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September-October 2010
                                           What’s Up
SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2010                     Central Library                                discuss ideas for the new library with
                                                                                          other citizens. The input collected at these
 2    What’s Up                            Public Consultation                            meetings will inform the design of the
 4    From Our Shelves                     Meetings                                       The last public consultation meeting in
 5    Adult Programs                                                                      the design process will take place on
                                           The public consulta-                           Thursday, November 4, from 7-9 p.m. at
                                           tion meetings for the                          Pier 21. The architects will be presenting
19    Teen Programs
                                           central library con-                           a design at this meeting.
22    School Age Programs                  tinue this fall. The
                                           next meeting is on                             If you can’t attend in person, the meetings
27    Preschool Programs                   Thursday,                                      will be broadcast online and you can
                                           September 30, from                             engage through chat. For more informa-
32    Branch Locations                     7-9 p.m. at the                                tion, visit or call
                                           World Trade & Convention Centre in             490-5744. To stay informed about the
                                           room 200B. If you haven’t come to one of       Central Library, join the mailing list by
                                           these meetings, they are an opportunity to     e-mailing:
                                           meet the architects, see their sketches and    or find us on Facebook and Twitter.
Marlo MacKay

Denis Cunningham                           LEGO® in the Library                           Back to School
Denis Cunningham
                                           Did you know that building with LEGO®
                                           encourages the development of creativity,
                                                                                            = Homework
Darius Graff                               co-operation, imagination, problem solv-       Need some homework help? Or maybe
Andrew Conrad                                                                             you’re looking for a great book to
                                           ing and even fine motor skills? Playing
                                           with LEGO® and other building toys also        read? This fall, give Homework Help
Darius Graff                               encourages narrative skills, an important      a try. From the
                                           aspect of literacy.                            page, click on the Kids @ the Library
LIBRARY GUIDE:                                                                            icon. There, you’ll find Homework
is produced by the Communications and      For the first time this fall, the Library is   Help, a place where you can chat
Marketing Department of the Halifax        offering a number of LEGO® programs.           online with youth services library
Public Libraries. It is printed at
                                           Thanks to a kind donor, the Library has a      staff during library hours. Your
Transcontinental. For more information
about programs, please contact the         starter collection of LEGO® that is being      parents and teachers can chat with
branch or department listed. For general   shared among the branches. Halifax             library staff as well. If the library is
information about this publication, call   Public Libraries would like to offer more      closed, you will be prompted to
the Communications and Marketing           of this hands-on activity that children and    e-mail your question. We’ll try our
Office at 490-5852.
                                           parents can do together, so we’re looking      best to answer your e-mail within 24
OUR ADDRESS                                to build our collection through donations      hours. Homework Help offers access
60 Alderney Drive                          of used LEGO®. If you’ve got LEGO®             to online resources, including World
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia                     gathering dust, we’d love to add it to our     Book Online. You’ll also find lots of
B2Y 4P8                                    collection. Donations can be dropped off       reading ideas and links to other
                                           at any library branch and will be cleaned      websites that can help you with
                                           and sorted by the library’s teen volunteers.                 your homework.

                                           See pages 22—24 for LEGO®
     Follow us on Twitter @hfxpublib       programs at Alderney Gate
                                           & Keshen Goodman.

2 I
                                                                                                                                                                               what’s up

            With over 5,700 kids registered, this
            was the most successful year in the history of the
            Library's Summer Reading Club. Congratulations
            to all readers on an amazing year. In July alone,
            you read more than 50,000 books!

            Halifax Public Libraries would like to say a special
            thanks to all of our generous community sponsors
            for recognizing the importance of reading and
            rewarding participants for their reading achieve-
            ments by donating exciting prizes.

                                                                                                                 WR ITT EN BY TEE NS FOR TEE

                                                                 Local Teens, Local Talent,
                                                                 Local Magazine... have your copy                                                             The
Magazine, Written by Teens for Teens and their curious parents

                                                                 delivered to your door!                                                                      magazine
                                                                                                                                                              written N’ read
                                                                 Subscribe today                                                                              by today’s teens
                                                                 and receive a
                                                                 FREE TNT Bag                                                                                  TNT gives
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                                                                                                                                                              Real teens sporting the
                                                                                                                                                          hottest THREADS n TRENDS

                                                                                                    TUNES N TECHNOLOGY                                  Travel N Tourism
                                                                                                                                                         TEEN WRITING
                                                                                                              FOUR EXCITING                          QUIZZES, ADVICE, POETRY,
                                                                                                              ISSUES PER YEAR                       EMBARRASSING MOMENTS
                                                                                                                                                     CONTESTS & MORE INSIDE!,
                                                                                                                        Visit our site www.teensnowta

                                                                                                                                                  September - October 2010              I3
from our shelves

Historical Fiction
Historical fiction is more popular than ever,
with a steady influx of new titles and authors
being added to the Library’s collection. For
suspenseful, character-driven reading experi-
ences with a keenly-developed sense of time
and place, consider one these recent titles:

Bellfield Hall or the observations of Miss Dido
Kent, by Anna Dean

The Fifth Servant, by Kenneth Wishnia

In the Shadow of the Cypress, by Thomas

Captive Queen, by Alison Weir

Eye of the Red Tsar, by Sam Eastland

Folly, by Marthe Jocelyn

Requiem for a Slave, by Rosemary Rowe

                                                  Celebrating Mi’kmaq Heritage
                                                  October 1 is Treaty Day, which kicks off Mi’kmaq
                                                  Heritage Month. Broaden your knowledge of
                                                  Mi’kmaq culture and history with these recent titles:

                                                  Mom Suse: matriarch of the Preston area Black
                                                  communities, by Vivian Willis

                                                  My Mi’kmaq Mother, by Julie Pellissier-Lush

                                                  Sacred Sundance: transfer of a ceremony, directed by
                                                  Brian J. Francis (DVD)

                                                  The Stone Canoe: two lost Mi’kmaq texts, translated
                                                  by Elizabeth Paul

                                                  Mi’sel Joe: an Aboriginal chief ’s journey, edited by
                                                  Raoul R. Andersen & John K. Crellin

                                                  No Need of a Chief for this Band, by Martha E. Walls

                                                  Soulis Joe’s Lost Mine, by Gary Collins

4 I
                                                                                                                      adult programs

Book Clubs                                  KESHEN GOODMAN
                                            Wednesday, September 8/1 p.m.                    TANTALLON
                                                                                             Tuesday, September 14/7 p.m.
                                              The Jade Peony, by Wayson Choy
                                                                                               The Thirteenth Tale, by Diane Setterfield
                                            Wednesday, October 13/1 p.m.
                                                                                             Tuesday, October 12/7 p.m.
                                              Good to a Fault, by Marina Endicott
                                                                                               The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, by
                                                                                               Alan Bradley
                                            MUSQUODOBOIT HARBOUR
                                            Thursday, September 9/6:30 p.m.
                                             The Year of Living Biblically: one man’s        WOODLAWN
                                                                                             Tuesday, September 28/7 p.m.
                                             humble quest to follow the Bible as literally
                                                                                              Mr. Pip, by Lloyd Jones
                                             as possible, by A. J. Jacobs
                                                                                             Tuesday, October 26/7 p.m.
                                                                                              The Bishop’s Man, by Linden MacIntyre
                                            SACKVILLE                                        Registration is required, call 490-2636.
                                            Wednesday, September 8/7 p.m.
                                              The Bishop’s Man, by Linden MacIntyre
                                            Wednesday, October 13/7 p.m.                     Club de lecture
                                              The Cellist of Sarajevo, by Steven Galloway    Faites partie du club de lecture pour fran-
The Libraries’ book clubs are a great way
                                                                                             cophones. Partagez votre passion de la
to meet new people, explore new authors
                                            SHEET HARBOUR                                    lecture, discutez et lisez de nouveaux
and share reading ideas. Join us.
                                            Wednesday, September 15/6:15 p.m.                livres. Nous choisirons un livre chaque
BEDFORD                                                                                      mois selon les intérêts du groupe. Pour
Tuesday, September 28/2 p.m.                  Two Little Girls in Blue, by Mary
                                              Higgins Clark                                  vous inscrire ou vous informer davantage,
  Late Nights on Air, by Elizabeth Hay
                                            Wednesday, October 13/6:15 p.m.                  appelez le 490-5991.
Registration begins August 31.
Tuesday, October 26/2 p.m.                    Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas, by James         ALDERNEY GATE
                                              Patterson                                      lundi, le 27 septembre/19h00
  The Audacity of Hope, by Barack Obama
                                                                                               Ru, par Kim Thúy
Registration begins September 28.
                                                                                             lundi, le 25 octobre/19h00
                                                                                               L’été aux puits secs, par Germaine Comeau
Wednesday, September 15/7 p.m.
  The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie
     Society, by Mary Ann Shaffer
Wednesday, October 20/7 p.m.
                                                                                             Writers & Writing
  Still Alice, by Lisa Genova
                                                                                             Writers Without Boundaries
                                                                                             If you enjoy writing, Writers Without
                                                                                             Boundaries can provide you with support
                                            SPRING GARDEN
                                            Thursday, September 9/7 p.m.                     and feedback. The group allows partici-
                                              The Golden Mean, by Annabel Lyon               pants to share their work-in-progress
                                            Thursday, October 14/7 p.m.                      and to discuss topics of general interest
                                              Nikolski, by Nicolas Dickner                   to writers.
                                            Registration is required, please call            SACKVILLE
                                            490-5700. Registration for the October           Tuesday, September 21/7 p.m.
                                            book club begins September 10.                   Tuesday, October 19/7 p.m.

                                                                                                         September - October 2010     I5
adult programs

Author Readings                                say to and about us. matt robinson won the
                                               2009 Malahat Review Long Poem Prize.
                                                                                            Darryll Walsh
                                                                                            Ghosts of Nova Scotia (10th
Lesley Crewe                                   SPRING GARDEN                                anniversary edition)
                                               Tuesday, September 28/7 p.m.                 Parapsychologist Darryll Walsh
Her Mother’s Daughter
Set in Cape Breton, Lesley                                                                  will read from his updated and
Crewe’s latest book is an                      Nicolas Dickner                              expanded book, sharing his
exploration of family, friends                 Nikolski                                     favourite stories and anecdotes,
and the tangled skeins of                      Nikolski is a small village in               just in time for Halloween.
love, mistakes and secrets. Lesley Crewe is    the Aleutian Islands off the                 KESHEN GOODMAN
the author of Hit & Mrs. and Relative          shore of Alaska. It is also a                Wednesday, October 20/7 p.m.
Happiness.                                     thematic connection for
                                               Nicolas Dickner’s novel                      Clary Croft
Wednesday, September 15/7 p.m.                 about three young fran-                      Witchcraft: tales, beliefs &
                                               cophones, unaware of the ties that bind      superstitions from the
Jon Tattrie                                    them. Nikolski was the winner of this        Maritimes
The Hermit of Africville: the                  year’s CBC Canada Reads contest.             Famed folklorist, writer and
life of Eddie Carvery                          KESHEN GOODMAN                               entertainer Clary Croft traces
Jon Tattrie captures the story                 Thursday, September 30/7 p.m.                examples of witchcraft in
of Eddie Carvery and his                                                                    Maritime history and explains their
struggle for justice. When                                                                  cultural origins — Scottish, Mi’kmaq,
Africville was bulldozed in the 1960s                                                       Acadian, German and others.
under the guise of urban renewal, Eddie                                                     KESHEN GOODMAN
Carvery pitched a tent in protest. Forty                                                    Saturday, October 23/2:30 p.m.
                                               He Said, She Said
years, three families, seven heart attacks
and numerous attempts on his life later,
                                               Haligonian authors Ryan Turner and           Ian Brown
                                               Danila Botha have recently published         The Boy in the Moon: a father’s
he remains living on the land where he
                                               their debut short story collections.         search for his disabled son
was born. Eddie Carvery will also appear
                                               Turner’s What We’re Made Of has an           The Boy in the Moon is the
with Jon Tattrie.
                                               overarching narrative tracing a young,       painful yet joyous account of an
HALIFAX NORTH                                  unpublished Halifax author and his
Thursday, September 16/7 p.m.                                                               evolving relationship of mutual
                                               relationships with friends, lovers and       love and dependency between
Lena Ferguson                                  family. Botha’s Got No Secrets is inspired   author Ian Brown and his son
History of the Parish of Seaforth              by punk music and J.D. Salinger, and         Walker. The book also offers a
Lena Ferguson of West Chezzetcook is a         features stories about women dealing         broader philosophical critique of society’s
well-known local historian. Lena will dis-     with the demons that plague them.            conception of disabled people. The Boy in
cuss her new book, History of the Parish of    SPRING GARDEN                                the Moon has won multiple awards,
Seaforth, her interest in preserving Eastern   Tuesday, October 5/7 p.m.                    including the Charles Taylor Prize for
Shore history and how she researches and                                                    Literary Non-Fiction and the
collects data. Lena is also the author of                                                   Trillium Award.
History of Porter’s Lake.                                                                   KESHEN GOODMAN
MUSQUODOBOIT HARBOUR                                                                        Sunday, September 19/2:30 p.m.
Saturday, September 18/10:30 a.m.
                                                                                            Chance or Choice
matt robinson                                                                               Chance or Choice is an anthology of 12
Against the Hard Angle                                                                      short stories featuring characters facing
Against the Hard Angle uses                                                                 dilemmas through mystery, magic, mys-
some of Halifax’s most and                                                                  tique, murder, the supernatural and may-
least famous places as jump-
                                               Greg Malone                                  hem. Each story shows how the charac-
ing-off points for a stop-and-                 You Better Watch Out                         ters make their choices and the role that
start lyrical tour of eastern                  Greg Malone, actor and                       chance plays in the paths we follow.
Canada’s largest urban centre. Sometimes       co-founder of Codco, shares                  Chance or Choice was written by seven
a fraught journey that leaves us “all ten-     hilarious and touching                       authors; for six of the authors, this is their
don-tensed, / against impact, near white-      stories of his childhood in                  first publication.
knuckled to / breakage,” Against the Hard      St. John’s, Newfoundland.                    KESHEN GOODMAN
Angle is part extended love song to a city     KESHEN GOODMAN                               Sunday, October 17/2:30 p.m.
and part meditation on what a city can         Friday, October 15/2:30 p.m.

