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  CITY                   I   CTIank


                                       Online Registiratioria
                                      www pas,® wa goy.
                                          ridge     it
                          (fruit, 2010
                          No Race Day Registration!
                                 Registration Deadline:
                                December 17 at 5:00 pm


                                                                                                                  Director's Message
                                    Office Hours:
                                                                    I hop@ you had the opportunity to en-
                                  Monday- Friday                    joy our Pasco summer, I would like to
                                  8:00am - 5:00pm                   thank those who attended the newly
                                                                    renovated Memorial Pool; we had the
                                                                     best attendance in years!

                         Contact Us                                 As we look toward the future, City staff
                                                                    and the Parks and Recreation Advisory
                    Phone: (509) 545-3456                    lk
                                                              Ir    Board will be updating the Parks and
                   Fax:    (509) 545-3455

tD        On li ne Registration:
         epartment Email:
                                                                    Recreation Comprehensive Plan. This
                                                                    is your opportunity to help us guide the City in the next five
                                                                    years. Please watch for meeting times and plan to attend.
                                                                    Finally, please take a look through this guide and find some
                Additional City Numbers
                                                                    great opportunities for you and your family to do this fall. We
   Automated Directory                           544-3080
                                                                    offer multiple seasonal programs and events; join us for the
   Facility Services                             543-5757           Adventure Challenge trail ride on the Sacagawea Heritage
IL., Luther King Center
  Martin                                         545-3416           Trail page 11 and get your running shoes out for the Cable
   Senior Center                                 545-3459           Bridge Run on December 18. Remember Pasco is a great
                                                                    place to live, work and PLAY!

                   Table of Contents                                 Para obtener ayuda en español por favor communicase con
                                                                     nuestra Oficina ai 509-545-3456.
    City Information                             1 &2
    Seasonal Programs                            3-5                 RickTerway
    Cable Bridge Run                             5
    Martin Luther King Center                    6
                                                                   Instructors Wanted!
    Sports                                       7-9               Do you have a special hobby, skill or talent that you would like to share?
    Fitness                                      10                Could you use extra cash? Then, why not teach a class doing what inter-
                                                                   ests you! The City of Pasco, Recreation Services is actively recruiting new
    Arts & Cultural                              10                instructors. Whether you would like to teach tots, youths, teens, adults or
    Mix -N- Match                                11                seniors, we would like to hear from you and talk about your ideas. Classes
                                                                   can be introduced in the fori» of a one-day workshop, lecture or weekly
    Adventure Challenge                          11
                                                                   class. If you are interested in sharing your expertise with the community,
    Best of Broadway Shows                       12                there are 3 easy ways to do this:
    Drop In Programs                             13                   Download the form: www.pasco-wa.govIdepartment/Recreation
                                                                     Email us:
    Pasco Senior Center Services                 14 - 17             Call us: 509-545-3456
    Registration Information                     18
                                                                      Location Key
    Parks & Facilities                           19 &20               CH AC -City Hall Activity Center, 525 N 3", Rasco
    Community Resource Info                      20                   CH Cl - City Hall Classroom 1,525 N 3", Rasco
    Senior Picnic                                21                   CH C2 - City Hall Classroom 2 (kitchen), 525 N 3rd, Pasco
                                                                      CH EP -City Hall East Playfield, 525 N 3' (Nixon & 3"), Rasco
             CHECK OUT THE                                            CH PL -City Hall Parking Lot, 525 N 3' (Sylvester & 3rd), Pasco
      WINTER RECRE.ATION BROCHURE                                     CHS - Chiawana High School, 8125W Argent, Rasco
                                                                      CS - CyberStop, 333 S Wehe, Rasco
       ON SHE.L.VE.S DE.CEMBER 7, 2010
                                                                      LQ -LifeQuest, 4215 Convention PI, Rasco
                                                                      MLK -Martin Luther King Center, 205 5 Wehe, Rasco
                                                                      MMS -McLoughlin Middle School, 2803 Rd 88, Rasco
            Closed for the Holidays                                   PHS AC - PHS Activity Center, 1108 N 10'h Ave, Rasco
      Labor Day - Monday, September 6                                 PHS TC - PH S Tennis Courts, 1108 N 10'h Ave, Pasco
    Veterans Day -Thursday, Novem ber 11                              PHS WR - PHS Wrestling Room, 1108 N 10'h Ave, Rasco
Tha nksg lying - Thu rsd ay & Frid a y, Nove m be r25 & 26            PSC - Rasco Sporting Complex, 6520 Home Run Rd, Rasco
                                                                      SC - Senior Center, 1315W 7'h Ave, Rasco
         Christmas- Friday, December 24
                                                                      SiV1S- Stevens Middle School, 1120 N 22Ave, Pasco
        New Years Eve - Friday, December31                            SW - Sun Willows Golf Course, 1825 Sun Willows Blvd, Rasco
                                                                      TC BBA - TriCi ties Black Belt Academy, 514W Lewis St, Rasco

R - City of Pasco Resident   NR - Non Resident                                             For more information call 509-545-3456
                                                                              Graffiti Hotline
                                                                              The City of Rasco continues to wipe out graffiti through the Graf-
                                           Fee Code Key
                                                                              fiti Abatement Program (GAP) which helps local business owners
                                     R - City of Pasco Resident
                                                                              and residents with the removal of graffiti from their property.
                                         NR - Non Resident                    Report all graffiti to GAP at (509)544-3090.
                                                                              Report graffiti 24/7 by leaving the date and time of your call, and
                                                                              the exact location of the graffiti, as this will help our work crews
Pasco City Officials                                                          locate the affected area quicker.
Council Members:                                                              The program provides labor and a limited selection of materials
iV1 att Watkins - Mayor              Mike Garrison                            to remove the graffiti, with labor being provided by City of Rasco
Bob Hoffmann                         Al Yenney                                Municipal Court offenders.
Rebecca Francik                      Tom Larsen                               The City of Pasco's goal is to remove all graffiti in a timely manner.
Saul Martinez                                                                 Please do your part to keep Pasco clean.
City Manager: Gary Crutchfield
City Council business meetings are conducted on the 1" and 3":' Mon-
days of the month, workshop meetings are conducted on the 2nd and
                                                                              Gota good photograph?
                                                                              We are looking for photos of recreation programs and partici-
4th Mondays. All meetings begin at 7:00 pm. Holiday closures may
cause meetings to be rescheduled to Tuesday. For additional infor-            pants to use in our future recreation guides. Email photos to
mation, including the Council meeting agenda, please visit: www.    
Parks & Recreation Advisory Board:                                            Gender Equality
Duane Taber - Chairman            Edmon Daniels                               The City of Pasco complies with VVashington's "Fair Play and Community
Cheryl Smyth                      Michael Mathews                             Sports Act"' that prohibits discrimination against any person in a commu-
Grace Adams                       Thomas Davenport                            nity athletics program on the basis of sex. Any ciuestions or comments,
Saul Martinez                     Abigail Kidd                                please contact Carleen Hanscom, Recreation Ser-vices Manager; at 525
The Parks &Recreation Advisory Council advises the City Council and           North 3" Pasco, WA 99301, 509-543-5790, hanscomc@pasco -wa.g coy.
the City Manager on matters pertaining to the planning, develop-
ment, improvement, beautification, equipping and maintaining of
public parks, playgrounds, recreation facilities and resources. The           Discrimination Statement
council n-ieets at 5:30 pm on the 1" Thursday of each month at Rasco          The City of Rasco does not discriminate in providing services on
City Hall, 525 N. 3rd Avenue, classroom 1.                                    the grounds of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, gen-
Senior Services Advisory Committee:                                           der, age, marital status, or the presence of any sensory, mental, or
Ron Van Nostrand - Chairman              Richard Brandt                       physical handicap.
Margaret Moore       Linda Hendrickson-Patrick           Jim iViichaud
                                                                              From time to time the Rasco Senior Center offers programs spon-
The Senior Services Advisory Committee advises the city council on            sored by local or national businesses. It is not the intent of the
programs, activities and interests of senior citizens as they relate to       Rasco Senior Center or the City of Rasco to endorse the business's
the Pasco Senior Center. The committee meets at 10:00 am, the 2'd             services or products, but rather to provide valuable information
Tuesday of each month at the Rasco Senior Center, 1315 N. 7'h Ave.            so that you, as a consumer, can make educated choices.

