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					                     151 Peak One Blvd, Frisco PO Box 1845 Frisco, CO 80443 970.668.2940
    Web site: Mgr.: Volunteers:
                           Sr. Office Admin.: FAX: 970.668.2954

                       January 2010 Newsletter
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                                                             Prescription sunglasses were mistakenly
In closing out 2009, I want to thank all who                 removed from the Lost & Found box over the
served on committees and those who                           Thanksgiving weekend. Please return to the
volunteered to assist with various SCSC                      Senior Center desk ASAP. Questions? Call
activities during the year. Your efforts make                309-558-4613.
the Summit Seniors the viable group that it is. I
also want to thank our office staff – Kathryn,               TABLE OF CONTENTS
Lorie, Christy and Charly – for helping to keep
our organization running smoothly.                           PRESIDENT’S COLUMN                         1
                                                             TRIPS                                      2
Peruse this newsletter for our winter activities
                                                             OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES                         3
schedule. With many indoor and outdoor
activities to choose from, you’ll surely find                INDOOR ACTIVITIES                          6
something to enjoy. The Winter Games are                     SOCIALIZE                                  8
another event to consider. Read more info
within.                                                      SCSC, INC., FUND RAISING                   8
                                                             SERVICES                                   9
I wish you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous                   RSVP VOLUNTEER                             11
New Year!
                         Jim Fuxa, President                 CALENDAR                                   insert
                                                             MENUS                                      insert
Note - New Email Address for Newsletter
                                                             ADVERTISEMENTS                             14
Submissions – Please send items for the
newsletter to
Articles and information need to be received
before or on the 12th of each month.

To view the newsletter on-line:
 Go to the Summit County website

                                                    Page 1
We Value Your Opinion! – Please give us                      Date to sign up by: Please pay by Jan. 7th.
your suggestions about programs and events                   Senior Center: Also sign up at the Senior
that you would like to see offered in 2010 at the            Center so the trip person has an idea of how
Summit County Senior Center. Simply log on                   many people to expect.
to the internet, enter the following link and                Trip Person: Luisa Stafford @ 970-389-1256
answer a 6-question survey to give us your                   for any questions pertaining to trip
ideas. This link can also be found on the                    What to bring: Dress Warm! Bring sunblock,
Summit County Seniors web site - just click on               sunglasses or goggles, water and very warm
the link and answer the questions. Thanks!                   clothes.                    Discount: We can get a 10% discount if we
HQYlSRJHpGESbED6upA_3d_3d                                    can get 10 or more people.
(This really is the email address!)

                                                             Glenwood Springs Senior Travel – Enjoy
Foothills Art Center – Established 40 years                  Glenwood Springs for the day. This destination
ago, Foothills Art Center in Golden hosts a                  has been a favorite of health seekers since the
Holiday Art Market and several competitive                   late 1800s.
exhibitions throughout the year. The Center is               Date: Monday, February 22
housed in two National Historic Register                     Time of Departure: 8:30 a.m. from Center
buildings.                                                   Time of Return: 5:00 p.m.
Date: Saturday, January 9                                    Cost: $41 (includes transportation)
Time of Departure: 8:30 a.m. from Center                     Lunch, gen’l admission to hot springs & other
Time of Return: 5:00 p.m.                                    spa services are the responsibility of the
Cost: $35 (includes admission and                            participant.
transportation)                                              To Sign-up/Pay: Send check to Town of
To Sign-up/Pay: Send check to Town of                        Breckenridge in care of Julia Bancroft, PO Box
Breckenridge in care of Julia Bancroft, PO Box               168, Breckenridge, CO 80424 or call Breck
168, Breckenridge, CO 80424 or call Breck                    Rec Center and pay via your credit card, 970-
Rec Center and pay via your credit card, 970-                453-1734. Please inform them what trip you
453-1734. Please inform them what trip you                   are paying for.
are paying for.                                              Deadline to Sign-up: February 21. We must
Deadline to Sign-up: January 8. We must                      have eight participants for the trip to happen!
have eight participants for the trip to happen!              Please ask for Julia at the Breck Rec Center
Please ask for Julia at the Breck Rec Center                 (above) with questions.
(above) with questions.