6 I                                                                     See back cover for registration numbers.
                                                                                                                               adult programs

Ken McGoogan                                                                                      Flamencos) showcase modern and
How the Scots Invented                                                                            traditional approaches to the flamenco
Canada                                                                                            guitar repertoire in this hour-long
Scots and their descen-                                                                           concert and talk.
dants have played a lead-                                                                         WOODLAWN
ing role in the history of                                                                        Wednesday, October 6/7 p.m.
Canada. Starting with his
own deep roots in                                Flamenco Jazz
Scotland and early Canada, Ken                   A hot fusion of flamenco and jazz, this          Flamenco Strings
McGoogan has created a lively,                   trio will perform original material              Violinist Gina Burgess (of the Maria
entertaining narrative that focuses on           written by Daniel MacNeil. Performed             Osende Flamenco Company and
more than sixty Scots who have led the           by Daniel MacNeil on flamenco gui-               Gypsophila) and guitarist Daniel
way in shaping this country. How the             tar, Adam Fine on upright bass and               MacNeil (of the Maria Osende
Scots Invented Canada is an exuberant            Glenn Fraser on percussion.                      Flamenco Company and Con Brio),
celebration of the building of a nation.         SPRING GARDEN                                    will perform flamenco music in this
One of Canada’s leading historical biog-         Tuesday, October 5/7 p.m.                        hour-long concert and talk.
raphers, Ken McGoogan has won a                                                                   ALDERNEY GATE
number of awards, including the presti-          Two Flamenco Guitars                             Thursday, October 7/7 p.m.
gious Pierre Berton Award for his body           Flamenco guitarists Daniel MacNeil
of work.                                         (of the Maria Osende Flamenco
WOODLAWN                                         Company and Con Brio) and Bob
Tuesday, October 12/7 p.m.                       Sutherby (Compañia Azul and Los

Music, Art & Film
                                                     Photo: Steven Kennard   Photo: Bran Lilley   Photo: Jacob Mailman   Photo: Jacob Mailman

Halifax Harbour Sea Music
Festival                                       Films                                               Seniors’ Matinees
Artists participating in the second annual                                                         Enjoy a great movie at the library.
Halifax Harbour Sea Music Festival will                                                            Popcorn will be provided.
perform sea shanties and Fo’c’scle songs.      Matinees
They will also discuss the ways the songs      WOODLAWN                                            Friday, September 10/2 p.m.
were used as part of life aboard a ship. For   Wednesday, September 22/1:30 p.m.
                                                                                                      The Blind Side
more information about the festival, contact     Sherlock Holmes (2009)
                                                                                                   The story of Michael Oher, a homeless
David Stone at        Robert Downey Jr. plays the famous
                                                                                                   and traumatized boy who became a
or call 406-5641. Co-sponsored by Maritime     detective in a rip-roaring adventure to
                                                                                                   first-round NFL draft pick with the help
Museum of the Atlantic.                        save Britain from a dastardly fate.
                                                                                                   of a caring woman and her family.
Thursday, September 2/12 p.m.                  Wednesday, October 6/1:30 p.m.                      Friday, October 8/2 p.m.
                                                 Avatar                                              The Young Victoria
                                               Sent to another planet, a marine must               A dramatization of the turbulent first
Wednesday, September 1/12 p.m.                 choose between his mission and the                  years of Queen Victoria’s rule and her
                                               world he has come to love.                          enduring romance with Prince Albert.

                                               Wednesday, October 27/1:30 p.m.                     Drop in to watch a movie, have a cup of
                                                 Everybody’s Fine                                  tea or coffee and chat with others.
                                               In this tender family drama, Robert                 COLE HARBOUR
                                               DeNiro stars as a widower who sets out              Friday, September 10/2 p.m.
                                               on a road trip to reconnect with his                   Mamma Mia!
                                               grown children.                                     A musical about a bride-to-be trying to
                                                                                                   find her real father, featuring the songs of

                                                                                                                 September - October 2010       I7
adult programs

 Friday, September 17/2 p.m.                  Art Display                                  Hobbies & Interests
   Tootsie                                    Local artists are invited to display their
 An unemployed actor disguises himself        work in the library. Works in a variety of
 as a woman to get a role in a soap opera.    media are welcome.
                                              COLE HARBOUR
 Friday, October 8/2 p.m.                     September — pencil drawings by
   Julie & Julia                                          Marlene Yorke
 Julie Powell, about to turn 30 and under-    October — watercolours by July Avery
 employed, decides to cook her way                                                         Sunday Afternoon Family
 through Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of   TANTALLON                                    Board Games
 French Cooking. The film shifts in time      September — acrylics by Andrea Redmond       All ages
 from Julie Powell’s life to Julia Child’s.   October — oils by Sarah Irwin                Drop by to play your favourite board
                                              For more information, please call Elaine     games like Scrabble, Snakes & Ladders
 Friday, October 22/2 p.m.                    Murray at 826-3330.                          and more. Bring the whole family and let
    It’s Complicated                                                                       the games begin!
 A couple reignites the spark in their
 relationship, complicated by the fact that
                                              Russian Opera                                BEDFORD
                                              Dr. Walter Kemp of Opera Nova Scotia         Sundays/2-5 p.m.
 they’re divorced and he’s remarried.
                                              will present this series about Russian       October 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31
                                              opera. Themes covered include: the rise of
 Sagas of the Sea                             opera as the voice of 19th-century           Scrabble Tournament
 As a companion to our Saint Mary’s           Russian nationalism, how opera represents    Ages 14+
 University lecture series, Canada in         the cultural divide in Russian romanticism   We’ll provide Scrabble boards (or bring
 Naval History, we are presenting three       and the 20th-century repertoire. Presented   your own) and prizes — you provide the
 films featuring swashbuckling tales from     in partnership with The Senior’s College     word power. Registration is required, call
 the age of sail. See page 9 for lecture      Association of Nova Scotia.                  490-5745. The deadline to register is
 series details.                                                                           October 8.
                                              KESHEN GOODMAN
 ALDERNEY GATE                                Tuesdays/1:30 p.m.                           ALDERNEY GATE
 Friday, September 10/2 p.m.                  October 5: Empire Theatre screening          Saturday, October 16/10 a.m.-4 p.m.
   Master & Commander: the                    preview of Das Rheingold
   far side of the world (138 mins)           October 12: The foundations of Russian       Wii Fun
                                              nationalism in opera, Glinka                 Enjoy some friendly competition and
 Friday, September 17/2 p.m.                  October 19: Empire Theatre screening         encouragement with Wii Sports and an
   Mutiny on the Bounty                       preview of Boris Godunov                     assortment of other games. No experience
   (1935, 132 mins)                           October 26: Mussorgsky & Borodin             required.
 Friday, October 1/2 p.m.
   Captain Horatio Hornblower
                                              The Library Players                          Tuesday, October 19/1-3 p.m.
 (1951, 117 mins)                             Celebrate Symphony Week with host
                                              Max Kasper and his colleagues as they        Puzzle-a-thon
                                              perform chamber music by some of your        Teams of two are invited to participate in
                                              favourite composers including Bach,          our first ever jigsaw puzzle-a-thon. We
                                              Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn. The             provide the puzzles and set a time limit.
 Film Screening:                              music will be accompanied by humorous        The team with the fewest pieces left will
 Action: The October Crisis of 1970           anecdotes about the life and times of the    be the winner. Prizes will be provided.
 Compiled from news and other films,          composers. The Library Players are Yi        Registration is required, call 490-5745.
 Action: The October Crisis of 1970, shows    Lee and Anita Gao-Lee on violin,             The deadline to register is October 8.
 independence movements and their             Yvonne DeRoller on viola and Max             ALDERNEY GATE
 leaders, both past and present. The film     Kasper on bass.                              Wednesday, October 20/1 p.m.
 also reflects the mingled relief, dismay
 and defiance felt when the Canadian          Saturday, September 25/11 a.m.               Senior’s Social: Games & Treats
 army came to Montreal. (1973, 87 mins)
                                                                                           Play a hand of cards or cribbage while
 SPRING GARDEN                                                                             enjoying tea, coffee and treats.
 Tuesday, October 12/7 p.m.
                                                                                           Wednesday, October 20/1:30 p.m.

8 I                                                                    See back cover for registration numbers.
Meet and play with other bridge lovers.
Some experience is necessary. For more
information, call 490-5757.
Wednesday, October 20/6:30-8:30 p.m.          Saint Mary’s University                     intervention and trafficking for sexual
                                              Lunch & Learn Lecture
Bridge for All Levels                                                                     SPRING GARDEN
                                              Series                                      Wednesdays/12 p.m.
Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or
just starting out, join us for a friendly     Lectures are open to everyone —             beginning September 15
game of bridge. Beginners can join            there’s no registration or charge. Bring
members of Halifax Bridge World for a         your lunch. Co-sponsored by the Division    Irish Poetry
crash course an hour before game time.        of Continuing Education of Saint Mary’s     with Sean Kennedy
                                              University.                                 IRST 3343.1 DT
Thursday, October 21/1 p.m. (crash                                                        This course will examine recent Irish
course) 2 p.m. (game time)                    Canada in Naval History                     poetry, beginning with W.B. Yeats and
                                              with Bill Miles                             concluding with an extended analysis of
See page 10 for another bridge                HIST 3490.1 DL                              the poetry of Northern Ireland. Poems
program.                                      This course is a thematic exploration       will be placed in cultural context while
                                              of the connections between Canada,          also examining the formal aspects of
                                              navies and global contexts. Where           the work.
                                              possible, the lives of individuals,         SPRING GARDEN
Test Drive a Wii                              whether Victoria Cross-winner William       Thursdays/12 p.m.
Test drive our library Wii, including         Hall, captains such as Philip Broke or      beginning September 9
sports, fitness and games.                    the countless unnamed sailors of the
WOODLAWN                                      lower deck, will be examined to con-
Wednesday, October 20/1-4 p.m.                trast and balance the discussion
                                              between the social history of navies and
Fun for 50+: Coffee, Tea &                    the operational history of imperial
Wii                                           expansion.
Join us for an informal social time featur-   ALDERNEY GATE                               Mount Saint Vincent
ing tasty treats and a chance to try out      Tuesdays/12 p.m.
                                                                                          University Lecture Series
bowling and other games on the Wii.           beginning September 14

ALDERNEY GATE                                                                             A Journey Through The Lord
Thursday, October 21/10:30 a.m.               Contemporary Issues: An
                                              Introduction to the Politics                of the Rings
Games Challenge                                                                           Dr. Anna Smol takes us on a magical
                                              of Human Rights                             journey through J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic
Library staff will challenge you to your      with Edna Keeble                            series. This series will continue into
choice of checkers or Jenga. Winners will     POLI 1201.1 DT                              November.
be featured on the library’s Wall of Fame.    The study of human rights has become        KESHEN GOODMAN
HALIFAX NORTH                                 an important part of the discipline of      Fridays/1:30 p.m.
Thursday, October 21/6-8 p.m.                 political science. This course uses a       October 1: Tolkien’s life & work
                                              human rights lens as a way of introduc-     October 8: The Fellowship of the Ring,
Wii Bowling for Seniors                       ing students to issues that dominate the    (Book 1, chapters 1-12)
Have a go at bowling on the Nintendo          contemporary political environment.         October 22: The Fellowship of the Ring,
Wii — no computer or bowling                  The primary objective of the course is      (Book 2, chapters 1-10)
experience needed.                            to engage students in the work of polit-    October 29: The Two Towers, (Book 3,
TANTALLON                                     ical scientists by encouraging them to      chapters 1-11)
Friday, October 22/2 p.m.                     reflect critically on a number of topical
                                              issues in human rights, such as state
                                              repression, torture, humanitarian

                                                                                                      September - October 2010       I9
adult programs

                                                                                           Hiking in HRM
 Bringing the Universe                                                                     Discover the walking trails in your
                                                                                           neighbourhood. The Halifax North

 Down to Earth                                                                             West Trails Association and the
                                                                                           Canadian Association of Retired Persons
                                                                                           will present a short program on trails.
                                                                                           The program will be followed by a hike.

 Observing the Night Sky for                 Exploration of the Solar                      KESHEN GOODMAN
                                                                                           Sunday, September 26/2:30 p.m.
 Beginners                                   System                                        Followed by a hike on the Linear Trail
 John McPhee will share basic practical      All ages (families)                           in Clayton Park.
 information for someone starting out in     Amateur astronomer Paul Bowman
 amateur astronomy followed by outdoor       presents this program for kids and their      WOODLAWN
 observing, weather permitting.              families. See some fascinating views of       Tuesday, September 28/2 p.m.
                                             planets and learn how to find the             Followed by a hike on the Portland
 Wednesday, September 22/7 p.m.              brightest ones from your own backyard.                      Lakes Trail.

