Errors to Avoid In MLM Business by yankirby


									Errors to Avoid In MLM Business

For the many people new to the Mlm business, or for veterans who have yet to realize
success in the industry, recognizing and correcting four detrimental yet commonly made
mistakes can make all of the difference. Today, we'll look at some of the mistakes many
in the Mlm business make and what you can do about them.

Mistake 1

The first mistake practically everyone makes in this industry is trying to sell. We are in
the teaching and mentoring business. If we are doing this right, we're building
relationships, not attempting to get individuals into our deals. People can feel the
difference when you’re talking to them and trying to sell them. They do not like it.
Neither do you! You don’t like to be sold, and also you do not like the feeling you get
when you are trying to sell something. It does not sit right deep down inside. So stop it!
Build relationships, and success will follow. That's key!

Mistake 2

Not checking the background of your company leadership to make sure that they have
Mlm experience, with integrity, is another mistake. Why does this matter, you ask? Well,
do you want to build this once, build it big, and build it for your children’s children?
Then you better make sure that the people running it know what they’re doing and
respect the guys and gals in the field who're building it. The very best way to do this is to
read your company’s policies and procedures.

Mistake 3

Not finding out how many people it takes to earn the income you would like is a big
blunder. Would you like to make $10,000 every month? Okay, then how many people in
your organization does ittake, on the back end, to make your goal? How doable is that?
Are you having trouble simply keeping 10, 20, or 30?

In most comp plans to generate $10,000 a month, you require anywhere from 1,600 to
5,000 individuals, based on how your plan is set up. How doable is that when you can’t
even keep 30? I know of a comp plan around that demands less than 400 individuals to
make $10,000 per month. How much easier do you believe it is to keep people in that
plan? Pretty easy, I would say. So make sure you know the numbers, then crunch them to
see how doable it is for you.

Mistake 4

The final mistake that many Mlm distributors make is chasing after their friends and
families. Unfortunately, a big majority of companies around employ this “technique” as
their main source of lead generation. Ouch! Allow me to simply tell you from personal
experience that your “warm market” is the coldest out there! If you are in a company
where this is the main source of lead generation, you are in for a difficult time, my friend!
This method doesn't work. The best leads are the ones you generate yourself, and if your
company, team, or upline doesn’t have a system in place to do that, it is likely to be very

These are simply a couple of the mistakes several people make in a Mlm business,
however with a few basic skills and a good system in place, these mistakes are possible to
avoid. If you are having difficulties, take a good look at these mistakes and see if you are
not making one of them in your own Mlm business.

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