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									                         Tips for interior decoration - Paint colors

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When called to an architect or interior designer to build or re arrange your home for various reasons,
they most often use the same tricks to save space, refresh your home and renovate.

The architect can break opportunities by partitions to free space and re-arranging the apartment or

The interior decorator is most often used his color palette to give a facelift to the wall and accessorize

Toobusiness gives his little secrets that are still decorating the difference.

Enlarge the space of a play house

Have the same type of soil for parts that join to give the impression of a single space, the floor or tile
shall extend from one room to another. The installation window accentuates the vertical depth.

Have solid lines: To increase the prospects, the horizontal lines are the norm. With a base and a shelf
running from one wall to another, the sham operates.

In the main room, recessed into the ceiling spot lights that illuminate both the dining and kitchen
entrance to delineate spaces.

For smaller studios, it can mark surface coatings by asking different color in each party room. The choice
of material is made according to use: the room carpet, tile or PVC for the kitchen floor to the living room
/ office.
After leaving the bathroom, put a mirror over the entire surface of the wardrobe to accentuate the

The walls are closing parts of water can serve as a decorative wall to put your memories.

The rows of recessed lighting in ceilings or under stairs used for illuminating a space.

How to use colors in each room

To succeed in a white interior, avoid the white white. Prefer shades of gray or ivory. Avoid cons by
whites loaded which gives a yellow room.

In each part, limit the number of colors and use a limited palette by creating variety with gradients.

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Use bright colors sparingly and apply on large areas of pastel or neutral shades.

Dark soils absorb light and prevent natural and artificial light to reflect. The y also shrink the parts.

A single wall painted dark gives the impression that the wall is near. It's a way to shorten a piece too
long or hallway.

In a room where the ceiling and walls are dark, a clear floor reduces the feeling of congestion.

To add volume to a small low room, plan curtains from ceiling to floor and occupying all the wall instead
of the window frame.

When you have a mezzanine, use the inside stairs to save storage space or a separate toilet.

When you have a house or apartment with an attic, use the slope to install storage systems.

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