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    Inside Scoop                October and November 2010
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Senior Committee          2
October Calendar          3
Fall Festival             3
November Calendar         4
Friday Events             5
Games We Play             6
Bridge Lessons            6
Programming               7
Line Dancing              7
League of Women Voters
Brown Bag Lunch           7

De young day trip         8
Holiday Happenings        9
Services                  10
Benefits of Membership    11
                               The Senior Center will be closed Thursday, November 11
    8:30am—3:30pm              in observance of Veteran’s Day, and Thursday and Friday
  Doors open at 8:30am           November 25th and 26th for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

                City of Los Altos Recreation Department
                              Senior Center
                97 Hillview Avenue, Los Altos, CA 94022
                           Phone: 650-947-2797
October/November 2010                                                                                  Page 2
Dear Valued Senior Center Participant,

The Los Altos Senior Center has enjoyed over
four years without fee increases. We have
been fortunate to have had a subsidy from the
City of Los Altos and the Town of Los Altos
Hills that allowed us to maintain our
programming levels without raising fees;
however, the Senior Center needs to become
self sustaining. Over the next couple of years,
membership and program fees will increase          L-R: Dolly Sexton, Nanette Pearson, Pat Densmore and Phyllis
                                                   Grame. Not pictured: Trudy Hickok. Thank you for collating our
incrementally to reduce the subsidy and            bi-monthly newsletter!
achieve 100% cost recovery.

Staff is working to strengthen membership          Stay Connected through one of our
benefits and increase programming to offset        several media outlets…
Senior Center costs. We encourage                  Television:                 KMVT Channel 15
participants to recommend new programming
and continue to drop-in for a visit. Please        Websites:
remember to “sign-in” every day so the Center      City of Los Altos:
may use attendance figures for funding             Recreation Website:
opportunities. Costs may be increasing but our     Twitter:            seniorspotlight
community is strong and will endure.               Publications:
                                                 The following publications may be found online
For a more detailed explanation of the City’s    at the City of Los Altos website, Senior Center,
Budget please refer to        Recreation Office or City Hall. .
                                                   Spotlight (Senior Center Monthly Newsletter)
We look forward to seeing you soon,
                                                   Recreation Guide (Quarterly classes- all ages)
Candace Bates                                      City News          (Quarterly City Newsletter)

City of Los Altos/Los Altos Hills                  Housekeeping
Joint Senior Committee                             Coffee Service            Daily, 9:00 - 3:00
All agendas and minutes are posted online and on                       Front Desk volunteers
the Los Altos Senior Center Bulletin Board.                            maintain drip coffee and tea
Meetings are held every 1st Monday at 4:30pm in                        beginning at 9:00 and ending
the Hillview Community Center Room 11.                                 at 3:00 each day. Please join
Members: Karen Jenney (Chair)                                          us for a cup of coffee and
K. Gabrielle Tiemann (Vice Chair)                                      some time to catch up on the
Alexander (Al) J Traficanti                        newspaper or chat with friends. Donations
Anabel Pelham                                      are encouraged. Please sign in.
Catherine Long Popell
                                                   Change of Seasons
Diane Brauch
                                                   Please be prepared for the cold weather by
Kathy Seddiqui                                     wearing layers. The Senior Center will be
Tanya DeMare                                       kept at 73 degrees. Also, please be diligent
William Palmer                                     about washing your hands to avoid getting sick.
                                                                                                    Page 3

                      October 2010
        Mon                Tue                  Wed                      Thu                      Fri
Fall Festival                                    Hillview Multipurpose Room              1    SUPER SIZE
Monday, October 25, 2010                         12:00 - 2:00                                  SCREEN
Members: $5.00                                   Non-Members $7.00                       1:00pm        Rm. 12
Pre-Register Room 10                             645202-13                                     Movie Day:
Admission includes a Hot Dog and Chips with friends while listening to                        Date Night
Fall music. There will be a pumpkin-painting contest, free raffle prizes, pumpkin         Members: Free
pie and more. Come ready for some fun!                                                    Others: $1.00