   Administrative & Community Services Staff                                    Facilities Services Staff
   Rick Terway                A&CS Director                                     Dan Dotta                   Facility Services Manager
   Sandy Kenworthy            Administrative Assistant                          Chuck Cirtrell              Chief Groundsman
                                                                                Rosalie LaMear              Customer Service -Cemetery
   Recreation Senrices Staff                                                    Senior Center Staff
   Carleen Hanscom            Recreation Services Manager                       Vince Guerrero              Recreation Specialist
   Nolan Harper               Lead Recreation Specialist                        Marie Schiefelbein          Secretary I
   Tony Johnson               Recreation Specialist                             Kris Welch                  RN CFCN -Foot Care
   Allison Mathews            Recreation Specialist                            Tressa Petersen              RN -Foot Care
   Alexandrea Contreras       Department Assistant II                           Kristen Ffer                Fitness Instructor

            Programs funded in To.- rt by City of Pascc                   DE          ogr        vith federal funds from HUD.
Register online at                                       2                             Email us at
                                                IEMONAL PROGRAM
                                                                                                 DINNER & DANCE
HAYRIDE orange pumpkins, and Indian corn all mean HARVEST dinner and help celebrate the harvest season.
  Cool breezes,
                                                     Join us for
fall is in the air! Join us for a visit to the farm on a hayride with mu-
                                                                            We will be serving turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes & gravy,
sic apple cider, and hot chocolate. Everyone will go home with a
                                                                            vegetables, salad and dessert. Tickets are required for the dinner
pumpkin. (Pre-registration required)                                        and can be purchased at the Rasco Senior Center front desk or at
Location:Douglas Fruit                                                      the Rasco Senior Associations Wednesday night dances.
Registration Deadline: October 1
                                                                            Registration Deadline: November 2
Fee: $5R/$7NR
                                                                            Fee: $5.25/dinner - pre-purchase required
Age       Time        Days           Date                                       $5/dance -purchased at door
ALL       10 am       Sat            Oct 2
                                                                            Age     Time              Days          Date             Loc
ALL       12 pm       Sat            Oct 2
                                                                            All       10 pm           Sat           Nov 6            SC

                         WoRKsHIOP                                          HALLOWEEN for a spooktacular good time at the
                                                                               Join your friends
      You and your children can enjoy making your very own life-
 SCARECROW                                                                  Rasco Senior Center's Halloween party. There will be a costume
size scarecrow to take home! We'll supply the straw, instructions           contest, pumpkin coloring contest, games, prizes, cake, candy
and a few items.You will need to bring clothes, scissors and some           and much more. Children 12 and under and their parents, grand-
items from home (list available at registration). Pre-registration is       parents and great grandparents are welcome to attend.
required and fee covers the family.                                         All children must be accompanied by an adult.
Fee: $10R/$15NR                                                             Fee: Free
Age       Time                       Days        Date          Loc          Age         Time           Days          Date            Loc
ALL       5:30-7 pm                  Tue         Oct 5         CHC1         12under     4-6 pm         Thu           Oct 28          SC

                             DANCE PARTY
HALLOWEEN Adaptive Recreation Activity for Individuals with Disabilities. Party the evening away! Pasco Recreation and ARC
   Specialized and
have teamed up to bring you Halloween Dance Party an Friday, October 29. We'll have lots of music, games, crafts, prizes and treats!
Bring a friend or meet a new one at
this dance party bash!
Don't forget to wear your costume!
Fee: $5
Age Time          Days      Date           Loc
18+    6-9 pm Fri           Oct 29         SC

      Space is limited so don't
      miss out. register early!
             August 17th

R - City of Rasco Resident           NR - Non Resident                                            For more information call 509-545-3456
                                       TrATONAL PROCRAMI
                      WITH SANTA                                                     EIS & FAMILY CHRISTMAS PROGRAM
  Enjoy all-you-can-eat pancakes, ham, coffee, juice and hot
chocolate. Kids will get the opportunity to visit with Santa. Don't
                                                                           The Rolling
                                                                         FRIENf Hills Chorus is an amazing group of real women
                                                                         singing real harmony and having real fun today. Join us on
forget to bring your camera so you can get that special holiday          December 16th at 6:30 p.m. for the annual Friends and Family
photo to send with all your Christmas correspondence. Tickets are        Christmas Program presented by the Rolling Hills Chorus. You
required and can be purchased at the Rasco Senior Center or the          don't want to miss the wonderful holiday music, sung by these
Rasco Recreation Services office.                                        amazing ladies in our beautifully decked halls. Refreshments
Registration Begins: October 18                                          will be served. For more information on the Rolling Hills Chorus
Registration Deadline: December 8                                        please visit their website at www.rollinohillschorus.oro.
Fee: $3/person                                                           Fee: $5/person
Age     Time                    Days          Date          Loc          Age     Time          Days           Date              Loc
ALL     8:30-10:30 am           Sat           Dec 11        SC           All      6:30 pm      Thu            Dec 16            SC

SANTASyour child's face when he or she receives a personal
call from 01'St. Nick! Pick up your Santa forms at the Senior Center,
Recreation Office or online. Turn the form in at the Recreation Of-
fice before December 3, so Santa, Mrs. Claus and their elves have
                                                                                               CPI)04          ridge
                                                                                               No Race Day Registration!
time to organize their list! This program is free of charge and lim-
ited to the first 15 children per day (this event is available to City                                Registralion Deadline:
                                                                                                     December 17 at 5:00 pm
of Pasco residents only).
Registration Deadline: Friday, December 3, 2010
Fee:Free to City of Rasco Residents only
Age            Time                 Days                  Date
ALL            6-8 pm               Mon                   Dec 6
ALL            6-8 pm               Tues                  Dec 7

                       CELEBRATION                                                   YEARS EVE BALL
CHRISTMAS King Center and other community agen-
      The Martin Luther                                                  NEW in the New Year at the Rasco Senior Center with your
                                                                         friends. Enjoy live music from the Columbia River Dance Band
cies will sponsor this Holiday celebration. We will play various
games and activities as well as a visit from Santa Claus.                in our beautifully decorated hall. Refreshments will be provided.
Fee:Free                                                                 Tickets may be purchased in advance or at the door.
                                                                         Fee: $10/person
Age      Time           Days                Date             Loc
                                                                         Age      Time               Days       Date          Loc
3-12     4-6 pm         Fri                 Dec 17           MLK
                                                                         40+      8:30 pm-12:30 am    Fri       Dec 31         SC
                                                                      IEMONAL PROGRAM
                                                                                                 e Bridge
                                       *                                                        -t-                  ¡Inn-                                     etails+ OIL
Time & Date: All three runs begin at 9:00 am, Saturday, December 18.
Chip Timing: Chip timing will be used by all runners. Timing chip must be returned at the end of your race to avoid a $25 dollar
replacement fee. Do NOT run through more than one finish line.
i:Icto i.-.1 e i 4,0] i iIiiiii1/4.;                                                                                                                    akiVINEm                                4E1

    Early Registration thru 12/13/10                                                                                                                                    $15                                     $10
    Late Registration 12/14/10 to 12/17/10 5:00 pm                                                                                                                      $25                                     $20
    NEW THIS YEAR -No Race Day Registration
Early Registration Deadline: M onday, December 13th. Only those with Early Registration can be guaranteed a t-shi ton race day. Mailed registra-
tion forms must be postmarked no later than Wednesday, December 8, 2010. No Refunds.
Prizes: Overall win ners will receive gift certificates. Ribbons will be awarded to the first six finishers in each division.
Adult Beverages: If you wish to purchase alcohol, you must provide an acceptable form of ID after the race.
The first 1,500 registrants will receive long-sleeved technical running shirts.This shirt is sublimated (fabricis dyed), not screen-
printed, so it has a cool, breathable desig n. All other registrants will receive screenprinted long-sleeved shirts.
;1 Packet Pi&-up: Check out the tradeshow when you pick up race packets and timing chips from 12:00 - 7:00 pm on Fn ay, ecem er
    and 7:00 - 8:30 am on Saturday, December 18, 2010 at Neil F. Lampson Office Building, 607 E Columbia Drive (Kennewick side of the Cable Bridge).
Finish Line:The 5K and 10K races still feature an indoor finish line at the Lampson Maintenance Shop in Big Pasco and liquid refreshments will be
available. A free shuttle bus will be provided to transport runners from the 1 mile finish to the maintenance shop, and then back to the starting line.
Shuttles leave approximately every 30 11) illtl tes from the maintenance shop, with the last shuttle leaving at 12:00 pm. The course closes at 10:30 am.
                                                                                                    Race Divisions
1  12 years & under                                2 13-19 years                             3 20-29 years                                     4 30-39 years                                  5 40-49 years
6 50-59 years                                      7 60-69 years                             8 70-79 years                                     9 80 years & older                           10 Wheelchair
              Detach and return With registration fee to: City of Pasco Recreation Services .P.O. Box 293 Pasco, WA 99301
       Ogici,i Cable 5 ridge Ku n 20 I O Entr.9 'Form                                                                                                                             Waiver for Participation - I agree to be solely re-
                                                                                                                                                                                  sponsible for any medical expenses incurred by
    Include Check, Money Order or Credit/Debit information. No Cash please. (Please                                                             Entry Fees                        myself or my child during the Cable Bridge Run.     I

    mark US funds on check if from o utsicle U nited States). Mail and make checks pay-                                                         $15w! shirt                       consideration of the nominal fee charged for this
    able to: City of Pasco, Recreation Services .130 Box 293 Pasco, WA 99301. No Mail                                                                                             program, I agree to hold the City of Pesco, City o
                                                                                                                                               $10 w/o shirt                      Kenne,,vick, Neil F. Lampson, Inc., TH-City Herald
    Entries 'postmarked after Wednescl ay, December 8. Late entries will be accepted at
                                                                                                                                                 Deadline                         Port of Pasto, Ben-Franklin Transit, WSDOT, wSP
    the Pasco Recreation office Dec. 14-17. Entry Fees are non-refundable.                                                                                                        Pasco Jaycees, and any employee or volunteer in-
                                                                                                                                             December 13, 2010                    volved in the run harmless from, and indemnify
                                                                                                                                                                                  them for any damage or loss arising as a result o
    PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY - only 1 participant per registration form                                                                                                               my or my child's participation in this activity. I un-
                                                                          Firer N. me                                                 M l       Date of Pirth (Month,Day, Year)
                                                                                                                                                                                  derstand that I will be billed $25 for my chip if not
    L.FP Ft.rna
                                                                                                                                                                                  returned by 1/3/11.
                                                                                                                                                                                  I give permission to have my photo or the photo o
    Mailing Acldr                                                                                                                     City
                                                                                                                                                                                  my child or children, taken during the Cable Bridge
                                                                                                                                                                                  Run, to be used for publicity purposes by the City
                                                                                                                                                                                  of Pasco. I hereby give my consent for emergency
                                           Zip' Postal Code               Phone                                 Check Cr lance
                                                                                                                                                                                  medical treatment. I understand this is to prevent
                                                                                                                                             Late Registration                    undue delay and assure prompt treatment and that
                                                                                                               mi gig ,0K                                                         only a licensed physician will be engaged for such
                                                                                                                                                $25w! shirt
    Male                T.Shirt Sim (checkone)
                                                                                                                                                                                  an emergency. I agree not to hold City of Pesco re-
              Female                                                                    For 2XL a 2XL add 52
                                                                                                                                               $20 w/o shirt                      sponsible for any lost or stolen items if I choose to
                                                              S   M   L           XL      2XL         CXL            N.'S h r
                                                                                                                                              December 14-17                      use the clothing shuttle service.
                                                                                                                                                                                  important: Payment must accom pany application.
    Accepted forms of credit/debit payment                                                                                                                                          Registration Fee is Non-Refundable.