 Astronomy with Binoculars                   Saturday, October 16/2:30 p.m.
 Chris Young will teach you how to
 choose binoculars for astronomy and
 how to use them to explore the moon,                          Presented by amateur
 planets, star clusters, brighter galaxies                     astronomers from the
 and nebulae.                                                  Royal Astronomical
                                                               Society of Canada
                                                               (RASC) Halifax
 Monday, October 4                                                                        Meet and play with other bridge lovers.
 /7 p.m.                                                       Centre.
                                                                                          Some experience is necessary. For more
                                                                                          information, call 490-5757.
                                                                                          Wednesdays/6:30-8:30 p.m.
                                                                                          September 1-October 27
                                                                                          See page 9 for another bridge program.
 Curious about the Cosmos                    Computing the Cosmos
 Dr. Rob Thacker, an astrophysicist at       Can you really fit an entire universe in a
 Saint Mary’s University, presents this      computer? Dr. Thacker will discuss what
 three-part series.                          lies in store for our galaxy.
                                             KESHEN GOODMAN
 The Beginning & Extremes of                 Wednesday, October 13/7 p.m.
 Our Universe
 What was the big bang? Where and
 when did it happen? What are black
 holes and where do they fit? Dr. Thacker
 will discuss these questions and more.
                                                                                          Start Your Own Hobby or
 Wednesday, September 29/7 p.m.                                                           Craft Group
                                                                                          Do you have a craft or hobby you’d like to
 Aliens: Where are they?                                                                  share with others? Contact Janice Fiander
 Is there life beyond Earth, perhaps                                                      at the Cole Harbour Library to discuss
 even intelligent races? Dr. Thacker                                                      using the library’s meeting room, ways to
 will discuss how close we are to real                                                    promote your program and tips for run-
 answers rather than just speculation.                                                    ning your own program.

 KESHEN GOODMAN                                                                           COLE HARBOUR
 Wednesday, October 6/7 p.m.                                                              Contact: 434-6177

10 I                                                                  See back cover for registration numbers.
                                                                                                                     adult programs

                                             Cole Harbour Harvest Festival                 Craft Space
                                             & Health Fair                                 Several groups meet for crafts and conver-
                                             The Cole Harbour Library will be taking       sation. Share knowledge, tips and ideas
                                             part in the annual Harvest Festival by        while checking out some of the newest
                                             hosting an art show with works from the       craft books. Everyone is welcome, just
                                             Grace Luke Art School and other local         drop in.
                                             artists. The Health Fair will take place in   MUSQUODOBOIT HARBOUR
                                             Cole Harbour Place from 11 a.m.-3 p.m.        Rug Hooking — Tuesdays/1 p.m.
                                             and will feature displays from local health   For more information, call 889-9060 or
                                             organizations and service providers.          845-2820.
                                             Library staff will be on hand to demon-
                                             strate how to search online for health-       Quilting —Thursdays/6 p.m.
                                             related materials.                            For more information, call Judy at
                                             COLE HARBOUR
                                             Saturday, September 11/11 a.m.-3 p.m.
                                                                                           Painting — Fridays/12:30 p.m.
                                                                                           For more information, call Chris at

DIY Costumes                                                                               Stitch Niche
Just in time for Halloween, this program                                                   Whatever your interest — knitting,
will give you great ideas for last-minute                                                  crocheting, quilting or embroidery —
costumes. Presented by volunteers with                                                     join us for an evening of stitchery and
Hal-Con: a Sci-Fi Fantasy Convention,                                                      conversation. Share ideas and get
in Halifax from October 29-31.                                                             inspiration from the newest craft books.                                                                            From beginner to advanced, everyone
SPRING GARDEN                                                                              is welcome.
Tuesday, October 26/7 p.m.                   Craft Corner Drop-In                          SACKVILLE
                                             Meet fellow crafty people and work on         Wednesday, September 15/7 p.m.
                                             your projects. Knitters, painters, cro-       Wednesday, October 6/7 p.m.
International Storytelling/                  cheters, stitchers, scrapbookers, felters,    Wednesday, October 20/7 p.m.
                                             sculptors, whittlers and new learners are
Contes d'ici et d'ailleurs                   welcome.                                      Quilted Postcards
François is a storyteller from Normandy,
                                             DARTMOUTH NORTH                               Karen Harrison will help you create
France. We speak the same language —         Mondays/2 p.m.                                beautiful postcards for gifts or for
French — your tongue is Acadian.
                                                                                           keeping in touch. Bring you own scraps
François would like to hear your stories
and share them with others. You are
                                             Women’s Group                                 of material and your imagination.
invited to share your stories with           Drop by for movies, crafts, guest speakers    TANTALLON
                                             and discussions on everyday issues affect-    Tuesday, October 5/7 p.m.
François, who will tell them in Bay
Sainte Marie at the Festival de la Parole.   ing the lives of women.
                                             HALIFAX NORTH                                 Spin n’ Knit Night
Vous partagez notre langue, le français,     Wednesdays/10 a.m.                            Wool is where it’s at! No matter your
vous êtes riches de tout ce que l’acadie                                                   level, join us to knit or spin away the
en a fait? Venez partager votre héritage,    Interpreting Your Dreams                      evening. Share patterns, creative ideas,
le faire résonner dans le présent. Selon     What do your dreams mean and how do           and check out the library’s crafty
François, conteur en Normandie,              they affect your life? Beaty Popescu,         resources. Registration is required, call
France, la plus grande qualité du con-       Jungian analyst, will introduce you to        490-2636.
teur c’est de savoir écouter, partager.      what dreams are psychologically and offer     WOODLAWN
Venez tester son écoute et livrer votre      some helpful tips to dream interpretation.    Tuesdays/7 p.m.
parole; il vous la rendra entre autre dans   KESHEN GOODMAN                                September 7, 21, October 5 & 19
le cadre du Festival de la Parole de la      Wednesday, October 27/7 p.m.
Baie Sainte Marie.
Wednesday, September 15/7 p.m.

                                                                                                      September - October 2010         I 11
adult programs

Health & Wellness                         HANDLE®                                       HANDLE® Gets Beyond the
                                          Nancy Ceulemans, certified HANDLE®            Labels
                                          screener and advanced intern, will talk       This session will focus on how appropri-
                                          about this holistic approach to learning,     ate stimulation to weak areas of the brain
                                          behavioural, social and neurodevelop-         can lead to better functioning, no matter
                                          mental issues. HANDLE® helps with             what you’re labelled with.
                                          learning difficulties, dyslexia, dyspraxia,   TANTALLON
                                          dyscalculia, problems with memory and         Saturday, October 2/2 p.m.
                                          organization, sleeping disorders, autism,
                                          ADD, ADHD, Tourette’s syndrome and
The Healthy Minds Cooperative             more.
provides an opportunity for people        COLE HARBOUR
living with mental illness or mental      Wednesday, October 6/7 p.m.
health issues to improve their
communities by providing public
education aimed at reducing the stigma
of mental illness. Each program will
consist of a panel of speakers who will
                                                                                        Adult ADHD
share their personal experiences.                                                       Dr. Curt Peters will host this information
                                                                                        session on symptoms, challenges and
Positive Mental Attitude                  Stop Smoking Using                            management strategies for adults living
                                          Emotional Freedom                             with ADHD.
Friday, September 10/12 p.m.                                                            COLE HARBOUR
                                          Techniques (EFT)                              Wednesday, September 29/6:30 p.m.
                                          If you’ve tried to quit smoking, but have
Stress, Anxiety & Depression
                                          given in to cravings when under tension
WOODLAWN                                  or stress, consider EFT. EFT helps            Supporting Families of LGBT
Tuesday, September 14/7 p.m.
                                          people focus on personal issues and           Youth
                                          stimulate their energy system by tapping      Information and support session present-
Recognizing, Understanding & Healing
                                          on specific points on the body. This ses-     ed by The Youth Project, an organization
                                          sion will address nicotine cravings, the      that focuses on issues of sexual orientation
HALIFAX NORTH                             social aspects of smoking and the rela-
Thursday, September 23/6:30 p.m.                                                        and gender identity for youth.
                                          tionship between emotions and smok-           COLE HARBOUR
                                          ing. Note: Do not smoke two hours             Wednesday, October 13/6:30 p.m.
Youth: Handling Life
                                          prior to this workshop and bring your
BEDFORD                                   cigarettes with you. Registration is
Tuesday, September 28/7 p.m.                                                            Hearing & Hearing Loss
                                          required, call 490-5745.
                                                                                        Staff from Connect Hearing will discuss
Stigma                                    ALDERNEY GATE                                 hearing and living with hearing loss. They
                                          Wednesday, September 15/12 p.m.
HALIFAX NORTH                                                                           will also show the latest technology in
Thursday, October 14/6:30 p.m.                                                          hearing aids.
                                          Preventing Neck & Back Pain                   KESHEN GOODMAN
The Science of Mental Illness             in the Workplace                              Wednesday, September 15/7 p.m.
KESHEN GOODMAN                            Staff from Pillars of Health will offer
Monday, October 18/7 p.m.                 advice on how to prevent and treat            An Introduction to
                                          muscular and joint pain that often            Transformation Meditation
                                          occurs with people who work at desks
                                                                                        Discover how meditation philosophy and
                                          and keyboards. Registration is required,
                                                                                        practice can be applied to everyday life to
                                          call 490-5745.
                                                                                        improve health, productivity and inner
                                          ALDERNEY GATE                                 peace. Join Steve Oliver of the Lower
                                          Wednesday, September 22/12 p.m.
                                                                                        Sackville Wellness Centre for an intro-
                                                                                        duction to the techniques and benefits of
                                                                                        transformation meditation.
                                                                                        Wednesday, September 29/7 p.m.

12 I                                                                See back cover for registration numbers.
                                                                                                                       adult programs

 Dr. Rob Rutledge                             and healer. The book explains how this        Local History &
                                              integrated approach can maximize the
 The Healing Circle
 Dr. Rob Rutledge is a                        chance of recovery from cancer while
 radiation oncologist and                     allowing the cancer journey to be viewed
 associate professor at                       as a journey of the spirit.
 Dalhousie University.
                                                                                            The Origins & Expansion of
                                              SPRING GARDEN
 His book, The Healing                        Tuesday, September                            Canada's National Park
 Circle, co-authored with                     14/7 p.m.                                     System
 Timothy Walker, helps answer the                                                           This illustrated presentation will trace
 question: How can you heal after a can-                                                    the history of Canada’s national parks,
 cer diagnosis? The book looks at inte-                                                     beginning with the establishment of
 grating the scientific perspective of an                                                   Banff in 1885.
 oncologist with the wisdom-based tech-
                                                                                            SPRING GARDEN
 niques and teachings of a psychotherapist                                                  Friday, September 17/12 p.m.

Vegetarianism: Adam & Eve                     Nordic                                        COLE HARBOUR
                                                                                            Wednesday, September 22/7 p.m.
to the 21st Century                           Walking
                                              Nordic walking uses walking poles to take     WOODLAWN
                                              the pressure off of joints while giving you   Saturday, October 2/2 p.m.
                                              an all-over body workout that burns 20
                                              per cent more calories than regular walk-     J.D. SHATFORD
                                                                                            Saturday, October 23/2 p.m.
                                              ing. Staff from Oh My Sole will demon-
                                              strate proper technique and lead a walk
                                              around the Portland Lakes Trail. Poles
                                              will be provided. Registration is required,
                                              call 490-2636.
                                              Saturday, September 18/10 a.m.

