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					            Improve your personal and
         professional communication skills

                      7 October 2008, 19:00-21:30
                    Hotel AC Barcelona, Room Gracia


   (1) To know how to communicate with business
   (2) To understand key drivers for business when communicating on sustainable
       development and ecosystems issues
   (3) To be able to identify key components of business case development

Organizing Partners

                        World Business Council for Sustainable

               Description - Learning Opportunity Ref #2017

Effective communication is key to accelerating implementation of the sustainable
development agenda. What skills are needed to inspire behaviour change about how
do you ensure your voice is heard?

This workshop will explore why communication is so critical to organisational
success and to changing behaviour. Global communication trends will be examined.
And we will look at how to develop both broad and specific sustainability-related
communications strategies, including marketing strategies and using strong brands. A
WBCSD company case study will be used to illustrate these issues in practice.

                                      * * * * *

The Business Night School (BNS) has been designed to help non-business participants
understand the role of the private sector in contributing to ecosystem management
solutions. Participants will also be equipped with the skills and knowledge they need
to work with business on these issues.

The BNS is a series of workshops that address different parts of business and
ecosystems in four thematic areas: business basics, partnerships, communication and
tools and will be run over three evenings from Monday 6th to Wednesday 8th
October. Each evening, the thematic area will include core curriculum followed by a
different WBCSD company case study with examples from the following sectors:
cement, infrastructure, energy, mining, agri-business, forestry, advertising and
information and communication technology.

The BNS will be led by trainers and facilitators who will provide a proactive learning
environment alongside the company experts. Participants will be invited to test their
knowledge, build upon personal experiences, explore situations and plan for future
action. Pre and post reading will be made available to all participants along with
workshop materials. Participation certificates will be provided at the end of each
session and an opportunity for networking over cocktails from 21:30.

                Agenda - Learning Opportunity Ref #2017

            Improve your personal and
         professional communication skills
Time    Event              Content                                    Facilitator/
19:00   Session 1          • Setting objectives of the BNS and        Margaret
        Welcome,             specific workshop, providing             Johnson
        objectives and       overview of the agenda, introducing      and Cheryl
        introduction         WBCSD, speakers and participant and      Hicks
                             answering focus question –
                             presentation and exercise
19:10   Session 2          • What do we mean by                       Margaret
        Basic principles     communications?                          Johnson
        of                 • How companies use communications
19:20   Session 3          • Mapping stakeholders: different needs    Margaret
        How companies        and different approaches                 Johnson
        communicate        • Internal communications -
        on SD              • External communications – building
                             trust through brands,
                           • Tools and approaches – deep dive into
                           • It’s more than greenwashing,
19:40   Session 4          • Key do’s and dont’s about                Margaret
        How to               communicating with business,             Johnson
        communicate        • Identify your individual and             with input
        with companies       organizational strengths                 from
        on SD              • Know your way around a business          Johanna
                             case including an interactive skills     Jokinen
                             building session to help improve your    and Cheryl
                             approach to communicating with           Hicks
20:15   Session 5          • Case study example to illustrate how     Johanna
        Case study           companies are communicating on           Jokinen
                             sustainable development practices:
                             Nokia’s internal communications
                             initiative to engage everyone to do
                             their share - “The Power of We”
                             including the challenges and benefits
                             of such an approach.
21:00   Session 6          • Interactive session on identifying the   Margaret
        Key success          most successful approaches to            Johnson
        factors              communicating on sustainable

21:20   Session 7        • WBCSD’s approach to sustainable        Cheryl
        Reflection and     consumption issues                     Hicks and
        feedback         • Feedback form to be completed as       participants
                           participants reflect on the Learning
                           Opportunity and complete the
                           evaluation / feedback form provided

21:30   Close

          Background Reading - Learning Opportunity Ref #2017

             Improve your personal and
          professional communication skills

Essential reading before the event

Let them eat cake                 WWF report on changing consumer habits towards      consumer responsibility
Futerra website                   Innovative communications agency who specialise in         sustainable development and have various approaches
                                  to getting it right

Driving Success                   Executive Brief that explores how marketing and        communication strategies be shaped to build trust,
ublications/marketing.pdf         develop new business opportunities and create
                                  competitive advantage.

