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Business Process: Purchasing
Process Stage: Purchase Orders
The Purc hase Order (PO) process involves creating the purc hase order and dispatching it to the selected vendor.

Business Process Steps
The following diagram illustrates the flow of information an d transactions involved in the Purchase Order process.

                    Run                      Figure 1 The general flow of the Purchase Order process

                   Run PO                         Update PO              Approv e             Budget               Dispatch
                    Calc /                        Inf ormation             PO                Check PO              Purchase
                  Create on                                              Amount                                     Order

                  New PO f or

Role:          Requisition Manager
                        -or-                                                                                            PO
                   RFQ Entry                                               PO Entry
                    PO Entry

                                                                                                               PeopleSoft Security Role
              Process Steps
                                                                                                               (What security role enables this
              (And what is involved in this step of the process?)
              Create the Purchase Order
        1.    Purchase Orders can be created several ways depending on the requirements of the
              particular purchase rules:
              a. Expedite Requisition (usually done during the Requisition Process)
                                                                                                               Requisition Manager
              Run the Requisition Expediter process to create the PO. This is used when the vendor can
              be selected at the Requisition stage.
              b. Run the PO Calculate and Create processes on RFQ
                                                                                                               RFQ Manager
              The RFQ response documents are printed and dis tributed (often faxed) to the targeted
              c. Create a New Purchase Order
              In some cases it is appropriate to start the purchasing process w ith a PO, for example,         PO Entry
              when a small purchase of repair parts are needed and quotes are not required. All of the
              detail information can be entered directly into the PO
              Update PO Information
        2.    Data that w as generated from either the Requisition Expediter process or the PO Create          PO Entry
              process may need to be updated. This can be done directly in the purchase order.

              Approve PO Amount                                                                                $5,000 PO Amount Approv Limit
        3.                                                                                                      -or-
              Purchase Orders are usually created in a status of “Pending Approval.”                           $25,000 PO Amount Approv Limit
              Budget Check PO
        4.                                                                                                     PO Entry
              Check for the availability of funds for this request.

        5.    Dispatch PO                                                                                      PO Manager

              Note: Generally all users w ill have access to view all PO information in a display -only mode   PO Display

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