Richard Rogers, founding president of the
Halifax Association of Vegetarians, will
give a brief history of a lifestyle that is
growing in popularity. This talk will also
                                                                                            Celebrating 125 Years of
address myths surrounding vegetarianism                                                     National Parks in Canada
and outline easy ways to adopt this inter-                                                  Through its national parks, marine
national diet. The presentation will also                                                   conservation areas and historic sites,
include samples of popular vegetarian                                                       Parks Canada is responsible for one of
foods. Open to all ages.                                                                    the most extensive systems of protected
TANTALLON                                                                                   national heritage places in the world.
Tuesday, October 19/7 p.m.                                                                  This series will feature talks by staff
                                                                                            from a number of these special places,
Weight Management                                                                           including Kejimkujik, Prince Edward
A nutritionist from the East Dartmouth                                                      Island and Kouchibouquac national
Health Team will outline strategies to get                                                  parks. For a list of lecture titles look for
you back on track with your weight.           Better Blood Pressure                         a poster at your local branch, pick up
                                              A nurse from the East Dartmouth Health        a handbill at Spring Garden or visit
Wednesday, September 15/1:30 p.m.             Team will explain simple ways to manage
                                              your lifestyle to improve blood pressure.     SPRING GARDEN
                                                                                            Fridays/12 p.m.
                                              Wednesday, October 13/1:30 p.m.               September 17-October 26

                                                                                                       September - October 2010       I 13
adult programs

                                                Ancestry Library Edition                     Shore for African
                                                Having trouble navigating the online         Grandmothers
                                                genealogy database Ancestry Library          Shore for African Grandmothers is part
                                                Edition? Join reference librarian Joanne     of the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s
                                                McCarthy for this hands-on beginners         Grandmothers to Grandmothers cam-
                                                workshop to learn simple online search       paign. Grandmothers to Grandmothers
                                                techniques. Registration is required, call   seeks to build solidarity, raise awareness
                                                490-5700.                                    and mobilize support in Canada for
                                                SPRING GARDEN                                Africa’s grandmothers. The local chapter
                                                Tuesday, October 19/7 p.m.                   invites everyone to see a presentation by
                                                                                             Linda Willis on the campaign’s latest
                                                                                             efforts. Refreshments will be served.
                                                                                             MUSQUODOBOIT HARBOUR
                                                For more local history programs, see         Thursday, September 16/6:30 p.m.
                                                pages 6, 7 & 9.
The Story of the Bedford                                                                     Climate Change & St.
Basin                                           Environment &                                Margaret’s Bay
Gordon Fader will give an illustrated pres-
entation about the seabed and geological
                                                Social Issues                                Tom MacDonald from Clean Nova Scotia
                                                                                             will talk about climate change, its affect
history of the Bedford Basin. The imagery
                                                                                             on our community and what we can do
of the Bedford Basin clearly shows ship-
                                                                                             about it.
wrecks, waterfalls, former beaches, islands
and military installations. Learn the history                                                TANTALLON
                                                                                             Tuesday, September 21/7 p.m.
of how humans have interacted with the
natural processes in the Bedford Basin.
Tuesday, October 26/7 p.m.
                                                2010/2011 Series:
                                                We Fled by Land,
                                                Sea & Air
                                                Each presentation will include a panel
                                                of speakers featuring a refugee story.
                                                The series will continue in November.

                                                Perils & Triumphs of the
                                                Journey to Canada
                                                                                             Step up to Leadership
                                                This presentation will explore how
                                                                                             Developed by volunteers for volunteers,
                                                refugees arrive in Canada and what
                                                                                             this 10-week course will help you grow as
                                                they go through to get here. It will
                                                                                             a leader, increase your confidence and
                                                feature stories of people seeking safety
Literary Walking Tour                                                                        improve your ability to become involved
                                                in Canada and the support they receive
                                                                                             in important community issues.
Dickens and Wilde, Howe and                     when they arrive.
                                                                                             Volunteers help build strong communities.
Montgomery — Halifax’s literary history         SPRING GARDEN                                To register, call 490-1946 or e-mail
comes alive in this guided walking tour.        Friday, October 29/12 p.m.
Dress for the weather and wear comfort-
                                                                                             Presented by HRM Volunteer Services.
able shoes. Weather permitting, please call
for confirmation on the day of the tour.                                                     WOODLAWN
                                                                                             Wednesdays/6 p.m.
Registration is required, call 490-5700.
                                                                                             September 15–November 24
Saturday, September 25/9:30-11:30 a.m.

14 I                                                                    See back cover for registration numbers.
                                                                                                                    adult programs

Parenting                                     Employment &                                Financial Planning for
                                              Money Matters                               Immigrants & Refugees
                                                                                          This ten-session series covers the basics
Parenting Teens                                                                           about money and the Canadian financial
Dr. Stan Kutcher, Sun Life Financial          Small Business Start-up                     system. Topics include: credit cards, credit
Chair in adolescent mental health at the      Learn what the library has to offer bud-    ratings and history, budgeting, govern-
IWK, will host an informal chat session       ding entrepreneurs. One-on-one, person-     ment savings tools, banking and the basics
with parents and caregivers of adolescents.   alized consultations are available on       of investing, and income tax. To register,
Grab a tea or coffee, pull up a chair and     Mondays at Alderney Gate, Cole              call 423-6162, extension 258. Presented by
join us. For more information, call Shelly    Harbour and Sackville and daily at Spring   Citizenship and Immigration Canada and
at 490-5809. In partnership with the          Garden. Topics can include business plan-   the YWCA Halifax.
Chebucto West Community Health Board.         ning resources, market research, industry   SPRING GARDEN
CAPTAIN WILLIAM SPRY                          trends and more.                            Wednesdays/3-4 p.m.
Wednesday, September 8/7 p.m.                                                             October 6-December 8
                                              ALDERNEY GATE
Wednesday, October 20/7 p.m.                  Mondays, by appointment; 490-5710

Promoting Healthy Sleep in                    COLE HARBOUR
                                              Mondays, by appointment; 490-5710
Children Under One
Does your child have trouble falling          SACKVILLE
asleep or fight nap times? Learn ways to      Mondays, by appointment; 490-5710           Safe from Fraud
promote sleep with your young child.                                                      Learn how to protect yourself from fraud.
TANTALLON                                     SPRING GARDEN                               Ian MacDonald of Service Corporation
Tuesday, September 14/2:30-3:30 p.m.          By appointment; 490-5710                    International Canada will describe some
                                                                                          common tactics used by scam artists.
                                                                                          Wednesday, September 29/1:30 p.m.

                                               Women’s Employment                         Employment Counselling
                                               Outreach Workshops                         Get free advice on choosing a career, cre-
                                                                                          ating a return-to-work plan and discover-
                                               Career Decision Making                     ing new opportunities. Provided by Job
                                               This series will help you make             Search Services of Dartmouth. To book
                                               well-informed personal decisions, tak-     an appointment, call 435-0957 ext. 227.
                                               ing into account your values and inter-    WOODLAWN
                                               ests and current labour market trends.     Tuesdays/10 a.m.-4 p.m.
                                               Information on local upgrading and
                                               retraining options will be supplied.
                                               To register, call 422-8023.
                                               KESHEN GOODMAN
Making Mealtimes Matter                        Wednesdays/10 a.m.-12 p.m.
Learn how young children approach food         September 8, 15, 22, 29 & October 6
and eating, how to identify children’s
hunger and satiety cues and how to feed        Job Search Training
infants and children according to their        Looking for work? Meet with other
developmental stage. Get tips on how to        job-seekers and learn the skills
create a healthy mealtime environment.         required to conduct an effective job
TANTALLON                                      search. Topics include resumé and          Computer & Internet Job Search
Tuesday, October 12/2:30-3:30 p.m.             cover letter writing, networking and       A Job Search Service representative will
                                               interviewing. To register, call 422-       help you create a dynamic resumé and
                                               8023.                                      navigate the Internet for job resources.
                                               ALDERNEY GATE                              To book an appointment, call 435-0957
                                               October 12, 14, 19 & 21                    ext. 227.
                                               /10 a.m.-12 p.m.
                                                                                          Fridays/10 a.m.-1 p.m.

                                                                                                      September - October 2010    I 15
adult programs

Computers & New                             Computer Basics                                How to Navigate the Internet
                                            An introduction to computers.                  An introduction to navigating the
Technologies                                No experience required.                        Internet and using a web browser.
Please register as space is limited.        ALDERNEY GATE                                  Prerequisite: Beyond the Basics or basic
                                            Friday, September 10/10 a.m.-12 p.m.           mouse, keyboard and Windows skills.
                                            Registration begins September 3, call          ALDERNEY GATE
                                            490-5745.                                      Friday, September 24/10 a.m.-12 p.m.
 New Technology                                                                            Registration begins September 3, call
 & Social Media                             Monday, September 13/10-11:30 a.m.

                                            Registration begins September 7, call          BEDFORD
 Facebook                                   490-5757.                                      Saturday, September 25/10-11:30 a.m.
 A demonstration of Facebook and an                                                        Registration begins September 7, call
 introduction to protecting your privacy    DARTMOUTH NORTH                                490-5757.
 on online social networking sites.         Wednesday, September 8/6:30-8 p.m.
                                            Thursday, October 7/2-3:30 p.m.                DARTMOUTH NORTH
 Wednesday, September 22/6:30-8 p.m.                                                       Wednesday, October 20/6:30-8 p.m.
                                            KESHEN GOODMAN
 KESHEN GOODMAN                             Tuesday, September 14/6:30-8 p.m.
                                                                                           KESHEN GOODMAN
 Friday, September 24/2:30-4 p.m.           Registration begins September 8, call          Tuesday, October 12/6:30-8 p.m.
 Registration begins September 8, call      490-6410.                                      Registration begins September 8, call
 490-6410.                                                                                 490-6410.
 SPRING GARDEN                              Friday, September 17/2:30-4 p.m.
 Monday, October 25/10:30 a.m.-12 p.m.      Registration is required, call 865-8653.       Friday, October 15/2:30-4 p.m.
 Registration begins September 7, call                                                     Registration is required, call 865-8653.
 490-5700.                                  TANTALLON
                                            Wednesday, September 15/1:30-3 p.m.
                                                                                           SPRING GARDEN
 TANTALLON                                                                                 Friday, September 17/10:30 a.m.-12 p.m.
 Wednesday, September 29/1:30-3 p.m.        WOODLAWN
                                            Thursday, September 23/2-3:30 p.m.             Registration begins September 7, call
                                            Registration begins September 7, call          490-5700.
                                            490-2636.                                      TANTALLON
 Join us for a one-hour demonstration of
                                                                                           Wednesday, October 13/1:30-3 p.m.
 Skype and learn how to call your friends
 and relatives around the world for free,   Beyond the Basics
 over the Internet.                         Introducing applications, files and folders.   Internet Searching Made Easy
 SPRING GARDEN                              Prerequisite: Computer Basics or basic         Learn to streamline Internet searches and
 Monday, October 18/10:30 a.m.-12 p.m.      mouse and keyboard skills.                     evaluate information found on the web.
 Registration begins September 7, call      ALDERNEY GATE                                  Prerequisite: How to Navigate the Internet
 490-5700.                                  Friday, September 17/10 a.m.-12 p.m.           or familiarity using web browsers.
                                            Registration begins September 3, call          ALDERNEY GATE
 TANTALLON                                  490-5745.
 Wednesday, October 27/1:30-3 p.m.                                                         Friday, October 1/10 a.m.-12 p.m.
                                                                                           Registration begins September 3, call
                                            DARTMOUTH NORTH                                490-5745.
 Musquodoboit Harbour                       Wednesday, September 15/6:30-8 p.m.
                                            Thursday, October 14/2-3:30 p.m.               KESHEN GOODMAN
 Community Facebook
                                                                                           Tuesday, October 26/6:30-8 p.m.
 Social networking sites like Facebook      KESHEN GOODMAN                                 Registration begins September 8, call
 can keep you in touch with your com-       Tuesday, September 28/6:30-8 p.m.
 munity. Check out Facebook groups          Friday, October 8/2:30-4 p.m.
 such as the Farmer’s Market and            Registration begins September 8, call
                                                                                           SPRING GARDEN
 Eastern Shore Moms. Learn how to set       490-6410.                                      Friday, September 24/10:30 a.m.-12 p.m.
 up your own Facebook account. Co-                                                         Registration begins September 7, call
 sponsored by the Musquodoboit Harbour      SACKVILLE
                                            Friday, October 1/2:30-4 p.m.                  490-5700.
 Community Vision Initiative.
                                            Registration is required, call 865-8653.
 MUSQUODOBOIT HARBOUR                                                                      TANTALLON
 By appointment, call 490-5451.                                                            Wednesday, October 20/1:30-3 p.m.
                                            Wednesday, September 22/1:30-3 p.m.

16 I                                                                  See back cover for registration numbers.
                                                                                                                    adult programs

E-mail Basics
                                                                                           One-on-One Facebook
Learn to send, reply, forward and delete     One-on-One Sessions                           A demonstration of Facebook and
e-mail. Prerequisite: How to Navigate the
Internet or familiarity with web browsers.   One-on-One Computer Basics                    get-started tips. Participants must
                                             Do you have little or no computer expe-       have an e-mail account.
Friday, October 8/10 a.m-12 p.m.             rience? Meet with an instructor for an        HALIFAX NORTH
Registration begins September 3, call        introduction to computers. We’ll start at     By appointment, registration begins
490-5745.                                    the beginning. (One-hour sessions.)           September 7.
                                                                                           Call 490-5723
                                             HALIFAX NORTH
BEDFORD                                      By appointment, registration begins
Monday, October 4/10-11:30 a.m.              September 7.                                  One-on-One Computer
Registration begins September 7, call        Call 490-5723                                 Training
                                                                                           If you have questions about what you’ve
                                             SPRING GARDEN
                                             By appointment, registration begins           learned in one of our computer classes or
Friday, October 29/2-3:30 p.m.               September 7.                                  would like further instruction, call to
Registration begins September 7, call        Call 490-5700                                 book a tutorial session.
490-2636.                                                                                  ALDERNEY GATE
                                                                                           By appointment; call 490-5886

Advanced E-mail                                                                            CAPTAIN WILLIAM SPRY
                                                                                           By appointment; call 490-5818
Learn to send and receive attachments,
store messages in folders and manage your                                                  COLE HARBOUR
contacts. Prerequisite: E-mail Basics or                                                   By appointment; call 490-1573
familiarity with basic e-mail functions.
ALDERNEY GATE                                                                              DARTMOUTH NORTH
Friday, October 15/10 a.m.-12 p.m.                                                         By appointment; call 490-5840
Registration begins September 3, call        One-on-One E-mail                             J.D. SHATFORD
490-5745.                                    New to e-mail? The instructor can help        By appointment; call 857-9176
                                             you register for an account and show you
COLE HARBOUR                                                                               MUSQUODOBOIT HARBOUR
                                             the basics in a one-hour session.             By appointment; call 889-4076
Monday, October 18/1-2:30 p.m.
                                             SPRING GARDEN
KESHEN GOODMAN                               By appointment, registration begins           SHEET HARBOUR
Thursday, October 28/10-11:30 a.m.           September 7.                                  By appointment; call 889-4076
Registration begins September 8, call        Call 490-5700

