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									LYCA AT BINDERY The girl who cried flowers and other tales   Yolen, Jane ocm06916820

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AP2 .C697              Contact : an American quarterly review.
AP2 .E963              The exile.
f AP4 .E36             The Egoist.
f AP4 .E36             The Egoist.
f AP4 .E36             The Egoist.
AP4 .T76               The Transatlantic review.
AP4 .T76               The Transatlantic review.
B105.C477 P75 2003     The problem of consciousness : new essays in phenomenological
                       philosophy of mind
B785.M74 C36 2005      The Cambridge companion to Montaigne
B808.9 .H65 2004       On consciousness
B3376.W563 P529 2000   Wittgenstein's investigations 1-133 : a guide and interpretation
BD236 .D44 2005        Human identity and bioethics
BD450 .B65 2005        Conversations on the edge of the Apocalypse : contemplating the
                       future with Noam Chomsky, George Carlin, Deepak Chopra, Rupert
                       Sheldrake, and others
BD541 .D46 1998        Nature's destiny : how the laws of biology reveal purpose in the
BD638 .Y68 2005        A world without time : the forgotten legacy of Godel and Einstein
BF175.4.C84 F65 2005   Is Oedipus online? : siting Freud after Freud
BF371 .T484 2005       Memory : the key to consciousness
BF412 .C66 2005        Conceptions of giftedness
BF504 .H36 2005        Handbook of competence and motivation
BF575.G7 J46 2005      Relative grief : parents and children, sisters and brothers, husbands,
                       wives and partners, grandparents and grandchildren talk about their
                       experience of death and grieving
BF575.H27 N48 2005     Happiness : the science behind your smile
BF575.H3 P74 2005      The psychology of hate
BF575.P9 O62 2005      On the nature of prejudice : fifty years after Allport
BF637.I48 H36 2005     Arguing : exchanging reasons face to face
BF683 .N4              Nebraska Symposium on Motivation.
BF698.8.R5 S36 2005    Scoring the Rorschach : seven validated systems
BF701 .G58 2006        The bridge to humanity : how affect hunger trumps the selfish gene

BF713.5 .H36 2005      Handbook of research methods in developmental science
BF721 .A45             Advances in child development and behavior.
BF721 .M545 2002       Action as an organizer of learning and development

BF723.D7 A555 2004     Making sense of children's drawings
BF723.D7 W55 2005      Making sense of children's drawings
BJ1401 .K435 2005      The roots of evil
BL80.2 .C59 2004       Six world faiths
BL240.2 .D46 1999      Intelligent design : the bridge between science & theology
BL240.2 .R33 2000      Science & its limits : the natural sciences in Christian perspective
BL240.2 .R335 2001     Nature, design, and science : the status of design in natural science

BL240.2 .S3226 2002    The hidden face of God : science reveals the ultimate truth
BL240.3 .G53 2002      Species of origins : America's search for a creation story
BL240.3 .W58 2003      By design : science and the search for God

                                           Page 2

BL263 .U53 2004       Uncommon dissent : intellectuals who find Darwinism unconvincing

BL793.T7 T47 2005     The Trojan War
BL1055 .E25 2005      Eastern religions : origins, beliefs, practices, holy texts, sacred places

BQ4022 .A83 2005      The gods drink whiskey : stumbling toward enlightenment in the land of
                      the tattered Buddha / Stephen T. Asma.
BQ4022 .O57 2005      The different paths of Buddhism : a narrative-historical introduction

BR516 .F43 2005       Divided by God : America's church-state problem-- and what we should
                      do about it
BS535 .S49 2005       Lords of the scrolls : literary traditions in the Bible and Gospels
BS650 .S35 1998       The science of God : the convergence of scientific and biblical wisdom

BS651 .I82 2005       The counter-creationism handbook
BS651 .S396 2000      Science and evidence for design in the universe : papers presented at
                      a conference sponsored by the Wethersfield Institute, New York City,
                      September 25, 1999
BS652 .D46 2004       The design revolution : answering the toughest questions about
                      intelligent design
BS1192.6 .T37 2004    Ancient Near Eastern literature and the Hebrew Scriptures about the
                      fatherhood of God
BS1424 .M2 2005       Psalms 2 : a commentary on Psalms 51-100

