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Crime Prevention


									                               Long Bar Harbor
  September 2009
                                Neighborhood Watch Section 2
  Volume 1, Issue 1                                                     

My Daily Crime Prevention
Home Checklist:
⇒ Did I Lock ALL Doors?

⇒ Is the Doggie Door
                               Crime Prevention
                               Yes, it’s true, Crime can be      neighbor‟s garage door is        just enough that the window
⇒ Did I Lock ALL of the        prevented in most instances.      open, take a moment to let       can still slide, but cannot be
Windows?                       Just that one extra step you      them know.                       lifted out of the track. This
                               take can usually help curb                                         prevents       the     window
                                                                 Remember, the door has to
⇒ Did I put a Dowel in the     crime. In order to help you                                        removal burglaries. Always
                                                                 be all the way down;
Window Tracks?                 prevent crime in your                                              make sure the window is
                                                                 otherwise, someone can
                               Neighborhood, we are asking                                        latched too.
                                                                 easily slip underneath and
⇒ Are my Valuables Hidden      you to use the checklist on
                                                                 into your home. Always           When you get a new toy for
from Sight?                    the left side of the page, read
                                                                 keep the door between the        the home, especially any
                               through the following tips,
                                                                 house and garage locked too!     type of electronics item, be
⇒ Are the Curtains Closed?     and use as many as you can.
                                                                 The Striker Plate for all        sure the box is not taken out
                               We know that “Layers of
                                                                 doors should have at least       to the curb intact for garbage
⇒ Is there a Radio or TV       Protection” are what really
                                                                 2.5” to 3” screws to prevent     pickup. Many times burglars
playing?                       help. For instance, locking
                                                                 the door from being kicked       roam        through       your
                               your doors is one layer of
                                                                 in.                              neighborhoods       „shopping‟
                               protection and setting the
⇒ Did I set the Alarm?                                                                            for the homes that have new
                               alarm would be an additional      Windows are easy to secure
                                                                                                  and often expensive items.
                               layer.                            with layers of protection.
⇒ Is the Garage Door Closed    It‟s always important to be a     With the nice cool evenings,
                                                                                                  The box by the curb tells
Completely?                                                                                       them what you have inside!
                               good neighbor too! Don‟t          it is important to double
                                                                                                  Cut all boxes up into small
                               invite crime into your            check that the windows have
My Daily Crime Prevention                                                                         pieces that can go down
                               neighborhood by leaving           been shut before leaving. A
Work Checklist:                                                                                   inside the trash can, or better
                               items out in the open to be       round dowel in the track will
                                                                                                  yet, the recycle bin!
                               easily stolen. Be sure the        help to keep it from being
⇒ Did I Lock my Vehicle?       Garage Door is closed at all      slid open. In addition, you
                               times when it is unattended.      can put a screw up inside the
⇒ Are all the Windows up all   If you notice that a              upper track that sticks down
the way?

⇒ Did I bring ALL
                               Neighborhood Watch
Valuables inside?
                               Neighborhood Watch is one of the oldest and best-known crime prevention concepts in
⇒ Did I put a Steering Wheel   North America. In the late 1960s, an increase in crime heightened the need for a crime
Lock on?                       prevention initiative focused on residential areas and involving local citizens. The National

⇒ Did I Set the Alarm?         Sheriffs' Association (NSA) responded, creating the National Neighborhood Watch Program
                               in 1972 to assist citizens and law enforcement. In 2002, the NSA in partnership with USA
                               Freedom Corps, Citizen Corps and the U.S. Department of Justice launched USAonWatch,
                               the face of the revitalized Neighborhood Watch initiative, which represents the expanded
                               role of watch programs throughout the United States
                               Halloween Safety Tips