Friday, October 29/2:30-4 p.m.               Word Processing Basics                        Computer Drop-in
Registration is required, call 865-8653.     Create, edit, format, save and print a doc-   If you’ve taken one of our computer
                                             ument using Microsoft Word.                   classes and need a bit of extra help or
                                             Prerequisite: Beyond the Basics or basic      some practice, stop by to ask questions or
Power Googling                               mouse, keyboard and Windows skills.           spend some time on a computer.
An advanced level course. Learn to build     COLE HARBOUR                                  COLE HARBOUR
a more effective Google search using         (MS Word 2003)                                Tuesdays/2-4 p.m.
special features. Prerequisite: Internet     Monday, October 4/1-2:30 p.m.                 beginning October 5
Searching Made Easy or proficiency with
Internet searching.                          KESHEN GOODMAN
                                             (MS Word 2003)
Friday, October 1/10:30 a.m.-12 p.m.         Thursday, September 16/10-11:30 a.m.
Registration begins September 7, call        Registration begins September 8, call
                                             SPRING GARDEN
                                             (MS Word 2007)
                                             Monday, October 4/10:30 a.m.-12 p.m.
                                             Registration begins September 7, call

                                                                                                       September - October 2010   I 17
                                                                                          Other Literacy &
                                                                                          ELL Opportunities
                                                                                          Literacy networks:
                                                                                          · Halifax Community Learning Network
                                                                                          · Bedford-Sackville Literacy Network
                                                                                          · Dartmouth Learning Network
English Language Learning (ELL)                                                           · Eastern Shore-Musquodoboit
                                                                                            Literacy Network
Get help with your English language skills    BEDFORD                                       885-3473
at volunteer tutor programs sponsored by      Mondays/1:30-4 p.m.                         · Preston Area Learning Skills Society
Halifax Public Libraries and the Nova         Thursdays/6:30-8:30 p.m.                      462-6042
Scotia Department of Immigration.             Call 490-5757                               · Western HRM Community
                                                                                            Learning Network
The programs are free and open to:            HALIFAX NORTH                                 225-6320
· Permanent residents of Canada;              Tuesdays/10 a.m.-12 p.m. & 6-8:30 p.m.
· Canadian citizens born outside of           Call 490-5779                               ELL tutoring and services for
  Canada (though services to recent                                                       recent immigrants:
  immigrants to Nova Scotia will be given     KESHEN GOODMAN                              · Immigrant Settlement and Integration
  priority);                                  Tuesdays/10 a.m.-12 p.m. & 6:30-8:30 p.m.
                                                                                            Services (ISIS)
· Protected persons as defined in Section     Wednesdays/1-3 p.m. & 6:30-8:30 p.m.
  95 of the Immigration and Refugee           Call 490-6408
                                                                                          · Centre for Diverse and Visible Cultures
  Protection Act;
· Foreign nationals temporarily residing in   SPRING GARDEN                               · ISIS English in the workplace
  Nova Scotia who have been nominated         Tuesdays/1-3 p.m. & 3:30-5:30 p.m.
  (received Certificate of Nomination)        Wednesdays/4-6 p.m. & 6:30-8:30 p.m.
                                                                                          · YMCA Newcomers Centre
  under the Nova Scotia Nominee               Call 490-5990
  Program and their dependants.
                                                                                          · Metro-Region Immigrant
                                                                                            Language Services
ALDERNEY GATE                                                                               464-2868
Mondays/12:30-2:30 p.m.
                                                                                          · Canadian Connections Computer
Tuesdays/4-6 p.m. & 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
                                                                                            business labs
Call 490-4268
                                                                                          · Adult ESL Halifax
Literacy & Upgrading
Improve reading, writing and math skills      KESHEN GOODMAN
with Halifax Public Libraries and the
Halifax Community Learning Network.
                                              Thursdays/12-3 p.m. & 5:30-8:30 p.m.
                                              Fridays/12-3 p.m.
Programs are free and open to adult learn-    Call 490-6408
ers in need of basic education upgrading.                                                 English Language Learning
                                              SPRING GARDEN                               (ELL) for Adults
CAPTAIN WILLIAM SPRY                          Thursdays/3-6 p.m. & 6-9 p.m.               You can help an adult in your community
Tuesdays/1-3 p.m. & 5:30-8:30 p.m.            Fridays/1:30-4:30 p.m.                      improve his or her English language skills
Thursdays/9:30-11:30 a.m. & 1-3 p.m.          Call 490-5990                               with a two- to three-hour weekly time
Call 490-5715                                                                             commitment. No experience is necessary,
                                                                                          and training and support are available.
HALIFAX NORTH                                                                             Please see this page for detailed program
Wednesdays/12-3 p.m. & 6-9 p.m.                                                           schedules, contact 490-5990 for orienta-
Fridays/10 a.m.-1 p.m.                                                                    tion information.
Call 490-5779

18 I                                                                  See back cover for registration numbers.
                                                                                                           teen programs

                                                                                 Fall Volunteer Opportunities
                                                                                 Ages 14-18
                                                                                 Want to make a difference in your com-
                                                                                 munity, meet new friends and learn new
                                                                                 skills? Most branches have volunteer
                                                                                 opportunities, such as Leading Readers
                                                                                 Volunteers and Program Assistants.
                                                                                 Check for more

Minute to Win It                         Game On! Wii
Age 11+                                  Grades 7-12
Speed competition with fast-play         Got game? Show off your skills.
online games.                            KESHEN GOODMAN
HALIFAX NORTH                            Tuesday, October 19/3:30-5:30 p.m.
Tuesday, October 19/6-7:30 p.m.
                                         Video Game Tournament                   Projections
Drama Games                              Ages 14+                                Ages 14+
Join us for good times and good laughs   Play video games with your friends.     Join us for movies chosen by you — we’ll
with Halifax Improv.                     SACKVILLE                               bring the snacks, you bring the movie
ALDERNEY GATE                            Thursday, October 21/6-8:30 p.m.        chat.
Wednesday, October 20/7 p.m.
                                                                                 ALDERNEY GATE
                                         Wii Games Day                           Wednesday,
Scrabble Slam!                           Ages 9-13                               September 22/6 p.m.
Ages 13+                                 Drop in for games, snacks and prizes.     Teen Pick
Test your wit with a Scrabble tourna-    Play Super SmashBros. Brawl,            Wednesday,
ment.                                    MarioKart and more.                     October 13/6 p.m.
J.D. SHATFORD                            BEDFORD                                   Teen Pick
Wednesday, October 20/6-9 p.m.           Friday, October 22/2-4 p.m.
                                                                                 Writing Group
Video Games                                                                      Ages 14+
Ages 14+                                                                         Do you blog, tell stories or write poems?
Drop by for double PS3 action.                                                   If you like to write, check out this group.
HALIFAX NORTH                                                                    Share some of your stuff, express yourself
Thursday, October 21/6-7:30 p.m.                                                 and meet writers your own age. Call 476-
                                                                                 1663 for more information or to register.
                                                                                 ALDERNEY GATE
                                                                                 Alternate Saturdays/3-5 p.m.
                                                                                 September 4-October 30

                                                                                            September - October 2010    I 19
teen programs

Teen Zone
Ages 14+
Want a welcoming space to hang out,                                                      WOODLAWN
meet new people, play games, do                                                          Alternate Thursdays
homework and explore your artistic side?                                                 Drop-in: 6 p.m. Program: 7 p.m.
Take part in fun workshops and                                                           September 9: Fabulously feminine
interesting programs. The ideas for                                                        girls night
the activities come from teens like you.                                                 September 23: Movie night: Shutter
Wednesdays                                                                               October 7: Zombie
Drop in: 6 p.m. Program 7 p.m.                                                             survival
September 1: Lego & music night                                                          October 21: Wii,
September 8: Guest speaker: Megan Leslie                                                   PlayStation &
September 15: Wii challenge                                                                gaming social
September 29: Board games & cards
October 6: Art night
October 20: Drama games: improv              SACKVILLE
October 27: Halloween dress-up, games        In partnership with HRM Recreation and
  & ghost stories                            the Cobequid Community Health Board.
                                             Drop-in: 6 p.m. Program: 7 p.m.
Alternate Thursdays                          September 2: Back to school party
Drop in: 6 p.m. Program: 7 p.m.              September 9: Colouring contest
September 2: YouTube night                   September 16: Board games, video
September 16: Ice cream                        games & more
  social                                     September 23: All about chocolate
September 30: Microwave                      September 30: Picture this
  cooking                                    October 7: Happy birthday
October 14: Theatre games                    October 14: Computer social
October 28: Halloween                        October 21: Video game tournament
  movie                                      October 28: Halloween special

                                             Teen Talent Café
Being a teenager is tough! Going to          Ages 11+
school, part-time jobs, relationships and    Got talent? Wanna show it off? Join us
more can all add up to stress. This pro-     for entertaining performances, snacks and
gram will be presented by a panel of         lots of fun. Call Shelly at 490-5809 to                      Ages 11+
speakers from the Healthy Minds              sign up. (Youth ages 11+ are invited to     Help us put on a Halloween carnival for
Cooperative.                                 perform, all ages are welcome to attend.)   kids ages 3-7. You must be available
BEDFORD                                      In partnership with HRM and the Chebucto    October 20 and 27 at 6:30 p.m. for plan-
Tuesday, September 28/7 p.m.                 West Community Health Board.                ning and preparation and on Saturday,
                                             CAPTAIN WILLIAM SPRY COMMUNITY              October 30 at 12 p.m. for set-up, the car-
See page 12 for more programs in the         CENTRE                                      nival, clean-up and pizza. Call Shelly at
Healthy Minds Cooperative Speakers Series.   Thursday, September 23/6 p.m.               490-5809 to register. In partnership with
                                                                                         the Chebucto West Community Health
                                                                                         CAPTAIN WILLIAM SPRY
                                                                                         Wednesday, October 20 & 27/6:30 p.m.
                                                                                         Saturday, October 30/12 p.m.

20 I                                                                See back cover for registration numbers.
                                                                                                                      teen programs
Boys Rock @ Reading
Ages 11-13                                   CHOU: Cole Harbour Otakus                     Moksha Yoga
Join us for this reading club for boys.                                                    Uriel MacGillivary from Moksha Yoga will
                                             United Anime Club
We’ll read short stories, eat snacks and                                                   give a yoga class for teens only. Bring
win prizes. Call Shelly at 490-5809 to       Are you mad about manga? Addicted to
                                                                                           comfortable clothes and an open mind.
register. In partnership with the Chebucto   anime? We are too! Meet fellow anime
West Community Health Board.                 fans at this club. In partnership with the
                                                                                           Registration is
                                             Southeastern Community Health Board.
CAPTAIN WILLIAM SPRY                                                                       required, call
Wednesday, September 29/4 p.m.               COLE HARBOUR                                  490-2636.
Wednesday, October 20/4 p.m.                 Alternate Thursdays/6:30 p.m.
                                             September 9, 23, October 7 & 21               WOODLAWN
                                                                                           Thursday, September 30/6:30 p.m.
Groovy Girls Reading
Ages 11-13                                                                                 Zombie Survival Skills
Join us for this reading club for girls.                                                   Zombies represent the clearest and most
We’ll read short stories, eat snacks and                                                   pressing danger to the survival of humani-
win prizes. Call Shelly at 490-5809 to                                                     ty. To prepare for their advancing hordes,
register. In partnership with the Chebucto                                                 check out this zombie survival seminar
West Community Health Board.                     Age 11+                                   designed to give you the knowledge need-
CAPTAIN WILLIAM SPRY                             Join us for something different           ed to beat back the living dead. Are you
Wednesday, September 15/4 p.m.                   and fun.                                  prepared for an army of the undead? Join
Wednesday, October 13/4 p.m.                                                               Alex Hall of Quantum Frontier Games &
                                                 HALIFAX NORTH
                                                 Tuesdays/6-7:30 p.m.                      Comics to find out.

Reading Quiz Party                               September 7: Beat that!                   WOODLAWN
                                                                                           Thursday, October 7/7 p.m.
                                                 September 14: Origami
Ages 11-13
                                                 September 21: Duct tape creations
The boys’ and girls’ reading groups will
                                                 September 28: Flip books                  CKDU Radio
face off, quiz-show style. Winners will
                                                 October 5: Thumb Wrestlemania             Learn the basics of recording and editing
claim the trophy, everyone will get
                                                 October 12: Photo scavenger hunt          audio for radio play and learn about what
pizza. Call Shelly at 490-5809 to
                                                 October 19: Minute to Win It              it takes to get on the air at Halifax’s com-
register. In partnership with the Chebucto
                                                            October 26: Magic              munity radio station, CKDU, 88.1 FM.
West Community Health Board.
                                                               tricks                      Registration is
Wednesday, October 27/4 p.m.                                                               required, call
                                                                                           Thursday, October 14/6:30 p.m.

