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									                                       ELI NEWS
      English Language Institute • University of Pittsburgh                                   10-14-10, Volume 33, Issue 6
      2816 Cathedral of Learning • Pittsburgh PA 15260                                        Rob Mucklo,

                                             ELI Activity:
     Midterm Grades                                                                    Cursive Handwriting
            by Betsy Davis
                                                                                        Class to be Offered
               On Wed., Oct. 20, your                                                              by Chris Ortiz
                                                Resources for Internationals
               teachers will submit
               midterm grades. Please
               be aware that if you          We will have a special visit from Mr.
have any tests, homework or graded           Tim Allen of GlobalPittsburgh --
class activities that are incomplete,        formerly The Pittsburgh Council for
you should make these up before              International Visitors (PCIV) – on
that date! These are not the final           Tues., Oct. 19, from 4-5 pm in the PC
grades but just a way to show you            Lab in G17. GlobalPittsburgh             Would you like to improve your
how well you are doing in each class.        provides assistance and resources        cursive – or connected –
Teachers also give comments, which           targeted to international students,      handwriting? ELI teacher Chris Ortiz
can tell you if you need to work a           scholars, executives and other           will offer a free workshop to help
little harder or change the way you          internationals who have moved to         ELI students with the basics of
study. Talk directly to your teacher if      the Pittsburgh area. GlobalPittsburgh    cursive writing.
there is something you don’t                 offers opportunities for activities,
understand about the grade.                  trips, excursions, connections with      We would like to see how many
Please remember to pick up your              other international visitors and         students would be interested, and
copy of the midterm grades because           native Pittsburghers, as well as         when would be a good time for a
it contains valuable information.            opportunities to have dinner with        class. The schedule is a bit flexible --
Also, if you receive very low grades         American families in the Pittsburgh      Tuesday and Thursday at either 3 or
or have many absences, you will be           area. They also organize short-term      4 pm are available times. Sign-up
asked to meet with the Student               (3-day) homestays.                       sheets will be posted on the bulletin
Advisor and another Administrative           Membership in GlobalPittsburgh           board in the LMC today. Please
Faculty member to discuss any                costs only $40 per year for an           clearly print your first and last name
problems you might have and get              individual membership. If you’re         and indicate which day and time are
advice about how to improve.                 interested in signing up or would        best for you. You may attend one or
                                             like more information, please come       two times. If there is a lot of interest,
The place and times to get your
                                             to the informational presentation on     the class will be extended. Sign up
grades are as follows:
                                             Oct. 19. If you’re ready to sign up,     today so Chris can plan to start next
Date: Friday, October 22
                                             bring cash or a check for $40 and we     week!
Time: 12– 12:20 pm & 1 – 1:20 pm
Location: G-18 CL                            can help you fill out the application.
                                             For more info, visit                             Student Advisor
If you cannot come at these times,  and. You
you may pick up your midterm                                                                   Office Hours
                                             can also join their Facebook page:
grade report in 2816 after 1:30 on           GlobalPittsburgh.                             Mondays: 1-2 pm and 4-5 pm
Fri., Oct. 22. If you still have                                                           Tuesdays: 12-1 pm and 2-3 pm
questions about grades, read p. 6 in                                                            Thursdays: 1-3 pm
the ELI Student Handbook!                                                                        Fridays: 12-1 pm

      Visit the ELI NEWS online:                               1
                                          Pamela’s has six locations in                                   ELI Activity:
  President Obama                         Pittsburgh:
   Loves Pamela’s                                                                                               Let’s Go Bowling!
                                          Oakland – 3703 Forbes Ave.
Pancakes in Pittsburgh                    Squirrel Hill – 5813 Forbes Ave.
                                          Shadyside – 5527 Walnut St.
                                          The Strip – 60 22st St.
                                          Millvale – 232 North Ave.
                                          Mt. Lebanon – 427 Washington Rd.

