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                                OCTOBER 2008

                                                             Fall Back Into Dance
                                                               New additions: I would like everyone to            all the fun!!! Everyone is encouraged to participate.
Fall Carnival                                             welcome Donna Gum, Cody Moore, Katie Jennings
                                                          and Cassie Young to join Brooke Diaz and Krissy
      Upstate Strut will be holding a Family Fall         Hewitt at Upstate Strut for the 2008-2009 year!!!
Carnival at the Greenville location October 18,           Please check out their bios online, coming soon!
2008 from 6-8 p. m. and October 25th from 6-8 p.
m. at the Easley location. The carnival will have
spooky hair do’s, ghostly games, a creative costume            ****NO CLASSES ON OCTOBER 31,
contest, food, and much more! Bring the whole             2008!!! Happy Halloween!!!!
family to participate in all the fun!!! Tickets will be
sold to participate in the events.                              Please wear your Halloween costumes to the
                                                          studio! Friday students will need to wear theirs on
      Referral Program: Refer someone who dances          October 24, and Saturday students will need to wear     Upcoming Events
at Upstate Strut and receive a $15 coupon once they       theirs on October 25. Monday through Thursday
have been here 3 months!                                  students should wear theirs the actual week of          Bring a Friend Week                         2
                                                          Halloween starting October 25, 2008 through
      Upstate Strut magnets are now in!! The can be       October 30, 2008.                                       Wear Halloween Costumes                     2
purchased for only $5. If you would like your
child’s name on the magnet, they can be purchased              BRING A FRIEND WEEK: October 13-18 is
                                                                                                                  Can Food Drive                              3
for $25.                                                  a chance for you to bring a friend to class and share

                                                          Upstate Strut is expanding to Easley, SC. Refer someone to dance at the Easley
    Introducing our                                       location and receive a FREE t-shirt. This location features a two room studio with a
   Second Location in                                     lobby and two bathrooms. The studio is located on 123 behind the Arby’s and
                                                          Carolina Cream across from the K-Mart. Upstate Strut welcomes all the Easley
        Easley!!!                                         students and parents in joining our Greenville family.

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