Youth on the Move
                                                                                           It’s Almost Halloween
Ages 11+
Check out these cool programs. In part-                                                    Pumpkin carving, zombifying, costume
                                             Yu-Gi-Oh! Tuesdays                            making, scary movies and gruesome
nership with the Chebucto West Community
                                             Ages 11+                                      snacks. Halloween rocks!
Health Board.
                                             Calling all Yu-Gi-Oh! duelists! Bring         WOODLAWN
CAPTAIN WILLIAM SPRY                         your cards and join us for casual and tour-
Thursdays/6 p.m.                                                                           Thursday, October 28/6:30 p.m.
                                             nament play. Players of all levels are wel-
September 2: Laptop social
September 9: Improv & theatre games
September 16: Wii Fit tournament             KESHEN GOODMAN
                                             Tuesdays/3:30-5:30 p.m.
September 23: Teen Talent Café
                                             beginning September 7
September 30: Library scavenger hunt
                                             (No program on October 19.)
October 7: Anti-bullying & self-defense
workshop with CHIMO Taekwondo
October 14: Laptop & Wii social              Absolute Anime
October 21: Setting & achieving goals        Manga makes great origami paper. Your
with Lysa Appleton                           favourite anime reels to follow.
October 28: Halloween fun                    WOODLAWN
                                             Thursday, September 16/6:30 p.m.

                                                                                                                                   I 21
school age programs

                                                                                       After School
                                                                                       Short & Tweet Book Club
                                                                                       Ages 10-13
                                                                                       Enjoy funny stories, adventure tales or
                                                                                       something that makes your blood run
                                                                                       cold? Join us each week to read a cool
                                                                                       short story and then tweet about it on our
                                                                                       book club Twitter page. Healthy snacks are
                                                                                       generously funded by the Dartmouth

In-service Days                            No-School-Day                               Community Health board.
                                                                                       DARTMOUTH NORTH
                                           Matinees                                    Wednesdays/3:30 p.m. #
LEGO® Days                                 COLE HARBOUR
                                                                                       September 15-November 17
Ages 5+                                    All ages
Drop by the library                        Friday, September 24/2 p.m.
in the afternoon                             Alice in Wonderland
                                                                                       OK Computer Crew
and have some fun                          Friday, October 22/2 p.m.                   Age 8-12
with our LEGO®                               The Karate Kid                            Play games and have fun in the computer
collection.                                                                            lab.
                                                  KESHEN GOODMAN                       HALIFAX NORTH
ALDERNEY GATE                                     All ages
Friday, September 24                                                                   Thursdays/3:30-5 p.m.
                                                  Friday, September 24/2 p.m.          beginning September 2
  /1-4 p.m.
Friday, October 22                                  Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  /1-4 p.m.                                         TANTALLON                          Board Game Bonanza
See pages 23 & 24 for                               Ages 5+
more LEGO® programs                                                                    Ages 5+
                                           Friday, September 24/2 p.m.
and page 23 for more                                                                   Sink battleships, buy real estate and solve
in-service day programs.                                                               mysteries all in an afternoon. Battleship,
                                           WOODLAWN                                    Monopoly, Clue and Guess Who? are just a
                                           All ages                                    few of the games waiting to be enjoyed. Meet
                                           Friday, September 24/2 p.m. L               your friends for loads of afternoon fun.
                                             Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The        DARTMOUTH NORTH
                                             Lightning Thief                           Every Monday-Saturday/3:30 p.m.

                                           September 7 - Digital photography
                                           September 14 - Make your own               Homework Wednesdays
                                                          board game
 Ages 8-13                                                                            @ The Drop
                                           September 21 - Spooky art                  Ages 8-13
 A safe, supportive and supervised space
                                                                                      Stuck on homework? Bring your books,
 for young people to hang out, eat         September 28 - Improv games
                                                                                      projects and assignments and get help
 healthy snacks and participate in fun
                                           October 5        - So You Think You Can    with your homework. There are also cool
 activities. In partnership with
                                                              Dance Sackville         prizes. Teen volunteers are needed to
 HRM Recreation and the Cobequid
                                                              (talent show)           help out, contact Randolph at
 Community Health Board.
 SACKVILLE                                 October 12       - All about apples
 Tuesdays/3-5 p.m.                                                                    SACKVILLE
                                           October 19       - Wii games               Wednesdays/3-5 p.m.
                                                                                      begins September 29
                                           October 26       - Halloween decorations

22 I                                                               See back cover for registration numbers.
                                                                                                                           school age programs

Yu-Gi-Oh! Tuesdays
Ages 11+
Calling all Yu-Gi-Oh! duelists! Bring
your cards and join us for casual and
tournament play. Players of all levels
are welcome.
Tuesdays/3:30-5:30 p.m.
beginning September 7                                                                                  Game Blitz
(No program on October 19.)                                                                            Ages 5+
See page 24 for another Yu-Gi-Oh!                   LEGO®      Day                                     Join us for fun and games.
program.                                            All ages
                                                    Drop by the library in the afternoon and           J.D. SHATFORD
                                                                                                       Tuesday, October 19/3:30-4:15 p.m.
                                                    have some fun with our LEGO® collection.
                                                    ALDERNEY GATE
                                                    Friday, October 22/1-4 p.m.                        Wii Family Fun
                                                    See pages 22 & 24 for more                         Ages 5+
                                                    LEGO® programs.                                    The whole family is invited to enjoy some
                                                                                                       video game fun with Wii Sports, Mario
                                                                                                       Kart, High School Musical 3 and more. No
                                                    Sunday Afternoon                                   experience is necessary.
                                                    Family Board Games                                 KESHEN GOODMAN
                                                    All ages                                           Friday, October 22/3-4:30 p.m.
                                                    Drop by to play your favourite board games
                                                    like Scrabble, Snakes & Ladders and more.
                                                    Bring the whole family and let the games
                                                                                                       Wii Games
Walter the Farting Dog                                                                                 Ages 8-12
Ages 5+                                                                                                Play some cool Wii games with your
Celebrate the upcoming Walter the Farting           BEDFORD                                            friends.
                                                    Sundays/2-5 p.m.
Dog movie with some flatulent fun.                                                                     SACKVILLE
                                                    October 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31
TANTALLON                                                                                              Tuesday, October 19/3-5 p.m.
Thursday, September 23/3:30 p.m.
                                                    Wii Games Day                                      Game Day Drop-in
                                                    Ages 9-13                                          All Ages
                                                    Drop in for games, snacks and prizes. Play         Drop by the library for fun all afternoon
Home-school                                         Super SmashBros. Brawl, MarioKart and

Programs                                            BEDFORD
                                                                                                       Friday, October 22/2-4 p.m.
                                                    Friday, October 22/2-4 p.m.

Home-school Learning Time                                                                              Games Day
Ages 5+                                             Dance Dance Revolution                             Ages 5+
Join other homeschooled children to                 Ages 8-12                                          Drop by for giant versions of Snakes n’
learn all about teeth.                              Join us for a rocking good time.                   Ladders, Twister and I Spy.
SPRING GARDEN                                       COLE HARBOUR                                       SPRING GARDEN
Thursday, October 7/1:30-2:30 p.m.                  Thursday, October 21/3:30-4:30 p.m. #              Friday, October 22/10-11:30 a.m. & 2-
                                                                                                       3:30 p.m. I
                                                    Live-Action Clue
Home-school Adventures                              All ages                                           Games Galore
All ages                                            Dress up and play a character from the             Ages 5+
Enjoy this interactive program for                  Clue board game to help solve a most-              Play the Wii, board games and more.
homeschooling families.                             puzzling mystery.                                  WOODLAWN
TANTALLON                                           DARTMOUTH NORTH                                    Friday, October 22/2-4:30 p.m.
Wednesday, September 22                             Tuesday, October 19/3:30 p.m.
  /1:30-2:30 p.m.
Wednesday, October 13
  /1:30-2:30 p.m.

# Registration required   I Registration required for groups   L Tickets given out 30 minutes before               September - October 2010      I 23
school age programs

Hands-on Activities                           Back to                                        Girl Party
                                              School Blues                                   Ages 8-12
                                              Ages 5-7                                       Paint your nails, sing karaoke, play Wii
Crafternoons                                                                                 games and more.
                                              School got you
Ages 8-12                                                                                    WOODLAWN
                                              down? Come to the
Are you clever with crayons, great with                                                      Tuesday, September 21/3:30-5 p.m. #
                                              library for ridicu-
glitter or a pro at painting? Check out our
                                              lously funny school
craft table to discover your inner artist.
                                              stories, games, a
DARTMOUTH NORTH                               craft and secret survival tips to get you      Boys’ Game Time
Monday-Saturday/3:30 p.m.
                                              through till Christmas break.                  Ages 8-12
                                              WOODLAWN                                       Try your hand at the Wii, PlayStation,
Robo-craft Drop-in                            Saturday, September 18/2:30-3:30 p.m. #        XBox, board games and more.
All ages                                                                                     WOODLAWN
Drop in any time between 10 a.m. and                                                         Tuesday, October 19/3:30-5 p.m. #
5 p.m. to help create a robot army.
Friday, October 22/10 a.m.-5 p.m.
                                                                                           Big Kid Storytime
                                                                                           Ages 5+
Autumn Art                                                                                 Join us to hear traditional
Ages 5+                                                                                    Mi’kmaq stories and make
Make a cool picture with leaf rubbings,                                                     a craft.
apple prints and other fun stuff.             Matinees                                     SPRING GARDEN
J.D. SHATFORD                                 TANTALLON                                    Saturday, October 16/2-3 p.m. #
Tuesday, September 21/3:30-4:15 p.m.          Ages 5+
                                              Saturday, October 9/2 p.m.
                                                The Last Airbender                         LEGO® Block Party
Dream Catchers
                                              WOODLAWN                                     Ages 5+
Ages 5+                                       All ages                                     Come build with us. Follow our theme of
Celebrate Mi’kmaq Heritage Month by           Saturday, October 9/2 p.m. L                 the day or just let your imagination go
making a dream catcher.                         Diary of a Wimpy Kid                       wild. Fun for the whole family.
J.D. SHATFORD                                                                              KESHEN GOODMAN
Tuesday, October 5/3:30-4:15 p.m. #                                                        Saturday, September 18/2:30-3:30 p.m.
                                              Chess Club                                   Saturday, October 16/2:30-3:30 p.m.
                                                                                           See pages 22 & 23 for more LEGO®
Dragonfly Festival                            School-aged children are invited to join
Ages 5+                                       the Dartmouth Junior Chess Club. Learn
Enjoy a craft and some games.                 chess in a fun atmosphere, play against
                                              others, take on new challenges and
Wednesday, September 29/3:30 p.m.             develop your own strategies, while guid-     Exploration of the
                                              ed by local experts. For more information,
                                              please call Don Bidgood at 463-7667.         Solar System
Schoolyard Antics                             ALDERNEY GATE                                All ages (families)
                                              Saturdays/1-4 p.m.                           Amateur astronomer Paul Bowman
Ages 5+
                                              September 18-December 11                     presents this program for kids and their
Bring the schoolyard to the library with
                                                                                           families. See some fascinating views of
these fun crafts.
                                                                                           planets and learn how to find the
TANTALLON                                                                                  brightest ones from your own backyard.
Thursday, September 9/3:30 p.m.               Yu-Gi-Oh!, No You Didn’t!                    Presented by amateur astronomers from
                                              Ages 8+                                      the Royal Astronomical Society of
                                              If you love Yu-Gi-Oh!, join us for an        Canada (RASC) Halifax Centre.
Fall into Thanksgiving                        afternoon of fun based on this popular
Ages 5+                                                                                    WOODLAWN
                                              trading card game. Snacks provided.          Saturday,
These crafts will be beyond be-leaf!          DARTMOUTH NORTH                              October 16
TANTALLON                                     Saturday, September 18/2:30 p.m. #           /2:30 p.m.
Thursday, October 7/3:30 p.m.                 See page 23 for another Yu-Gi-Oh! program.

