Questionary on researchers mobility barriers identification by hcj


									                                                      NATIONAL HELLENIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION

Questionnaire (E*CARE Project, FP7 PEOPLE PROGRAMME)

Target Group: RESEARCHERS (incoming researchers, outgoing researchers, researchers without mobility experience)

Identification of researchers’ mobility and career development barriers- Possible steps for their removal; services for mobile
researchers, and other institutional support.

Researchers, who have been mobile, either currently or in the past, should take under consideration their LAST mobile experience while
answering this questionnaire.

A. Persisting barriers in mobility of researchers and career development (legal, administrative, social, practical etc.)

1.   What are/were/would be/would have been your motives for               Reputation of the host organization                              1
     international mobility? Please answer even if you did not             Future career development                                        2
     participate in any international mobility in the past                 Access to special facilities                                     3
     (Mark as many answers as you want)                                    Knowing new country and new culture                              4
                                                                           Family connections                                               5
                                                                          Business or commercialization opportunity                         6
                                                                          Higher salaries and remuneration/high standard of living          7
                                                                           Participation in a collaborative research project                8
                                                                          Better working conditions in the host organisation                9
                                                                           Interesting research theme                                       10
                                                                          Other, please, specify:

2    What discourages you from going abroad for a research               Complex administration of relocation (e.g. formal/legal issues –   1
     stay? (please, answer this question if you have not experienced social and health insurance, employment permit, housing,
     any mobility in the past)                                       transportation …)

                                                                                Family and other personal connections                                         2
                                                                                Language barriers                                                             3
                                                                                Lack of available research job opportunities abroad/fellowships for           4
                                                                            the stay abroad
                                                                                Lack of information/uncertainty                                               5
                                                                                Cultural barriers                                                             6
                                                                                Lack of support from home institution (e.g. fear of losing current            7
                                                                            position, duties at the home institution …)

                                                                                 Other, please, specify:

3.   Have you participated in any international mobility                                                                                                      1
     program in the past?                                                         Yes                                                                         2
     (If no please go to the section B of the questionnaire)                      No

4.   In which country did you do your last mobility period?                 Select Country                                                                    1
                                                                                 Other, please, specify:                                                      3
5.   What are the      a) Employment services and employment           Not problem (1) Little probl. (2) Common p. (3) Rather probl. (4) Serious probl. (5)
     problems for      legislation (i.e. receiving employment permits
     you as a mobile   etc.)
     researcher?       b) Bureaucratic procedures at the host
                       c) Tax authorities and tax legislation
                       d) Immigration services and legislation
                       e) Health insurance
                       f) Social security institutions and legislation

                       (i.e. pension system legislation etc.)
                       g) Difficulties in the educational system (for
                       your children…)
                       h) Difficulties in receiving medical services
                       (Hospitals etc.)

                       i) Language problems
                       j) Housing and accommodation problems
                       k) Difficulties in research funding
                       l) General lack of information
                       m) Cultural barriers
                       n) Fear of losing current job position
                       o) Lack of national and/or institutional support
                       for researchers’ families
                       p) Other problems (please specify)

6.   Did/do you encounter any cultural barriers in                              Religious differences (e.g. church services, religious celebration       1
     communication with domestic population (during your                    days…)
     work abroad)?                                                             Different national habits and traditions (e.g. ethnical, interpersonal    2
     (Mark as many answers as you want.)                                    barriers)
                                                                               Traditional food/catering habits                                          3
                                                                               Other, please, specify:
7.   If you have a family or a partner, has your family/partner                Yes                                                                       1
     followed you abroad?                                                      No                                                                        2
8.   Are/were you                                             Very satisfied (1) Quite satisfied (2) Average (3) Quite unsatisfied (4) Unsatisfied (5)
     satisfied in    a) Working conditions
     your host       b) Salary/Remuneration
     organization c) Applying gender balance rules
     in respect of: d) Career development opportunities

                     e) Interdisciplinary character of the
                     research training
                     f) Intellectual Property Rights
                     g) Having the opportunity to participate
                     in decision-making bodies of the host
                     h) Supervision
                     i) Services/Assistance with formal
                     administration of the stay
                     j) Accommodation
                     k) Leisure time activities
                     l) Socializing activities

9.    What is your general    a) Scientifically                                  I am/I was fully satisfied                                    1
      opinion on foreign                                                         I am/I was satisfied with some aspects, with others not       2
      research stay?                                                             I am/I was not satisfied                                      3
                              b) “working conditions” criteria                   I am/I was fully satisfied                                    1
                                                                                 I am/I was satisfied with some aspects, with others not       2
                                                                                 I am/I was not satisfied                                      3
                              c) culturally/socially                             I am/I was fully satisfied                                    1
                                                                                 I am/I was satisfied with some aspects, with others not       2
                                                                                 I am/I was not satisfied                                      3
10.   What kind of impact                                                    Not (1) Little (2) Average (3) Rather yes (4) Strong impact (5)
      did the mobility have   a) Facilitated my career
      on your career?         b) Increased/diversified my research
                              knowledge and experience
                              c) Improved networking with other
                              d) Increased scientific outputs (i.e. number
                              of publications, patents etc.)
                              e) Increased my recognition at home
                              f) Increased my future job opportunities

                                g) Motivated me to move from public to
                                private sector
                                h) Motivated me to move from private to
                                public sector
                                i) Improved language competencies

                                   Other, please, specify:
11.   How do you think young people could be                     Substantial increase of salaries of researchers.                              1
      attracted to take up scientific career?                    Removal of bureaucracy for obtaining a PhD degree and scientific positions.   2
      (Mark as many answers as you want)                         Improved research funding and stimulation for research.                       3
                                                                 Reduced teaching duties at universities and availability of more time for     4
                                                             research and development.
                                                                 Improvement of technical and scientific infrastructure.                       5
                                                                 Tax relieves to be given to young mothers - researchers.                      6
                                                                 Encouraging and rewarding young researchers with scientific achievements.     7
                                                                Other, please, specify:                                                        8

