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									Branding & Corporate Identity

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Branding & Corporate Identity :
Brand : A trade name, recognition, a mark, an identity, A mark of ownership, a value

Branding is a well defined process, not a task Branding is personality of a company.

In branding there are two most important elements :
• Positioning • Identity

"Brand Identity is very important for your Business“

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Purpose of Brand :
It can Inspire the organization It can Motivate It can Connect It can Simplify It can Inform and engage

Aspects of Brand :
• Your Brand Image • Your Brand Identity • Your Brand Position

"Branding plays a key role for Business Growth"

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Corporate Identity :
Corporate Identity: A company name, logo, signage system and any other visual appearance of a Business.

It is visible element for Business

Corporate Identity is 3 parts :
• Corporate Communication • Corporate Value • Corporate Design

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Corporate Identity Guidelines :
It is also called a Brand Identity of a company.

Brand Identity should follow consistent rules :
• Logo protection Zone/spacing should be maintained • Use of Logo Colors should be minimum
• Logo Variations - Minimum Size Use, Web safe & PowerPoint • Digital File Formats Compatible - IBM Compatible, Macintosh Compatible • It should be well fitted to the promotional items

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6 Important Elements for Brand Identity :
• Name • Logo • Color • Font

• Tagline

• Alignment

Benefits of having a brand identity for a company :
• • • • • To look Bigger to the outside world To attract clients To create a brand yourself To convey that you are well established To explain your thoughts and vision

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Branding & Corporate Identity

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