24 I                                                                     See back cover for registration numbers.
                                                                                                                         school age programs

                                                                                                       Halloween Costume Party
                                                                                                       All ages
                                                                                                       Join us for spooky stories, ghoulish
                                                                                                       games and a chance to show off your
                                                                                                       Halloween costume at the library.
                                                    The Haunted Library                                SACKVILLE
                                                                                                       Tuesday, October 26/7 p.m. #
                                                    All ages
Halloween Boo-Fest                                  Join us for spooky stories, games and
Ages 5+                                             treats. Costumes are welcome.
BOO! Join us for spooky stories, scary              J.D. SHATFORD
                                                                                                       Halloween Fun
songs, a creepy craft and more.                     Saturday, October 30/11 a.m.                       Ages 5+
ALDERNEY GATE                                                                                          Wear your costume and win a prize
Saturday, October 23/2:30-3:15 p.m. #                                                                  with crafts, snacks and games.
                                                    Spooky Story Hour                                  SHEET HARBOUR
                                                                                                       Wednesday, October 27/3:30 p.m.
                                                    Ages 5+
Halloween Howls                                     Get into the spirit of Halloween with
Ages 5-8                                            spooky stories and music. Costumes
Join us for a howling good time —                   are welcome.                                       The Haunted Library of Doom
if you dare.                                        KESHEN GOODMAN                                     Ages 5+
COLE HARBOUR                                        Thursday, October 28/6-7 p.m.                      Get out your haunting licence and
Thursday, October 28/3:30-4:30 p.m. #                                                                  have a wonderfully wicked time!
                                                                                                       Thursday, October 28/3:30 p.m.
                                                    Matinee: Scooby-Doo!
Library Spooktacular                                & the Witch’s Ghost
Ages 5+                                             All ages
Calling all creatures that go bump in                                                                  Halloween Party
                                                    Watch as Scooby-Doo and the gang
the night! Join us for stories, games,                                                                 Ages 5-7
                                                    investigate a supernatural mystery.
treats and more.                                                                                       Dress in your costume and join us for
                                                    KESHEN GOODMAN                                     spooky stories, games and a craft. It’ll
DARTMOUTH NORTH                                     Friday, October 29/3:30 p.m.
Saturday, October 30/2:30 p.m. #                                                                       be a ghastly good time!
                                                                                                       Thursday, October 28/3:30-4:30 p.m. #
                                                    Halloween Party
Halloween Spookorama                                All ages
Age 5-12                                            Wear your costume and join us for a
Join us for spine-tingling fun, creepy                                                                 Matinee: Wallace & Gromit:
                                                    party of spooky crafts, creepy stories
crafts and art.                                                                                        The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
                                                    and howling songs.
HALIFAX NORTH                                                                                          All ages
                                                    MUSQUODOBOIT HARBOUR
Wednesday, October 27/4 p.m.                        Saturday, October 30/11 a.m.                       Wear a Halloween costume for a
                                                                                                       chance to win a prize.
                                                                                                       Saturday, October 30/2 p.m. L

# Registration required   I Registration required for groups   L Tickets given out 30 minutes before             September - October 2010   I 25
school age programs

                                                   Support for Students

                                                   ALDERNEY GATE                                    SACKVILLE
                                                   Wednesdays/6:45 p.m. #                           Thursdays/3:45 p.m. #
                                                   With Roc                                         Session 1: September 2-September 30
                                                   Session 1: September 15-October 13               Session 2: October 7-November 4
     Grades 1-5                                    Session 2: October 20-November 17                Call Julia at 869-4450 to register.
     Does your child need                          Call 490-5748 to register.
     encouragement to read?                                                                         SPRING GARDEN
     Maybe a reading therapy dog can help.         CAPTAIN                                          Saturdays #
     Reading therapy dogs and their han-           WILLIAM SPRY                                     September 18-October 23
     dlers are trained volunteers certified by     Alternate Tuesdays                               With Roc, call 490-5765 to register.
     Therapeutic Paws of Canada. Paws to           /3:15-4:45 p.m. #
     Read matches children who have trou-          With Zorro, call Ella                            TANTALLON
     ble reading with an audience that won’t       at 490-5796 for                                  Alternate Saturdays/11:15 a.m. #
     judge their reading skills. Children have     details.                                         September 11-December 4
     fun and gain confidence reading to an
     excellent listener.                           KESHEN GOODMAN                                   WOODLAWN
                                                   Saturdays/10:10 a.m. #                           Thursdays/3:30 p.m. #
                                                   Session 1: September 18-October 16               Call 490-2636 for more information.
                                                   Session 2: October 30-November 27

                                                   MUSQUODOBOIT HARBOUR                                 Children’s Reading
                                                   Fridays/3:45 p.m. #
                                                   October 1-December 10                                Support
                                                                                                        This mentorship program helps
    Grades P-6                                     SHEET HARBOUR                                        children connect with a variety of
    Meet weekly with a teen volunteer to           Thursdays/3:30 p.m. #                                reading materials through the
    read, play educational games and explore       September 23-December 2                              guidance of a volunteer tutor.
    books through fun activities. This program                                                          Books, art, games and computers
    offers struggling or reluctant readers a       SPRING GARDEN                                        provide a fun learning atmosphere.
    risk-free environment to practice their        Wednesdays/4-5 p.m. #                                CAPTAIN WILLIAM SPRY
    skills and discover the joy of reading.        October 13-December 8                                Tuesdays-Thursdays/3:30-7:30 p.m.
    Financial support provided by the Eastern                                                           Saturdays/10 a.m.-2 p.m.
    Shore/Musquodoboit, the Chebucto West, the     TANTALLON
                                                   Wednesdays/4-5 p.m. #                                HALIFAX NORTH
    Halifax Peninsula and the Southeastern                                                              Tuesdays-Thursdays/3-6 p.m.
    Community Health Boards.                       October 6-December 8
                                                                                                        Saturdays/10 a.m.-1 p.m.
    ALDERNEY GATE                                                                                       beginning September 14
    Wednesdays/4 p.m. #                                                                                 Call Lana at 490-5779 for
    beginning October 6                                                                                 information.

    Tuesdays/4 p.m. #
    September 28-December 7                                                                                 Reading support
                                                                                                            volunteers needed,
    KESHEN GOODMAN                                                                                          call Suzanne at 490-5714.
    Wednesdays/3:45-4:45 p.m. #
    October 6-December 8

26 I                   # Registration required   I Registration required for groups   L Tickets given out 30 minutes before
                                                                                                            preschool programs

                                                                                      Tales for Tots
                                                                                      Ages 19-35 months
                                                                                      Join us for stories, songs, finger-plays and
                                                                                      more designed to engage toddlers’ imagi-
                                                                                      nations and develop early literacy skills in
                                                                                      a fun and informal setting. Toddlers must
                                                                                      be accompanied by an adult caregiver.
                                                                                      ALDERNEY GATE
                                                                                      Tuesdays/10:15 a.m. #
                                                                                      September 14–November 23
                                                                                      (No program on October 26.)
                                                                                      Registration begins September 1.

                                                                                      KESHEN GOODMAN
                                                                                      Fridays/10:15 & 11:15 a.m. #
                                                                                      September 17-November 26
Babies & Toddlers                                                                     Register in person or by calling 490-6438,
                                           Baby & Toddler Drop-in                     beginning at 10 a.m. on September 9 for
                                           Ages 0-35 months                           newcomers and September 10 for return-
Baby’s First Books                                                                    ing families.
                                           Introduce your child to the wonderful
Ages 0-18 months
                                           world of books. They’ll enjoy stories,
Your little one will experience books,                                                SPRING GARDEN
                                           songs, rhymes, puppets and musical         Thursdays/10:30-11:15 a.m. #
the rhythm of music and the fun of play.
                                           instruments.                               September 16-November 25
Children must be accompanied by an
adult caregiver.                           BEDFORD                                    (No program on November 11.)
                                           Tuesdays/10:15 a.m.                        Registration begins September 1 for new-
ALDERNEY GATE                              September 14-November 23
Fridays/10:30 a.m. #                                                                  comers and September 2 for returning
                                           Free tickets given out 15 minutes before   families.
September 17-November 26
                                           the program.
Registration begins September 1.
(No program on October 29.)                CAPTAIN WILLIAM SPRY                       Wednesdays/9:30 & 10:30 a.m. #
                                           Thursdays/10:30 a.m. I                     September 15-November 17
COLE HARBOUR                               September 16-October 21
Thursdays/10:30 a.m. #                                                                Registration begins September 8.
Registration begins September 9,
program begins September 16.
                                           Baby & Tot Time
KESHEN GOODMAN                             Ages 0-35 months
Thursdays/10:15 & 11:15 a.m. #             Join the adventure as we listen to
September 16-November 25                   stories, learn new songs and share in
Register in person or by calling           interactive play.
490-6438, beginning at 10 a.m. on
                                           ALDERNEY GATE
September 9 for newcomers and              Mondays/10:30-11 a.m.
September 10 for returning families.       September 13-November 22
SPRING GARDEN                              (No program on October 11 & 25.)
Wednesdays/2-2:45 p.m. #
                                           HALIFAX NORTH
September 15-November 24                   Fridays/10:30 a.m.
Fridays/10:30-11:15 a.m. #                 beginning October 8
September 17-November 26
(No program on October 22.)                SACKVILLE
Registration begins September 1 for        Tuesdays/10:30 a.m.                        Just for Twos
newcomers and September 2 for return-      September 7-November 23                    Age 2
ing families.                                                                         Crawl through the magic tunnel to enter a
                                           TANTALLON                                  world of imagination through stories,
WOODLAWN                                   Thursdays/10:30-11 a.m. #                  rhymes, instruments and crafts.
Fridays/10 & 11 a.m. #                     September 9-October 21
September 17-November 19                   Registration begins September 7.           Fridays/10:15-11 a.m. #
Registration begins September 8.                                                      September 17-November 26
                                                                                      Registration begins September 10.

See back cover for registration numbers.                                                          September - October 2010     I 27
preschool programs

Ages 3-5
Stories, songs, finger-plays and rhymes
help children in this program gain pre-read-
ing skills and develop a love of reading.
Thursdays/10:30 a.m. #
September 16-November 25
Registration begins September 1.
(No program on October 28 &
November 11.)

Fridays/10:30 a.m. I
September 17-November 26

Wednesdays/1:15 p.m. #
Registration begins September 9,
program begins September 15.

Tuesdays/10:30 a.m.
beginning October 5
                                               Family Drop-In                    KESHEN GOODMAN
                                                                                 Mondays/10:30-11:15 a.m.
                                               Ages 0-5                          September 13-November 22
KESHEN GOODMAN                                 The whole family can enjoy a      Saturdays/10:30-11 a.m.
Tuesdays/10:30 a.m. #
                                               variety of activities including   September 18-November 27
September 14-November 23
                                               stories and songs.
Register in person or by calling 490-6438,
beginning at 10 a.m. on September 9 for                                          SACKVILLE
newcomers and September 10 for return-         ALDERNEY GATE                     Thursdays/10 a.m.
ing families.                                  Saturdays/10:30 a.m.              September 9-November 25
                                               September 11–November 27
                                               (No program on October 30.)       SHEET HARBOUR
                                                                                 Wednesday, September 22
                                               COLE HARBOUR                       /6:15 p.m.
                                               Fridays/10:30 a.m.                Wednesday, October 20/6:15 p.m.
                                               beginning September 17
                                                                                 SPRING GARDEN
                                               CAPTAIN WILLIAM SPRY              Fridays/10:30-11:15 a.m. L
                                               Tuesdays/10:30 a.m.               September 17-October 29
SPRING GARDEN                                  September 14-November 23          (No program on October 22.)
Tuesdays/10:30 a.m. #
September 14-November 23                       DARTMOUTH NORTH                   TANTALLON
Registration begins September 1 for new-       Fridays/10:30-11:30 a.m.          Fridays/10:30-11:30 a.m.
comers and September 2 for returning           September 17-November 19          September 10-October 22

TANTALLON                                      J.D. SHATFORD                     WOODLAWN
Tuesdays/10:30-11 a.m. L                       Fridays/10:30-11:15 a.m.          Thursdays/10 & 11 a.m. L
September 7-October 19                         September 17-October 22           September 16-November 18
Tuesdays/10:15 & 11:15 a.m. #
September 14-November 16
Registration begins September 8.

28 I                                                         See back cover for registration numbers.
                                                                                                                          preschool programs

Teddy Bear Sleepover
All ages
What does your teddy bear do while
you’re sleeping? Bring your teddy to the
library for a sleepover to find out. Teddy
bears can spend the night at the library
and we’ll photograph them in their
nighttime play. We’ll share the pictures
with you at Shake, Rattle & Read (see
                                                                                                       Halloween Party
below) the next day.                                                                                   All ages
                                                      Halloween Time                                   Wear your costume and join us for a
Drop-off:                                                                                              party of spooky crafts, creepy stories
                                                      Ages 2-7
Tuesday, October 19/10 a.m.-7 p.m.                                                                     and howling songs.
                                                      Join us for a Halloween dress-up
Pick up:                                              party, puppet show and a craft. Boo!             MUSQUODOBOIT HARBOUR
Wednesday, October 20/10:30 a.m.                                                                       Saturday, October 30/11 a.m.
                                                      CAPTAIN WILLIAM SPRY
                                                      Tuesday, October 19/10:30 a.m.
                                                                                                       Halloween Howls
                                                      Teens for Kids                                   Ages 3-5
                                                                                                       A Halloween storytime packed with
                                                      Halloween Carnival                               ghostly tales and fun activities.
                                                      Ages 3-7                                         SACKVILLE
                                                      Teen volunteers are putting on a                 Friday, October 22/10:30 a.m.
                                                      Halloween carnival. Play games, win
                                                      prizes and enjoy treats. There will be a
                                                      special treat for those who show up in           Halloween Costume Party
                                                      costume. In partnership with the                 All ages
                                                      Chebucto West Community Health Board.            Join us for spooky stories, ghoulish
                                                      CAPTAIN WILLIAM SPRY                             games and a chance to show off your
Shake, Rattle & Read                                  Saturday, October 30/1 p.m. #                    Halloween costume at the library.
All ages                                                                                               SACKVILLE
This high-energy program for young                                                                     Tuesday, October 26/7 p.m. #
children and their caregivers will focus on           Spooky Storytime
the importance of oral storytelling,                  Ages 3-5
rhymes and music in the development of                May contain stories with ghosts,                 Let’s Get Spooky with It
pre-reading skills -30 mins                           pumpkins and fun.                                Ages 0-5
ALDERNEY GATE                                         HALIFAX NORTH                                    Dress in your favourite costume and
Wednesdays/9:45 a.m. (groups) I                       Tuesday, October 26/10:30 a.m.                   join us for spooky songs and stories.
Registration for groups begins two weeks                                                               SACKVILLE
before each session.                                                                                   Wednesday, October 27/10:30 a.m.
Wednesdays/10:30 a.m. (families) L                    Boo to You!
September 15–November 24                              Ages 0-5
(No program on October 6 & 27.)                       Get ready for Halloween with a                   I Spy Halloween Hunt
                                                      spooky Family Drop-in.                           All ages
                                                      J.D. SHATFORD                                    Hunt down all of the scary ghosts and
Family Fun Time                                       Friday, October 22/10:30-11:15 a.m.              ghouls in the library and win a prize.
All ages                                                                                               TANTALLON
Join us for stories and crafts or a puppet                                                             Saturday, October 30/10 a.m.-5 p.m.
                                                      Halloween Boo Bash
                                                      Ages 0-5
CAPTAIN WILLIAM SPRY                                  Frights and fun await you at the Boo
Saturday, September 25/11 a.m.
                                                      Bash. Dress in costume, hear stories and
Saturday, October 9/11 a.m.
                                                      sing songs. We’ll make a spooky craft.                    See page 31 for
Saturday, October 23/11 a.m.
                                                      KESHEN GOODMAN                                       Halloween puppet shows.
                                                      Saturday, October 30/10:30-11:15 a.m.