       Idera PM me
                                                                                                               Signature (Acknowledge that I have read the above waiver and I                                Date
                                                                                                               agree an d accept all terms and conditions set forth therein)
    Catd                                                              How man), Cable
                                                                      Bridge Runs have
                                                                      you done?
    &Foration Crate                        2.0 ta it [CV.                                                      Signature of Parent/Guardian if participant under 18                                          Date

R - City of Pasco Resident                                  NR - Non Resident                                                                                      For more information call 509-545-3456
                          MARTIN LUTHER KINC CENTER
                                                205 1 WIEHE, PAICO
The center is open to everyone and activities are su pervised. The center is made possible through the cooperative efforts
of the City of Pasco, YMCA of the Greater Tri-Cities and the Benton Franklin United Way; worki ng together for a better
community. Hours of operation subject to change.
Days                      Time
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri        3-7 pm
Wed                       2-7 pm
Sat                       12-5 pm
                                                                                   Of the Greater Tri-Cities
Non School Days           12-7 pm
             HOMEWORIVCOMPUTERAREA                                                       ROOM
yTkot to bringarea is open for grades K-12. Tutors willare pool, ping pong, foosball and airfor youth to enjoy bumper pool,
     he homework
encouraged       their homework from school.
                                                           GAME room is open hockey.
                                                                  The game

provided. Hours subject to change.                                         Fee: Free with YMCA membership
Fee: Free with YMCA membership                                             Grade Time            Days              Loc
Grade Time               Days           Loc                                K-12    3-7 pm        Mon-Fri           MLK
K-12    4-7 pm           Mon-Fri        MLK                                K-12    12-5 pm       Sat               MLK

                                                                                                Got a good photograph?
                                                                                    We are looking for photos of recreation programs
                                                                                     and participants to use in our future recreation
                                                                                   guides. Email photos to

                                                                           CHRISTMAS King Center and other community agen-
                                                                             The Martin Luther
                                                                           cies will sponsor this Holiday celebration. We will play various
                                                                           games and activities as well as a visit from Santa Claus.
                                                                           Fee: Free
                                                                           Ag e      Time         Days         Date                  Loc
                                                                           3-12      4-6 pm       Fri          Dec 17                MLK

                                                                                           SOCCER LEAGUE
                     & FITNESS AREA                                        INDOORis offering a soccer league for boys and girls 5
                                                                             The center
wrIGI-ETIt features a 9area is open to all gym, Olympic
       The supervised weight
years and older.             station universal
                                               individuals 13              through 15 years of age. All scheduled games will be played
                                                                           at the Center. Cost is $40 for YMCA Members and $50 for non
weights, bar and dumb bells. An instructor is available to assist in       members. Scholarships available. For more information call
proper technique and develop a weight training program.                    545-3416.
Hours subject to change.
Fee: Free with YMCA membership                                                         SCHEDULE
           3-7 pm
                                                                           Age Event                      Time           Days         Loc
13+        12-5 pm            Sat                   MLK                    8-13    Youth Open Gym         3-4 pm         Mon-Fri      MLK
                                                                           8-13    Youth Open Gym         4-5 pm         Sat          MLK
                                                                           8-13    Youth Organized Sports 4-6 pm         IVio n-Fri   MLK
                      NIGHT PARTY
                                                                           8-13    Youth Organized Sports 12-4 pm Sat                 MLK
   Come have a
HALLOWEEN howling good time,                                               13-17   Teen Soccer               6-7 pm      Mon, Wed     MLK
it promises to be fun. We welcome par-
                                                                           18+     Hoops Hysteria            6-7 pm      Tue, Thu     M LK
ents and kids. Call 545-3416 for more in-
                                                                           18+     Volleyball                5-7 pm      Fri          MLK
Fee: Free                                                                              INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEER WORK?
Age         Time          Days           Date             Loc                                   CALL US AT 545- 3416.
All         4-6 pm        Fri            Oct 29           MLK
                                                                              OUR PROGRAMS ARE DEPENDENT ON VOLUNTEERS.

Register online at                                    6                            Email us at
                        COACH ES N EED ED!                                              LEAGUE
 JUW ANT TO SNARE                                                        AIDULT formed a team and are interested in participating
                                                                            f you have
 ODA YS YOUTOF        VOLUNTEER TO BE A YOUTN BASKETBALL                 in the league, pick up a registration packet at the Pasco Recre-
   ACNI CONTACT ALLISON AT MATNEWSA@PASCO-WA.GOV OR                      ation office. Any questions regarding league play, please e-mail
                                                                         us at or call 545-3456. Individual player
  45-3456. . EASON IS JANUARY .3, 20/7             MARCP 5, 20//.
                                                                         cards are required to participate. Start date and time are approxi-
                       OFFICIALS NEEDED!                                 mate. Schedules will be mailed out the third week in November.
   The Pasco Recreation office is hiring officials for the 2011          Registration Deadline:
BBASKE.TBALL                                                             Age lime       Days    Date          Loc             Fee
Youth Basketball League. (The pay will be minimum wage for
                                                                         18+ 7-10 pm Monlhu Dec 6-Fcb 25 CH ACJSMS               $390/Team
2011.)We will have a mandatory training clinic for all officials. An
                                                                         18+ 7-10 pm Mon:lhu Dec 6-Feb25 CH AC/SMS               $13/Player card
application must be completed and you must attend all training
sessions in order to be considered for hire. Contact Allison at 509-
545-3456 or for more details.
                                                                         WOMEN'S  Pasco Recreation is announcing another season of Worn-
                                                                         en's Winter League Basketball. If enough teams participate we
                                                                         will have both a Recreational and Competitive League.
                                                                         Team rosters will be available during the first day of league play
                                                                         for signatures (this replaces the need for player cards). Players
                                                                         must have their signature on file with the Recreation office. There
                                                                         are a maximum of 12 players allowed per team.
                                                                         Registration Deadline: December 29, 2010
                                                                         Fee: $480/team
                                                                         Age     Time         Days        Date                   Loc
                                                                         18+      1-7 pm          Sun        Jan 9-Mar 13        CH AC

                                                                         CHURCH formed a team and are interested in participat-
                                                                           If you have
                                                                         ing in the league, pick up a registration packet at the Pasco Recre-
              Yount BASKETBALL                                           ation office. Any questions regarding league play, please e-mail
                                                                         us at or call 545-3456. Individual player
  This program is a parent/volunteer sponsored program con-
                                                                         cards are required to participate. Start date and time are approxi-
ducted by the Rasco Recreation office. It has been designed as
a recreational outlet for youth to learn the fundamentals and            mate. Schedules will be mailed out the second week in January.
skills of basketball and apply these skills in a game situation. Girls   Registration Deadline:
and boys will play on separate teams within their respective age         Age lime     Days    Date           Loc                 Fee
groups (7-8,9-10 & 11-12). Age determined as of 9/1/10.                  18+ 7-10 pm Mon:lhu Jan 18-Apr 22 CH AC/SIVIS           $390/Team
Teams will be chosen randomly based on geographic location and           18+ 7-10 pm iVionlhu Jan 18-Apr 22 CH ACJSMS            $13/Player card
age. There is no recruiting or "hand-picking" allowed. Practices
will be held in the grade schools, no more than twice a week. All
                                                                               THANK YOU BASKETBALL VOLUNTEERS
games will be played on Saturdays in either Pasco or Kennewick.
                                                                         The Pasco Youth Basketball program is volunteer based. We would
Our priority is that every participant has fun and feels successful.     like to thank the following coaches for their participation in the 2010
We want to build their skill level, self-confidence, and help them       season. If you are interested in coaching in the 2011 season, please
become more accomplished in one or more phases of basketball             call 545-3456.
as a result of this program. Fee includes reversible jersey.             Brent Adkin son, Sergio Alvarez, Sam Barraza, Danielle Belliston, McK-
Refund Policy: As of December 1st 50% refund minus $5 proces,            enzi Carter, Marcella Cook,Trevor Crandall, Robert Edrington, Michael
ing fee, and no refunds after coaches meeting.                           Elizondo, Mark Enloe, Dennon Fortner, Mike Gonzales, Jack Gourley,
Family Rate: After first two full price registrations, each additional   Florentino Gutierrez, Sue Hays, Paul Homer, Kevin Jones, ivlathew
child is $12.00. (Must register all children at the same time.)          Lighthall, Danny Martinez, George Mendoza, Kiersten Merrill, Jon
Registration Deadlines:         *Early - Oct. 17, 2010                   ivlillet, Rich Mollotte, Jeff Myers, Brian Nolan, Joe Nunez, Martha
                               **Late -Nov. 7, 2010                      Pineda, Janette Rodriguez, Anthony Sapp, Jovi Saythavy, DJ Search,
After Nov 7 - on available basis only                                    Fawn Shockey, Stacy Sisemore, Julie Stadelman, Nicole Storaci, Jera-
Age           Time       Days          Date              Fee             mie Straecker, Adan Suarez, Chad Sugden, Greg Sullivan, Matt Tru-
7-12          TBA        Mon-Sat       Jan 3-Mar 5      *$40R/$60NR      man, Lonnie Uribe, Rick Waldt, Cajsa Wallwork, Bevin Whitby, Rob
7-12          TBA        Mon-Sat       Jan 3-Mar 5     **$45R/$67NR      Winston, Travis Wisse

