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					                                   Hougang Primary School
                                 P6 Kayaking Expedition 2009
                              Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are the objectives of the expedition?

A: The objectives of the expedition are to:
   • Summarise and apply the skills learnt in the Outdoor Adventure Ed ucation (OAE)/PE
   Specialisation Modules into the Expedition (Kayaking).
   • Develop character, leadership, team building and confidence in pupils.
   • Inculcate the spirit to venture into new frontiers.

Q: Where could I go to look for more information about kayaking?

A: You could go to the following websites:
   • Singapore Canoe Federation –

Q: Is this the first time the School is organising a water-based activity?

A: No, as a building block, the school introduced a compulsory ‘Learn to Swim’ Programme for
   all its P4 pupils. Beginning this year year, the compulsory ‘Learn to Swim’ Programme was
   introduced at P1, as the school strongly believes that the pupils will benefit better from early
   exposure to swimming. The school also organises snorkelling lessons to its P3 pupils as a
   follow up to their ‘Learn to Swim’ Programme. The school is also the pioneer for primary
   schools to embark on the Singapore Canoe Federation National Junior Kayaking Programme,
   which started in the year 2004. Our pupils are also privileged to be exposed to dragon boating,
   whitewater rafting and scuba diving activities at a tender age.

Q: Can my child/ward participate in the expedition if he/she cannot s wim at all?

A: Yes, they can participate in the expedition without the ability to swim at all. As a safety
   measure, it is compulsory for all pupils to wear their buoyancy vests once they are in the water
   or on the kayak. The buoyancy vests are designed to aid the pupils to float on the water without
   the need to swim. Pupils will be taught how to choose their vests for the correct fit, how to
   wear the vest correctly and how to perform buddy check to increase the safety margin.

Q: Will there be any water confidence activities prior to the conduct of the kayaking?

A: To build the pupils’ water confidence, while donning their buoyancy vests, trainers will
   conduct water confidence games at about waist depth. Through the activities, trainers will then
   assess the pupils’ water confidence accordingly. They will then pay more attention to the
   pupils who lack water confidence during the duration of the expedition.

Q: Can I opt for my child/ward not to participate in the wate r confidence activities above?
A: Yes, but we would encourage your child/ward to participate in the water confidence activities
   as the progression will be beneficial to them. If your child/ward is not going to participate in
   the water confidence activities, he/she needs to inform the trainers prior to the conduct of the

Q: Must my child/ward be proficient in s wimming to participate in the expedition?

A: The ability to swim will be an asset in the expedition but pupils need not be proficient in
   swimming. In kayaking, pupils will be in their kayaks 99% of the time. The only time pupils
   are out of the kayaks is when they launch or recover the kayaks or when the kayak capsizes. In
   an event of a capsize, pupils will be required to stay with their kayaks and wait for help to

Q: What are the schedules for the various classes?

A: The schedules for the various classes are as follows:

                           Classes             Start date      End date
                          6B, 6D, 6E             29 Oct         30 Oct
                       6C, 6G, 6H, 6I            5 Nov           6 Nov
                       6A, 6F, 6J, 6K            9 Nov          10 Nov

Q: Where is Home TeamNS located?

A: Home Team NS is located at 97 Elias Road.

Q: What is the attire for the activity?

A: Pupils are advised to wear the following:

         Hat                       Protects the head from the sun‟s rays.
         Long sleeve t-shirt /     Protects pupil effectively from the sun‟s rays.
         Short sleeve t-shirt      Lesser protection from the sun but good enough to
                                   minimise any abrasions as a result of rubbing against
                                   the buoyancy vest.
         Shorts / pants            Use comfortable shorts. If pupil wears long pants, do
                                   put on pants with thinner materials to minimise
                                   hindrance to movements should a capsize occurs.
         Shoes / booties           Compulsory, to protect the feet from being injured.
         (covering toes)           Socks are not required. No sandals or slippers are
Q: What othe r things/items are required?