                                          All of Pamela’s locations get really
                                          busy on the weekends. People will
If you’ve never been to Pamela’s          wait in line outside in the rain and                            Join us Wed., Oct. 20, as we bowl
Diner in Pittsburgh, you must go!         snow for hours just to get a seat. Try                          some strikes (and maybe throw a
They are famous for their delicious       going during the week when it’s not                             few gutter balls) at Arsenal Lanes in
crepe-style hotcakes (similar to          nearly as busy.                                                 Lawrenceville. If you don’t know
pancakes). Their hotcakes are so                                                                          what a strike or a gutter ball is, don’t
famous that back in 2008 when             For more information about                                      worry. We’ll play on parallel lanes
Obama was campaigning for the             Pamela’s and to view the complete                               and learn how to bowl and have fun
presidency he and his wife stopped        menu, visit                               together!
at Pamela’s Diner (in The Strip) for
breakfast and fell in love with the       To read about the Obama’s visits to                             Arsenal Lanes is located in
hotcakes! He loved the hotcakes so        Pamela’s and other news about the                               Lawrenceville, approximately 15
much that this past May he invited        delicious hotcakes, check out these                             minutes from the University by bus.
the owners of Pamela’s to the White       web sites:                                                      Bowling is $3.75 per person per
House to prepare them for a                                                                               game. You’ll also need to rent
breakfast to honor US veterans.                                                                           bowling shoes for $3.27 plus tax.
During the G-20 last month, First
                                                                                                          There is no sign-up. You can pay
Lady Michelle Obama made a                                                                                when we arrive at the bowling alley
special stop at Pamela’s for breakfast              on Wednesday.
(Millvale location). It is also rumored

that dignitaries from other countries                                                                     We’ll meet in front of G18 at 1:15 pm
made a stop at Pamela’s during the                                                                        on Wednesday. We’ll catch the 93
G-20 as well!                                                                                             bus at 1:38 pm. Arsenal Lanes is
                                                                                                          located at 212 44th Street at the corner
It’s not just politicians who love                                                                        of Butler Street in Lawrenceville. The
Pamela’s. In fact, Pamela’s has been                                                                      bus will drop us off at that corner.
featured on several cooking shows                                                                         You are free to leave whenever you
on The Food Network and The                                                                               want. Before you arrive, you should
Travel Channel and has been voted                                                                         know what size shoe you wear in
the “Best Breakfast” in Pittsburgh                                                                        American sizes. You can check a
since 1980. Pittsburghers might be                                                                        conversion chart online at
biased, but the President and                                                                   
                                          Did you know that you can take the
diplomats have no reason to be! If
                                          IELTS test right here in Pittsburgh?                            For more info about the bowling
after all of this talk of the delicious
                                          The IELTS test is available at Point                            alley, visit For
hotcakes hasn’t made you curious
                                          Park University in downtown                                     rules, regulations, tips on how to be
enough to want to try the hotcakes at
                                          Pittsburgh. For pricing, specific dates                         a better bowler and more useful info
Pamela’s, then I don’t know what
                                          and times, and to register, visit                               about bowling, visit
will! You must try them. They have a
very distinct crispness around the
                                          Further details about the IELTS test
edges and their potatoes lyonnaise
                                          can be found at
are to die for! The food at Pamela’s
is in a category all its own.

Visit the ELI NEWS online:                                   2
                                                                                                 stronger than toilet paper.
   How to Find a Bus                        Tissues, Toilet Paper                                   They’re also much
                                                and Napkins                                           bigger. We use these to
If you’re confused about how to get
                                                                                                       clean up spills in the
somewhere or which bus to take,           We all know that we view the world         kitchen,          to clean glass with,
don’t be! It’s really quite easy. You     through our own cultural                   and other household chores. Finally
can either get information about bus      frameworks. For example, I noticed         we have napkins. Napkins are soft,
routes online or by phone. To get         that not every culture is obsessed         but not as soft as tissues or as stiff as
information online, visit the Port        with different kinds of paper              paper towels. Some more casual
Authority’s web site at                   products the way that Americans            restaurants often wrap forks and If you don’t       are. This became evident to me one         knives in them, or simply put them
know which bus to take, use the Port      day when I observed a student very         in a napkin dispenser. We use these
Authority’s Trip Planner. Just type in    kindly giving food to her teacher.         to wipe our hands and mouth with
the intersection of where you will        She also very thoughtfully gave the        when we’re eating.
