                                  PAGE 8

Honors Awarded (cont.)
Rebecca Kritzberger      Aida Pronko                 Andrea Shank
Outstanding Attendance   Outstanding Attendance      Outstanding Attendance
Distinguished Honors     Honors                      Distinguished Honors

Randall Lewis            Melanie Reynolds            Katherine Snyder
Outstanding Attendance   Perfect Attendance          Outstanding Attendance
Distinguished Honors     Distinguished Honors        Distinguished Honors

Lisa Lincourt            Christopher Roberts         Quinlan Snyder
Outstanding Attendanca   Perfect Attendance          Outstanding Attendance
                         Distinguished Honors        Distinguished Honors
Jesica Lorick
Outstanding Attendance   Nina Rumbaugh               Casey Soder
Honors                   Perfect Attendance          Perfect Attendance
                         Honors                      Distinguished Honors
Lan Mai
Perfect Attendance       Katherine Sanders           Christine Stauffer
                         Outstanding Attendance      Outstanding Attendance
Brandi Mateer
Perfect Attendance       Darrell Saul                Jared Stroupe
Distinguished Honors     Perfect Attendance          Outstanding Attendance
                         Distinguished Honors        Distinguished Honors
Kathy McCrae
Perfect Attendance       Ruth Schlusser              Cristina Wiles
Honors                   Outstanding Attendance      Outstanding Attendance
Cathy McNemar                                        Nicole Winters
Outstanding Attendance   Ashley Schwab               Outstanding Attendance
Distinguished Honors     Outstanding Attendance      Distinguished Honors
Shelly Mitchell                                      Scott Zimmerman
Outstanding Attendance   Robert Shaffer              Outstanding Attendance
                         Perfect Attendance          Honors
Cynthia Parmer           Distinguished Honors
Perfect Attendance
Honors                   Gary Shaner
                         Perfect Attendance
Terri Linn Peace         Distinguished Honors
Outstanding Attendance
Distinguished Honors     Erica Smith
                         Outstanding Attendance      Key:
Nafeesa Peoples          Distinguished Honors
Outstanding Attendance                               Distinguished Honors-4.0 GPA & 90%
                         Kevin Smith                 Attendance
LeAnne Powell            Outstanding Attendance      Honors-3.5-3.99% GPA & 90% Atten-
Perfect Attendance       Honors                      dance
Distinguished Honors
                                                     Perfect Attendance-100% Attendance
                                                     Outstanding Attendance-90-99% Atten-
VOLUME 4 ISSUE 10                                     KTI CHRONICLES                                                PAGE 9

Ask the Computer Expert
By George Vujasin, Network Administrator

                                          mainly due to the advantages in             laptop; since they are much smaller
                                          hardware. Laptop PCs were very limited      units, the chance of theft does
                                          on what hardware could be installed and     increase. However, due diligence on
                                          somewhat limited in their capacity as a     your part will help minimize the
                                          result. Disk drives, random access          chance of that happening.
                                          memory (RAM), optical drives and
                                          processors were all superior in the              The options that are out there
                                          desktop environment.                        today for a PC buyer are incredible.
                                                                                      Costs have come down for both types
                                               Now, though, the answer to your        of systems, giving consumers a great
                                          question is quite different. Laptop         variety of low cost computers. The
                                          technology has soared in recent years,      question of laptop v. desktop is now
                                          and I am not as desktop-centric as I once   mainly a matter of personal
                                          was. My question to anyone considering      preference. With a little preparation
Dear Computer Expert,                     laptop v. desktop is simple. What is your   and investigation, today’s PC buyer
                                          primary use going to be for the             can get a great machine to suit a
I’m thinking of getting a new computer.   computer? If the answer is complex, for     variety of needs.
Should I buy a laptop or a desktop?       instance gaming or higher-end video
                                          editing, I would still lean toward a
-Money to Burn                            desktop PC. For general purpose use, I
                                          would be more inclined to recommend a
Dear Money,
                                               The overall expense for both types
     This is a question that has          of machines has dropped considerably in
definitely evolved over time. A few       the last few years. However, with a
years ago I would have answered this      desktop, you have the additional
question very quickly with, “Buy a        expense of a monitor, speakers, and
desktop PC.” My reason for that is        possibly a mouse and keyboard. All of
even as far back as five years, laptops   the above are included with the laptop.
were primarily for higher-end users.      Speaker quality and monitor resolution
Most laptops were deployed by             are very good on current laptops, so if
business for specific purposes. The       expense is an issue, a laptop may be the
average home user got a much better       lower cost option. Keep in mind that
value buying a desktop computer,          there is the matter of security with a