BS2725.52 .P34 2005   Theological hermeneutics and 1 Thessalonians
BT102 .G575 1999      God : the evidence : the reconciliation of faith and reason in a
                      postsecular world
BT712 .H87 2003       Darwin's proof : the triumph of religion over science
BT712 .R37 1996       The battle of beginnings : why neither side is winning the creation-
                      evolution debate
BT1103 .M34 2005      Dawkins' God : genes, memes, and the meaning of life
BV652.95 .Q86 2005    Quoting God : how media shape ideas about religion and culture
BX1378.6 .A45 2005    Pope Benedict XVI : a biography of Joseph Ratzinger
BX1735 .R39 2006      The Spanish Inquisition
BX8231 .C73 2005      An introduction to world Methodism
CB355 .V35 2001       The princely court : medieval courts and culture in North-West Europe,
CC77.B8 S97 2005      Burial terminology : a guide for researchers
CC165 .H65 2005       From Stonehenge to Las Vegas : archaeology as popular culture
CR4723 .N53 2001      The Knights Hospitaller
D720 .S74 2005        The lights that failed : European international history, 1919-1933
D736 .W46 2005        Visions of victory : the hopes of eight World War II leaders
D757 .R69 2005        The world Hitler never made : alternate history and the memory of
D774.P5 W56 2005      The battle of Leyte Gulf : the last fleet action
D813.J3 H37 2005      Racing the enemy : Stalin, Truman, and the surrender of Japan
DA16 .W34 2005        Englishness and empire, 1939-1965
DA145 .D43 2003       Defying Rome : the rebels of Roman Britain
DA196 .L397 2003b     The Battle of Hastings, 1066
DA589.4 .D66 2005     Sixties Britain : culture, society, and politics
DC119.8 .F74 2003b    Catherine de Medici : Renaissance queen of France

                                           Page 3

DC128 .D454 2005       The essence of style : how the French invented high fashion, fine food,
                       chic cafes, style, sophistication, and glamour
DC242 .R63 2005        Waterloo : June 18, 1815: the battle for modern Europe
DD247.H5 O94 2004      The dictators : Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia
DF234 .C285 2004       Alexander the Great : the hunt for a new past
DF261.E5 E7 2004       Ephesos, metropolis of Asia : an interdisciplinary approach to its
                       archaeology, religion, and culture
DG91 .R39 2003         Children and childhood in Roman Italy
DG451 .K54 2005        Culture and customs of Italy
DK265 .W24 2005        The Russian Revolution, 1917
DK288 .S5923 2005      The fall of Soviet Communism 1985-1991
DK510.763 .S492 2005   Putin's Russia
DL65 .F67 2005         Viking empires
DR250 .G35 2005        Modern Romania : the end of communism, the failure of democratic
                       reform, and the theft of a nation
DS36.855 .L56 2005     Daily life in the medieval Islamic world
DS70.9 .P66 2005       Understanding Iraq : the whole sweep of Iraqi history, from Genghis
                       Khan's Mongols to the Ottoman Turks to the British mandate to the
                       American occupation
DS79.76 .R54 2005      The right war? : the conservative debate on Iraq
DS110.E5 T495 2005     The Emmaus mystery : discovering evidence for the Risen Christ
DS113.72 .D364 2003    The Druze in the Middle East : their faith, leadership, identity and
DS119.76 .D47 2005     The case for peace : how the Arab-Israeli conflict can be resolved

DS135.S7 B36 2003      Remembering Sepharad : Jewish culture in Medieval Spain :
                       Washington National Cathedral, May 9-June 8, 2003
DS244.63 .B73 2005     Saudi Arabia exposed : inside a kingdom in crisis
DS558 .V478 2004       Vietnam chronicles : the Abrams tapes, 1968-1972
DS881.9 .B87 2003      Inventing Japan, 1853-1964
DT510.5 .G63 2005      The history of Ghana
E61 .M266 2005         1491 : new revelations of the Americas before Columbus
E176.1 .R98 2005       Presidents in culture : the meaning of presidential communication
E181 .V36 2005         How America goes to war
E183 .J55 2004         Pursuing the American dream : opportunity and exclusion over four
E184.A1 G823 2004      The race myth : why we pretend race exists in America
E184.I8 F29 2005       Feeling Italian : the art of ethnicity in America
E184.M45 W7 2005       Writing the Amish : the worlds of John A. Hostetler
E184.S75 G47 2005      Latino political power
E185.615 .O34 2004     Black power : radical politics and African American identity
E302 .M19 1986         The papers of James Madison. Secretary of state series
E302.6.F8 D69 2005     Stealing God's thunder : Benjamin Franklin's lightning rod and the
                       invention of America
E302.6.H2 S78 2005     Hamilton, Adams, Jefferson : the politics of enlightenment and the
                       American founding
E457.15 .K26 2005      Behind the scenes, or, Thirty years a slave and four years in the White
E457.2 .B835 2005      Lincoln's speeches reconsidered
E464 .C54 2004         The Civil War : primary documents on events from 1860 to 1865
E743 .B338 2002        Marching on Washington : the forging of an American political tradition