depart and the intersection of where      teacher something to wipe his mouth        There are other
you’d like to go. You can also enter      with… she gave him a feminine              special kinds of
the name of the place, but only if it’s   cleansing wipe! Let’s just say that a      napkins, such as cocktail napkins
a tourist attraction. For example, to     “feminine cleansing wipe” can only         used when serving drinks. There are
find out how to get to the Andy           be used by women. The teacher              also sanitary napkins (which are
Warhol Museum next Wednesday, I           smiled and explained the difference        something completely different). If
visited the web site and typed in         to the student. Afterwards, we all         you’re wondering what these are,
“Fifth and Bigelow” in the “Travel        laughed and talked about what a            let’s just say that these are also
From” box, “Andy Warhol Museum”           good learning experience that              something that can only be used by
in the “Travel To” box, and then          mistake was. To avoid confusion in         women!
entered the date and time I wanted        the future, let’s look at some of the
to arrive. I was quickly provided a       many kinds of tissues and paper            Why do we need all of these
list of three possible bus routes.        products we use – tissues, toilet          different kinds of paper? How do we
                                          paper, paper towels, napkins, dinner       justify all of this waste? We can’t.
If you already know which bus to          napkins, cocktail napkins, paper           Advertising has convinced
take but want to know what times          towels, feminine napkins, feminine         Americans that we need different
the buses are available, visit            cleansing wipes.                           kinds of paper for different uses. As and in the                                                     an international student, what’s your
black menu bar across the top of the                 What’s the difference?          perspective? Do you think these
screen click on “Schedules” and then                  Well, even though in           products are all really necessary?
“Hand Schedules.” From there                          most cases they are all
you’ll be given a list of search          made out of very similar materials,
options. “Search 3” for “Route            they’re used for different purposes.
Search” is probably the best. It will     Most of you probably know
                                                                                         Pitt Gaming Club
provide you with a list of schedules      “tissues.” Tissues are very soft and
that you can open with Adobe                                                         The Pitt Gaming Club is a group of
                                          we use them to wipe and blow our
Acrobat and print.                                                                   Pitt students that meets every
                                          noses. They are usually packaged in
                                                                                     Saturday at 2 pm in 5405 Posvar Hall
                                          a box, but sometimes the very small
Of course, you can always call Port                                                  (next to Hillman Library) to play
                                          ones are packaged in plastic. Some
Authority Customer Service at (412)                                                  card games, board games, role
                                          people also call tissues “Kleenex.”
442-2000 during regular business                                                     playing games and more. You can
                                          Kleenex is a very popular brand of
hours and just ask them! This might                                                  bring your own game and invite
                                          tissues. We also have toilet paper.
be a good phone number to keep in                                                    others to play or you can learn a new
                                          This is also very soft, but we use it to
your cell phone.                                                                     one from others. This is a great way
                                          wipe and clean ourselves after we
                                                                                     to have fun and make new friends!
                                          use the bathroom.