A: Pupils are advised to bring along the following:

          Water bottle          To prevent dehydration.
          Sun block             Protects skin from the harmful rays of the sun.
          Sunglasses (Optional) If worn, do put on a retainer to safeguard the sunglasses
                                from falling off into the water.

Q: Is prope r equipment available for the activity?

A: Yes.

Q: Is the equipment of approved standards and checked for usability?

A: Yes, equipment is of approved standards. The Staff of the club and trainers will check the
equipment for usability. Pupils will also be taught how the perform self-check to ensure that the
equipment they are using are of acceptable safety standard.

Q: Will transport be provided?

A: Yes, transport will be provided for.

Q: Will meals be provided?

A: Yes, pupils will be provided with dry rations. They will use the dry rations for cooking in their
assigned groups. Fresh rations will be issued at certain meals.

Q: Are the food suitable for Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu cons umption?

A: All served food will be Halal. There will be no pork, lard or beef served during the duration of
the expedition.

Q: Will there be vegetarian food or special diet provided?

A: Yes, but pupils who are vegetarian or require special d iets are to inform their form teachers
pertaining to their needs and to indicate them in their Course/Activity Form. The Logistic Officer
will then make the necessary arrangements for these pupils.

Q: What happens when my child/ward gets thirsty while pa ddling?

A: All pupils are required to have a water bottle with them at all times. They can drink at anytime
while paddling. During the rest breaks, on land or on water, trainers will ensure that all pupils have
a drink.
Q: What happens if my child/ward runs out of water while paddling?

A: All safety boats carry additional water supply. Pupils will be given water re-supply upon

Q: What happens when my child/ward gets hungry while paddling?

A: All safety boats carry food supply. During rest breaks, pupils can request for food.

Q: Can my child/ward bring additional food?

A: No, they will be supplied with ample food.

Q: Are there teachers accompanying the pupils throughout the 2 days?

A: Yes, the form teachers or substitute teachers will accompany the respective classes throughout
the expedition.

Q: Are any other adults accompanying the pupils apart from the respective form/substitute

A: Apart from the form/substitute teachers, there will be at least ten Singapore Canoe Federation
Kayaking Coaches and three Safety Boat Officers to ensure that the pupils are safe. There will also
be additional OAE teachers and an Expedition Overall- In-Charge. On land, there will be a Logistic
Team providing the necessary land support and an Emergency Vehicle ready to be activated

Q: Are the school teachers competent enough to handle the kayaking expedition?

A: Yes, the school has put in a lot of effort and resources in the training of the teachers. The
combined certification and experience of the OAE teachers accompanying the pupils are as

Kayaking 2 Star Award

Whitewater Rafting
Whitewater Rafting Experiences

First Aid
Adult First Aid with Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
Kayaking Experience (River and Open Water):

Round Island


Q: Do the teachers have any track records of conducting Outdoor Adventure Activities that
will help reassure pare nts/guardians that the expedition is safe and that their child/ward is in
safe hands?

A: With reference to the above list, our teachers are highly qualified in terms of their personal and
coaching skills in the aspects of water sports. They have been actively involved in the planning,
coordinating, executing and reviewing of the following Outdoor Adventure Activities organised by
the school and has maintained a clean record for zero accident of serious nature:

• P3 – P6 Outdoor Adventure Education Modules for PE (first school to embark on suc h a large
scale OAE Programme concerning the different levels)
• P3 to P6 Outdoor and Adventure Education Enrichment Programme (Abseiling, Zipline,
• Rock climbing, High Elements Ropes Course and Challenge Pillar)
• P5 Integrated Camp (Activities include Initiative Games, General Stations, Confidence Ropes
Course, Kayaking, Outdoor Cooking, Backwoods Cooking and Orienteering)
• P1 and P2 Swimming Programme
• P3 Snorkelling Programme (first primary school to conduct such activity across level)
• P2 Integrated National Education Programme
• P6 Mount Rinjani Expedition (one of the rare primary schools to embark on expedition)
• P5 Mount Kinabalu Expedition (one of the rare primary schools to embark on expedition)
• P4 Mount Brinchang Expedition (first primary school to embark on expedition)
• Kayaking: Pool, Macritchie Reservoir, Bedok Reservoir, Pasir Ris, East Coast and Kallang Basin
(first primary school to embark on programme)
• Scuba Diving (first primary school to embark on programme)
• Whitewater Rafting (one of the rare primary school to embark on programme)