R - City of Pasco Resident      NR - Non Resident                                                For more information call 509-545-3456
               DOWN BASKETBALL                                 CONTACT ADULT FLAG FOOTBALL
  Youth will
SCALED develop the physical skills used in basketball such NO
as running, dribbling and shooting while playing on a smaller
                                                                            Recreation Services is offering a recreational flag football
                                                                      league for adults. This sixth year program will allow you to get in
court with mini-balls and six foot baskets. The skill emphasis will   shape, socialize, meet new people and have fun. Interested play-
be on basketball fundamentals, but all general physical skills will   ers should be forming teams. An organizational meeting will be
benefit, i.e., hand-eye coordination, foot movement, throwing,        held Thursday, August 26 at 6:30 p.m. at Rasco Recreation Services
and catching skills. Includes program t-shirt. Age as of 9/1/2010.    in the classroom, 525 N. 3rd Avenue.
Age Time              Days Date              Loc       Fee            Team Fee: $255
5-6 4-5 pm          Wed     Jan 12-Feb 16   CH AC    $30R/$45NR       Player Card Fee: $13
5-6 9-10 am         Sat     Jan 15-Feb 19 CH AC      $30R/$45NR       Age       Game Times        Days         Play Begins     Loc
4    10:05-10:50 am Sat     Jan 15-Feb 19 CH AC      $25R/$37NR       18+       6:45 pm, 8 pm     Tue, Thu     Wk of Sep 6     PSC

                                                                                      FLAG FOOTBALL
                                                                      yOUTH will focus on teaching players the fundamen-
                                                                        This program
                                                                      tals of football such as, catching, blocking, passing and good
                            YOU                                       sportsmanship. The first two weeks of the season are practices
                 PASCO SCHOOL DISTRICT                                and the last four weeks youth will participate in scrimmages. In-
                                                                      cludes program t-shirt.
        would like to thank the Pasco School District                 Fee: $36R/$54NR
        heir continued partnership with Pasco Recre-                  Age      Time                 Days        Date                 Loc
         Services. This on-going partnership enables                  5-8      11 am-12 pm          Sat         Sep 25-Oct 30        CH EP
        o utilize school facilities needed to offer mul-
    tiple recreation Programs that we would not be                             WEE TENNIS
                   able to offer without.                             PEE is a terrific program to introduce youngsters to the

LTHANK                                                                game of tennis. They will be using junior size racquets and tennis
                                                                00/ balls will be provided. The classes will be fun filled with games
                                                                      and contests. Children should bring water, towel and wear tennis
                                                                      Instructor: LaneWinsor
                                                                      Fee: $36R/$54NR
                                                                      Age Time                  Days        Date                  Loc
             DOWN SOCCER.                                             5-9   8-9:15 am           Mon-Fri     Aug 23-27             PHSTC
  Is your
SCALM little one begging                                              10-12 9:30-10:45 am       Mon-Fri     Aug 23-27             PHSTC
you to play soccer? Would you
like for them to develop a strong
platform of the basic fundamen-
                                                                        Location Key
                                                                        CH AC - City Hall Activity Center, 525 N 33, Pasco
tals? Creative and fun activities
                                                                        CH Cl -City Hall Classroom 1,525 N 33, Pasco
are used to teach your youngster
                                                                        CH C2 -City Hall Classroom 2 (kitchen), 525 N 3rd, Rasco
how to dribble, trap, pass and                                          CH EP - City Hall East Playfield, 525 N 3'd (Nixon & 33), Pasco
shoot a soccer ball. An organized                                       CH PL -City Hall Parking Lot, 525 N 3' (Sylvester &        Rasco
scrimmage will take place on the                                        CHS-Chiawana High School, 8125W Argent, Rasco
last day so children can showcase                                       CS - CyberStop, 333 5 Wehe, Rasco
their new skills. *Please note that                                     LQ -LifeQuest, 4215 Convention PI, Pasco
the soccer sessions will be held                                        MLK - Martin Luther King Center, 205 5 Wehe, Rasco
outside on the grass located east                                       MMS - McLoughlin Middle School, 2803 Rd 88, Pasco
of the City Hall gym. If inclement                                      PH S AC - PHS Activity Center, 1108 N 10'h Ave, Rasco
weather occurs we will hold class                                       PHS TC - PHS Tennis Courts, 1108 N 10' Ave, Pasco
inside the gym. Please dress for current weather conditions and         PHS WR - PHS Wrestling Room, 1108 N 101h Ave, Rasco
wear shin-guards. Fee includes program t-shirt.                         PSC -Pasco Sporting Complex, 6520 Home Run Rd, Pasco
Age Time            Days Date                Loc   Fee                  SC - Senior Center, 1315W 7 Ave, Paso
6-7    4-5 pm       Tue       Sep 14-Oct 19 CH EP  $25R/$37NR           SMS- Stevens Middle School, 1120 N 22' Ave, Rasco
4-5    4-4:45 pm    Thu       Sep 16-Oct 21 CH EP  $20R/$30NR           SW - Sun Willows Golf Course, 1825 Sun Willows Blvd, Rasco
                                                                        TC BBA -TriCities Black Belt Academy, 514W Lewis St, Rasco

Register online at                                                             Email us at
               WRESTLING CLINIC                                                            CO-ED VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE
yOUTI-E will be instructed by Pasco High School varsity ADULT include a coed 6 on 6 recreational league on Mon-
  Participants                                            Play will
wrestlers and coaches in the basic fundamentals of wrestling. Par-          days and a Reverse Coed 4 on 4 competitive league on Tuesdays.
ents are welcome to come out and get involved with the young                There will be a roster available for players to sign the first night of
wrestlers. This is a great opportunity to be introduced to wres-            play with a maximum of 8 players allowed per team. (This replaces
tling. Includes program t-shirt.                                            the use/need for player cards.)
Instructor: PHS varsity coaches and players                                 Fee: $144/team
Fee: $36R/$54NR                                                             Age     lime          Days       Date              Loc
Grade Time             Date                                   Loc           18+     7-9;30 pm Mon            Sep 20-Dec 13 MMS/CH AC
K-6     5:30-6:30 pm Nov 22, 23, 29, 30 Dec 1, 2, 3, 6, 7,8   PH S WR       18-F    7-9:30 pm Tue            Sep 21-Dec 14 MMS/CH AC

ADULT lessons are designed for individuals who are 16
  Adult golf
years and older. All lessons will betaught by PGA Certified Instruc-
tors. Skills covered include grip, stance, posture for putting, chip-
ping and full swing. Classes are designed for beginners and those
who want to brush up on the basics. Group as well as individual
instruction will be included in each lesson. Each session includes          e-
four, 45 minute lessons.
Fee: $45R/$67NR                                                                             VOLLEYBALL CLINIC
Age         Time         Days        Date             Loc                   yTOUTH week clinic is designed to provide a positive learn-
                                                                               his five
16+         6-6:45 pm    Wed         Sep 8-29         SW
                                                                            ing experience of the fundamentals and basic skills of volleyball.
16+         6-6:45 pm    Wed         Oct 6-27         SW
                                                                            All participants will receive a t-shirt. Use door off Sylvester Street
                                                                            side of building parking lot located at 525 N. 3rd Avenue. Class
                                                                            may be combined due to number of participants.
                             TO CHIEERLEADING                               Fee: $30R/$45NR
 INTRODUCTION in basic cheer-
   Youth receive instruction                                                Grade      Time           Days           Date                Loc
leading skills such as: hand motions, jumps,                                2-4        9-10:30 am     Sat            Oct 23-Nov 20       CH AC
dance and beginning stunting and tumbling.                                  5-6        10:30 am-12 pm Sat            Oct 23-Nov 20       CH AC
Class also places an emphasis on discipline,
coordination and FUN! Co-sponsored by Pas-                                        ARATE
co Recreation Services and Desert Gymnastics.                                     Ready to learn hand, foot,
Instructor: Jasmine Cantu                                                   and eye coordination; while
Age Time            Days       Date             Loc   Fee                   also learning the importance of
5-11   5:15-6 pm     Wed       Sep 8-Oct 6      LQ    $36R/$54NR            respect, discipline, and honor?
5-11   5:15-6 pm Wed           Oct 13-Nov 17 LQ       $40R/$60NR            Then Karate is the class for you.
                                                                            Students will learn the tech-
                                                                            niques of"Tae Kwon Do"which
                                                                            focuses on sharpening mental
                                                                            and physical abilities. This class
       Youth receive instruction in beginner gymnastic skills, such
 GYMNfASTI1CS                                                               will enhance each student's
as tumbling, bars, beam, vault and trampoline. Classes place an             strength, coordination, and
emphasis on discipline, coordination and FUN! Co-sponsored by               agility. A strict code of ethics
Pasco Recreation and Desert Gymnastics; classes will be held at             will be followed, and students
4215 Convention Place, suite A. Child must be potty trained, ver-           will be able to earn belt rank-
bal and independent.                                                        ings based on individual performance/progress.
Preschool is designed for ages 3-Kindergarten and Elementary is             Instructor: Lincoln Swenson -5th Degree Black Belt
designed for grades 1-5.                                                    Fee: $30R/$45NR
Instructors: Jasmine Cantu - Preschool                                      *November's class has 2 Wednesday classes. The exact schedule is
              Alice Bankemper - Elementary                                  as follows: November 2, 4, 9, 10, 16, 18, 23 & 24
Grade Time             Days Date               Loc Fee                      Age        Time       Days                  Date       Loc
Pre-K    5:15-6 pm     Thu     Sep 9-Oct 7     LQ   $36R/$54NR              6-12       6-7 pm     Tue, Thu              Sep 7-30   TC BBA
1-5      5:15-6 pm     Thu     Sep 9-Oct 7     LQ   $36R/$54NR              6-12       6-7 pm     Tue, Thu              Oct 5-28   TC BBA
Pre-K    5:15-6 pm     Thu     Oct 14-Nov 18 LQ     $40R/$ 60NR             6-12       6-7 pm     Tue, Wed, Thu         *see above TC BBA
1-5      5:15-6 pm     Thu     Oct 14-Nov 18 LQ     $40R/$ 60NR             6-12        6-7 pm    Tue, Thu              Dec7-30    TC BBA