Birthday Watch
The following students are                 Staci Sweigart – November 14th             Joannie Resto – November 27th
celebrating November Birthdays:
                                           Tammy Wolfe – November 17th                Vi Chung – November 28th

Chris Anderson – November 3rd              Julio Jean – November 18th                 Shawna Ridley – November 28th

Caitlin Jacobus – November 4th             Kelsey Kennedy – November 18th             Amanda Kocher – November 29th

Melanie Reynolds – November 7th            Lori Sloane – November 19th                Emily Hsueh– November 30th

Lisa Hicks – November 9th                  Alyson Cramer – November 20th

RaeAnn Jacobs – November 9th               Christopher Roberts – November 20th

Wilda Martinez – November 9th              Brandi Mateer – November 21st
                                                                                       Happy Birthday and best
Shannon Garrison – November 10th           Jacki Nolt – November 21st                  wishes to all of you from
Frank Laurine – November 13th              Hope Wiley – November 23rd                   the students, staff, and
Lynn Ann Folk – November 14th              Jennifer Noel – November 24th                     faculty of KTI!
  VOLUME 4 ISSUE 10                                         KTI CHRONICLES                                                    PAGE 10

Placement & Externship Corner
By: Kristen Cahill, Career Placement/Externship Coordinator

  Students Beginning Externship:              Recent Graduates Obtaining Employment:

  Angelica Faller                             Catherine Carmenatty– EFDA                        Amanda Kocher– Medical

  Massage Therapy                             Silverman Dental                                  Baughman Family Medicine

  Jamie Goss                                  Micah Cayaban– Culinary                           Karen Krogler– Medical

  Medical Billing & Insurance Coding          Highlands Grill at Hershey Links                  Pinnacle Health Family Care

  Erica Mills                                 Prashant Chahwala– Medical                        Greg Marotto– Massage

  Massage Therapy                             Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute               Gold’s Gym

  Melodee Reeves                              Aaron Folk                                        Amanda Martin– Medical

  Medical Billing & Insurance Coding          Damon’s Grill                                     Family Internal Medicine

  Jamie Smart                                 Kelly Jo Gotwalt– EFDA                            Brenda Maynard– Medical

  Massage Therapy                             JS Johnessee DDS, PC                              Dr. Richard Magill

                                              Deanna Heath– Medical                             Meg Minichbach– Culinary

                                              Urology of Central PA                             Hollywood Casino

                                              Shalisa Johnson– Massage                          Dimitri Tarchyla– EFDA

                                              Hair Liners                                       Dr. Joseph Graver, DDS

Recipe of the Month: Home-Style Meatloaf
By Chef Stiffler

                                         Yield: 16 servings, 8 oz. each
                                         1.   Sauté the onions, celery, and garlic in the oil until tender. Remove from heat and
                                         2.   Combine all ingredients except the ketchup and mix well.
                                         3.   Form into loaves of the desired size and place in loaf pans.
                                         4.   Brush the top of each loaf with ketchup as desired. Bake at 350° F until the meat-
                                              loaf reaches an internal temperature of 165° F, approximately 1 hour for a 9-inch x
  1 lb. onions, small dice
  8 oz. celery, small dice
                                              5-inch loaf pan.
  2 Tbsp. garlic, chopped
                                         5.   Allow the loaves to rest for 15 minutes before slicing. Cut slices of the desired
  2 fl. oz. vegetable oil
                                              thickness and serve with a tomato or mushroom sauce.
  6 oz. fresh bread crumbs
  1 pt. tomato juice (optional)
                                         Chef Stiffler’s Special Tips:
  4 lb. beef (or 8 lb beef w/ no pork)
  4 lb. pork (optional)
                                         •    Use all ground beef and add about 1/4 cup ketchup inside the mix (no tomato
  4 eggs, beaten                              juice)
  4 tsp. salt                            •    Place 3-4 slices of bacon on top of the meatloaf plus the ketchup
  1 Tbsp. black pepper                   •    Another option is to add about 1/4 of a green bell pepper (fine diced and sautéed
  4 Tbsp. parsley, chopped                    with the other vegetables)
  3 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce           •    Also place about 1/2 c. grated cheddar cheese inside
  Ketchup (as needed)
                                         •    Serve with your favorite starch and vegetable
VOLUME 4 ISSUE 10                                      KTI CHRONICLES                                                  PAGE 11