                                                                                     For more info, visit their web site at
                                          Usually rolls of toilet
                                          paper are packaged
                                                                                     email them at
                                          together in plastic wrap. Then there
                                          are paper towels. Paper towels also
                                          come on a roll, but are much

Visit the ELI NEWS online:                                   3
                                                                 ELI Activity:                            cultures. explains that
     Haunted Houses in                                                                                    Halloween originally comes from the
        Pittsburgh                                                 ELI Halloween Party                    Celts (a diverse tribe of people that
                                                                                                          once covered much of what is now
If you went to Fright Night at                                                                            Europe but which is typically
Kennywood Amusement Park a few                                                                            associated with Ireland, Scotland
weeks ago and enjoyed the haunted                                                                         and the surrounding areas). The
house there, you should try some of                                                                       Celts had a Fall festival to celebrate
the other special haunted houses for                                                                      their Fall harvest. In addition, as part
Halloween in Pittsburgh. In addition                                                                      of their religion they believed that on
to the haunted houses, there is also a                                                                    October 31, the boundary between
haunted farm, haunted castle,                                                                             the living and the dead disappeared
haunted hay ride, haunted zoo, and                                                                        and that evil spirits could come back
several other scary attractions and                                                                       to earth and cause problems. They
exhibits. You can find a list at:                                                                         would wear costumes and masks to
                                                                 The ELI Halloween Party is quickly       try to look like the evil spirits so that
                                                                 approaching! The cost is $5 per          the evil spirits would not harm them.
You can also pick up a free copy of
                                                                 person to help cover the cost of
the City Paper and check out the                                                                          The carved pumpkin, or jack-o-
                                                                 renting a hall, food, candy and
advertisements. Unfortunately, most                                                                       lantern, is probably the most
                                                                 prizes. Start planning your
of these haunted attractions aren’t                                                                       recognizable symbol of Halloween.
                                                                 Halloween costume now. You can
accessible by bus so we can’t make                                                                        This, too, came from the Celts. The
                                                                 design your own Halloween
them ELI activities. However, if you                                                                      Celts believed that the head was the
                                                                 costume or buy one at any retail
want to experience Halloween in the                                                                       most powerful part of the body
                                                                 store (including Target, WalMart,
US (and get the daylights scared out                                                                      because it contained the spirit and
                                                                 Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, the
of you), you should try to visit a                                                                        knowledge. For this reason, they
                                                                 Halloween store at the Waterfront,
haunted house on your own or with                                                                         used the “head” of root vegetables
                                                                 etc.) Costumes are encouraged, but
friends.                                                                                                  (such as turnips and rutabagas) to
                                                                 not required… although even ELI
                                                                 teachers dress up! If you want help      frighten off evil spirits. Long after
                                                                 with costume ideas, feel free to ask     the Celts, these Fall traditions were
                                                                 your teachers, conversation partners     brought to what is now the US. Since
                                                                 and/or Talk Time leaders. The ELI        pumpkins were more readily
                                                                 also has some costumes that we can       available here, the early settlers used
                                                                 rent to students. There is a $5 fee to   pumpkins instead of other
                                                                 cover the cost of cleaning. Look for     vegetables.
The 25th annual Pittsburgh                                       more info in next week’s ELI News.
International Lesbian and Gay Film                                                                        Why is this carved pumpkin called a
Festival begins this week and                                                                             “jack-o-lantern?” Why is this
features films from Germany, Peru,                                                                        holiday called “Halloween?” See if
Italy, France, the USA and more. The                                      Where Does                      you can find an American who
Festival runs from Oct. 15 to Oct. 24.                                     Halloween                      knows or search for the answers
All films will be shown at the                                                                            online. Then, look for the answers to
SouthSide Works Cinema (easily                                            Come From?                      these questions in next week’s ELI
accessible by bus). Tickets can be                                                                        News.
purchased at the SouthSide Works
Cinema's box office.

For more a complete schedule and
                                                                                                          Write for the ELI News
descriptions of each movie, visit                                                                                           Don’t forget to submit your article
                                                                 While many people believe that           for the ELI News by 5 pm on
                                                                 Halloween began as a Christian           Tuesdays. Just email Rob at
                                                                 holiday, some historians say that
                                                                 Halloween traditions in the U.S.
                                                                 actually began in other religions and

Visit the ELI NEWS online:                                   4
                                                                                     Thursday, October 21st from 5:00pm to
    Informal Debate/                              Magnet and                         7:00pm.