4                     5                   69:00 - 1:00pm Santa 7                         82nd Friday Lunch
9:00 Bridge Lessons                       Clara County 18th       9:00 Travel Desk 12 Noon    Rm. 12
9:30 Monkeys          9:00 Travel Desk    Annual Adult Services   9:15 Bridge Lesson
                      9:00 Bridge         Resource Faire
                                                                  10:00 Bocce Ball      Menu:
10:00 Bocce Ball 9:00 Visions Unlimited   9:00-12 Bridge
12:00 Poker      10:00 Bocce Ball         9:30 Artventures        9:30 Men’s Group Tuna Casserole
1:00    PC Tutorial 1:00 Line Dancing     10:00 Bocce Ball        12:00 Pinochle
                                          2:00 Puti Meditation    1:00 MAC Tutor     Members: $7.00
Senior Committee
4:30      Rm. 11                                                  2:00 Puti Meditation   Others:      $11.00
11                    12                  13                      14                     15     Birthday
9:00 Bridge Lessons                                                                              Bingo
9:30    Monkeys                           9:00-12 Bridge                      1:00pm         Rm. 12
10:00   Bocce Ball     9:00 Travel Desk   9:30 Artventures 9:00 Travel Desk     Bingo starts at 1:00
12:00   Poker          9:00 Bridge        10:00 Bocce Ball 9:15 Bridge Lesson      followed by the
                       10:00 Bocce Ball                    10:00 Bocce Ball    October Birthday Party!
1:00    PC Tutorial                       12:00 Mah-Jongg
                       10:00 Legacies                          12:00 Pinochle             Members: Free
League of Women Voters                    2:00 Puti Meditation
                                                               1:00 MAC Tutor
12:00        Rm. 12 1:00 Line Dancing     5:30 Casual Dining
                                                               2:00 Puti Meditation
                                                                                          Others: $1.00

18                    19                  20                      219:00 Travel Desk     22     Blood Pressure
                    9:00 Travel Desk                              9:15 Bridge Lesson         4th Friday Lunch
                                                                  10:00 Bocce Ball       12 Noon        Rm. 12
                    9:00 Bridge                                   12:00 Pinochle
9:00 Bridge Lessons                   9:00-12 Bridge                                            Menu:
                    10:00 Bocce Ball                              1:00 MAC Tutor
9:30 Monkeys        1:00 Line Dancing 9:30 Artventures            1:00 Book Club         Stuffed Cabbage
10:00 Bocce Ball    1:00 HICAP        10:00 Bocce Ball            2:00 Puti Meditation
12:00 Poker                           12:00 Mah-Jongg             Book Club              Members: $10.00
1:00 PC Tutorial                      2:00 Puti Meditation        1:00 Rm. 16
                                                                  3rd Thursday           Others: $14.00

25                    26                  27                      28                     29 Potluck
11:30 Fall Festival 9:00 Travel Desk                                                      Bring a dish for 3.
9:00 Bridge Lessons 9:00 Bridge           9:00-12 Bridge          9:00 Travel Desk        Prize for the best
9:30 Monkeys        9:00 Real Estate      9:30 Artventures        9:15 Bridge Lesson          costume!
10:00 Bocce Ball         Corner           10:00 Bocce Ball        10:00 Bocce Ball
12:00 Poker         10:00 Bocce Ball      12:00 Mah-Jongg         12:00 Pinochle     Brendan and Kaitlin
1:00 PC Tutorial 1:00 Line Dancing        2:00 Puti Meditation    1:00 MAC Tutor         Visiting!!!
                                                                                                 Page 4

            November 2010
        Mon                  Tue                   Wed                 Thu                      Fri

1                     2                    3                    4                      5SUPER SIZE
9:00 Bridge Lessons 9:00    Bridge         9:00 Travel Desk     9:00 Travel Desk     SCREEN
9:30    Monkeys       9:00 Travel Desk     9:00-12:00 Bridge    9:15 Bridge Lesson 1:00     Rm. 12
10:00   Bocce Ball    9:00 Visions         9:30 Artventures     10:00 Bocce Ball      Movie Day:
12:00   Poker               Unlimited      10:00 Bocce Ball     9:30 Men’s Group Letters to Juliet
1:00    PC Tutorial   10:00 Bocce Ball     2:00 Puti Meditation 12:00 Pinochle     Members: Free
Senior Committee      1:00 Line Dancing    De Young Day Trip 1:00 MAC Tutor        Others: $1.00
4:30pm    Rm. 11                           12:00                2:00 Puti Meditation