12.   Do you think that the school system in your                Yes, I think that the school system, as a whole, encourages this process.     1
      country encourages the development of affinity             Yes, but only few schools do so.                                              2
      and respect for science and scientific                     This is a very rare phenomenon. It depends on individual teachers.            3
      achievements among young people?                           Categorically no, for now.                                                    4

B. Intersectoral mobility (mobility from public to private sector and vice-versa)

1.    Do you want to move from public to private sector (or vice-     Yes                                                                      1
      versa if relevant)?                                             No                                                                       2
2.    What kind of barriers are you facing when thinking about
      moving from public to private sector (or vice-versa if      Please, specify:
      relevant)?Please specify

C. Researchers’ Mobility Support

1.   Where do you seek information when planning                            Education or research institution in home country                     1
     international mobility? (preparatory arrangements as well as           Education or research institution in host country                     2
     while staying abroad)                                                  Grant agency                                                          3
     (Mark as many answers as you want)                                     Information provided by colleagues                                    4
                                                                            Supervisor                                                            5
                                                                            Other personal contacts (friends, partner etc.)                       6
                                                                            Official guidebook for incoming/outgoing researchers                  7
                                                                            Host institution guidebook and instructions for foreign researchers   8
                                                                            EURAXESS Service Centre (former ERA-MORE Mobility Centre)             9
                                                                            EURAXESS Jobs Portal (former European Mobility Portal)                10
                                                                            Other relevant web pages                                              11
                                                                            Research magazine                                                     12
                                                                            International event (conference etc.)                                 13
                                                                          Other source (Please specify)
2.   What kind of benefits does/did your host organisation                  Accommodation                                                         1
     offer?                                                                 Public transport support                                              2
     (Mark as many answers as you want)                                     Relocation arrangements                                               3
     (If you are not participating in any international mobility now,       Leisure time activities                                               4
     please move to the next question)                                      Language courses                                                      5
                                                                            Catering facilities                                                   6
                                                                            Travel to home country periodically                                   7
                                                                           Other, please, specify
3.   Do you consider that the state and its institutions support            Strong support                                                        1
     the researchers and scientific workers in your home                    Standard support only                                                 2
     country?                                                               Lack of support                                                       3
4.   Please indicate which of the following European               Lisbon Strategy Goals                                                          1
     initiatives elaborated for the benefit of researchers         Offering information and services for mobile researchers and their families    2
     are you familiar with:                                    (ERA-MORE Mobility Centres /EURAXESS Service Centres)                              3
     (Mark as many answers as you want)                            The Code of Conduct for the recruitment of researchers                         4

                                                                    The European Charter for Researchers                                      5
                                                                    Creation of a European researchers labour market                          6
                                                                    Introduction of a “scientific visa” package                               7
                                                                    EURAXESS Jobs portal (former Researcher’s Mobility Portal)                8
                                                                    Marie Curie Actions                                                       9
                                                                   Other initiatives. Please, specify
5.    Which institutions have notably help/helped you (with                   Grant agency                                                    1
      practical tasks) during your work abroad?                               Institution managing international mobility programmes          2
      (Mark as many answers as you want)                                      Administration staff at the host institution                    3
      (If you are not participating in any international mobility now,        EURAXESS Service Centre (former European Mobility Centre)       4
      please move to the next question.)                                      Informal support of people/colleagues at the host institution   5
                                                                              Communication with institutions in a home country               6
                                                                              Embassy/consulate                                               7
                                                                            Other, please, specify
6.    Have you benefited from the services of a EURAXESS                      Yes                                                             1
      Services Centre (former European Mobility Centre)?                      No                                                              2
7.    If yes, were/are you satisfied?                                         Fully satisfied                                                 1
                                                                              Satisfied with some aspects, with others not                    2
                                                                              Not satisfied                                                   3
8.    In what field/issue did the EURAXESS Services Centre
      help you?

9.    What do you miss in the offer of services of EURAXESS
      Services Centre?

10.   Have you ever benefitted from the services of the                    Yes                                                                1
      EURAXESS Jobs portal ( or a             No                                                                 2
      national Researcher’s mobility portal?
11.   If yes, were/are you satisfied?                                      Fully satisfied                                                    1
                                                                           Satisfied with some aspects, with others not                       2
                                                                           Not Satisfied                                                      3

12.   In what field/issue did EURAXESS Jobs portal
      ( help you?
13.   What kind of information do you miss in EURAXESS Jobs
      portal ( or a national
      Researcher’s mobility portal?

D. Personal Information

1.    Age                                                     Please select                        1
2.    Gender                                                  Please select                        1
3.    Country of birth:
4.    Your current citizenship:
5.    Current country (current place of research):            Select country                       1
                                                                  Other country (please specify)   3

6.    Marital status:                                         Please select                        1
7.    Current research position:                              Please select                        1
                                                                  Other, please, specify           3

8.    Total work experience in scientific research (in years):

9.    How many times have you stayed abroad for research         a) from 6 months to 1 year        times
      mobility:                                                  b) from 1 year to 2 years       times
      (please write the number onto the line)                    c) longer than 2 years       times

10.   Field of research:                                         Select                                    1
                                                                     Other, please, specify                3

11.   Type of current host institution (if relevant):            Select type                               1
                                                                     Other, please, specify                3

12.   Type of your current main employer (if relevant):          Select type                               1
                                                                     Other, please, specify                4

13.   Type of your work contract?                                Select type                               1


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