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					                                                          Computer Applications 2
                                                                             Course Syllabus
                                                                        Caitlin Allen, Room 205

In this course we will learn:                                                              Nine Weeks Evaluation
                                                                                                     40% Tests
    Graphics                                                                                         30% Classwork (computer work, homework, in class assignments)
        1.01 Investigate graphic types and file formats                                              20% Quizzes
        1.02 Investigate image editing                                                               10% Projects
    Desktop Publishing                                                                     Making Up Work
        2.01 Investigate typefaces and fonts                                               It is your RESPONSIBILITY to make up any missed work because of an
        2.02 Investigate design principles and elements                                    absence. There is a folder located in the back of the classroom with
        2.03 Demonstrate desktop publishing                                                missing assignments. You have 5 school days to make up your missed
                                                                                           assignments to receive full credit. After that, 15 points will be deducted
    Multimedia                                                                             each week after the initial 5 days has passed. No work will be accepted 5
        3.01 Develop computer animations                                                   school days after progress reports have been sent home.
        3.02 Demonstrate interactive multimedia files
        3.03 Explore virtual reality design and use                                    Classroom Expectations
                                                                                            Be in the room and seated when the bell rings.
    Web Page Design                                                                         Respect others while they are talking.
        4.01 Examine web page development and design                                        Raise your hand to be recognized.
        4.02 Develop web pages using various technologies                                   Always bring supplies to class.
                                                                                            Follow all school rules as stated in the SWHS handbook.
Grading Policy
                                                                                       Bathroom Privileges, etc.
    Students will take objective tests and a midterm. Students will create a           You will not be allowed to leave class the first 45 minutes or the last 15 minutes
    comprehensive electronic portfolio which will count 50% of their exam              of class. You will only be allowed to go to the bathroom if it is an emergency.
    grade for the course. The other 50% of the final exam grade will be the            You must have your academic planner with you in order to leave the classroom.
    state IMS (formerly VoCATS) test.
                                                                                       Attendance Policy
    I am available for conferences during 4th period and after school (1:35 to         Attendance is required if you are going to be successful in this class. If you miss
    3:30). If students need to makeup work or need extra help, I am available          two days or less during the semester, you will get two points added to your 2 nd 9
    Mondays and Wednesdays from 3 to 4 and other days by appointment.                  weeks average.
    Final Evaluation                                                                   Tardy Policy
         37.5% First nine weeks grade                                                 1st unexcused tardy to class – warning given and documented
         37.5% Second nine weeks grade                                                2nd unexcused tardy to class – warning given and documented
         25% Final exam                                                               3rd unexcused tardy to class – you will be sent to ISS, parent contacted
                                                                                       Any tardy over 3 will be dealt with by an administrator and you will go to ISS

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