8                     9                    10                   11Senior Center 12 Birthday
9:00 Bridge Lessons                    9:00 Travel Desk             closed in                 Bingo
9:30    Monkeys                        9:00-12:00 Bridge          observance of          1:00      Rm. 12
10:00   Bocce Ball    9:00 Bridge      9:30 Artventures
12:00   Poker         9:00 Travel Desk 10:00 Bocce Ball           Veterans’ Day          Bingo starts at 1:00
                                                                                           followed by the
1:00    PC Tutorial   10:00 Bocce Ball 12:00 Mah-Jongg                                 November Birthday Party!
                      10:00 Legacies 5:30 Casual Dining                                 Members: Free
                      1:00 Line Dancing                                                 Others: $1.00
15                    16                   17                   18                     19    Blood Pressure
                    9:00 Bridge            9:00 Travel Desk     9:00 Travel Desk    Thanksgiving
                    9:00 Travel Desk       9:00-12:00 Bridge    9:15 Bridge Lesson   Goodness
9:00 Bridge Lessons                                             10:00 Bocce Ball
                    9:00 Foot Doctor       9:30 Artventures
9:30 Monkeys                                                    12:00 Pinochle     Multipurpose Room
                    10:00 Bocce Ball       10:00 Bocce Ball                               12:00
10:00 Bocce Ball                                                1:00 MAC Tutor
                    10:00 Legacies         12:00 Mah-Jongg
12:00 Poker                                                                            Members:$10.00
                    1:00 Line Dancing      Fall Dessert
                                                                Book Club
1:00 PC Tutorial                                                1pm Rm 16
                                                                                       Others: $14.00
                    1:00 HICAP             12:00 Multipurpose   3rd Thursday

22                    23                   24                   25                     26
9:00 Bridge Lessons                                              Senior Center          Senior Center
9:30    Monkeys
10:00   Bocce Ball                      9:00 Travel Desk            Closed                 Closed
12:00   Poker         9:00 Bridge       9:00-12:00 Bridge           Happy                  Happy
1:00    PC Tutorial   9:00 Travel Desk 9:30 Artventures          Thanksgiving           Thanksgiving
                      10:00 Bocce Ball  10:00 Bocce Ball
                      1:00 Line Dancing 12:00 Mah-Jongg

29                    30Gingerbread  Interested?
                          House Building
                                     This Senior Center is looking to start a few new
                    9:00 Bridge      programs. If you are interested, please contact
9:00 Bridge Lessons 9:00 Travel Desk
9:30 Monkeys        9:00 Real Estate the Senior Center with your name, day and time
10:00 Bocce Ball         Corner      that you would be available to participate in the
12:00 Poker         10:00 Bocce Ball following: Canasta, Bunco, organize your photos
1:00 PC Tutorial 1:00 Line Dancing
                                     group, or help with the Community Garden.
October/November 2010                                                                                          Page 5
Big Screen Movie               1:00pm                            Birthday Bingo                          1:00pm
Members: Free                  Others: $1.00 Members: Free                                               Others: $1.00
Fee helps to provide popcorn and beverage    Register Rm. 10                                             645103-04/05
Register Rm. 10                645103-04/05
                                                                 October 15 and November 12*
                                                                 *Please note Bingo moved to the Second Friday due to the
October 1                                  “Date Night”          Thanksgiving Holiday.
Starring: Tina Fey, Mark Wahlberg, Steve Carell                  Fee helps to provide birthday dessert & beverage.
               Phil and Claire Foster are a sensible,                       Celebrate all October and November
               loving couple with two kids and a
                                                                            birthdays by first winning a few Bingo
               house in suburban New Jersey. The
               Fosters have their weekly "date
                                                                            games, then enjoying Cupcakes &
               night" -- an attempt at re-                                  Ice Cream!
               experiencing the spice of the dates
of yesteryear. Hoping to be seated sometime be-                   Thank you Laverne Uribe and Claudia Woolson-
fore the clock strikes twelve, they steal a no-show                 Cohn for your support of our Friday events.
couple's reservations. Phil and Claire are now the
Tripplehorns. The real Tripplehorns, however, are                Friday Luncheons                      12:00pm
a thieving couple who are being hunted down by a                 Members: $10.00                        Others: $14.00
pair of corrupt cops. Forced on the run, Phil and                Pre-Register Rm. 10                    645202-04/05
Claire soon realize that their play-date-for-parents
has gone awry, as they embark on a wild and dan-                 October 22             Room 12
gerous series of crazy adventures to save their                  Celebrate Oktoberfest!
lives -- and their marriage.
Running Time 1hr 28min Rated PG-13 for sexual and crude con-     Menu: Stuffed Cabbage
tent throughout, language, some violence and a drug reference.
Yahoo Movies                                           November 19 Multipurpose Room
November 5                         “Letters to Juliet” Thanksgiving Goodness
Starring: Amanda Seyfried, Vanessa
Redgrave, Gael Garcia, Franco Nero,                              Stay alert to Senior Center flyers for the full
Chris Egan                                                       menu. Free raffle, entertainment and more!
When a young American travels to
the city of Verona, home of the                                                   Thank you to Joanna Price for
star-crossed lover Juliet Capulet of                                            preparing our 4th Friday Lunches.
Romeo and Juliet fame, she joins a                                             This year she will be preparing both
group of volunteers who respond to letters to                                     our Thanksgiving and Holiday
Juliet seeking advice about love. After answering                               Luncheons primarily from scratch.
one letter dated 1951, she inspires its author to                                  Save the date:
travel to Italy in search of her long-lost love and               Friday, December 17, 2010 for more holiday fun,
sets off a chain of events that will bring a love into                  food, entertainment and a free raffle!
both their lives unlike anything they ever imag-
ined. Running Time 1hr 45min Rated PG for brief rude behavior,   5th Friday Potluck                          12:00pm
some language and incidental smoking - Yahoo Movies              Friday, October 29, 2010              Register Rm.10
                                                                 645203-02 Share your favorite homemade dish or
2nd Friday Lunch                            12:00pm       make a new recipe to share with three others. If you
Members $7.00                               Others $11.00 are unable to bring a dish and would still like to
       Register Rm. 10                      645201-04     come, please contact Jennifer or Candace at the
                                                                 Senior Center. Jennifer and Candace will host fun
             October 8                                           games - dress up in your Halloween costume - a
             Menu: Tuna Casserole                                contest will be held for the best Halloween costume.
             November 12                                         Brendan and Kaitlin will be making an appearance!
             No 2nd Friday Lunch; Bingo instead.
                   Thank you Los Altos Legacies for sponsorship of our monthly luncheons.
October/November 2010                                                                           Page 6
Play Bridge!                                           Pinochle
                                                       Thursday           12:00             Room 11
                                                       Openings are available for new players. Rusty?
                                                       We don’t mind. Join in and have some fun!