# Registration required   I Registration required for groups   L Tickets given out 30 minutes before             September - October 2010    I 29
preschool programs


Bedtime Stories
Ages 2-7
Wear your pyjamas and bring your
favourite pillow and stuffed animal for
bedtime stories sure to inspire sweet
dreams. We’ll read stories and have
cookies and milk.
Thursday, September 30/7 p.m.               Stories on Screen                              Bookworms at Play
Thursday, October 21/7 p.m.                 Ages 0-5                                       Ages 3-5
                                            Join us for this special storytime featuring   A creative family literacy experience
                                            talking picture books and book-based           including storytelling, art, music, drama
Fall into Reading                           cartoons.                                      and special guests. Children play and learn
Ages 0-5                                    KESHEN GOODMAN                                 with program leaders while parents learn
Celebrate the changing of the season with   Wednesday, September 29/9:45-10:15             about the library and socialize. Then,
fall stories, songs and a craft.            a.m. (groups) I                                everyone comes together for more stories
KESHEN GOODMAN                              Wednesday, September 29/10:30-11 a.m.          and activities. Registration is required, call
Saturday, September 25/10:30-11:15 a.m.     (families)                                     827-1461. In partnership with the Eastern
                                                                                           Shore Family Resource Centre.
                                                                                           MUSQUODOBOIT HARBOUR
                                                                                           Tuesdays/10 a.m.

    Musical                                 CAPTAIN WILLIAM SPRY                           Songs n’ Stuff
    Munchkins                               Tuesday, November 2
                                            /10:30 a.m. #                                  Ages 0-5
    Ages 3-5                                                                               Sing, snap, clap or tap! Join us for fun,
    Take Symphony Nova Scotia               COLE HARBOUR                                   interactive performances of your favourite
    musicians, add preschoolers and you     Wednesday, October 20                          songs, rhymes and stories.
    get a fun and interactive introduc-     /10:30 a.m. #                                  SACKVILLE
    tion to music and movement! After                                                      Wednesdays/10:30 a.m.
    the musicians introduce their instru-   J.D. SHATFORD                                  September 8-November 24
                                            Friday, October 29/10:30 a.m.       #          Halloween special: October 27
    ments, the children will experience
    different styles of music through                                                      SPRING GARDEN
    movement, games and a dancing           KESHEN GOODMAN
                                            Wednesday, November 3                          Wednesdays/10:30-11 a.m. L
    finale. See the November/December                                                      September 8-October 27
                                            /10:15 & 11:15 a.m. #
    Library Guide for more branches
    offering this program. Co-sponsored
                                            SPRING GARDEN
    by Symphony Nova Scotia and             Wednesday, November 3
    Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline.         /10 & 11 a.m. #                                L’heure du conte
    -30 mins.
                                                                                           Agé de 0 à 5 ans
                                            TANTALLON                                      Venez à la bibliothèque pour des contes,
    ALDERNEY GATE                           Wednesday, October 20
    Tuesday, October 19                                                                    des chansons et plus. Bien vous amusez en
                                            /2:30 & 3:15 p.m. #                            français.
    /10:15 & 10:45 a.m. #
    Registration begins October 5.                                                         WOODLAWN
                                                                                           lundi, le 27 septembre, de 10h15 à 11h #
    BEDFORD                                                                                lundi, le 25 octobre, de 10h15 à 11h #
    Wednesday, October 20
    /10:30 & 11:15 a.m. #

30 I                                                                    See back cover for registration numbers.
                                                                                                                         preschool programs

     All ages      (unless indicated)
     Puppet shows bring
     favourite stories to life.
     -30 mins

     ALDERNEY GATE                                                                                           SHEET HARBOUR
     Ages 3+                                                                                                 Wednesday, September 8
     Wednesday, October 27               COLE HARBOUR                        J.D. SHATFORD                     /3:30 p.m.
       /9:45 a.m. (groups) I             Tuesday, September 21               Saturday, September 18            Farmer Joe’s Hot Day
     Wednesday, October 27                 /3:30 p.m.                          /11 a.m.                      Wednesday, October 6
       /10:30 a.m. (families) L            True Story of the Three Little      The Paper Bag Princess          /3:30 p.m.
     Saturday, October 30                  Pigs                              Saturday, October 16/11 a.m.      The Pumpkin Thief
       /10:30 a.m. L                     Tuesday, October 26/3:30 p.m.         The Halloween Costume
     Registration for groups begins        Halloween Surprise                                                SPRING GARDEN
     October 13.                                                             KESHEN GOODMAN                  Ages 3-5
     The Ghost with the Halloween        DARTMOUTH NORTH                     Ages 3+                         Thursday, September 9
     Hiccups (all shows)                 Tuesday, September 28               Wednesday, October 27             /10:30 a.m. L I
                                          /10:30 a.m. I                        /10:30 a.m.                     The Gruffalo
     BEDFORD                              The Town Mouse & the                 The Hallo-wiener              Thursday, October 28
     Thursdays/10:30 a.m.                 Country Mouse                                                        /10:30-11 a.m. L I
     September 16                        Tuesday, October 26                 MUSQUODOBOIT HARBOUR              Getting Ready for Halloween
       Mother, Mother, I Want             /10:30 a.m. I                      Tuesday, September 21/11 a.m.
       Another                            The Ghost with the                 Tuesday, October 26/11 a.m.     All ages
     September 23                         Halloween Hiccups                                                  Saturdays/10:30 a.m.
       The Perfect Nest                                                                                      September 18
     September 30                                                            Wednesday, September 1            The Gruffalo
                                         HALIFAX NORTH
       Mucky Moose                       Thursdays/10:30 a.m.                  /10:30 a.m.                   September 25
     October 7                           September 9                           Back to School Blues            Goldilocks & the Three Bears
       Wolf! Wolf!                         The Bremen Town Musicians         Saturday, September 11          October 2
     October 14                          September 16                          /2:15 p.m.                      The Paper Bag Princess
       But Excuse Me that Is My            Mind Your Manners, B.B. Wolf        The Town Mouse & the          October 16
       Book                              September 23                          Country Mouse                   The Donkey Prince
     October 21                            Somebody & the Three Blairs       Friday, September 17            October 23
       The Witch’s Walking Stick         September 30                          /10:30 a.m.                     Morris Has a Cold
     October 28                            The Boy Who Cried Wolf              The Town Mouse & the          October 30
       Halloween Howls                   October 7                             Country Mouse                   The Halloween Spell
                                           Take Me to Your Library           Saturday, October 9
     CAPTAIN WILLIAM SPRY                October 14                            /2:15 p.m.                    TANTALLON
     Saturday, September 25                The Legend of the                   Silly Tilly’s Thanksgiving    Thursday, September 16
       /11 a.m.                            Dream Catcher                       Dinner                          /3:30-4 p.m. L
       The Rainbow Fish                  October 21                          Friday, October 29                Duck Soup
     Saturday, October 9/11 a.m.           The Fortune Teller                  /10:30 a.m.                   Thursday, October 21
       The Mysterious Egg                October 28                            The Halloween Costume           /3:30-4 p.m. L
     Saturday, October 23/11 a.m.          The Halloween Riddles                                               The Ghost with the
       The Three Piggies Gruff                                                                                 Halloween Hiccups

# Registration required   I Registration required for groups   L Tickets given out 30 minutes before           September - October 2010       I 31
branch locations
                            HOURS       (* Labour Day to Victoria Day)   TELEPHONE                                  FEATURES
 Alderney Gate              Monday - Thursday:          10 am - 9 pm     Adult Services:              490-5745
 60 Alderney Dr.,           Friday & Saturday:          10 am - 5 pm     Youth Services:              490-5748
 Dartmouth                  Sunday:                    * 2 pm - 5 pm     Circulation / Renewals:      490-5753
                                                                         TDD for Hearing Impaired:    490-5770

 Bedford                    Tuesday - Thursday:        10 am - 9 pm      Information Desk:            490-5757
 15 Dartmouth Rd.,          Friday & Saturday:         10 am - 5 pm      Borrowing / Renewals:        490-5740
 Bedford                    Sunday:                    * 2 pm - 5 pm

 Captain William Spry       Tuesday - Thursday:        10 am - 9 pm      Information Desk:            490-5818
 10 Kidston Rd., Halifax    Friday & Saturday:         10 am - 5 pm      Borrowing / Renewals:        490-5734
                            Sunday:                    * 2 pm - 5 pm     Program Registration:        490-5818

 Cole Harbour               Tuesday - Thursday:        10 am - 9 pm      Information Desk:            434-6177
 51 Forest Hills Parkway,   Friday & Saturday:         10 am - 5 pm      Program Registration:        434-6177
 Cole Harbour               Sunday:                    * 2 pm - 5 pm     Borrowing / Renewals:        434-7228

 Dartmouth North            Monday:                     12 pm - 5 pm     Telephone:                   490-5840
 134 Pinecrest Dr.,         Tuesday:                    12 pm - 9 pm
 Dartmouth                  Wednesday & Thursday:       10 am - 9 pm
                            Friday & Saturday:          10 am - 5 pm

 Halifax North Memorial     Tuesday - Thursday:         10 am - 9 pm     General Inquiries:           490-5723
 2285 Gottingen St., Hfx    Friday & Saturday:          10 am - 5 pm     Information Desk:            490-5811

 J.D. Shatford Memorial     Tuesday:                    11 am - 5 pm     Telephone:                   857-9176
 10353 St. Margaret’s       Wednesday:                   3 pm - 9 pm
 Bay Rd., Hubbards          Thursday:                    6 pm - 9 pm
                            Friday:                     10 am - 1 pm
                            Saturday:                   10 am - 2 pm

 Keshen Goodman             Monday - Thursday:         10 am - 9 pm      Information Desk:            490-6410
 330 Lacewood Dr.,          Friday & Saturday:         10 am - 5 pm      Borrowing / Renewals:        490-5738
 Halifax                    Sunday:                    * 2 pm - 5 pm

 Mobile Library             A complete schedule is available at          Telephone:                    869-4464
                                      Toll free:              1-800-565-4414

 Musquodoboit Harbour       Tuesday:                    11 am - 4 pm     Telephone:                   889-2227
 Village Plaza              Wednesday & Thursday:        5 pm - 8 pm
 7900 # 7 Highway,          Friday:                     12 pm - 6 pm
 Musquodoboit Harbour       Saturday:                   10 am - 3 pm

 Sackville                  Tuesday - Thursday:        10 am - 9 pm      Circulation/Renewals:        865-8653
 636 Sackville Dr.,         Friday & Saturday:         10 am - 5 pm      Information Desk:            865-3744
 Lower Sackville            Sunday:                    * 2 pm - 5 pm

 Sheet Harbour              Tuesday:                    10 am - 4 pm     Telephone:                   885-2391
 Blue Water                 Wednesday & Thursday:        3 pm - 8 pm
 Business Centre,           Friday & Saturday           10 am - 1 pm
 22756 # 7 Highway,
 Sheet Harbour

 Spring Garden              Tuesday - Thursday:        10 am - 9 pm      General Inquiries:           490-5700
 Road Memorial              Friday & Saturday:         10 am - 5 pm      Youth Services:              490-5707
 5381 Spring                Sunday:                    * 2 pm - 5 pm     Reference:                   490-5710
 Garden Rd., Halifax                                                     TDD for Hearing Impaired:    490-5711

 Tantallon                  Tuesday - Thursday:        10 am - 9 pm      Telephone:                   826-3330
 3646 Hammonds              Friday & Saturday:         10 am - 5 pm
 Plains Rd.,                Sunday:                    * 2 pm - 5 pm
 Upper Tantallon

 Woodlawn                   Monday - Thursday:         10 am - 9 pm      Telephone:                   490-2636
 31 Eisener Blvd.,          Friday & Saturday:         10 am - 5 pm
 Dartmouth                  Sunday:                    * 2 pm - 5 pm

 General Inquiries: 490-5753 Teleaccess: 490-5845 Book a Computer: 490-5780 (or book online)              Books By Mail: 490-5599
 For your convenience, materials can be returned to any of the above listed branches.
      Computer               Self-Service              Free                   Meeting                  Wireless                Home
      Learning Lab           Hold Pick-up              Parking                Rooms                    Internet                Delivery

      Public Use             Self-Checkout             Book                   Café                     Wheelchair
      Computers                                        Drop                                            Accessible

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