                      THANKSGIVING QUIZ
  1.   A spooked turkey can run…                                        6. What percentage of Pilgrims who sailed on the
                                                                           Mayflower survived to celebrate Thanksgiving?
          A. 50 MPH                                                            A. 50%
          B. 5 MPH                                                             B. 100%
          C. 20 MPH                                                            C. 20%
          D. 60 MPH                                                            D. 75%

  2. What Native American tribe was invited to spend                    7.   What does cornucopia mean?
     Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims?                                            A. Horn of plenty
         A. Sioux                                                               B. The goddesses’ blessings
         B. Wampanoag                                                           C. May your table always be full and your
         C. Red Sox                                                                friends many
         D. Comanche

  3.   How many degrees can a turkey see with its eyes?                 8.   Who was the first president to make
          A. 360 degrees                                                     Thanksgiving a national holiday?
          B. 100 degrees                                                        A. Truman
          C. 270 degrees                                                        B. Lincoln
          D. 90 degrees                                                         C. Jefferson
                                                                                D. Roosevelt

  4.   What is a baby turkey called?                                    9.   How high must a cranberry bounce before
          A. A chick                                                         it is harvested?
          B. A squab                                                              A. 12 inches
          C. A poult                                                              B. 8 inches
          D. A goblet                                                             C. 36 inches
                                                                                  D. 4 inches

  5.   What vegetable did the Pilgrims have available for               10. The original Thanksgiving lasted how long?
       Thanksgiving but did not use because they                               A. 2 months
       thought it was poisonous?                                               B. 14 days
          A. Beans                                                             C. 7 days
          B. Pumpkin                                                           D. 3 days
          C. Tomatoes
          D. Potatoes


                          1) C, 20 MPH 2) B, Wampanoag 3) C, 270 degrees 4) C, A poult 5) D, potatoes

                          6) A, 50% 7) A, Horn of plenty 8) B, Lincoln 9) D, 4 inches 10) D, 3 days
VOLUME 4 ISSUE 10                           KTI CHRONICLES                                                                PAGE 12

   CALENDAR OF EVENTS                      November 2009
                                      Sun     Mon             Tue             Wed           Thu               Fri          Sat
11/2: Evening Orientation
                                       1         2              3               4              5               6            7
11/3: New Evening Start
                                              Evening      New Evening
11/5: Birthday Celebrations                  Orientation      Start

      12 PM & 7 PM
                                       8         9             10              11            12               13           14
11/10: In Service Day
                                                           In Service Day   End Evening   New Evening     Round Table
                                                                              Module        Module           1 PM
      No Classes (Day and Evening)                          No Classes
                                                                                          Round Table
11/11: End of Evening Module                                                                 7 PM

11/12: New Evening Module             15        16             17              18            19               20           21
       Evening Round Table – 7 PM                                                           Evening
                                                                                             7 PM
11/13: Day Round Table – 1 PM

11/19: Evening Honors – 7 PM          22        23             24              25            26               27           28
11/25: End of Day Module                                                     End Day                      School Closed
11/26: Thanksgiving – School Closed

11/17: School Closed                  29        30
                                             New Day
11/30: New Day Module                         Module

12/3: Birthday Celebrations

      12 PM & 7 PM
                                           December 2009
12/9: Day Honors – 12 PM              Sun      Mon             Tue            Wed            Thu              Fri          Sat
12/10: Holiday Party                                             1               2             3               4            5
      12 PM & 7 PM

      Evening Round Table – 7 PM
                                       6          7              8               9            10              11           12
12/11: Day Round Table – 1 PM
                                                                            Day Honors    Holiday Party   Round Table
12/24: Christmas Eve– School Closed                                           12 PM                          1 PM
                                                                                          Round Table
                                                                                             7 PM
12/25: Christmas – School Closed

12/28: No Classes                      13        14             15              16            17              18           19
12/29: No Classes

12/30: No Classes

12/31: No Classes                      20        21             22              23            24              25           26

                                       27        28             29              30            31
                                             No Classes      No Classes      No Classes    No Classes

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