                                                       1000-piece puzzle challenges! Room 10

                                                       Monday            12:00               Room 11

Tuesday                              9:00—3:30                             Mah-Jongg (Americanized)
Wednesday                            9:00 - 12:00                          Wednesday* Room 11
Bridge begins promptly at 9:00am. Players draw                                        12:00
cards. Groups of four are then formed based on                            *No Mah-Jongg every first
the rank of the cards. If there is an uneven number                       Wednesday. Newcomers
of players, players will rotate into the games. Play-                     welcome.
ers who come after 9:00am will need to wait until
there is an open spot or until the group draws
again to play. Individual Bridge players are encour-
aged to come and play or bring your own group of Ping Pong                                   Room 12
four for a morning or afternoon of cards.             The City of Los Altos Senior Center has one ping
                                                      pong table that may be used by appointment. To
Bridge Lessons                                        reserve the ping pong table call 650-947-2797.
The cost of Bridge Lessons has increased to help
lessen the subsidy needed to run the Senior           Bocce Ball
Center. Please see page 2 for details.                Monday/Wednesday            10-12      Courts
                                                       Tuesday/Thursday           10-12      Courts
                                                       Come learn to play Bocce Ball & make new friends!
                  NEW                                  Tuesday and Thursday.
              REGISTRATION                             Summer Bocce Ball Tournament
                METHOD!                                Champions!

