Halloween Parade by liwenting


									                                                                             October 15, 2010

Dear Families,

Our annual Halloween Parade will take place Friday, October 29 at 2:15. Costumes are worn for
the afternoon only. In the past most students have gone home for lunch to dress in their
costumes. If your child is going home with someone on your emergency card, please remember
to write a note to the classroom teacher. For students remaining at school for lunch, assistants
will be available to supervise and assist children with their costumes if necessary.

Morning kindergarten and preschool students are invited back for the parade and must be
accompanied by an adult. Following the parade, morning students will leave with their parents.

The parade route will be as follows: Exiting the primary wing door to Pinelynn Road, walking
east to the path paralleling the parking lot, continuing on the path in front of the school building,
returning around loop for a second trip.

Students may not carry toy weapons of any kind. If a costume has a mask, it may be worn during
the parade, and must be taken off when entering school.

In the event of rain, chairs will be set up in the gym for families. Classes will “parade” into the
gym, across the stage, through an aisle and back to their classrooms. At the conclusion, only
Class Parents will return to the classroom for the party; all other parents and family members will
exit the building. Strollers may not be brought into the gym.

If you are taking your child home, please remember lunch begins at 11:30 and ends at 12:20.
Crossing guards will not be present after 12:20. Please complete the form below and return to
your child’s teacher by Monday, October 25.

Please remember that all children will be dismissed at 3:18.

Happy Halloween!

Ms. Cappadona

Friday, October 29, my child ____________________in class___________

_____ will stay for lunch

_____ will go home for lunch

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