                                           Page 4

E744 .T53 2005         Times of heroism, times of terror : American presidents and the Cold
E766 .D38 2003         Changing the world : American progressives in war and revolution

E840 .W44 2005         Selling intervention and war : the presidency, the media, and the
                       American public
E903.3 .K47 2004       A matter of character : inside the White House of George W. Bush
F390 .S558 2005        Storm over Texas : the annexation controversy and the road to Civil
F548.3 .M47 2004       Grafters and Goo Goos : corruption and reform in Chicago, 1833-2003

F548.5 .B64 2003       Chicago death trap : the Iroquois Theatre fire of 1903
F1386 .M654 2004       The Mexico City reader
F1408 .A62 1992        Americas : an anthology
F1408.3 .C6 2003       The companion to Latin American studies
F1413 .C78 1998        A cultural history of Latin America : literature, music, and the visual arts
                       in the 19th and 20th centuries
F1488.3 .B73 2005      Political movements and violence in Central America
F1776 .P46 2006        Cuba : between reform and revolution
F1788 .C25643 2005     Capitalism, God, and a good cigar : Cuba enters the twenty-first
G155.A1 T59135 2005    Tourism development : issues for a vulnerable industry
GT615 .T94 2005        Twentieth-century American fashion
GT2884 .D75 2005       Drinking cultures : alcohol and identity
GV708.8 .A43 2005      In the game : gay athletes and the cult of masculinity
HB99.3 .I94 2005       Capitalism, democracy, and welfare
HB126.4 .K87 2004      Islam and Mammon : the economic predicaments of Islamism
HB501 .B235 2005       Capitalism's Achilles heel : dirty money and how to renew the free-
                       market system
HB3722 .D86 2005       The dollar crisis : causes, consequences, cures
HC26 .E17 2004         The reluctant economist : perspectives on economics, economic
                       history and demography
HC59.15 .W67           World economic situation and prospects

HC59.7 .D374 2005      Development challenges in the 1990s : leading policymakers speak
                       from experience
HC60 .L296 2005        Organizing U.S. foreign aid : confronting challenges of the twenty-first
HC79.E5 F76 2005       From resource scarcity to ecological security : exploring new limits to
HC79.I55 A27 2005      Digital phoenix : why the information economy collapsed and how it will
                       rise again
HC79.W4 I8 2005        The globalization gap : how the rich get richer and the poor get left
                       further behind
HC110.C6 C537 2003     A consumers' republic : the politics of mass consumption in postwar
HC110.W4 K44 2005      Getting rich : America's new rich and how they got that way
HC141 .C236 2005       Central America : global integration and regional cooperation
HC241.2 .D476 2005     Ever closer union : an introduction to European integration
HC412 .Y2414 2005      Citizen power, politics, and the "Asian miracle" : reassessing the
HD38.25.U6 B973 2004   Testosterone inc. : tales of CEOs gone wild