    Discussion Group                            Charter Schools
                                                                                     Montessori K-8 will have an open house

Join the latest and one of the most
                                               for Your Children                     on Thursday, October 21st from 6:00pm
                                                                                     to 7:30pm.
interesting student clubs at Pitt – the
                                           If you’re a parent and would like to
Socrates Café. Socrates Café is an                                                   Sci-Tech 6-12 will have an open house
                                           consider magnet or charter schools        Thursday October 7th from 6pm to
informal debate/discussion group
                                           in the US for your children, several      7:30pm. Please RSVP at 412-352-7626.
that meets every Sunday from 8-9:30
                                           local schools will hold an open house
pm on the first floor of the Cathedral
                                           so you can get more information.          Obama IB 6-12 will have an open house
(inside the main entrance and to the
                                           What are magnet and charters              on Wednesday, October 20th from
right). It’s named after Socrates, one                                               6:30pm to 7:30pm.
of the great Greek philosophers and
thinkers. The group discusses                                                        For more info, contact Dave at
                                           A magnet school in the US is a public
whatever issues you want to talk                                           
                                           school with specialized courses or
about – ethics, politics, economics,
                                           curricula. “Magnet” refers to how
science, logic, metaphysics, history                                                 ELI Activity:
                                           the schools draw students from
and anything and everything else.
                                           across the normal boundaries
This is a great way to practice your
English speaking and listening skills,
                                           defined by authorities (usually            Let’s Go to the Circus!
                                           school boards). School zones are
and make some new friends along
                                           typically geographic boundaries, but
the way! It’s also a great way to talk
                                           this is not true for magnet schools.
about and learn about some topics
                                           There are magnet schools at the
that you might not usually get to talk
                                           elementary school, middle school,
about because they may be
                                           and high school levels.
considered taboo or violate
American cultural norms for what is
                                           A charter school in the US is a           Let’s go to the circus! This isn’t just
appropriate for conversation. For
                                           primary (grades 1-8) or secondary         any circus though. This is the
more info or to join their mailing list,
                                           school (high schools) that receives       Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey
                                           public money (and like other              Circus, the “Greatest Show on
                                           schools, may also receive private         Earth!” We’ll go to the special
    Free Performance                       donations) but is not subject to some     opening night performance on Wed.,
                                           of the rules, regulations, and statutes   Nov. 3, at Consol Energy Arena.
     and Free Lunch                                                                  What’s even more special is that at 6
                                           that apply to other public schools in
                                           exchange for some type of                 pm there is a special all-access pre-
Pitt students, faculty and staff are                                                 show where we can see animals up
                                           accountability for producing certain
invited to enjoy a FREE performance                                                  close, visit with performers, get
                                           results, which are detailed in each
and lunch at Nordy’s on the lower                                                    autographs, try on costumes, learn
                                           school's charter (educational plan).
level of the William Pitt Union. On                                                  about circus animals, see how they
                                           Charter schools are opened and
Wed., Oct. 20, from 12-1 pm, the                                                     live, eat, and play, and much more.
                                           attended by choice.
Pillow Project will perform their                                                    Tickets are only $14.75 plus tax. If we
unique blend of audio, visual and                                                    get 20 people we may be able to get a
                                           Below is information on open houses
innovative dance. For more info                                                      special group discount of $12 per
                                           coming soon at magnet and charter
about the Pillow Project, visit their                                                ticket. Only children under the age
web site at                                                   of 2 who sit on a parent’s lap get in
                                           Environmental School at Frick K-5 will    free; everyone else must purchase a
                                           have an open house on Thursday,           ticket. Please email Rob at
         Coffee Talk                       October 14th from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. to sign up for this
                                                                                     event. Be sure to specify that you are
                                           Linden K-5 will have an open house on
Don’t forget to join your classmates                                                 interested in attending the circus,
                                           Wednesday, October 20th from 4:15pm to
for informal conversation practice on      6:15pm.                                   include your full name, and say how
Fridays at Panera on Forbes Ave                                                      many tickets you will need. Look for
from 3-6 pm.                               Liberty K-5 will have an open house on    more info in next week’s ELI News.