R - City of Pasco Resident      NR - Non Resident                       9                          For more information call 509-545-3456
                     IFITNIgS                                                ARTS & CULTURAL
               STEP AEROBICS                                                 UINCEARERA
 CO-EDjoin the most innovative and intense workout of your
life. Aerobic stepping works every major muscle group in the
                                                                             Celebrate traditions, accomplishments and a young girl's
                                                                     journm childhood to maturity. Young ladies ages 14 and
lower body and burns 30% more body fat than traditional aero-        15 will enjoy workshops to teach etiquette, health and fitness,
bics. Floor work, stretch and cool down will be included. Bring a    journal writing, dance and more. This Quinceañera program
towel and water bottle.                                              is designed to prepare participants for a traditional event. This
Fee: $28R/$42NR                                                      event, a formal Quinceañera Party for family and friends, includes
Age Time             Days  Date                 NoClass Loc          a chance for the girls to formally introduce themselves and their
18+ 5:30-6:30 pm Mon, Wed Aug 30-Oct 20         Sep 6     SC         parents to the audience. It also includes a dance, beverages and
18+ 5:30-6:30 pm Mon, Wed 0ct25-Dec 15                    SC         snacks as well as a chance to mingle with family and friends. Tick-
                                                                     ets will be sold in advance for the Quinceañera Party. A detailed
                                                                     class outline will be handed out the first day of class.
yOGA all levels of participation in flowingfew classes? This
     New to Yoga or returning after taking a
course is for                                yoga. Classes will
                                                                     Registration Deadline:September 10
                                                                     Instructor: Mariana Sital
focus on the breathing and movements that build your strength        Fee: $50R/$75NR
and improve balance and flexibility.                                 Age       Time              Days           Date                   Loc
No class November 11 and November 25.
                                                                     14-15     6:30-8:30 pm      Tue, Thu       Sep14-Oct 23           SC
Instructor: Sharon Artz
Fee: $50R/$75NR
Age     Time            Days    Date         No Class Loc
18+     5:30-6:30 pm    Tue,Thu Sep 28-Nov4 -           SC
18+     5:30-6:30 pm    Tue,Thu Nov 9-Dec 16 Nov 11,25 SC                                                          ,

           DOES IT STRETCH & TONE                                                                TO MUSIC
                                                           Want to give your toddler
                                                        INTRODUCIION a jump-start on learning to social-
EASYclass is designed for people who have not exercised ize with others, think creatively, maintain concentration and be
before, pregnant women, overweight individuals and senior citi-
zens. The class combines toning exercises and gentle stretching      prepared for pre-school and kindergarten? In this class, parents
                                                                     and children will sing familiar and new songs, play musical games,
to increase strength, balance and flexibility.
Instructor: Kristen Fifer                                            practice listening skills by hearing a wide variety of classical,
Fee: $13R/$19NR                                                      children's and world music, and play different percussion instru-
                                                                     ments. This class will be fun for young and old alike! Parent/Child
Age Time           Days      Date             No Class    Loc
18+ 11:15 am-12 pm Mon, Wed Sep 1-29          Sep 6       SC
                                                                     class - parent must attend with child.
18+ 11:15 am-12 pm Mon, Wed Oct 4-27                      SC
                                                                     Instructor: Karen Olson
                                                                     Fee: $20R/$30NR
18+ 11:15 am-12 pm Mon, Wed Nov 1-29                      SC
18+ 11:15 am-12 pm Mon/ Wed Dec 1-29                      SC
                                                                     Age       Time        Days          Date            Loc
                                                                     3-5       10-10:30 am Mon           Sep 20-Oct 11   CH Cl

                                                                                                INiTRO TO POTTERY \-
                                                                          t's have some fun
                                                                     yLetUNGARILST'S getting our hands dirty! Hurry in and
                                                                     sign-up your kids for Introduction to Pottery. This will be an ex-
                                                                     citing class that teaches kids about the creative process of using
                                                                     hand building techniques with raw clay. This exciting class will
                                                                     have them using their imaginations to create clay pottery. Build-
                                                                     ing pottery by hand allows participants to control the size and
                                                                     shape of their creations. They will also learn how to decorate and
                                                                     glaze their finished piece. So get your mantels and shelves cleared
                                                                     off for your young artists' masterpiece! Parents are welcome to
                                                                     sign up for the program with their child.
                                                                     Instructor: Kristy Baker
                                                                     Fee: $38R/$57NR
                                                                     Age       Time           Days       Date                  Loc
                                                                     6-12      4-5 pm         Thu        Sep 23-Oct 28         SC

Register online at                             lo                            Email us at
                                                 MIX -N- MATCH
           \I I IV BREAK DAY CAMP                                                             EDUCATEON
         Don't let your kids miss out on a fun filled week of exciting   HUNTER'S State law requires all individuals born after
activities. Kids will enjoy holiday crafts, games, baking, movies        January 1, 1972 to show proof of basic hunter education training
and endless other activities. This is a great opportunity for par-       before purchasing a hunting license.
ents to get in some last minute shopping, a luncheon or gift wrap-       The program focuses on three broad topical areas:
ping. A 1 tol 0 staff to child ratio will be maintained at all times.    1) Firearm and outdoor safety
Bring a sack lunch and drink to camp every day. Early drop off and       2)Wildlife management
late pick up will not be available for this camp. Register at least      3) Hunter responsibility.This course offers comprehensive instruc-
two weeks prior to the start date to ensure availability.                tion in the proper use of firearms, firearm safety and handling,
Fee: $75R/$112NR                                                         personal safety while enjoying the outdoors, sportsmanship and
Age        Time      Days             Date              Loc              conservation.
6-12       8 am-5 pm Mon-Fri          Dec. 20-24        CH Cl &2         Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Range Day
                                                                         September 18th, time to be determined by instructor.
            SMACKERS                                                     Instructor:Wayne Long
Uni.Eand enjoy thetasty creation we will develop each week.
Children bring a parent or two and design various edible treats
                                                                         Registration Deadline: September 12
                                                                         Fee: $10R/$15NR
such as delicious holiday cookies and graham cracker houses just         Age      Time               Date                       Lac
to name a few. There will be plenty to eat and take home.                12-E     6-9:30 pm          Sep 13-18,21               C.H C2
Fee: $25R/$38NR                                                                                    _ ...-
Age      Time          Days        Date             Loc                                            ..        -
                                                                                                             ,    ,
5-7      4-5 pm        Tue         Nov 9-30         CH C2                                                         4,

5-7      4-5 pm        Tue         Dec 7-28         CH C2                                           4.

                                                              Announcing th
                                                     Sacagawea Heritage Trail

       Enter to win fun and fabulous prizes while exploring the Sacagawea Heritage Trail. Go to any of the
        dozens of checkpoints along the trail to register for prizes. The more checkpoints you reach, t he
                                           greater your chances to win.

                     Bring the entire family! No advanced registration required. Free to the public.

                                                   For more information log on to                                washingtonriver
                                                                             protect io nsolutions
       TCR Ei CONVENTION ELM AU                      1)9) 735-8486 (800)254-58;4
                                                                    The untold
                                                                   story of the
                                                                      of Oz
            What if the Wicked Witch wasn't really the wicked one? (Boston Globe)

      Loosely based on the best-selling novel, Wicked: 772e Lilë and Times aftlic
      Wicked Witch of" the Wes4 WICKED tells the story of Elphaba, the future
     Wicked Witch of the West and her relationship with Glinda, the Good Witch.
 We will depart from Pasco's City Hall parking lot and travel by motorcoach to Spokane where we will
 have a delicious dinner at Anthony's Homeport Restaurant before enjoying the production of Wicked.
 Date: Thursday, May 19, 2011           Time: 10 am-10 pm           Fee: $130 R / $195 NR
 Ages: 18 and over                      Registration Deadline: April 15, 2011
                    Fee irrcludes transportation, dinner, gratuity, and Broadway ticket
                                 (Orchestra Leve/ seating, Rows J and K)

                                                    Oc-tober 7, 2010
                                                   At the Spokane Opera House
                                                   Set on a tropical island during World War ll, the musical
                                                   tells the swooping romantic story of two couples and
                                                   how their happiness is threatened by the realities of war
                                                   and by their own prejudices.