                                            Page 5

HD49 .M572 2005         Why some companies emerge stronger and better from a crisis : 7
                        essential lessons for surviving disaster
HD60 .V64 2005          The market for virtue : the potential and limits of corporate social
HD3850 .B677 2004       The challenges of privatization : an international analysis
HD3885 .C66 2004        Competing with the government : anticompetitive behavior and public
HD4904.25 .W6625 2005   Work and family : an international research perspective
HD7125 .H54 2005        The plot against Social Security : how the Bush Administration is
                        endangering our financial future
HD9576.S32 S55 2005     Twilight in the desert : the coming Saudi oil shock and the world
HE2771.P4 T74 2003      Railroads of Pennsylvania : fragments of the past in the Keystone
HE7781 .C667 2005       Competition and chaos : U.S. telecommunications since the 1996
                        Telecom Act
HE8846.A55 C38 2005     End of the line : the rise and fall of AT & T
HF1379 .A697 2005       Field guide to the global economy
HF3230.5.Z5 B43 2004    Doing business in the new Latin America : a guide to cultures,
                        practices, and opportunities
HF5415.32 .F38 2004     The whole enchilada : Hispanic marketing 101
HF5415.32 .F688 2005    Understanding consumer choice
HF5429 .S277 2004       Up against the retail giants : targeting weakness, gaining an edge

HF5548.32 .E67 2004     Implementing e-commerce strategies : a guide to corporate success
                        after the bust
HF5548.8 .L536 2006     Linking emotional intelligence and performance at work : current
                        research evidence with individuals and groups
HF5822 .D8 2005         The advertised mind : ground-breaking insights into how our brains
                        respond to advertising
HF5823 .A57 2004        Cutting edge advertising : how to create the world's best print for
                        brands in the 21st century
HF6161.M38 J62 2005     Man appeal : advertising, modernism and men's wear
HG3753 .O35             Officially supported export credits.
HJ2051 .R47 2005        Restoring fiscal sanity, 2005 : meeting the long-run challenge
HM1 .A763               Annual review of sociology.
HM1211 .H574 2005       Cultures and organizations : software of the mind
HN90.M3 B64 2005        Over the edge : how the pursuit of youth by marketers and the media
                        has changed American culture
HN90.P8 B57 2005        The illusion of public opinion : fact and artifact in American public
                        opinion polls
HN90.S6 C37 2004        The failures of integration : how race and class are undermining the
                        American dream
HN90.S65 M35 2004       The meritocracy myth
HN373.5 .J63 2005       European welfare states and supranational governance of social policy

HQ30 .G68 2005          Sexuality, sexual health, and ageing
HQ518 .F29696 2004      Families in ageing societies : a multi-disciplinary approach
f HQ759.7 .S55 2005     Fostering now : messages from research
HQ767.87 .C86 2005      Children and childhood in western society since 1500
HQ767.9 .D477 2005      The development of the person : the Minnesota study of risk and
                        adaptation from birth to adulthood

                                           Page 6

HQ767.9 .D493 2005        Developmental pathways through middle childhood : rethinking
                          contexts and diversity as resources
Lyco. HQ770.4 .C66 2005   Corporal punishment of children in theoretical perspective
HQ777 .S43 2005           Seven going on seventeen : tween studies in the culture of girlhood

HQ777.5 .W652 2005        Understanding the divorce cycle : the children of divorce in their own
HQ778.63 .C515 2005       Child care and child development : results from the NICHD study of
                          early child care and youth development
HQ792.U5 S26 2005         Babes in tomorrowland : Walt Disney and the making of the American
                          child, 1930-1960
HQ798 .G525 2005          Girl wide web : girls, the Internet, and the negotiation of identity
HQ800.2 .T75 2005         The new single woman
HQ1190 .S349 2005         Donna Haraway : live theory
HQ1413.S67 W45 2004       The road to Seneca Falls : Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the First
                          Woman's Rights Convention
HQ1600.3 .G73 2004        Women and the Irish diaspora
HT145.S7 K838 2004        Late Roman Spain and its cities
HT384.U5 S67 2005         Sprawl costs : economic impacts of unchecked development
HT690.U6 H86 2002         How young ladies became girls : the Victorian origins of American
HV767.5.U5 H38 2005       Abortion politics in North America
HV1461 .N76 2005          The new politics of old age policy
HV1553 .J34 2005          Understanding disability : inclusion, access, diversity, and civil rights

