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									Business Coaching Australia
Our Business Coaching consultants provide results driven coaching with clarity & accountability while
having fun in the process. We are leading Business Coaching providers in Sydney, Australia

       Training in Business Coaching and Mentoring techniques that will help you to run profit
        improvement programs as well as exit strategies (i.e. how to prepare a business for sale and
        obtain the maximum sale price)
       Our Business coaching services offer broad range of end user business technology to support
       Our business coaching systems provide complete range of business technology designed for the
        consultancy/coaching practice that helps deliver reports, profit improvement proposals, plans
        and systems easily and quickly.
       A full range of software in the business exit strategy area
       Comprehensive training on the processes and methodology for running a successful business

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Frequently Asked Questions - Business Coaching
1. Who can benefit from business coaching?

A Business Owner, Sales Executive, Client Employed Provider (CEP), Managing Director, Line Manager or
a person wishing to change careers. Anyone in business, who is stuck in a rut, is looking for a better way.
If they want to learn more and want some pushing and to be held accountable, then it’s for them.

How can I find out whether it will benefit me?
A 90 minute business and/or career health check will cover questions that are present in a healthy
business or career and hence whether there is any specific positive benefit to your circumstances.

2. What programs do you offer?

In the 7 session program you will learn to:


Accomplish your goals by creating step by step plans that give you clarity and vision, develop and focus
on your special talents and strengths, see exactly what you really want and need in your business and
personal life.

Simplify and streamline your life and business so you do more of the things you most enjoy get paid the
most for doing it.

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