                               To help ensure this Halloween is            Toy weapons, wands,             Plan your child‟s route
                               a safe and happy holiday for you             brooms, etc. should be           and visit only homes in
                               and our children, here are some              made       of       paper,       your neighborhood that
                               things to be aware of.                       cardboard or extremely           are well lighted.
                                                                            flexible material; they         Establish a time for them
                               Costume Suggestions                          are safer than plastic,          to be home.
                                                                            wood or metal.                  Travel in a group or with
                                  Choose a light or bright                Put the child‟s name,            an adult
                                   colored costume and put                  address    and      phone
                                   reflective tape on the                   number on the inside of
                                   costume.                                 their costume in case of
                                  Make-up or face paint is                 an accident or lost child.
                                   much safer than a mask                  Make sure wigs and
                                   because it doesn‟t obstruct              costumes are flame
“There is nothing funny            vision.                                  resistant

about Halloween. This
                               Don’t Forget Your Pets
sarcastic festival reflects,
rather, an infernal            Leaving your pets outside on                Candy wrappers, such as          your pet is receptive to
                               Halloween is not a good idea.                tin foil, can get stuck in       this kind of thing, you
demand for revenge by          There are plenty of tales of                 your pets digestive tract        could be causing it
                               people who tease, injure, steal,             and make them ill or             stress and discomfort; no
children on the adult          torture and even kill animals                cause death. There are           masks for your pet.
                               on Halloween. Not to mention                                                 If you‟re having a party,
world”                         that dogs and cats can scare
                                                                            plenty of recipes for
                                                                            homemade dog and cat             it‟s best to put your pet
                               easily with all the trick-or-                treats to make for them.         in a room with food and
                               treaters coming to your house.              Tails and curious cats           water for the night,
                                                                            can accidentally knock           away        from      the
                               Here are some tips to keep                   over candles or Jack-O-          festivities. Even the
                               your pets happy on Halloween:                Lanterns and start a fire.       best tempered animal
                                                                            They could also burn             can get snippy with a lot
                                  As much as your pet may                  themselves.                      of people, noises and
                                   beg you for Halloween                   If you are going to dress        music around
                                   candy, remember that                     your pet in a costume,
                                   chocolate is deadly to                   keep in mind that unless

                               Tell Your Children
                               Check for     holes or loose              Soft candy should also            Be cautious of strangers
                               wrappers;    pour powdered                 be cut up into pieces              and animals.
                               candy into    a container and              before eating.                    Don‟t play pranks.
                               look for     discoloration or             Homemade treats should             Damaging other
                               lumps.                                     not be eaten unless you            peoples‟ property is a
                                                                          are absolutely sure they           crime.
                                  Don‟t eat opened candy,                came from a safe source.          If your child is the
                                   fruit, etc. unless you                Some hospitals will x-             victim of a crime (stolen
                                   know the person it came                ray treat bag contents.            candy, intimidation,
                                   from.                                  Check with your local              threats, etc.) either talk
                                  Wash fruit, and then cut               hospital for additional            to the suspect‟s parents
                                   into bite-sized pieces.                information.                       or call the police.
                             Mission Statement

                             It is the mission of the Long Bar Harbor's Neighborhood Watch Program, through the
                             assistance and sponsorship of the Harford County Sheriff's Department, to involve
                             and unite residents, community leaders and businesses in forming a partnership in
      Jorgen Palmbak
                             order to maintain a safe and enjoyable community for all to work, live and recreate.
      (443) 303.2838         Through community involvement, education and volunteer service, citizens will

          CELL:              effectively make individuals in the community safer, stronger and better prepared to
      (757) 435.2616         respond to the threats of crime, public health issues, terrorism and disasters of all
          E-MAIL:            kinds while building pride and unity.

                             Neighborhood Watch is simply a program of neighbors watching out for each other
                             during the workday, evenings, vacations or any other absence. The purpose of the
                             Neighborhood Watch program is to create an alert neighborhood by using simple
                             crime prevention methods. The program works through the mutual aid of neighbors
                             watching the property of other neighbors. This has several advantages, including
                             the fact that your neighbors know who you are, what type of car you drive, and who
                             belongs, as a rule, at your residence. A patrol officer driving by your home might not
                             recognize someone as a stranger in your yard. However, an alert neighbor would
                             recognize the person as a stranger. They could then call 9-1-1 to alert police of the
   We’re on the Web!
                             suspicious activity. Neighborhood Watch does not promote vigilantism. Members of
        See us at:   Neighborhood Watch groups are never asked to put themselves in harms way to
                             prevent crime. They should only observe and report suspicious activities to the
                             Police Department.

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