HV1569.5 .S63 2005        Smart technology for aging, disability, and independence : the state of
                          the science
HV4708 .F58 2005          Animal abuse and family violence : researching the interrelationships of
                          abusive power
HV5745 .S54 2005          Peddling poison : the tobacco industry and kids
HV6431 .B96 2005          Deadly connections : states that sponsor terrorism
HV6446 .B73 2004          "I heard you paint houses" : Frank "the Irishman" Sheeran and the
                          inside story of the Mafia, the Teamsters, and the last ride of Jimmy
HV6515 .B88 2005          The murderer next door : why the mind is designed to kill
HV6545 .M252 2005         Making sense of suicide missions
HV6570 .D243 2005         Children in the global sex trade
HV6570 .S43 2005          Not monsters : analyzing the stories of child molesters
HV6593.G7 M36 2004        Managing sex offender risk
HV7936.R3 .H65 2004       The color of guilt & innocence : racial profiling and police practices in
HV8079.H6 S58 2005        Murder 101 : homicide and its investigation
HV8699.U5 H365 2005       Death by design : capital punishment as social psychological system

HV8705 .I455 2004         Imprisoning America : the social effects of mass incarceration
HV9069 .Z35 2004          Global perspectives on social issues : juvenile justice systems
HV9104 .M94 2005          Boys among men : trying and sentencing juveniles as adults
HV9304 .P74 2005          Prisoner reentry and crime in America
HV9956.C47 W55 2003       City of courts : socializing justice in Progressive Era Chicago
JC71.A7 R67 2005          Political authority and obligation in Aristotle
JC143 .M38 2005           The prince
JC177.A4 K39 2005         Thomas Paine and the promise of America

                                               Page 7

JC251.A74 Y68 2004          Hannah Arendt : for love of the world
JC573.2.U6 V37 2004         Varieties of conservatism in America
JC599.U5 U55 2004           To secure these rights : the report of Harry S Truman's Committee on
                            Civil Rights
JF1001 .T39 2005            Social choice and the mathematics of manipulation
JF2112.A4 M55 2005          When stereotypes collide : race/ethnicity, gender, and videostyle in
                            congressional campaigns
JK516 .B64 2005             Presidential risk behavior in foreign policy : prudence or peril?
JK526 2004 .W56 2005        Winning the White House, 2004 : region by region, vote by vote
JK529 .E38 2004             Why the electoral college is bad for America
JK1041 .A62 2004            The American Congress : the building of democracy
JK1319 .P64 2005            How Congress evolves : social bases of institutional change
JK1976 .B57 2004            Expressive politics : issue strategies of congressional challengers

JK2007 .A33 2005            Election night news and voter turnout : solving the projection puzzle

JN15 .E875                  The European Union : annual review of activities.
JN15 .S384 2004             The European dream
JN30 .M38 2005              Understanding the European Union : a concise introduction
JQ1654 .K87 2005            The core of Japanese democracy : latent interparty politics
KF390.5.C6 B599 2005        Law and internet cultures
KF4850.A322001 S38 2005     Rethinking the Patriot Act : keeping America safe and free
KF4865 .S26 2005            Sanctioning religion? : politics, law, and faith-based public services

KF8742 .S433 2005           The Supreme Court in the American legal system
KF9223 .B47 2005            Good courts : the case for problem-solving justice
KZ4043 .R63 2002            War and self-defense
LA212 .P83 2004             Public education, democracy, and the common good
Tchg. LA2317.P335 A3 2005   The art of teaching
LB1025.3 .K63 2004          In there with the kids : crafting lessons that connect with students
LB1050.34 .S77 2005         The linguistics, neurology, and politics of phonics : silent "E" speaks
LB1060 .J46 2005            Teaching with the brain in mind
LB1103 .S6 v.69 no.1        Mother-child conversations about gender : understanding the
                            acquisition of essentialist beliefs
LB1103 .S6 v.69 no.2        Origins and early development of human body knowledge
LB1103 .S6 v.69 no.4        Trajectories of physical aggression from toddlerhood to middle
                            childhood : predictors, correlates, and outcomes
LB1570 .C44 2005            Chaos, complexity, curriculum and culture : a conversation
LB1576 .L243 2005           Reinventing curriculum : a complex perspective on literacy and writing

LB1576 .L2973 2005          Language in the schools : integrating linguistic knowledge into K-12
LB2822.82 .C664 2004        Leave no child behind : preparing today's youth for tomorrow's world

LB2842.22 .M68 2005         Teachers have it easy : the big sacrifices and small salaries of
                            America's teachers
LB3051 .T467 2005           High-stakes testing : coping with collateral damage

LC143 .D76 2004             Dropouts in America : confronting the graduation rate crisis
LC227 .T88 2005             Teachers as collaborative partners : working with diverse families and

