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									Quarter 1 Midterm

 By:Estefani Quintana
     What is the most important
          topic in Unit 1?
•   The most important topic we
    covered was Atlantic Slave Trade.
•    The Atlantic slave trade would
    trade would make Africans work on
    Encomiendas and plantations.The
    slaves would pick cotton,sugar,and
    tobbaco.Which then was sent to
    Europe to be turned into goods like
    clothes.The goods were taken down
    to Africa and then would be traded
    for Africans.This was called the
    Atlantic Slave trade.This topic is
    important because many slaves
    were traded.I chosed this topic
    because it seemed important.
                                   Unit 2
•   The most important topic
    that we covered was The
    Three Amendments.
•    The three Amendments
•   The 13th Amendment was
    the law that freed the
    slaves in 1865.
•    The 14th Amendment
    then made all the slaves
•   The 15th Amendment
    allowed the former slaves
    to vote.This topic is
    important cause it helped
    slaves a lot.I chosed this
    topic because It was really
    important.This affects us to
    day because without the
    three Amendments slavery
    would still be going on.
                                      Unit 3
•   The most important topic that we covered
    was Mexican Independence.
•   Miguel Hidalgo was a priest.He united all
    the mestizos,blacks,and Indigenous to
    fight the spanish.He his speech Grito De
    Dolores cause he knew hw was going to
    get captured or arrested.He got caught
    and got killed.But another great leader
    such as Jose Maria Morales also
    helped.The spanish were then kicked
    out.The new president Vicente Guerrero
    which was half black and Indigenous.The
    Plan De Iguala Freed slaves in
    Mexico.This was important cause Miguel
    Hidalgo led them.This effects us today
    because if Mexico would of never kicked
    out the Spanish.Spain would rule today.

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