Please pay and register before each drop-in bridge                                     Team Galali:
lesson in Room 10. All participants must either fill                                   L-R: John and
out a drop-in or membership form registering the                                       Assunta Galli,
first time. Any class changes will be noted at time                                    Annette and Andy
of registration.                                                                       Alimonda.
Monday                               9:00-11:00
Drop in
Members: $8.00/lesson       Others: $12.00/lesson      Congratulations Team Galali for winning the 2010
For information, call Roy Robinson at 941-7978.        Summer Bocce Ball Tournament.
Thursday                             9:15-12:00        Wii
Drop in                                                Contact the front desk volunteers to schedule an
Members: $5.00/lesson        Others: $7.00/lesson      appointment to learn to play the Wii.
For information, call Tony Plutynski at 948-0699
October/November 2010                                                                              Page 7
                                                      You are join our Book Club!
                                                      3rd Thursday of every month        1:00pm
                                                      Books are available to check out in the Senior Center.
                                                      October 21            Let the Great World Spin
The Monkey                                            (645523-04)           by Colum McCann
Toy Ladies are                                        November 18           The Glass Castle
in need of                                            (645523-05)           by Jeannette Walls
nylons! Please
bring all washed                                                          Questions?
used/torn/nylons to the Los Altos Senior Center to                   Call Steve at the Library
keep the Monkey Toy production going! Wish to                             650.948.7683
volunteer? Come Monday 9:30 - 11:00am.                                          or
                                                                      Janet at 650.967.2941      Established 2003
Los Altos/Mountain View
League of Women Voters Brown Bag Lunch
Monday, October 11           Register Rm. 10 Men’s Group           Register Room 10
(645518-04)                  12:00           Thursday, October 7 and November 4
Bring your own lunch and join the League of  (645529-03/04)        9:30
Women Voters for the pro’s and con’s of all state     Whether you are a single or a married man you are
propositions. Start thinking about how you will be    experiencing the same things as others around
voting come November. Dessert will be furnished       you. Times are changing - friends are changing,
by the League of Women Voters.                        kids have their own lives, jobs are a thing of the
                                                      past though consultations are often, wives have or
Cora’s Casual Dining RSVP Rm. 10                      needed our help, trips to various places are often
Wednesday, October 13 and November 10                 or not often enough. Come meet and chat among
645502-04/05                  5:30pm                  men and relax over pastries and coffee. Walk-ins
                        This group meets at a differ- welcome, reservations preferred. Dominoes, Dice,
                        ent restaurant every 2nd or whatever whatever?
                        Wednesday of each month            What do you really want? Let us know.
                        for a no-host dinner. Cora
                        will make the restaurant res- Intermediate Puti Meditation Register Rm. 10
                        ervations but please RSVP Wednesday, Thursday, Friday                 2:00 - 4:00
                        to the Senior Center (650-    November 10 - December 10               645526-04
                        947-2797) by the Monday Members: $60.00                              Others: $68.00
                        before 12:00pm. Come
                        make new friends, share                   Take your Meditation to the next level.
                        laughs, chat and enjoy good               Develop your mind set and continue to
                        times. We will try to find                better your overall health by using visu-
rides if you need one, so please call. Cash only.                 alization and body movement to music.
    October Restaurant of the month
                  Trader Vic’s                        Line Dancing                 Register Rm. 10
         4269 El Camino, Palo Alto, CA                Tuesdays                     1:00 - 2:00 - Beginner
   November Restaurant of the month                                               2:00 - 2:30 - Intermediate
                    Aldo’s                            Members: $6.00/class        Others: $8.00
         338 Main Street, Los Altos, CA               For information call Richard Campbell 408.377.6978
                                                                           No experience necessary.

LAVA’s Halloween Spooktacular
Lava is looking for volunteers from 1:30-4:30 on                                   NEW
Friday, October 29, to help with the implementation                            REGISTRATION
of carnival games and crafts. Interested? Call                                   METHOD!
Katy Maltby 8:30-11:30 at 650-949-5282.
October/November 2010                                                                              Page 8
 Travel Coordinators                       Miscellaneous                        Day Trip
 Pat,      Tuesday                         Information                      Cancellation Policy
 Eleanor, Thursday           Order of boarding the bus will            Full payment for travel is required
                             be at the discretion of the tour          at the time of reservation, unless
 9:00—12:00                  escort                                    otherwise stated. All trips are
  Please arrange to purchase One other pick-up is included in          subject to change. If a trip is
  trips and ask travel       most trips                                Cancelled, all participants will
  questions with our         Bus Driver Gratuity requires              receive a full refund. Participant
  travel     clerks.         cash payment at time of sign-             cancellations will receive no
  Travel clerks and          up for most tours.                        refunds unless a replacement
  staff handle all           Must have first and last name,            traveler is found. A $20.00
  tours. The travel          address, phone number and                 administrative fee is charged to
  desk may be reached by two emergency contacts at time                all participant cancellations and/
  phone at (650) 947-2802.   of sign-up if not a member.               or substitutions.