                                                 Page 8

LC1085.2 .R43 2005      Reading for profit : how the bottom line leaves kids behind
LC2699 .B53 2005        Black education : a transformative research and action agenda for the
                        new century
LC2778.L34 E26 2005     Ebonics : the urban education debate
LC4019 .I49 2005        Individualized supports for students with problem behaviors : designing
                        positive behavior plans
LC4031 .T732 2004       Transition of secondary students with emotional or behavioral
                        disorders : current approaches for positive outcomes
LC4801 .H347 2005       Handbook of emotional & behavioural difficulties
ML410.V4 C36 2004       The Cambridge companion to Verdi
ML419.B25 L5613 2005    Bix : the definitive biography of a jazz legend : Leon "Bix" Beiderbecke
ML421.B4 S68 2005       Meet the Beatles : a cultural history of the band that shook youth,
                        gender, and the world
ML1711.8.N3 G727 2004   The rise and fall of the Broadway musical
ML3916 .W46 2005        Phonographies : grooves in sonic Afro-modernity
f N1 .P6                Playboy; a portfolio of art and satire.
N66 .P74 2005           Beauty and art, 1750-2000
N332.G33 B4794 2004     The Bauhaus ideal, then & now : an illustrated guide to modernist
N6917.5.P7 W47 2005     Pre-Raphaelite painting and nineteenth-century realism
N8221.L96 A63 2004      Imagery of lynching : black men, white women, and the mob
N8250 .H47 2004         Games for the gods : the Greek athlete and the Olympic spirit
N8795 .D65 2005         The rescue artist : a true story of art, thieves, and the hunt for a
                        missing masterpiece
NA5210 .S23 2002        Sacred spaces : building and remembering sites of worship in the
                        nineteenth century
NA5235.W9 S3 2002       Sacred spaces : guide to nineteenth-century sites of worship in
NB92 .N34 2004          Mistress of the Elgin Marbles : a biography of Mary Nisbet, Countess of
f NB115 .M288 2005      The Villa dei Papiri at Herculaneum : life and afterlife of a sculpture
f NB237.C28 A4 2004     Calder/Miro
ND196.C8 A6613 2004     The cubist painters
ND623.G364 A94 2005     The Artemisia files : Artemisia Gentileschi for feminists and other
                        thinking people
f ND623.R2 A45 2004     Raphael : from Urbino to Rome
NK2113.5 .K64 2006      Design graphics : drawing techniques for design professionals
f NX550.Z9 B482 2004    Joseph Beuys : actions, vitrines, environments
P87 .C5974              Communication yearbook.

P96.P83 M38 2004        Setting the agenda : the mass media and public opinion
PA4461 .S713 2003       Thucydides : man's place in history
PA8585.V4 A25 2002      On discovery
PE1405.U6 W47 2005      Teaching and evaluating writing in the age of computers and high-
                        stakes testing
PN56.F3 T54 2004        The Ties that bind : questioning family dynamics and family discourse
                        in Hispanic literature
PN86 .C27 1989          The Cambridge history of literary criticism
f PN1061 .C6            Contact.
f PN1972 .B57 2005      Puppetry : a world history

                                            Page 9

PN1992.6 .A78 2004      Television and sexuality : regulation and the politics of taste
PN1995.9.H6 P44 2005    Projected fears : horror films and American culture
PN1995.9.S68 B75 2005   Beyond Bond : spies in fiction and film
PN1998.3.H58 H34 2005   Alfred Hitchcock
PN2091.E4 S95 2004      Introduction to stage lighting : the fundamentals of theatre lighting
PN2193.E86 B47 2005     Avant-garde performance : live events and electronic technologies

PN2595 .P663 2004       The Cambridge companion to Victorian and Edwardian theatre
PN4784.R4 T58 2005      Reviewing the arts
PN4867.2 .M48 2004      The vanishing newspaper : saving journalism in the information age

