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									                             Tewkesbury Historical Society
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Society held on 22 April 2010 at the Tewkesbury
Methodist Church Hall.

The THS Chairman Cliff Burd welcomed David and Carol Evans (here to make the Woodard
Award), our speaker Bill Treen, 25 members and guests (a dozen or so). He thanked those that had
hosted committee meetings, and those that organised meeting refreshments.

Apologies for absence.
Were received for Nora Day, John Loosley, Marion Willavoys, June Flude and Gordon Baker.


The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 23 April 2008 were reviewed and approved
and signed as a correct record.

President’s Report.
The President, John Dixon, gave his report on the past years activities.
      Sam Eedles’s article on the last passenger rail service to Tewkesbury in 1961 was short-
       listed for the county Jerrard Award.
      Talks this season ranged over a wide set of topics, including folk songs by Richard Sermon,
       Battle of the Somme, Tewkesbury’s water supply, Chartists at Snig’s End.
      Next season’s programme is:
       Ian Boskett:- Ashchurch to Tewkesbury Railway – The Left Overs.
       Dr. Carrie Howse:- Rural District Nursing in Glos. 1880-1925
       Malcolm Atkin:- The Real Dad’s Army – The Home Guard in World War II
       Pete Wilson:- Making Radio Local – Via Local History
       Dr. Andrew Crowther:- Tewkesbury and its Hospital
       Thatcher’s Tewkesbury Children Enjoying Themselves
      John is still acting Programme Secretary and asked for a volunteer to take over this job.
      Thanks were given to the Committee for their work over the year.
      Thanks were given to those organising refreshments at the meetings.
      Thanks were given to the Methodist Church for the use of their hall and for the technical
       assistance provided at meetings.
      Thanks were given to those other members that also served the Society as follows:
       Ann Wicken for Poster Distribution.
       Penny Last for transcribing the Index of the Tewkesbury Register.
       Wendy Snarey for attending meetings on behalf of the Society and for arranging
       Register indexing.
       Joan Smith for research transcription.
       Margaret Day and Janet Martin for refreshments.
       Derek Benson for website development and maintenance and Bulletin formatting.
       (Plans are afoot to have the Woodard Database available on-line).
Bill Rennison.
John reported that Bill Rennison is moving to Reading to live near his daughter. Bill is a life
member and founding member and past Treasurer of the Society. Although he is a Yorkshireman,
his links with Tewkesbury are long-standing. He was Deputy Headmaster of Tewkesbury Grammar
School, taught at Tewkesbury Comprehensive and was Mayor of Tewkesbury in 1979. He was
involved in the Scouts Movement for many years and his article in this year’s Bulletin reflects this.
He was also jointly responsible for the transcription of 16th and 17th century Tewkesbury wills. He
was presented with a picture of Tewkesbury Abbey as a memento.

Secretary’s Report.
      Regional Local History Day will be held at Painswick on Saturday 13 June 2010 2-5pm.
       Details can be found on the Gloshistory Website/Events.
      Local History Day to be held at Sir Thomas Riches’ School on Saturday 2 October 2010
       2pm. The theme is ‘A Fair Day’s Wage for a Fair Day’s Work: Workers’ Movements in

Treasurer’s Report.
John, Acting Treasurer, reported the financial accounts for the year 1 April 2009 to 31 March 2010.
    The society’s total assets at the end of the financial year is £6,826.72
    Membership stood at 79 (65 in 2009: Expats: 17 Family: 26 Individual: 29 Life/Widows: 7
    Income from all sources came to £2,128.81
    Expenditure of all types came to £2,937.22
    Income/Expenditure balance for the year -£808.41
    Total cash assets is £4,782.72
    Publications stock value is £1,554.00
    Hardware value is £490.00
    Two significant items in this year’s accounts were; 1. Reprinting costs for Bulletin 18 as the
       first run did not reproduce all of the Bulletin; 2. Flood insurance payments for Bulletins lost
       in the flood.

The Treasurer reported that the accounts had been audited and found to be correct by Mr. Cecil
Hallett. The company ‘Morgan Waugh Haines’ have agreed to undertake the audit on an ongoing no
fee basis.
                                                               Accounts were accepted.

Committee Resolutions.

      Resolution 1: That THS henceforth has one basic individual membership of £5.
      Resolution 2: That meeting entrance charges are increased to £2 for members and £3 for
                                                                  Both resolutions were carried.

Bulletin 19

Bulletin 19 was published on 19 February 2010, edited by John Dixon, formatted by Derek Benson,
covers designed by Sam Eedle and proof read by the usual anonymous person.

The cost of production was around £600 and the expected price for members is £6.
Election of Committee.
The following members having signified that they would be prepared to continue, were re-elected to
form the Committee;-

       John Dixon             Cliff Burd                    Derek Benson
       Janet Martin           Ken Flude
       Sam Eedle              David Willavoys
                                                         All were accepted en-block unanimously.

Bill Rennison was a Trustee of the Society and as he is leaving the area, Alan Snarey was elected to
replace him a Trustee.

Bob Woodard Research Award.
The President welcomed Dr. David Evans and invited him to announce the winner of the award for
the best article published in the 2009 Society Bulletin 18.

David gave an entertaining short account of his links with Tewkesbury and went on to praise the
quality of the Society’s Bulletins. He and John Loosely thought that many of the articles in Bulletin
18 were of a very high standard but they had decided that the winner was Sam Eedle for “Adieu
with Bangs and Whistles” – the Last Passenger Rail Service to Tewkesbury Station, 1961.

Date of next AGM.
It was agreed to fix the date of 21 April 2011.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.40 pm.
There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.40 pm.

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