Tour Suggestions?                                        Artventures                         Room 12
                                                         Every Wednesday                     9:30 to 12:00
We are currently planning for our 2010/2011 trips. Please pick up a flyer from the Senior Center
Please contact the Travel Coor-                    for a listing of the items that need to be
dinators with any tour ideas.                      brought to class.
                                                         Oct. 6 Art Studio An unstructured time. Bring
                                                         some recent work to share in a friendly critique
Van Gogh, Gaugin, Cezanne, and Beyond:                   session, then work with other creative people on
Post-Impressionist Masterpieces from the                 your current project.
Musee d’Orsay at the de Young.                           Oct. 13 Scarecrows - and Scared Crows! An
                                                         imaginative fabric collage with enhancements.
Wednesday, November 3 2010 645301-10                     Oct. 20 Watercolor Techniques:
                                                         Painting Skin-Colors-
Members: $50.00         Non-Members: $60.00              Oct. 27 - Masks! Cut - paper creations, some
(With Museum Membership)                                 enhanced with oil pastels. We will also see a
Members: $34.00         Non-Members: $44.00              video about masks and mask making.
Plus $1.00 cash p/p driver gratuity to be paid at        Nov. 3 Art Studio: See Above
time of registration.                                    Nov. 10 Still Life with Soft Toy Use your choice
                                                         of media to create a still life that includes a toy:
Visit the only museum in the world to present two        Raggedy Ann, Peter Rabbit, Pooh Bear and
consecutive special exhibitions from the Musee           friends, or an old-fashioned rag doll or stuffed
d’Orsay in Paris. The second of two exhibitions from     floppy dog.
the Musée d’Orsay’s permanent collection, Van            Nov. 17 Watercolor Techniques: A Basic Palette
Gogh, Gauguin, Cézanne, and Beyond: Post-                of Mostly Transparent Colors. We will explore
Impressionist Masterpieces from the Musée                mixing many colors from a basic six.
d’Orsay follows on the heels of the first with a         Nov. 24 An Art Film
selection of the most famous late-Impressionist          and time to practice what
paintings by Claude Monet and Auguste Renoir, as         you have learned, or play
well as works representing the individualist styles of   an art game or browse a
the early modern masters, including Vincent van          book of “how to,” or art
Gogh, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Paul Gauguin,           history. It’s the day before
and the Nabis Pierre Bonnard and Édouard Vuillard.                    Thanksgiving!