Visit the ELI NEWS online:                                   5
                                           ELI Activity:                             student. Today I am writing to you
      American Paper                                                                 because I would like to introduce
                                            Comedy at ELI Night
        is Strange                                                                   Midday Toastmasters club to you.
                                           We have our first performer
                   Did you ever            scheduled for ELI Night… one of           Toastmasters international is a
                   notice that every       your classmates will perform              nonprofit organization to help
                   issue of the “ELI       standup comedy! Does anyone else          people become more competent and
                   News” is on the         want to sing, dance or perform?           comfortable in front of an audience.
                   same size paper?                                                  Our meeting is usually compromised
                   It’s the same size as   ELI Night is one of the most highly       of almost 10 people who meet every
                   the handouts you        anticipated activities in the ELI. This   Wednesday for an hour (from Noon
receive in class and many other            is attributed to all of the delicious     to 1pm) in Forbes Tower in Oakland.
documents and forms you may have           food and entertaining performances.       Some members are American, and
received. This paper may seem a bit        ELI Night is a potluck dinner to          the others are from all over the
odd. That’s because the U.S. has a         which everyone brings a dish from         world.
different standard for paper sizes         their country that they can share
than most other countries. In fact,        with their classmates and guests.         I have participated in Midday
according to the U.S.        We want to have good food AND             Toastmasters since last October.
and Canada are the only two                good entertainment, so the ELI is         Though my first language is not
countries in the world where a             looking for students to perform at        English, all members are really
standard piece of paper is 8.5” x 11”.     ELI Night.                                friendly, supportive and very
Paper measurements seem to be at                                                     positive. You practice and learn
least one area in which the US has         If you know how to sing, dance or         skills by filling a meeting role and
not affected the rest of the world.        play a musical instrument we would        giving a prepared or impromptu
                                           love for you to perform for us at ELI     speech. After you give your speech,
Initially, you may wonder why this         Night. You don’t have to be a             you gain the feedback from the other
is significant. Well, most teachers        professional. We just want to have        members in positive ways.
and almost all businesses use this         fun! If you’re interested in
size paper. That means that some of        performing, contact Rob as soon as        Our Midday Toastmasters will host
your teachers may ask you to turn in       possible. Look for the date, time and     an open house meeting this coming
assignments on 8.5” x 11” paper.           location of ELI Night in next week’s      Wednesday (Oct 20th ) from noon to
Smaller size papers are usually used       ELI News.                                 1pm, Conference Room 8096 on the
for writing notes for personal use or
                                                                                     8th Floor in Forbes Tower, Oakland
as “scrap” paper in the US. Here is a
                                                                                     (just a 10-minute walk from the
brief description of the standard            Beating Your Fear of                    University of Pittsburgh)! It is
paper sizes in North America:
                                               Public Speaking                       located at 3600 Forbes Ave at
                                           by Keiko Tsukahara, former ELI student
                                                                                     Meyran Ave, Pittsburgh. You can get
Letter: 8.5” x 11”
(used for most academic and business                                                 specific directions on the google
communication)                                                                       maps web site.
Legal: 8.5” x 14”
(used for many legal documents and                                                   You can join our special event for
some legal contracts)                                                                free. No reservation is needed. If you
Ledger/Tabloid: 11” x 14”                                                            are interested in our club and need
(often used for accounting,                                                          further information, visit our website
spreadsheets, and in printing                                               or
newsletters and magazines)                                                           email I
                                                                                     am looking forward to seeing you at
In the US we use pounds instead of                                                   the meeting!
grams, miles instead of kilometers,        Midday Toastmasters on
gallons instead of liters, and letter      Wednesdays is a good way to beat
size paper instead of A4. I think          your fear of public speaking!