Other Adhoc activities/courses:
• Bouldering, Rock climbing, Sports Climbing, Abseiling, Zipline, Snorkelling, Scuba Diving,
Kayaking, Dragon Boating, Fishing Trip (Pulau Ubin), Hiking and Orienteering

We hope the above track records would enthuse you to continue to give your support for the
school‟s OAE Programmes.

Q: Are the trainers accompanying the pupils for the expedition trained and certified?

A: The trainers are all professionally trained and hold at least a Singapore Canoe Federation
Coach Level 1 certification. They also have current first aid certification with CPR.
Q: What is the ratio of trainer to participant?

A: The trainer to participant ratio is at least 1 to 12.

Q: Will the traine r force the pupils to perform tasks, which they are afraid of?

A: The school has given specific instructions to the Operator, Camelot Pte Ltd regarding this
issue. The trainers will only encourage pupils to perform the specified task b ut will not force them
into performing the task if the pupil is not comfortable doing them.

Q: Is there any pre-activity training done prior to the expedition?

A: All the outdoor skills required for the expedition were covered during the Outdoor Adventure
Education Modules (PE lessons). Pupils will be required to put the skills learnt to good use.

Q: Will there be a briefing for all the pupils prior to the expedition?
A: There will be a briefing for all P6 pupils on Monday, 26 October 2009. Pupils will be given
more details pertaining to the expedition. They will be made aware of the expectations of their
participation and performance. They will be issued the packing list and will be advised on how to
go about doing their packing. At the end of the briefing, there will be a Q & A session.

Q: Will pupils be required to do any medical screening prior to the expedition?

A: No, unless they have any form of medical history/conditions as stated in the Activity/Course

Q: What kayaks will the pupils be paddling?

A: They will be paddling the double-tourer sit-in kayaks. Two pupils will be paddling in one

Q: Are the above kayaks easily overturned?

A: The tourer kayaks used are specially designed for recreational and exped ition purposes. They
are very stable and designed to carry equipment. If you do not engage in any horseplay, the
chances of overturning the kayaks are negligible.

Q: If a pupil is medically unfit, can he/she be excused from the expedition?

A: Certainly, but he/she needs to obtain a medical certificate or letter from the doctor to certify
that he/she is medically unfit to participate in the expedition. The medical certificate or letter is to
be given to their form teachers for documentation purposes.
Q: Can my child/ward be excused from the expedition for other personal reasons?

A: Do write a letter addressed to the Principal of Hougang Primary School and explain the reasons
for your request. The Principal will look into your request and you will be informed of the

Q: Are the pupils insure d?

A: Yes, all pupils are insured under the NTUC Income Student Protection Plan.

Q: Will there be any place for the Muslim pupils to perform their prayers?

A: Yes, they will be informed of the location of the room and the direction of the „Kiblat‟ at the
campsite. Groundsheets will be provided. They will be required to bring the other items necessary
for their prayers.

Q: Where will the pupils be sleeping?

A: All pupils will be sleeping in 4- men dome tents.

Q: Will pupils of the opposite sex share their accommodation?

A: No, all members of the opposite sex are not allowed in each other‟s accommodation at all

Q: What are the safety precautions the school takes into consideration?