Departure 12:00pm Approximate Return 5:30pm
Depart from City of Los Altos Senior Center
October/November 2010                                                                                    Page 9
Fall Plant Exchange                                           Senior Center Roundtable              Room 12
October 2, 2010              10am-12pm                        Thursday, January 20, 2011            1:30
Hillview Community Center Parking Lot                         The Senior Center Roundtable is a bi-annual dis-
(near the Bus Barn Theatre Box Office)                        cussion of Senior Center happenings. Staff would
Exchange your labeled plant life and talk to Los              like to hear what you enjoy about the Los Altos
Altos Garden Club experts! Info? 650-947-2790                 Senior Center, why you come, improvements that
18th Annual Adult Services Resource Fair                      you would like to see, and programming ideas.
                                                              This is your chance to express your views. Come
October 6, 2010              9am - 1:00pm
                                                              and help make the Senior Center a better place.
Santa Clara County Fairgrounds                                Snacks will be served.
This free event provides Information, Screenings,
and Resource Networking for Consumers,
Caretakers, and Adult Services Professionals.                                 In Appreciation
Sponsored by The County of Santa Clara County Department      Senior Center Library
of Aging and Adult Services and Friends of Human Relations.   In appreciation to all those who donate books,
                                                              books on tape and videos. Our library is a treasure
Children’s Corner Costume Parade                              for our seniors. Special thanks to the Friends of
Thursday, October 28, Friday, October 29                      the Library for all the fine
Children’s Corner (Preschool at Hillview) will be Trick       books given to our Center.
or Treating at the Senior Center at various times
during the day. Come see all the different cos-
                                                              Los Altos Legacies
tumes - better yet, dress up on Friday, too.                  The Los Altos Legacies subsidize the Los Altos
Who knows you may even receive a trick or treat!              Senior Center entertainment and events with an
                                                              annual donation of $2,400.00. Thank you for all of
Fall Dessert                                                  your support! Would you like to be involved? LAL
Wednesday, November 17                        12:00           meets every 2nd Tuesday @ 10:00am in Room 12.
Join Children’s Corner (preschool at Hillview) and            Village
the Senior Center for a celebration of thanks.                Los Altos Legacies and Community Foundation are
Children’s Corner will provide dessert and a small            subsidizing a part-time employee for the Avenidas
performance. Please RSVP to the Senior Center                 Village. Each Avenidas Village Member also
at 650-947-2797. This event is free.                          receives a Los Altos Senior Center Membership.
Gingerbread House Building Room 10                            A big welcome to our new Los Altos Senior Center
November 30, 2010           8:30 - 3:30
                          The Senior Center will              Donut Dujour               108 State Street, Los Altos
                          create one Gingerbread              Thank You to John Shimizu and Donut
                          House to be exhibited at            Dujour for all the delicious treats they
                          the Recreation Depart-              provide the Los Altos Senior Center
                          ment’s Gingerbread                  on a daily basis. Thank you for all you
                          House Exhibit on Decem-             do for our community.
                          ber 6-10, 2010 in Hillview
                          Room 2. The Senior Cen-             Los Altos Art Club
                          ter will begin building our         Every two months there is a change in Senior Cen-
                          Gingerbread House in                ter scenery. Do you know why that is? Noteworthy
                          Room 10 starting Novem-             Los Altos Art Club members rotate their exhibits in
                          ber 30. This project will           Rooms 10 and 11. Come see what is currently up
                          be available 8:30am -               at the Senior Center.
                          3:30pm until it is finished.        Italian Deli and John Shimizu 139 Main Street
Premade gingerbread house and decorations will                Thank you to the Italian Deli for donating loaves of
be provided by the Senior Center, but any dona-               bread to the Senior Center. We look forward to the
tions of candy fixings are welcome. Please come               goodies you provide and are grateful to John for
and help create our masterpiece.                              bringing them to us.
October/November 2010                                                                       Page 10
                                                 AARP Mature Driving Course
 SERVICES PROVIDED AT THE                        Two Consecutive Fridays       Room 16
 LOS ALTOS SENIOR CENTER                         Friday, November 12 & 19      9:00-1:00
  Information and Appointments                   AARP Member: $12.00      Others: $14.00
        (650) 947 - 2797                         First-come, first-served. Class limit of 30. Payment
                                                 must be received at time of sign-up. To reserve your
                                                 spot: Mail or drop off your payment in advance. Checks
Blood Pressure Readings: Room 10
                                                 preferred. Post-date checks to first date of class.
Friday, October 22 and November 19
                                                 Payable to, “AARP” Mail checks to: Los Altos Senior
Time: 10:30-11:45am
Nurse: Ginny Knell                               Center, 97 Hillview Ave. Los Altos, CA 94022.
                                                     Certification is given at completion of 2-day class.
HICAP: Health Insurance Counseling &                Certificate is required to get an insurance discount.
Advocacy Program 3rd Tues. Assistance with
Medicare & supplement claims, comparisons &      Case Management
long-term care, HMO, appeals. Call for           October 22 and November 19            9:30—10:30
appointments with Roy Ito. Next appoint-         CSA Case Managers visit the center the 4th Friday of
mentsTuesday, October 19 and November 16.                    every month. Please feel free to address
                                                             any questions or concerns you may have
Battery Recycling                                            about social services. If you are unable to
Recycle your used household batteries— AA,                   make it on the third Monday, you may con-
AAA, D, or C. Los Altos Hardware helps to        tact CSA via phone at 968-0836 (X122).
maintain this program. Please show your
appreciation for their support.                    Mountain View-Los Altos Community Services Agency