 Time: 1 pm-1 am
 Fee: $125 R / $187 NR
 Age: 18 and older
             Ot and tray      ok
 mo    .ach where we'll hav

 cious dinner at Anthony's Homepo
 Restaurant before enjoying the produo-
 ton of SOUTH PACIFIC Fee includes
 transportation, dinner, gratuity, and
 Broadway ticket (Orchestra level seat-
 ing, Rows U and V).
          September 2, 2010
               SCHOOL PROGRAM                                                             HOOPS HYSTERIA.
   he City
ATFTER Hall Activity Center is open year-around for struc-              EvENINGto play basketball? If so, join us at the Martin
                                                                          Do you like
tured activities. These activities include dodgeball, basketball,      Luther King Center for an organized adult pickup game.
board games, and other exciting activities. Parents must pre-reg-      Fee: Free
ister their child.                                                     Age     Time              Days          Date                 Loc
Times effective August 30th                                            18+     5-7 pm            Tue, Thu      Nov 10-Jan 28        MLK
Fee: Free
Age     Time             Days                      Loc                                         LAB
7-12    3:45-5:30 pm     Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri        CH AC
                                                                          Are you into Genealogy? Would you like to look up drug
                                                                       facts on a medication that your doctor has prescribed? You can
13-17   5:30-7 pm        Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri        CH AC
                                                                       do this and much more in the Pasco Senior Center's computer lab.
7-12    2-4:30 pm        Wed                       CH AC
                                                                       Lab availability subject to change.
13-17   4:30-7 pm        Wed                       CH AC
                                                                       Fee: No charge to use the computers. There is a .15C per page fee
               STOP                                                    for anything printed.
CYBERa free neighborhood com-
  This is                                                              Ag e        Time                      Days                  Loc
puter center equipped with 15 inter-                                   18+          8 am-5 pm                Mon-Fri               SC
net accessible computer stations. This
library like facility is open to the public                                            DROP IN VOLLEYBALL
evenings and weekends to help resi-                                     COED  A fun, informal way for adults to participate in
                                                                       the sport of volleyball. Players will be randomly placed
dents gain access to the internet and to
develop and/or improve computer skills.                                on teams. Come out and make some friends as you ex-
Fee: Free                                                              ercise and have fun at the same time.
Age            Time               Days               Loc               Fee: $2/evening
9+             4-7 pm             Mon-Thu            CS                Age     Time              Days          Date          Loc
9+             12-4 pm            Sat, Sun           CS                18+     7-9:30 pm         Thu           Sep 9-Dec 16 MMS

               IIN BASKETBALL & RACQUETBALL                                                SHOOTING CLINIC
 DROP the perfect opportunity for family members to come
       This is
to the gym for fun and fitness. The gym will be open for drop in
                                                                          This 35th annual
                                                                        BASKETBALL event will be conducted for all Tri-City area
                                                                       youth. Participants will be divided into small groups by age and
basketball and racquetball. The facilities will operate during the     introduced to a variety of skill building fundamentals. This free
regular school year and will be closed during scheduled school         one-day clinic will be held over Christmas vacation for two hours.
activities and observed school holidays.                               No pre-registration required.
  _act op,'r:  q date L 2 determined the beginning of Octof            Fee: Free
Fee: Basketball $2/eve                                                 Age      Time                  Days        Date           Loc
       Racquetball $4/eve                                              7-14      12-1:30 pm           Mon         Dec 27         PHS AC
Age      Time            Days           Dates         Loc
14+      7-9 pm           Mon-Thu        Oct-Feb       PHS AC             Location Key
                                                                          CH AC - City Hall Activity Center, 525 N 3":', Pasco
                   & FIITNESS AREA                                        CH Cl - City Hall Classroom 1,525 N 3', Pasco
    he supervised weight area is open to all individuals 13               CH C2 - City Hall Classroom 2 (kitchen), 525 N 3rd, Pasco
years and older. It features a 9 station universal gym, Olympic           CH EP -City Hall East Playfield, 525 N 3rd (Nixon & 3), Pasco
weights, bar and dumb bells. An instructor is available to assist in      CH PL -City Hall Parking Lot, 525 N 3rd (Sylvester & 3d), Pasco
proper technique and develop a weight training program.                   CHS - Chiawana High School, 8125 W Argent, Pasco
Hours subject to change.                                                  CS -CyberStop, 333 5 Wehe, Pasco
Fee: Free with YMCA membership                                            LQ - LifeQuest, 4215 Convention PI, Pasco
Grade          Time              Days                       Loc           MLK -IVIartin Luther King Center, 205 5 Wehe, Pasco
13+            3-7 pm            Mon-Fri                    MLK           MiV1S - IVIcLoughlin Middle School, 2803 Rd 88, Pasco
13+            12-5 pm           Sat                        MLK           PHS AC - PHS Activity Center, 1108 N 10'h Ave, Pasco
                                                                          PHS TC -PHS Tennis Courts, 1108 N 10'h Ave, Pasco
                                                                          PHS WR - PHS Wrestling Room, 1108 N 10'h Ave, Pasco
                                                                          PSC - Pasco Sporting Complex, 6520 Home Run Rd, Pasco
          Habldnos para ti                                                SC - Senior Center, 1315 W 7'h Ave, Pasco

        información en Es                iñol                             SMS- Stevens Middle School, 1120 N 22Ave, Pasco
                                                                         SW -Sun Willows Golf Course, 1825 Sun Willows Blvd, Pasco
                                                                         TC BBA - TriCi ties Black Belt Academy, 514W Lewis St, Pasco

R - City of Pasco Resident      NR - Non Resident                  13                          For more information call 509-545-3456
                                       HEALTH & WHIM!
         EAU ON WEEEELS                                                                  DAIIVER SAFETY PROGRAM
                                                                      This is an 8 hour classroom refresher course for drivers SO years
        Enjoy a delicious and nutritious
                                                                      and older. Auto insurance discounts are available in most states
lunch. Reservations are required 24 hours in
advance and may be made by calling 543-                               upon completion of this course. Call your insurance company for
                                                                      more information on possible discounts.
                                                                      Instructor: Ernie Unruh
*52.75 suggested donation for seniors 60+
                                                                      Fee: $12 AARP members/$14 non-members
Age     Time                Days         Loc            Fee
                                                                      Age Time                Days        Date                Loc
18-59 11:30 am-12:30 pm Mon-Fri          SC             $7.15
                                                                      SO+    9 am -2 pm      Wed, Thu      Sep 8, 9           SC
60+     11:30 am-12:30 pm Mon-Fri        SC
                                                                      50+    9 am -2 pm      Wed,Thu       Oct6, 7            SC
                                                                      50+    9 am -2pm       Wed,Thu       Nov3,4             SC
                                                                      SO+    9 am -2 pm      Wed, Thu      Dec 1,2            SC

                                                                      HEAR1NG from Columbia Basin Hearing and Balance
                                                                      Center will be on hand to provide FREE hearing screening, hear-
                                                                      ing aide cleanings and hearing aide performance check-ups. An
                                                                      appointment is necessary and can be made by calling 545-3459.
                                                                      Fee: Free
                                                                      Age         Time                  Days                 Loc
                                                                      40+         11:30 am-12:30 pm     3' Tue               SC

      LU SHOT CLINIC                                                  HAPPY  Our program is designed to provide
      The Benton Franklin Health District will be conducting flu      preventative maintenance and education
shot clinics at various locations (including the Pasco Senior Cen-    to Franklin County and Burbank residents.
ter) this fall. A new vaccine with increased strength for the se-     Your Foot Care will consist of:
nior population will be available as well as regular doses for t      Inspection of feet for early detection or
general population and pediatric doses for children (Pneum            corns, calluses, ingrown toenails and other
nia shots will also be available). Billing services are available     minor foot problems.
REGULAR MEDICARE, IVIEDICAID & SELECT INSURANCES onl                  Toenails are trimmed.
More information will be available in late August by calling t        Application of lotions to relieve dryness.
Health District at 460-4200 (follow the prompts that lead to t        Instruction is given to help you care for your feet at home.
Flu information hotline).                                             Care is provided by a Registered Nurse. If an abnormality is de-
Age Time               Days         Date              Loc             tected, you will be referred to your physician or other social ser-
SO+      8 am -5 pm    Tue           Sep 28            SC             vice organization.

'Mk                                                                   Free - suggested donation $10/person
                                                                      Age Time                      Date                     Loc
                                                                      60+ 9 am-2 pm                 By appointment only      SC

Register online at                              14                           Email us at
                                                  mikrank me*
                                                    SPECIAL EVENTS
                   DANCE, DANCE                                                                    LOT BBCZ,_
DANCE,love to Dance? Don't miss the Wednesday night PARMING
      Do you                                                   Enjoy a wonderful afternoon of
dances. Enjoy music from the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s provided by                  great BBQ, music and friends. We'll be
the Columbia River Dance Band; a group of professional musi-                    cooking up hamburgers and hotdogs
cians who have played around theworld. Sponsored by the Pasco                   complete with all the fixings. Tickets
Senior Citizen's Association.                                                   are required and can be purchased
Don't miss these special upcoming dances:                                       at the Rasco Senior Center beginning
*September 29th - Hawaiian Dance. Wear your wildest Hawaiian in-                August 2nd. In case of inclement
spired attire.
                                                                                weather the BBQ will be moved inside.
 'October 27th - Halloween Costume Dance. Come dressed in your Hal-
loween best. Costumes are optional.
                                                                                Registration Deadline: October 1
*November llth - Veteran.s Honors. Veterans are encouraged to wear              Fee: $5/person
any or all of their militani uniform and vill be honored cl uring the dance.    Age     Time                Days           Date            Loc
*December Sth - Semi-Formal Christmas Dance - Come enjoy an en-                 40+      11:30 am-1pm       Mon            Oct 4           SC
chanted evening in our beautifully decorated hall. Dance to yourfavo rite
holiday music from the Columbia River Dance Band and enjoy the com-
pany of others as we share the Holiday Spirit.
Fee: $5/person at door
Age         Time                       Days                Loc
40+         7-9:45 pm                  Wed                 SC

                                                                                                 FRESH MARKET HOLIDAY DAINNEIR
                                                                                yOKE'S traditional holiday dinner with all the fixings includ-
                                                                                  Enjoy a
                                                                                ing dessert! Dinner will be served at 5:00 p.m. Seating is limited
                                                                                to the first 250 people. An RSVP is required and will be accepted
                                                                                beginning November 1st. We will take reservations until full and
                                                                                then a waitlist will be established. For information call 545-3459.
                                                                                 fhis event is for Seniors a_           imediate family members.
                                                                                Fee: Free
                             11-11DBIrs.                                        Age       Time           Days            Date            Loc
                    MON 9:00             TO      1:00                           All       5-7 pm         Thu             Dec 9           SC