PN4874.L76 H44 2005     Henry R. Luce, Time, and the American crusade in Asia
PQ2387.R5 A254 2004     Selected poems and letters
PQ2683.I32 T3613 2005   The time of the uprooted : a novel
PQ6033 .C36 2004        The Cambridge history of Spanish literature
PQ6033 .P37 2004        Don Quixote, Don Juan, and related subjects : form and tradition in
                        Spanish literature, 1330-1630
PQ7081.5 .M55 2004      Latin American women on/in stages
PQ7440.M56 C3713 2005   The captain of the sleepers
PR115 .V53 2003         Victorian women poets
PR166 .R43 2005         Readings in medieval texts : interpreting old and Middle English
PR321 .C66 2004         The English romance in time : transforming motifs from Geoffrey of
                        Monmouth to the death of Shakespeare
PR448.C58 B38 2005      Dress, distress and desire : clothing and the female body in eighteenth-
                        century literature
PR448.F45 C54 2004      The feminization debate in eighteenth-century England : literature,
                        commerce and luxury
PR605.W6 D68 2005       A history of twentieth-century British women's poetry
PR830.F3 A74 2005       Fantasy fiction : an introduction
PR830.W6 P66 2004       Popular Victorian women writers
PR888.F45 K56 2005      The Victorian woman question in contemporary feminist fiction
PR990 .M63 2005         Modern children's literature : an introduction
PR1120 .M375 2005       Medieval lyric : Middle English lyrics, ballads, and carols
PR1924 .C39 2005        Chaucer : an Oxford guide
PR1972.G353 A53 2005    Language and imagination in the Gawain-poems
PR2802.A2 B48 2005      Antony and Cleopatra
PR2806.A2 B87 2005      Cymbeline
PR2819 .L4 2004         King Lear
PR2829.A2 H36 2005      Othello
PR2981.5 .S486 2005     Shakespeare's problem plays : All's well that ends well, Measure for
                        measure, Troilus and Cressida : William Shakespeare
PR2983 .L385 2005       Shakespeare's tragedies : violation and identity
PR2995 .B88 2005        The practical Shakespeare : the plays in practice and on the page

PR3081 .C93 2005        Pronouncing Shakespeare : the Globe experiment
PR3432 .K33 2004        Etherege & Wycherley
PR3562 .H45 2005        Destabilizing Milton : "Paradise lost" and the poetics of incertitude

PR4148.P5 G74 2005      Visionary materialism in the early works of William Blake : the
                        intersection of enthusiasm and empiricism

                                            Page 10

PR4688 .D65 2005           George Eliot
PR5238 .A77 2004           Recovering Christina Rossetti : female community and incarnational
PR5368.S48 P34 2004        Relations between the sexes in the plays of George Bernard Shaw

PR5432 .B54 2004           Percy Bysshe Shelley : a biography : youth's unextinguished fire, 1792-
PR5442.S3 R87 2005         Shelley and vitality
PR6001.U4 Z7534 2005       Randall Jarrell on W.H. Auden
PR6045.O72 T6 2005         To the lighthouse
PR6045.O72 Z474 2005       A room of one's own
PR6069.T6 P57 2004         Pirandello's Henry IV
PR9199.3.A8 Z695 2005      Margaret Atwood
PS301 .F8                  The Fugitive.
PS310.V57 S67 2005         How poets see the world : the art of description in contemporary poetry

PS501 .S42                 Secession.
PS3201 1855e               Leaves of grass : the first (1855) edition
PS3231 .R475 2005          Walt Whitman
PS3505.A87 Z59155 2005     The Cambridge companion to Willa Cather
PS3507.R55 Z6655 2005      The last titan : a life of Theodore Dreiser
PS3523.O89 Z48 2005        The letters of Robert Lowell
PS3537.T4753 Z67435 2005   Late Stevens : the final fiction
PS3551.L25 Z596 2005       The Cambridge Companion to Edward Albee

PS3554.O798 S34 2005       School of the arts : poems
PS3554.U397 T86 2005       Two and two
PS3555.L625 Z53 2005       The Cambridge companion to Ralph Ellison
PS3568.O855 A6 2005        Novels, 1967-1972
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                                             Page 17

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                                          Page 18

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VHS PZ Lio 0163   The Lion King [videorecording]
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Ratzsch, Delvin Lee, 1945-

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                                                  Page 21

Dembski, William A., 1960-

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                                                  Page 22

DeJean, Joan E.

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Barber, Lucy G. (Lucy Grace), 1964-

                                                    Page 23

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United Nations. Dept. of Economic and
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Byron, Christopher

                                                Page 24

Mitroff, Ian I.

