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					Quarter 1 Midterm

   By Maria Rivas
   • The most important topic that we
     covered was Christopher
     Columbus. What I know about
     the topic is that Columbus went
     to look for India & China. He did
     not fine them . He ran into the
     Indigenous people and made
     them into slaves. The topic is
     important to me because he tried
     to kill the Indigenous people. But,
     he did kill some some but he
     could not we are still here. We
     are here all proud to be Latinos. It
     think with out Columbus help we
     would not be here. This does not
     affects us today. I think it makes
     us happy to be here.
Unit #2
    •   The most important topic that we
        covered was the Amendments .I
        know that the Amendments are laws
        . They help us in life and we have to
        follow them. Some laws are good and
        others are bad .The Amendments are
        important because it helps people . It
        helped freed the slaves . It makes
        every one born in the U.S. a citizen. I
        choose this topic because it has
        made a diffrence in the past , presant
        , &it will with in the future. It effects
        us to day by making the U.S. a little
        by little better . It freed slaves that
        came here to live in South Central
        &we are here . ALIVE AND LIVING
        LIFE !!!!
Unit #3
    • The most important topic we
      covered was Mexican
      Independence. I know that the
      Mexican Independence was
      very hared . Miguel Hidalgo
      was fighting for the
      (Indigenous, Black, &
      Mestizos). The topic was that
      Miguel Hidalgo was fighting
      for something he belived in.
      Miguel Hidalgo fought for our
      rights. Vicente Guerrero
      became president he made
      no lower cLass nor higher
      class. This effects us today that
      wear all here together living

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