Additional recommended reading

The Green Marketing               Unique perspective that deals head on with
Manifesto                         greenwashing and encourages moving consumers       towards new behavior.

From Challenge to                 Sets out a "manifesto for tomorrow's global
Opportunity                       business" as defined by the Tomorrow's Leaders        group of the WBCSD. It also discusses why and how
ot/4lcRHbx7NPrVWlwpGxaL           four key areas of business and sustainable
/tomorrows-leaders.pdf            development need to be profitable in order to be

Can Sustainability Sell?          Tries to convince the private sector there is a market       for sustainable good and services to protect brand
irect.cgi?r=    health and profitability – by McCann-
/pc/sustain/reports/advertising   Erickson/UNEP

      Organizers’ Biographies - Learning Opportunity Ref #2017

           Improve your personal and
        professional communication skills

Margaret Johnson   Margaret is a sustainability consultant who, until recently,
                   worked with Insurance Australia Group (IAG) as Manager –
                   Innovation and Sustainability in the Chief Financial Office.
                   During her 5 years with IAG, she helped develop and drive
                   change relating to IAG’s sustainability strategy. She achieved
                   significant success in identifying and articulating risks and
                   opportunities relating to sustainable development for the Chief
                   Financial Office. Areas of focus included internal
                   sustainability reporting, energy efficiency in the property
                   portfolio, culture change activities, carbon reduction strategies
                   and low carbon investment opportunities. Successes in these
                   areas have been important contributors to IAG being
                   consistently recognized as a global leader in sustainable

Johanna Jokinen    Johanna Jokinen is the head of Nokia’s environmental
                   communications and has a global responsibility for
                   environmental communications in the company. She holds a
                   degree in marketing and has conducted further studies in
                   brand management in the Helsinki School of Economy.

Cheryl Hicks       Cheryl Hicks manages the WBCSD’s work focused on
                   business and society issues. For the past year Cheryl has led
                   the WBCSD’s workstream on sustainable consumption which
                   is exploring the relationship between business activities,
                   consumer behavior and environmental and social challenges.
                   Cheryl also leads a WBCSD initiative which brings business
                   together directly with financial institutions to accelerate action
                   on valuing sustainability in the capital markets. This
                   initiative builds on the WBCSD’s expertise in sustainability
                   reporting & accountability where Cheryl has been a member
                   of the core team since 2004. Cheryl has 12 years of business
                   experience including 7 years working at the intersection of
                   business and sustainable development issues. Cheryl is
                   Canadian and throughout her career has worked and lived in
                   Australia, Canada, Colombia, South Korea, and is currently
                   based in Geneva, Switzerland.

           Organizations - Learning Opportunity Ref #2017

           Improve your personal and
        professional communication skills
World Business Council for   The World Business Council for
Sustainable Development      Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
                             is a CEO-led, global association of
                             some 200 companies dealing
                             exclusively with business and
                             sustainable development. The Council
                             provides a platform for companies to
                             explore sustainable development,
                             share knowledge, experiences and
                             best practices, and to advocate
                             business positions on these issues in a
                             variety of forums, working with
                             governments, non-governmental and
                             intergovernmental organizations.

                             Nokia is the world leader in mobility,
                             driving the transformation and growth
                             of the converging Internet and
                             communications industries. We make
                             a wide range of mobile devices with
                             services and software that enable
                             people to experience music,
                             navigation, video, television, imaging,
                             games, business mobility and more.
                             Developing and growing our offering
                             of consumer Internet services, as well
                             as our enterprise solutions and
                             software, is a key area of focus. We
                             also provide equipment, solutions and
                             services for communications networks
                             through Nokia Siemens Networks.