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3 Grade Newsletter
October 2009                                                                                              Volume 2, Issue 1

 Schedule of Events         Welcome to our 3 rd Grade Newsletter!                        Our Math Community
 October 2008               We hope that you find this newsletter                               We have been spending
 10/19-10/23                helpful. We have had an exciting start to                    the month of September
 Book Fair. Check out the   our year and look forward to sharing more                    reviewing math routines. We
 books in the library!
                            of it with you! Please visit                                 have been reviewing all of the
                   for more                                math standards.
                            information.                                                        In October, we will be
 10/20 and 10/22
 Parent-Teacher                                                                          working on computation and
 Conferences. Ple ase                                                                    measurement.
 come for a sche dule d
 mee ting to discuss your                                                                       You can help us with
 child’s progress.          Our Reading Community                                        math at home by:
 10/31                      We have been working on setting up a                         1. Practicing math facts
 Halloween Costume
 Parade and Class Party.
                            community of readers. We have been                           2. Asking how we solved math
 Parade starts at 1:45pm.   learning to choose just right books and                      problems – explaining our
 Party be gins at 2:10pm.                                                                thinking.
                            respond to them in a variety of ways.

                            As we are reading, we have been working on
                            using the comprehension strategies of
                            making connections and asking questions.                     Unit Study
                                                                                         For the month of October
                                                                                         will be finishing up our
                            This month we will continue to read and                      mineral and rock
                            respond to stories. We will be working with                  exploration. Then we will
                                                                                         be moving into an
                            making inferences and synthesizing.                          investigation on Matter.
                                                                                         We will be investigating
                                                                                         what is matter and how it
                            We will be integrating our science and                       changes.
                            reading skills. So we will be focusing on how
                            to read non-fiction and using non-fiction

                               Did you know… In order for someone to                             2.   We need to
                                                                                                      practice writing
                                                                                                      each cursive letter
                                                          show that he/she can
                                                                                                      at least 25 times.
                                                          perform a new skill, that
                                                                                                 3.   We should practice
                                                          person should practice it at
                                                                                                      each spelling word
                                                          least 25 times.
                                                                                                      at least 25 times.
                                                          That means:
                                                               1. We need to
                                                                                             Practice makes perfect!
                                                                   practice reading
                                                                   the clock at least
                                                                   25 times a day.