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					Article Marketing: One Of The Important Strategies That Every Newbie Should Know
People use the Internet to find information. One great way to get your company noticed is to use article marketing. There are two main uses for article marketing - articles to post on sites and articles to give away as free information on your own site. Article marketing uses article sites to post articles that people can read for free. Articles are like any other type of informational piece except that they list your website name or address at the end of the article.

Take care to: * Give helpful advice * Make sure the articles hold the reader's interest * Provide a way to reach your site * Ensure content is well written * Provide articles that can be quickly skimmed Article sites each have their own set of rules to follow but there are some general guidelines to keep in mind. Keep the articles between 400 and 500 words long. Articles must be unique meaning that they can't be copied from other articles. Finally, they should not contain too much promotional information about your site. If they fail at any of these they may be rejected to the site. Article marketing is one way to help establish yourself as an expert in your field. You can do this even if you don't write the articles yourself. You can use an SEO company to ghostwrite keyword articles on a specific list of subjects and then use your own name on them. Establishing yourself as an expert is one of the best ways to promote your own product or service. For example if your website sells gardening tools establish yourself as a gardening expert. Write articles that teach people about the various aspects of gardening that they want to know. People who are searching for information will locate your articles according to specific keywords that they use for searching. The articles need to contain plenty of these keywords in order to be ranked well with search engines. The articles have to have at least one main keyword. Then you can also add a few secondary keywords in the articles as well. Keywords are phrases and words that potential customers put in search boxes when they look for information online. One of the most important aspects of article marketing is to use the proper keywords in your articles. People won't find the articles if the wrong keywords are used. Sometimes it pays to have someone help you determine your best keywords to use. You may be too close to your product or service to make that determination. You want to use words that ordinary people will use when they look for a product or service such as yours.

Think about what types of words or phrases typical customers use when they try to find sites like yours. Once you have listed your keywords you can then decide which ones to use in your articles. You can create lots of articles and the more articles you post the better. Keep in mind that the articles need to be original and can't be copied from other articles or you may run into copyright problems. Articles that are too much alike may not be allowed to be posted. Keep these tips in mind when you set up your articles: * Ensure that the articles are mistake free * Provide users with some information they want * Choose topics that will be popular * Create a length of more than 400 words * Give your business website address at the end * Make sure the articles are original Article marketing is a great type of marketing to add to your marketing plan, especially for small to medium sized businesses. The articles are easy and inexpensive to write and post giving them a high return on investment. If the articles are good you are certain to get plenty of new customer visits to your site. More visitors can translate directly to more sales and more profits for your business. Read more about search engine optimization at

Description: People use the Internet to find information. One great way to get your company noticed is to use article marketing.