A: The safety and welfare of our pupils are our topmost priority. Prior to the conduct of the
expedition, our trained Outdoor Adventure Education (OAE) Specialists conduct a feasibility study
into details of the activities based on the MOE Risk Assessment Management System (RAMS) as
we strive for a zero accident of serious nature. The OAE Specialists cover all the aspects required
in the recommended MOE „W‟ Checklist, which includes weather inclement and contingencies.
Appropriate land and sea reconnaissance were conducted. The activities are carefully planned,
tested and assessed accordingly. Prior to the expedition, all pupils would have undergone a
minimal of 10 weeks of Outdoor Adventure Education modules during their PE lessons. They are
taught outdoor skills, safety procedures and how to manage risk in the outdoors. Equipped with
these skills, they would be able to participate in the expedition in a safe, enjoyable and
constructive manner.

Q: Is the vendor conducting the expedition reliable?

A: Yes, the school has engaged an established sea sports operator, Camelot Pte Ltd. They conduct
courses and activities for kayaking, canoeing, dragon boating, sailing, windsurfing and powered
pleasure craft. The staff are professionals and they looked into the risk assessments & safety
precautions need for the specific activities. Our teachers will also be actively involved in the
supervision of the activities to ensure that safety is not compromised.

Q: Is the route for the expedition safe?

A: Yes. With pupils kayaking close to the coast, you can find shipping ports along the stretch of
waterway and a high level of fishing activities in this area. There is a Police Coast Guard Security
Post and a Police Coast Guard Base nearby where assistance can be rendered within minutes. The
area is also well patrolled by the Police Coast Guard boats and the Maritime Port Authority (MPA)

Q: Will the pupils be paddling very far away from the shore?

A: No, they will be paddling close to the shore.

Q: Have emergency evacuation plans been developed?

A: Yes, the school has made the necessary discussions with the vendor, Camelot Pte Ltd
pertaining to the various possible emergency evacuation scenarios that may arise. We will be
adopting the existing Camelot Pte Ltd Standard Operating Procedures pertaining to any emergency
evacuations. Parents/guardians will be informed accordingly soonest possible if such plans are

Q: Are there alternative shelters in case of inclement weather?

A: Yes. The school‟s OAE Specialists together with the Managers of Camelot Pte Ltd have
conducted the reconnaissance for the complete expedition route. They have identified alternative
shelters on the main land for possible landing site and to seek refuge in case of inclement weather.

Q: Have provisions been made for safety boats to accompany the expedition?

A: Yes, there will be at least three safety boats to cover safety and to provide any form of
logistical support.

Q: Is there any medical team throughout the 2 days?

A: Yes, all trainers are first-aid and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certified. There will
also be a 24hrs Standby Vehicle for emergency evacuation purposes.

Q: Whom do I call in case of an emergency situation, where I need to reach my child/ward
soonest possible?

A: You could call Camelot Pte Ltd at 6546 3546/ 8456 or fax: 6546 0468 respectively or call
Hougang Primary School General Office at 6489 7445. Please identify yourself and your
child‟s/ward‟s name and class and then inform the staff the state of emergency. The staff will then
call the Expedition Overall- In-Charge who will contact you soonest possible.
It would be appreciated if you do not call the above emergency numbers to check how your
child/ward is doing as the lines are for emergency situations only. Do take note that your
child/ward is in the good hands of the trained trainers and caring teachers.

Q: Has the start/stop timing for each phase of the activity been carefully planned for?

A: Trainers will take note of the group‟s performances and will make the appropriate
start/stop/rest based on the situations/scenarios and the location of the group.

Q: Have precautions been planned for in case of delays in timing?

A: Yes, Trainers will make the necessary decisions based on the timeline of the programme and
on the situations / scenarios and the location of the group.

Q: Has the weather forecast been checked?

A: Camelot Pte Ltd staff and the Expedition Overall-In-Charge will monitor the weather forecast
for the respective days, taking into consideration the tidal conditions and will make the necessary
plan to execute the expedition in the most effective manner.