Hearing Screening: Pacific Hearing Service
                                                 Vial of L.I.F.E (Lifesaving Information For Emergencies)
Off-site appointments - call 650-941-0664        The Los Altos Senior Center sponsors a Vial of Life
                                                 program along with Stanford Senior Services. The Vial
Resource/Information Center: Counsel on          of Life kit enables Emergency Responders to quickly
Aging resources and more. Caretakers, health     locate helpful information regarding your
info, assisted living, and resources.            medical history. Emergency Responders,
Free Vial of Life containers available.          Firefighters, Paramedics and Police are trained
                                                 to look for the Vial of Life sticker and obtain
Foot Doctor:                                     information from the Vial. Pick one up today.
Bi-monthly 3rd Tues appointments.
Next time: November 16                                                  Mountain View - Los Altos
Los Altos Senior Center. Room 10 to sign up.                               Adult Education
Dr. Robert J. Osheroff D.P.M.
$40per 1/2 hour treatment.                       From Art to Genealogy to Yoga...the MVLA Adult School
*Rate Subject to change without notice           offers more than 40 classes at the Hillview Senior Cen-
                                                 ter. For class information please pick up a catalog in the
Bart Tickets: $24.00 value for $9.00             Senior Center or go to or call
(Seniors 65 and older only, please.)             650.940.1333.
Medicine Drop Off:                               Smoke Detector Program             By appointment
The Senior Center takes old pills in their re-   Sunset Rotary members will be volunteering their time
spective containers only. Please NO loose                     to change old batteries or install new
pills and NO creams or lotions.                               smoke detectors free of charge in your
                                                              home. If you are in need of this service,
Real Estate Corner: Room 10
October 26 and November 23; by appointment
                                                              please call the front desk and leave your
                                                              name, address and phone number. A
Housing Resources: Senior Lifestyles and                      Rotary Club member will call to schedule
Alternatives Magazines found here.                            an appointment closer to November.
October/November 2010                                                                             Page 11
 The following services are available for those with an active membership.
Membership                                              MAC Computer Resource                   Room 10
Thank you to all Los Altos Senior Center members Thursday’s by appointment                  1:00/2:00
for your continued loyalty and participation. We’re
thrilled when neighboring friends join us. By mak-                   Dean Johnson will meet one-on-
ing a commitment each year, you are contributing                     one with members of the Los Altos
to one of the best little Senior Centers on the                      Senior Center by appointment for
planet.                                                              one hour. These appointments are
Annual Membership Cost                                               designed to help members of the
Los Altos resident - $26.00                                          Los Altos Senior Center problem
Non-resident - $40.00                               solve/troubleshoot with or between applications
Add $5 for home delivery of the Spotlight           such as Windows for Mac, Quicken, Apple works
Make checks payable to: City of Los Altos and downloading upgrades and more. A Mac lap-
Mail to: Los Altos Senior Center,                   top is available for use during your appointment.
         97 Hillview Ave. Los Altos, CA 94022
                                                        Please be respectful of everyone’s time by keeping
Equipment Loan Closet                                    the center informed of any scheduling changes.
The City of Los Altos Senior Center has
                                                   PC Computer Resource                    Room 10
an Equipment Loan Closet program. The
Equipment Loan Closet contains wheel-              Monday’s by appointment                 1:00/2:00
chairs, walkers and canes.
                                                            Emma, a Los Altos resident since 1987,
Current members may check out these items for               has recently retired from Stanford
         three-month intervals after signing a re-          University. She worked at Stanford in
         lease of liability form.                           several different capacities since 1979. Her
         Donations only of wheelchairs, walkers             last 15 years were spent working in
or canes are accepted at the Center.                        Information Technology supporting
                                                                     Financial Systems and Student Systems.
DMV Packets                                                          She is now looking forward to the
Copies of the online practice tests, articles and       opportunity to help others enjoy many computer
Driver Booklets are available on loan. Please           features including how to open us to vast sources of
bring them back as you checked them out.                information, connection to others, useful tools and
                                                        games for fun and brain exercises.
See’s Candy Gift Certificate Fundraiser
           The Senior Center is now selling See’s       In-Home Repair Program
           Candy 1lb Gift Certificates for $13.50.  The In-Home Repair Program has three In-
           Members only may purchase these 1lb      Home Repair volunteers. Lorraine Hancock,
           certificates. Retail cost for a 1lb box is
                                                    Dave Izant and Bill Schick volunteer to help
           $16.10.                                  with minor in-home repairs.
                                                    This program is free for current Members and
Members are welcome to 10 free copies per year.
                                                    is not for emergency repairs. Turn-around
After 10, the Member cost is $.05 per side of copy. time may be up to two weeks. Examples of
Non-Member cost is $.10. Black and white copies repairs that may be requested are…
only. Please see the front desk volunteers for      Electrical—changing light bulbs, Switches
assistance.                                         Plumbing—dripping faucet, leaky toilet
                                                    Sprinklers—timers, sprinkler heads
Notary Service                                No in-home repair request is guaranteed.
Appointments held at City Hall. No charge for Volunteers may determine that requests are too
members. Donations accepted. Call: Terryann extensive. In-Home Repair requests may be
650-947-2642.                                 closed at any time due to an over abundance of
                                              requests. Donations are accepted.
Los Altos Senior Center                                   Non-Profit
Hillview Community Center
                                                       U.S. Postage Paid
97 Hillview Ave
Los Altos, CA. 94022                                    Los Altos, CA.
                                                        Permit No. 61

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                                    Time Sensitive Material

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