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 Janelli Diaz
Christopher Columbus

              Christopher columbus was the most
               important topic for me because
               everyone tought he was the first to
               meet the indigenouse people.When
               in fact he didn’t other people were
               with them way before him.I choose
               this topic because I think its
               important for people to know the
               truth about him. He did nothing
               good. He started slavery.This affect
               us because today some people
               think that columbus day should be
               celebrated but the thing is why
               should we celebrate him if he was a
               BAD person.
Slavery and The”N” Word

                The most important topic to me in
                 this unit was about slavery and how
                 it all started also of were did the n
                 word come from.I choose this topic
                 because of slavery there is racism
                 and problems between the raise of
                 people all because of what happen
                 a long time ago.This problem effect
                 us today because a lot of people
                 get offended wene other people out
                 of the african american raice use
                 the n word because they feel
Mexican Independence

              The most important topic to me was
               Mexican Independence. What I
               know is that the mexicans got ruled
               over the Spanish people.This was
               an important topic because first the
               mexicans were slaves. The person
               who tried to help the mexicans free
               name was Miguel Hidalgo he was a
               priest but he got arrested when the
               spanish people found out that they
               were planning to attack.This effects
               us today because maybe if it wasn’t
               for them getting freed they would
               have maybe talked a little different.
               Maybe they would have been
               getting ruled by a king or queen.
            Most Important
 The most important one over all I think was
  Christopher Columbus
 It was the most important one because of
  him slavery started.
 He was the one who gave slaves to the
  spanish people.
 My definition of leadership is well I think of it
  as someone who is a leader.
 To me a leader is someone who is a good
  role model they know what is wrong from

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