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									            The Body Magic Review An In-depth Analysis Of The Effectiveness of the Ardyss Body Magic

Based on recent findings over 60 percent of men and women in the United States beyond the
age of 19 are overweight.

Studies further shows that one in four grown persons are regarded as obese and at any given
time over the course of a year at least half of the United States adult population is on a diet.

To rise above the weight loss battle many American women have stumbled across the Body

The real issue is, does it work and is it genuinely an effective weight
loss tactic?
This document will evaluate the reasons why so many women are turning to Body Magic and
whether or not it in fact satisfies the standards, promises, and wishes of those that are seeking
to lose weight.

                                                 The garment was created as a combined effort
                                                 amongst orthopedic and plastic surgeons.

                                                 At first, these doctors set out to produce a garment
                                                 that would give relief or substantially lessen back pain

                                                 But, during the conception process, the circle of
                                                 doctors then recognized that the garment could also
                                                 handle a number of health issues concurrently.

                                                 Therefore, the final product is acknowledged as a
                                                 medical grade garment suitable for:

   ●    Back Support
   ●    Shoulder Support
   ●    Thermal Therapy
   ●    Orthopedics Care
   ●    Back Pain Relief
   ●    Weight Loss
   ●    Tummy Tuck
   ●    Abdominoplasty
   ●    High Back Compression
   ●    Abdomen Compression
   ●    Post Maternity Care

A number of women are fascinated with the garment because of the assurances of losing
up to three sizes in ten minutes.

                                             There are plenty of Youtube videos with typical-size
                                             to big beautiful women squeezing, twisting, and
                                             some even kneading themselves into one of these

                                             In watching the videos and going through the many
                                             Body Magic "before and after" pictures, it is very
                                             apparent that the garment does in fact give the
                                             illusion of a tummy tuck, breast lift, and buttock

                                             It really does visually change the shape of the body.
                                             But we all know that everything is not always as it
                                             appears. It's one thing to appear as though you
                                             have lost weight and another to actually lose

So we've confirmed that the garment makes a woman seem 2-3 sizes smaller. That is
sufficient for many women. However, there are tons more who wish to be able to take the
garment off and still look 2-3 sizes smaller and unaffected by gravity. Can the so called magical
garment aid with that?

As per Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Leonel Kelly,
             "...since fat is predominantly water, like water, it takes on the shape of
             whatever "container" it's in. So what happens is, as a person wears the garment
             on a regular basis, their body starts to take on the form that it is in when they
             have on the Body Magic (which is why it's called a reshaping garment.)"

Basically the garment can be compared to a mold, it's molding or reshaping the body. If it is put
on daily for up to 8 hours, the body will start taking the same shape and form as the garment.
It works much like a girdle with the difference being this garment has a built in fat re-distribution
system known as Lipo-Transportation. What this means is when a woman wears the garment
her fatty tissue is literally moved to where fatty tissue is needed. The only places women
generally need fatty tissue is in the hips, breasts, and buttocks. Once the areas needing the
fat are filled, the excess fat is moved to the abdominal region. The pressure from the garment
on the abdomen helps to compress fat cells which supports excess fat removal through the
lymphatic system (meaning its passed out of the body mainly via urination).

Women have affirmed that after wearing body magic 6-8 hours every day for 30 days
that they have actually experienced weight loss. Women who wear the garment for special
occasions and events only, do not experience the same progress. Women who change their
diet and wear the body magic consistently, tend to achieve greater weight loss than those who
just wear the garment. Moreover, women who exercise, change their diet, and wear the garment
persistently, report even greater success with their weight loss plans.

The logical conclusion is that the Body
Magic works.
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