                    TUE        9:00      TO      1:00'
                    WED        9:00      TC)     1:00                                 07TH ANNUAL ALL-SIENEOR-PICNK
                    WED        6:30      TO      9:00                           1        The annual All-Senior-Picnic is coming! The City of Pasco
                    THU         9:00     TO      1:00                           is this year's host and we will once again be at the TRAC facility in
                    FRI         9:00     TO      1:00                           Rasco. With easy access to ampleparking, and a climate controlled
                    SAT       cLOSED TO        CLOSED
                                                                                facility, this year's event should prove to be better than ever. You
                                                                                will enjoy entertainment, great food, prizes, vendor booths and
                    SUN       CLOSED TO CLOSED
                                                                                much more. Buttons will go on sale Monday, June 28th at the
                                                                                Rasco and Kennewick Senior Centers and at the Richland Com-
 We have a wide variety of items sure to please anyone.                         munity Center. Please purchase your buttons by September 17,
 including hand-made items. From jewelry to paintings.
                                                                                2010. Watch for posters and flyers throughout the Tri-Cities area.
 wearable art to quilts: we'U sell Your donated Items
 and use the proceeds to helP Provide Programs and ac-                          For more information call 545-3459.
 tivities to senior citizens in our community. Donations                        Fee: $5.00 per person if purcha sed in advance by September 17th.
 maY be made on Thursdays from 8:00 am 5:00 PM.                                     $8.00 per person at the door
                                                                                Age  Time             Days       Date                  Loc
                                                                                18+   11 am-2 pm      Thu        Sep 23                TRAC

R - City of Pasco Resident         NR - Non Resident                           15                     For more information call 509-545-3456
                                        CLATIVI ACTIVITIP
                 PAINTINJG                                                C EWING WITI-E MARCY
CHINA  China Painting is the art of painting on porcelain. It results
in a rich piece of art that will last forever. No artistic ability is
                                                                              If you've always wanted to learn to sew then this fun and en-
                                                                        tertaining class is for you! Marcy will teach you pattern fitting,
needed to learn to paint on China, just a desire to try something       alterations and much more. Handy hints and demonstrations are
new and have fun while                                                  available upon request. Work on your own projects or choose one
doing it. From beginners                                                of the many class projects such as craft items, home décor, jean
to the more experienced                                                 jackets and decorative sweatshirts. It's never too early to start
painter, all levels of ability                                          thinking about gift giving for the upcoming Holiday season. You
are welcomed. This is an                                                may bring your own sewing machine
open class so there is no                                               or borrow one of ours. (You will need
instructor however the                                                  to bring all other supplies). This popu-
more experienced paint-                                                 lar class fills quickly so register early by
ers would be happy to                                                   calling Marcy at 545-8285. All levels of
help you.                                                               sewers are welcomed.
Fee:50 cents/day                                                        No class November 8, 22, 29
Age       Time                   Days              Loc                  Instructor: Marcy Fink
18+       9 am-12 pm             Tue               SC                   Fee: $26R/$39NR
                                                                        Age     Time          Days            Date                Loc
                                                                        18+     12:30-3:30 pm Wed             Sep 20-Dec 6        SC
ENHANCE program designed for mature individuals, fo-
    An exercise
                                                                                              WITH JERRE
cusing on stretching, flexibility, balance, low impact aerobics
and strength training. This program is an evidence-based senior         DItAWINfG
                                                                            Have you always wanted to learn to draw or paint? Now's
exercise program developed and managed by the University of             your chance! Local artist Jerre Raven teaches this exciting class.
                                                                        No artistic ability or experience is necessary to learn, just a desire
Washington Health Promotion Research Center, Senior Services of
                                                                        to try something new. Please register in person with your instruc-
Seattle/King County and Group Health Cooperative.
                                                                        tor at the Rasco Senior Center on the first day of class. Sponsored
Instructor: Kristen Fifer
                                                                        by the Rasco Senior Center.
Fee: $23R/$34NR
                                                                        No class November 24 and December 22
Age Time       Days         Date               No Class        Loc
40+ 10-11 am Mon, Wed, Fri Sep 1-29            Sep6            SC
                                                                        Instructor: Jerre Raven
                                                                        Fee: $41R/$60NR
40-F 10-11 am Mon, Wed, Fri Oct 1 -29                          SC
                                                                        Age     Time            Days           Date               Loc
40+ 10-11 am Mon, Wed, Fri Nov 1 -29           Nov 26          SC
                                                                        18+     11 am-2 pm      Wed            Sep 1-Oct 20       SC
40+ 10-11 am Mon, Wed, Fri Dec 1 -29           Dec 24          SC
                                                                        18+     11 am-2 pm      Wed            Oct 27-Dec 29      SC

                                                                                    DOES IT STRETCH' & TONE
                                                                        EASYclass is designed for people who have not exercised
                                                                        before, pregnant women, overweight individuals and senior citi-
                                                                        zens. The class combines toning exercises and gentle stretching
                                                                        to increase strength, balance and flexibility.
                                                                        Instructor: Kristen Fifer
                                                                        Fee: $13R/$19NR
                                                                        Age Time           Days     Date                  No Class      Loc
                                                                        18+ 11:15 am-12 pm Mon, Wed Sep 1-29              Sep 6         SC
                                                                        18+ 11:15 am-12 pm Mon, Wed Oct 4-27                            SC
                                                                        18+ 11:15 am-12 pm Mon, Wed Nov 1-29                            SC
                                                                        18+ 11:15 am-12 pm Mon, Wed Dec 1-29                            SC

Register online at                                  16                           Email us at recreation,f/
                                             1115,    1           II w,c) Atee
                                                      5           54841/10
 PINOCHLEtrick-taking card game played, in its standard
     Pinochle is a                                                    mAHTONG of skill,
                                                                         A Chinese game
form, with three individual players or four players partnered into    strategy and calculation; Mah-
groups of two. It is a fast paced, somewhat complex game but          jong is similar to Rummy. It is
once learned, you'll be hooked.                                       usually played with 4 players uti-
Fee: SO cents/day                                                     lizing dice, racks and 144 domi-
Age       Time                    Days                    Loc         no-like tiles divided into seven
40+        7-9 pm                Tu e, Fri                SC          suits. The main objective is to
40+        1-4 pm                Thu                      SC          build sets with the tiles on draw-
                                                                      ing and discarding them. All lev-
                     TRAIN DOMINOES                                   els of players are welcomed. If
m_EXICANThe history of the game of Dominoes is shrouded in mys-       you've never played before, we'd
                                                                      be happy to teach you.
tery. No one knows for sure who invented the game or when.
The oldest known set of dominoes, found in the tomb of King           Fee: Free
Tut, dates back to the 18th dynasty (1355 BC) and now resides in      Age         Time                     Days             Loc
                                      King Tut's museum in Cairo,     40+         10 am-2 pm               Fri              SC
                                       This is one of many games
                                       that can be played with        CRIBBAGE played with two or more players; the objective
                                                                         A card game
                                       dominoes but it is oneofthe    is to be the first to score a target number of points (usually 61
                                       most exciting. Come join us    or 121). Points are scored for card combinations that add up to
                                       to play this fun game. Don't   fifteen, and for pairs, triples, quadruples, runs and flushes. Crib-
                                       know how to play? We'll        bage is not difficult to learn and is an enjoyable game and pas-
                                       teach you.                     time. All levels of players are welcomed. Don't know how to play
                                                                      cribbage? We'd be happy to teach you.
                                                                      Fee: SO cents/day
Age           Time              Days            Loc       Fee
40+           1-3 pm            Thu             SC        Free
                                                                      Age       Time                       Days             Loc
                                                                      40+       1-3 pm                     Wed, Fri         SC

  Interested in volunteer work? Cali 1-1 S at 5+5-5+59.                            Cantar Amens, Stmtamant
     Our programs arc dependent on volunteers.                              Funds for Foot Care, Franklin County Aging
                                                                            & LongTerm Care, and Nutrition are adminis-
                                                                            tered by the Southeast Washington Office of
                                                                            Aging and Long Term Care.
     The most popular card game
in the English speaking world,
Bridge is a trick-taking game of
strategy and trickery, played by 4                                            AVAILABLE AT SENIOR CENTER
people forming two teams. The                                                DIAL-A-RtoE PASSES AND APPLICATIONS
object of the game is for you and                                            HANDICAPPED PARKIN& APPLICATIONS
your partner to take as many "tricks" as possible. Ifs fun and easy
                                                                             POOTOCOPIES                   6IFF StIOP
to learn. Come join us and we'll teach you to play. All levels of
players are welcomed.                                                       POOL TABLES             13TV Room
Fee: SO cents/day                                                           CRAFT ROOM              0      MULTI-PURPOSE AREA
Age        Time                          Days              Loc              COMPUTER   Las                 LIBRARY AND PUZZLE ROOM
40+        9:30 am-12 pm                 Thu               SC

R - City of Pasco Resident     NR - Non Resident                                             For more information call 509-545-3456
                                RECIITRATICIN IPIrORMATION
Withdrawal Policy -Individual class                                                 Registration Guidelines
-Withdrawal requests made 7 days or more prior to the first day of class            -Advanced registration required unless otherwise noted.
will receive a full refund, less a $5 processing fee and any other charge           *Payment in full is due at time of registration.
already incurred prior to start of class. (ie: tshirts or class materials)          -No in-class registrations will be accepted.
Withdrawal requests made less than 7 days prior to the first class, but             -Classes cannot be pro-rated.
at least 24 hrs before class begins, receive a 50% refund less any other            Cancellation Policy
charge already incurred prior to start of class unless otherwise stated.            -Recreation Services reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or combine
fto refunds will be given once class begins.                                        activities as needed.
-Out of town trip withdrawal requests must be received at least 15 days             *If an activity is cancelled, participants will be notified by phone and a full
prior to event departure to receive a full refund less a $5 processing fee.         refund will be issued.
-League withdrawals will not be issued once the schedules are published.
                                                                                     Waiting List
Withdrawals are subject to a $5 processing fee and any other charge
                                                                                     If your desired class is full, we can place your name on a waiting list. If a
already incurred prior to start of class. (ie: tshirts or class materials)
                                                                                     spot opens up orwe are able to add more capacity, you will be contacted.
City of Pasco residents that meet certain requirements could be eligible for a scholarship. Application forms are available at the Recreation offi ce.

