Crayola 64 Ct Pip - Squeaks Skinnies Markers

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					  Crayola 64 Ct Pip - Squeaks Skinnies Markers

Pip-Squeaks Skinnies are small in size, but have big color so they`re perfect for younger children.
Draw thin or thick lines with its conical tip. Excellent washability; comes out of clothes and off skin with
ease. Reusable flip-top box with tiered sleeves allow for easy access to markers. Set contains surprise
inside: two stampers that fit over marker caps and can be colored with markers. Marker Type: Art;
Assortment: Asparagus; Bear Hug; Blue Marble; Blue Moon; Blue Sky; Burnt Sienna; Cadet Blue;
Cherry Tomato; Chicken Little Blue; Chocolate Chip; Cinnamon Stick; Coral; Cranberry Crush; Dark
Sea Green; Four Leaf Clover; Garden Green; Goldfish; Grape Jam; Grasshopper Green; Green; Green
Sprout; Green Yellow; Honey Droplets; Inchworm Green; Kitten Gray; Lightning Bug; Little Boy Blue;
Mad Magenta; Mandarin Orange; Medium Gray; Melon; Melon Ball; Mermaid Tail; Midnight Blue; Mini
Magenta; Navy Niblet; Ol`` Blue Eyes; Orchid Petals; Peach; Petite Rose; Pink Eye; Pinky Pink; Pint
Sized Purple; Popsicle Pink; Raw Sienna; Sassy Salmon; Sea Bubbles; Sepia; Small Fry Yellow; Small
Potatoes; Star Specks; Strawberry Red; Sugar Cube; Sunny Side Up; Sweet Pea Green; Timberwolf;
Tiny Toad Brown; Tip Toe Teal; Tomato Soup; Toy Poodle; Turtle Green; Twist ``o Lime; Violet Petals;
Wacky Watermelon; Color(s): Assorted; Tip Type: Conical.

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