Q: Are procedures in place to manage the group in incle ment weather?

A: Yes, the trainers are trained and well versed to deal with and manage the group in inclement

Q: Has a “Wet Weather Programme” been planned for?

A: Yes, there is a “Wet Weather Programme” in place.

Q: Have precautions been planned for the possibilities of lightning and storm?

A: Yes, in case of lighting and storm, Trainers will make the judgment call based on the
situations/scenarios and the location of the group and will take shelter at the appropriate alternative

Q: Have precautions been planned for the following possibilities?
   -heat related exigencies, e.g heat exhaustion, heatstroke;
   -hypothe rmia (abnormal low body temperature);

A: Yes, all trainers are First Aid and CPR certified. In case any of any medical conditions, the
Trainers will make the necessary assessment and will decide on the actions to be taken based on
pupils‟ condition. They will then activate the emergency evacuation plans appropriately.

Q: Are pupils allowed to bring handphones?
A: Yes, but we would deter pupils from doing so to minimise theft. Pupils who bring their
handphones will be required to hand them over to their teachers on the first day of the expedition
for safe keeping. Their handphones will be returned to them on the last day of the expedition
(before breaking camp).

Q: If pupils are not allowe d to bring their handphones, what will happen in emergency

A: If an emergency situation arises and a pupil needs to call their fa mily member, the pupil is to
inform the trainer or teacher and explain the situation. The trainer or teacher will then assist

Q: Are electronics games allowed?

A: No, this is to minimise theft. Pupils who bring electronic games will be req uired to hand them
over to the teachers for safekeeping. The games will be returned to the pupils at the end of the

Q: Are other games allowed?

A: No, as they will making logistical support difficult.

Q: Do pupils need to bring along extra cash?

A: All meals will be provided for and there will be no gift/provision shops available at the
campsite. Hence, they will not require any cash during the duration of the expedition.
Form/substitute teachers will also be collecting their wallets, va luables and handphones on the first
day of the expedition. These items will be returned to them on the last day of the expedition
(before breaking camp).

Q: Are parents/guardians allowe d to visit their child/ward?

A: The expedition will provide young people with the opportunity to participate in a series of
experiences, which develop their personal, social and environmental awareness. The experience of
living away from home for a short time is especially significant for them, and there is great
potential for contribution to the development of the whole child. The away from home, school and
parents experience offers a unique opportunity through full participation, to encounter the practical
realities of living away from home and family, and away from immediate and familiar
surroundings. Correctly handled, the expedition is an extremely valuable experience. It will also
cultivate in an individual willingness to venture into unknown territories/frontiers. Hence, we
would advise parents/guardians to refrain form visiting their child/ward to facilitate the above
learning experiences to take place.

Q: Can parents/guardians call to check on their child/ward?
A: To facilitate the learning experience, we would deter parents/guardians from making any calls
to the child/ward. Pupils will be well taken care of by the trainers and teachers. If there is any
slightest sign that a pupil is unwell, the trainers and teachers will speak to the pupil and monitor
them closely. If the pupil needs immediate medical attention, parents/guardians will be informed
and the pupil will be sent immediately to the nearest clinic or to Kandang Kerbau Hospital where
there is a paediatric department specialized in the treatment for children.

Q: When is the last date for submission of consent forms & payment?

A: We would appreciate it if the Course/Activity Form and Edusave Form (or payment) could be
made by Friday 16 October 2009.

Q: What happens if pupils have financial difficulties?

A: If pupils have any difficulties, do inform the form teacher. They will do their best to assist the
pupils accordingly. The school will also assist all pupils who are under the Financial Scheme.
Their respective form teachers know who these pupils are and payment for them will be made
through the School‟s Opportunity Fund.

Q: Where do I pose other questions that have not been addressed above?

A: If you have any questions, do email Mr. Kassidy at We will
revert to you soonest possible.