                                            5 easy options for your convenience
      On    Registration                                                                   Fax-                                        Fax (509) 545-3455
                                                                                           Credit card registration only
      Walk-! =!eg istration
                                                                                           Include a completed registration form
      Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm
      525 N. 3rd Avenue                                                                    After Hours Drop-Off
                Registration                                                               A drop box is located to the left of the front doors of City
3     Make check or money order payable to: CITY OF PASCO
      Recreation Services -PO Box 293 -Pasco WA 99301
                                                                                           Hall, 525 N. 3" (facing 3 Ave). Include a complete('
                                                                                           registration form and full payment in a sealed envelope
                                                                                           marked "Recreation Services'!
      Include a completed registration form
(Adult) First Name                                                               Last Name
Address                                                                           City                                   State                 Zi p

Phone (#1)                                    (#2)                                Email

                                                                                                                Indicate t-shi t size in box below if applicable   4\
                                                                                                                              th S M L      Adult S M L XL

     Participant's Name                    Birth Date         M/F      Activity Name                        Start Date         T-Shirt Size           Fee

    Check here if participant requires special accommodations.

Credit Card #                                                 Exp Date                           3 Digit CCV #
Cardholder's Name                                                          Billing Zip Code                                            Fax (509)545-3455
Make check or money order payable to: CITY OF PASCO                                                                  (NSF checks subject to $25 service lee)
Release of Liability: In consideration of your accepting my or my child's entry, I hereby consent to participation in the herein described activity by the child named
herein and hereby waive any and all claims against and agree to hold harmless the City of Pasco, its agents and /or employees, from any and all daims which may be
made for damages and for injury to property or any person arising as a result of or in connection with such participation by me orsaid child occasioned by any cause
what-soever, including but not limited to, negligence by the City of Pasco, or any of its agents or employees.

Signature                                                                                       Date

Register online at                                            18                                Email us at
                                                         MK! & MCILITIE1                                                                                                                                                                                   ,
                                                                                                                                                                        - ...
                                                                                                                                                                        .,.              "
                                                                                                                                                                                         ,                                                             7.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   .G             o
                                                                                                                                                                                                    .3                           C.,
                                                                                                                                                                                     C-,        g,
                                                                                        .3                                          0                                                           0.,                                                                                                        .
                                                                                                                                                                 ''''                    I'D Z                           ...-'              a
                                                                                                                                           '               Q                  73                                                       ,,,-,                                                             ..-          ',,-)               ,-
                                                                                (.-.,                       ,o
                                                                            ,Ì  ---           'a

                                                                                                                                     ---               -
                                                                                                                                                       --,,             N
                                                                                                                                                                                                         '1.7        ,   ,4 '          '-              ,0
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Q            a,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           `, 43

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     (')         Z' d
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  2= .- -                                           7:,v

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       .                                          --,---             04-        -cd..                9,
                                                                                                                                                   8. -           ...9.            .45                                                                                                              o           ,t,            .6...
                                                                           .3           ',,                      0                  0                                                                                                                           ((.?          '.e                  :'2         'S
                                                                                                                                                                                                            cy e
   Name of Park                  Location                             cz
                                                                           17           0
                                                                                                   e             `,
                                                                                                                                    o          - tie
                                                                                                                                             ..:_,-.          .. .;           ,-,*':'.         .6   -                                      .,.,.,...           ?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ,._:,            Cg                e g-,.                    E.,,...-.        , ,..        .!._?

   Cable Bridge                 1501 5 10"Ave                    1

   Casa del Sol                 4802 Laiedo Dr                   5

   Centenn ia I                 5th & Pearl                      2

   Chiawa na                    2020 Rd 88                       87                                                                                             .                                                                                                                                                                              .
   Desert Dunes                 4601 Cathedral Dr                5

   Herkage                      Between Rd 42 &44 @ Park St      5

   Highlan d                    Wehe &Broadway                   13

   Island                       8001 Wrigley Dr                  5

   Kurtzman                     Well e & Alton                   9

   Liberty                      4200 John Deere Ln               5

   Lincoln                      5602Wrigley                      3

   Lucas                        14,'& Lincoln Dr                 2

   McGee Playfield              4601 Horizon Dr                  10

   Memorial                     1520W Shoshone                   13

   Mercier                      7Th   & 8                        3

   Pasco Sporting plot     6520 Home Run Rd                 19

   Peanuts                      4"& Lewis                        1

   Richa rdson                  1910 Richardson                  5

   *Riverview                   1700 South A Street              17

   Schlagel                     South 4" &VVash ington           3

   Soccer Fields                Rd 3ti &Argent PI                10

   Sunny Meadows                5405 Robert Wayne Dr             5

   Sylvester                    5'n& Sylvester                   3

   TCYSA Soccer Compla          6200 Burden Rd                   45

   Vinta ge                     5705 Rd 84                       8

   Volunteer                    4th &Marie                       7

   Wade                         Between Rd 39 & 54 @ Col. Riwr   25

   Wayside                      East Lewis &Main                 1

                      *Riverview Park has 4 Little League baseball fields, 1 lighted Babe Ruth field and theTrailhead to the Sacagawea Trail.
                                      All City parks are open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. unless otherwise posted.
Dust Devil Stadium: 6200 Burden Blvd. Professional minor                                                                                Senior Center: 1315 N. 7th A 18,500 sq. ft. center on 1 acre
league stadium on 10 acres, 4,000 seats, 1,000 car parking lot,                                                                         with meeting rooms, pool room, cards, kitchen, dance floor,
concessions, restrooms and picnic area.                                                                                                 reading area, health screening and offices offering a variety of
                                                                                                                                        programs for senior citizens.
City Hall: 525 N. 3rd Ave. City offices, gymnasium and two (2)
ball fields on 8 acres.                                                                                                                  Sun Willows Golf Course & Golf Cart Sheds: 1825 Sun Willows
                                                                                                                                         Blvd. Public 18 hole course on 100 acres, par 72, 6,900 yards. Open
iViartin Luther King Center: 205 S. Wehe (Kurtzman Park). MLK
                                                                                                                                         seven days a week. Club rentals, pro shop. 118 golf cart storage
Community Center is 22,200 sq. ft. includes gymnasium, game
                                                                                                                                         sheds on 5 acres at Sun Willows.
rooms, classrooms and offices.

R - City of Pasco Resident                  NR - Non Resident                                                         19                                                                                                 For more information call 509-545-3456
                                             3 ACM.         -u-

                                  DID YOU KNOW CCO
           Chiawana Park will be closed starting October 1, 2010 until April 1, 2011

              II restrooms and portable facilties in our parks will be closed or removed
               Mid-October, this is done to prevent freezing in the colder months.

              e hours for the Spray Park at the Softball Complex will become more
           limited in September. It will be open for use no more than 5 days a week
           when staff are on-site.

           We will begin accepting Picnic Shelter Rentals for 2011 on January 3rd.

 City of Pasco Water & Sewer          545-3488    Boys & Girls Club                        543-9980
                                      545-3489    YMCA                                     374-1908
 Water & Sewer Emergency                                                                   545-3416
                 M-F 7am-3:30 pm 545-3463         Head Start (MLK)                         544-9446
                 after hours     545-2737
                                                  Court Kids                               547-9604
 PUD (electric)                       547-5591    Pasco Little League                      544-9124
 BDI (garbage)                        547-2476    Pasco Youth Football                     366-2994

 Pasco Police Dept non-emergency      545-3510    Babe Ruth Baseball League                547-9604
                  emergency           911         Tri-City Youth Soccer Association        544-0276
 Pasco Fire Dept      non-emergency   545-3426    PARK RENTALS
                      emergency       911         Army Corps of Engineers           547-2048 ext 8
                                                  (Charbonneau, Fishhook, Hood, Levey,Windust)
 Burn Information                     544-3098
                                                  City of Pasco Parks               545-3456
 Animal Control                       545-3740
                                                  (Chiawana, Kurtzman, Memorial,Volunteer)
 Code Enforcement                     545-3441
                                                  McNary Wilciiife Refuge                  546-8350
 Graffiti Abatement                   544-3090
                                                  Sacajawea State Park                     545-2361
 Business License                     545-3402
                                                  WA State Park Reservations              1-888-226-7688
 Building Permits                     545-3442 /reservations

Register online at              20                     Email us at recreation(a)
                       17th Annual

Thursday, September 23rd at TRAC in Pasco
    11:00 am to 2:00 pm - $5 per person
   Pre-registration and payment are required. Entry price at the door $8.

                                  The Diamond Experience
                                  A Tribute to the Music of Neil Diamond
                          Badger Mountain Dry Band
                                        Local Bluegrass Band
Food - Prizes - Vendor Booths - Climate Controlled/

      Tickets on Sale Now at These Locations:
   Pasco Senior Center, 1315 N. 7th Ave.                       545-3459
   Kennewick Senior Center, 500 S. Auburn                      586-4303
   Richland Community Center, 500 Amon Dr.                     943-7529

 Mark your calendars & make plans to attend!

                           Registro Por Tate-met a
                                     pasco wa

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