there’s an underlying pattern here. I
think this reveals that Americans like     Hi there! My name is Keiko
to be different!                           Tsukahara and I am a former ELI

Visit the ELI NEWS online:                                   6
                                         In my childhood, my parents didn’t              Dates to Remember…
    The Happiness of                     expect too much from me, so I felt no
                                         pressure and could do anything that          Fri., Oct. 15
       Childhood                         I preferred to do. I didn’t need to do       - Coffee Talk at Panera on Forbes from
        Yumei Wu, ELI student                                                           3-6 pm
                                         anything best, and I did many things
                                         just for interest. Of course, my
What’s happiness? Different people                                                    Sat., Oct. 16
                                         parents took pride in my
have different understandings of                                                      - ELI Volunteer Activity: Pitt Make a
                                         achievement all the time because I             Difference Day
happiness, and even the same one
                                         always did very well in all aspects.         - Gaming Club meets at 2 pm in 5405
person might give quite a different
                                         Therefore, I felt comfortable and              Posvar Hall.
definition of happiness in varied
                                         enjoyed myself.
periods. In my memory, happiness                                                      Sun., Oct. 17
began when I could remember                                                           - Socrates Café meeting from 8-9:30 pm
                                         Children’s loving to play is in their
things. Many things such as naive                                                       on the first floor of the Cathedral.
                                         nature. When I was a little girl, I
character, infinite creative ability,
                                         liked to go to the mountain for wild
fewer expectations from my parents,                                                   Tues., Oct. 19
                                         fruits at noon, although it was very         - ELI Activity: Presentation about
and playing crazily all made me feel
                                         hot in summer. Sometimes, I would              GlobalPittsburgh in G17 PC lab from 4-
happy in my childhood.
                                         fly the kite with brothers of                  5 pm.
                                         neighbors all day without too many           - Deadline to submit articles for the ELI
A naive character is important and                                                      News is 5 pm.
                                         worries. Every time I played crazily,
unique to children. As other children
                                         I felt like a happy bird to fly freely in
acted, I fully showed my naive                                                        Wed., Oct. 20
                                         the sky.
character. For example, when my                                                       - Free Lunch and Free Performance by
mum told me there were many trees,                                                      the Pillow Project from 12-1 pm at
                                         In summary, I had an unforgettable             Nordy’s in the William Pitt Union.
large mountains and a beautiful girl
                                         and happy childhood. My memories             - ELI Activity: Bowling at Arsenal Lanes.
called “Change” on the moon, I
                                         of childhood are full of laughing. My          Meet in front of G18 at 1:15 pm.
believed it. Therefore, I would raise
                                         childlike Naivety, creativity, freedom
my head and look into the sky to                                                      Fri., Oct. 22
                                         from responsibility and time to play
expect to find that beautiful                                                         - Midterm grades will be distributed
                                         crazily together made me feel great
“Change” girl every night. It sounds                                                    from 12-12:20 and 1-1:20 pm in G18.
                                         happiness, which benefited all my
weird now, but it made me happy at
                                         life and made me bravely go ahead
that time. Another interesting thing I                                                Sun., Oct. 31
                                         for the beautiful future.                    - ELI Halloween Party, 3-6 pm
wanted to tell was that I hoped to let
nobody find me by wearing magic
                                                                                      Wed., Nov. 3
clothes when I felt sad. In one word,
                                                                                      - ELI Activity: Circus. Pre-show begins
because of the naive character, I felt                                                  at 6. Circus begins at 7.
very nice in my childhood.
                                                                                      Wed., Dec. 8
Infinite creative ability also gave me                                                - ELI Activity: Trip to Rock and Roll
a strange energy and made me feel                                                       Hall of Fame and Museum and NBA
happy. As a child, I liked to make                                                      basketball game in Cleveland
“mud people” and draw some
                                                                                      Thurs., Dec. 9
beautiful things. When I finished
                                                                                      - Last day of ELI classes
these things, especially when others
saw my works and gave higher                                                          Fri., Dec. 10
praise, I felt the true meaning of                                                    - ELI Closing Ceremony
happiness. In addition, I often sent
my drawings to my best friends as
their birthday gifts. Seeing them
happy made me feel happy. As a
result of creativity, my life became
more wonderful, meaningful, which
made me happier.

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