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International Monetary Fund
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                                                Page 25

Cooper, Catherine R.

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NICHD Early Child Care Research Network

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Kaye, Harvey J.

                                                   Page 26

Young-Bruehl, Elisabeth.
Berkowitz, Peter, 1959-
United States. President's Committee on
Civil Rights
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                                                Page 27

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Raguin, Virginia Chieffo, 1941-

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International Communication Association.

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                                                  Page 28

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Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616
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Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616
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                                                    Page 29

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Woolf, Virginia, 1882-1941
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Fugitives (Group)
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Roth, Philip
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Committee on Characterizing Biologically
Significant Marine Mammal Behavior

                                                 Page 30

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Dembski, William A., 1960-

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Huang, Leaf
Huang, Leaf
Acharya, Tara

National Research Council (U.S.).
Committee on Assessing and Valuing the
Services of Aquatic and Related Terrestrial
Bourne, Geoffrey H. (Geoffrey Howard),
Bourne, Geoffrey H. (Geoffrey Howard),

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                                                  Page 31

Pfeiffer, Carl Curt
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National Research Council (U.S.).
Committee on Water Quality Improvement
for the Pittsburgh Region
National Research Council (U.S.). Board
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Bunting, Eve, 1928-
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Carlstrom, Nancy White

                                                   Page 32

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Coville, Bruce
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Yolen, Jane
Yolen, Jane
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                                            Page 33

Honderich, Ted.
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Goldman, Bert Arthur.
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Oboler, Suzanne

Oboler, Suzanne

Oboler, Suzanne

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Congressional Quarterly, inc.
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Rand McNally and Company
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Organisation for Economic Co-operation
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Pennsylvania. Dept. of Commerce
Organisation for Economic Co-operation
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Organisation for Economic Co-operation
and Development
Cooper, Cary L.
Cooper, Cary L.
Cooper, Cary L.
Cooper, Cary L.
Cooper, Cary L.
Cooper, Cary L.
Cooper, Cary L.
Cooper, Cary L.
Cooper, Cary L.
Cooper, Cary L.
Cooper, Cary L.
Cooper, Cary L.
Cooper, Cary L.
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Derdak, Thomas, 1952-
Derdak, Thomas, 1952-
Exporters' encyclopaedia (New York, N.Y. :
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                                                 Page 34

Best, Samuel J.

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Wilson, Katharina M.
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Congressional Quarterly, inc.
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Council of State Governments.
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Europa Publications Limited
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United Nations. Statistical Office
United Nations. Statistical Office
United Nations
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Knappman, Edward W.
Knappman, Edward W.
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Vile, John R.

George T. Bisel Company
George T. Bisel Company
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Peterson's (Firm)

Educators Progress Service.
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United States. Dept. of Education. Student
Financial Assistance Programs

College Entrance Examination Board
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Magill, Frank Northen, 1907-
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Gale Research Company.
Gale Research Company.
Brooks, Tim

                                                  Page 35

Bowles, Stephen E., 1943-

Gale Research Inc.
Gale Research Inc.
Gale Research Inc.
Gale Research Inc.
Gale Research Inc.

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Daintith, John

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Rear window (Motion picture)
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Hawking, S. W. (Stephen W.)
Hawking, S. W. (Stephen W.)
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Dugan, David
Dugan, David
Dugan, David
Dugan, David
Gray, Mark.

                                                 Page 36

Gray, Mark.
Gray, Mark.
United States. National Aeronautics and
Space Administration Archives.
United States. National Aeronautics and
Space Administration Archives.
United States. National Aeronautics and
Space Administration Archives.
United States. National Aeronautics and
Space Administration Archives.
United States. National Aeronautics and
Space Administration Archives.
United States. National Aeronautics and
Space Administration Archives.
Spacecraft Films (Firm)
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Beatty, Warren, 1937-
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Ali (Motion picture)
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Casablanca (Motion picture)
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                                                 Page 37

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Washington, Denzel, 1954-
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Finian's rainbow.
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Payson, Parker

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                                                  Page 38

Lion King (Motion picture)
Andersen, H. C. (Hans Christian), 1805-
1875. Lille havfrue. English
Wilder, Matthew
Lounsbery, John
Perrault, Charles, 1628-1703. Belle au bois

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