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									Olomouc without barriers

Summer school AER 2010
Content of the presentation

 Brief historical introduction
 Project „Olomouc without
  barriers“ (OwB)
 Steps taken in Olomouc
       barriers in pedestrian traffic
       barriers in public transport
Olomouc – historical town

 First mentions of Olomouc - 1017
 13th century, the town was walled
  and declared officially founded
 City walls were enhanced over the
Olomouc –walled town and fortress -
     military map from1643
Olomouc – historical town

 The second largest city heritage
  area in the Czech Republic after
 The Baroque Holy Trinity Column
  - added to the UNESCO World
  Heritage list in 2000
Holy Trinity Column
Olomouc – historical city
Social care in Czechoslovakia after
World War II
 mainly institutional care
 large institutions, hundreds of
  people living together
 People with disabilities - exculded
  out of the society
 Typical home for people with
disabilities in the socialism era
BreakPoint – Velvet Revolution (1989)
Changes in social care after 1989 (1)

    Rise of NGOs providing social
    Transformation of large social care
    Persons with disabilities living in
     their families
    Demand to integrate people with
     disabilities into public life
Changes in social care after 1989 (2)

   2001 - the City of Olomouc
    approved a project called „Olomouc
    Without Barriers“ (OwB).

               Its mission:
    To make the City of Olomouc a
    pleasant place to live for all its
„Olomouc without barriers“

   Long-run strategy aimed at
    improving the quality of life of
    handicapped citizens of Olomouc
   The major task - equal conditions
    for all (public services, education,
    culture, job, sports, public life)
OwB project - objectives

   Removing architectural and
    technical barriers
   Preventing new barriers and
    obstacles from coming into
   Eliminating barriers in communication
    and information
OwB project - target group
   According to the Czech legislatition
    barrier free environment is build for
    people with motor, visual, hearing
    and mental disabilities, elderly
    people, babies, pregnant women and
    persons accompanying babies
   Cca 1/3 of population
   Seen from another perspective - every
    person needs a barriers free
    environment throughout ones life
Barriers free mobility in Olomouc

   Pedestrian transport
   Public transport
Mobility for All
   The National Development Programme
    Mobility for All
      Main objective - to ensure sustainable
       development of mobility
      This can be achieved by means of new,
       quality transport infrastructure (transport
       routes, services, vehicles, information
Mobility for All
    Olomouc annualy presents Projects
     of barrier-free routes to the
     Governmental Board for People with
     Disabilities according to the National
     programme Mobility for All:
    easy-access to a defined area
     (route), sidewalks adjustments,
     crossings, public transport stops,
     entrances to public buildings etc.
Routes without barriers in Olomouc –
subsidy from The State Fund for
Transport Infrastructure
Routes without barriers in Olomouc
Barriers free Public Buildings and
   Institutions – Health Care center
Barriers free Public Buildings and
Institutions – Post Office
Barriers free Public Buildings and
Institutions – City Hall
Barriers free Public Buildings and
Institutions – City Hall (interior)
Public transport (1)
   The City of Olomouc’s Public Transport
    Company (OPTC) has developed a strategy
    of its own called ‘The Easy-Access
   low floor vehicles, street refuges, lifting
    platforms for wheelchairs in buses, easy-
    access minibuses
   Bus and tram stops - strips with different
    structure in the pavement for blind
Public transport (2)
Public transport (3)
Public transport (4)

   Tram stations fitted with brailled
    information tables
   Vehicles operated by OPTC - acoustic
    communication system for blind,
    weak-sighted and deaf passengers
Public transport (5)
Public transport (6)

   The City financially supports taxi
    service for people with disabilities
   Long-distance transport - low floor
    buses. Busiest link Olomouc -
    Prostejov - Prerov is operated only
    by barrier free vehicle
Public transport - buildings (1)

   The Central Bus Station is equipped
    with acoustic beacons
   All platforms - fitted with brailled
    information tables
Public transport - buildings (2)
   The Central Railway Station in Olomouc
    got rid of numerous barriers and
    obstacles during the recent
   Approach ramps for wheelchairs
   The station’s hall and the platforms are
Public transport - buildings (3)

   The railway station - aids and
    appliances for blind and weak-sighted
   The public space around railway
    station - completely barriers free
Public transport - buildings (4)
Public transport - buildings (5)
Public transport - buildings (6)
             Thank you

Jana Cukova
City of Olomouc


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