Dog Sledding
Date: Thursday, January 14
Time of Departure: 9:30 a.m. at Pioneer
Sports in the Walmart Shopping Ctr. in Frisco.
They will provide a van for transportation.
Time of Return: approximately 1:30 p.m.
Cost: $80.00 per person. This includes
gratuity for the dog sled person. Please call
719-486-9899 to pay via your credit card.

                                                    Page 2
Black Hawk Senior Travel – Join us for a fun              Deadline to Sign-up: March 12. We must
day at Black Hawk - an excellent resource for             have eight participants! Please ask for Julia at
great food, entertainment and shopping.                   the Breck Rec Center (above) with questions.
Date: Tuesday, March 13                                   Are you interested in joining the Leadville
Time of Departure: 8:30 a.m. from Center                  Senior Center on an adventure to Branson,
Time of Return: 5:00 p.m.                                 Missouri in 2010?? Call Joan Newby at 719-
Cost: $35 (includes transportation).                      486-3116; Joan is coordinating a trip to
To Sign-up/Pay: Send check to Town of                     Branson on September 19, 2010. There will be
Breckenridge in care of Julia Bancroft, PO Box            30 – 35 people from surrounding senior
168, Breckenridge, CO 80424 or call Breck                 centers on the trip. Six nights, seven days at
Rec Center and pay via credit card, 970-453-              $575/person. Call Joan for all information.
1734. State what trip you are paying for.

                                    Outdoor Activities
Summit County 2010 50+ Open Winter Games

In about 60 days, the Winter Games will begin. For those who are new to Summit County, this is a
chance to have fun in a friendly competition on the snow. There are many age categories and lots of
Olympic style medals to be had. There is no excuse for not participating. If you don't ski, there is
snow shoeing. If you don't snowshoe, there are competitions that you can hone your skills on in your
backyard, like the snowball throw or the hockey shoot. Now is the time to get out back and practice
that underarm swing. Who knows, you might just take home a gold medal!

The Winter Games are all planned. Now we need participants and some good competition. Great
snow would be most appreciated!

Spaghetti Dinner – Sunday, Feb. 28, 5 p.m. at the Senior Center
Skating & Alpine Competitions – Monday, Mar. 1 at 9 a.m. at Keystone
Nordic Competitions – Tuesday, Mar. 2, 9 a.m. at the Frisco Nordic Center

Go to for more information.

Ellis Simon, Chairman
Summit County 2010 50+ Open Winter Games

        Cross-country Skiers: Our first ski day of the 2010 season will be Wednesday, January 6.
        Once again, there will be two options:

          Novice Skiers and Brushing up on Skills: Meet at Keystone Nordic Center at 10:00 a.m.
and get comfortable herringboning uphill, skiing downhill and refining technique. Jen Schrage (262-
5770) and Sue Enderlin (453-1938) can advise what skiis to rent at Nordic Center. Lunch after.

Advanced Skiers: A separate outing will meet at 9:30 a.m. at the Silverthorne Pavilion to carpool or
at 10:00 a.m. at the Peru Creek parking lot. Leader Pat Taylor (262-5940). Lunch at Nordic Center
with other group! Questions: Bonnie Guthrie (468-0405).

                                                 Page 3
Refer to the following ratings when deciding whether or not your abilities match the planned
outing.The mileage and elevation gain shown for each outing are pure guesses.
1. Relatively flat with small hills, usually out and back same trail; need basic skills, snowplow and
some herringbone, etc.
2. More difficult with small hills; SKINS may be needed. Need more developed skills, strong
herringbone and snowplow.

NEW - MEETING PLACES for XC Ski Trips!! We’re changing our meeting places to be more in line
with the hiking and snowshoe groups for carpooling and making last-minute outing changes due to
weather/snow conditions. Depending on where the outing is, we’ll meet at 9:30 a.m. at the
Silverthorne Pavilion (S), Frisco Safeway (F) or Breckenridge City Market (B). You may still meet the
group at the trailhead at 10:00 a.m., but please call the leader the night before to be sure there
haven’t been any changes.
At the end of each outing, volunteer hosts will provide light appetizers, hearty soups, wine, beer and
soda in his or her home. A $5-6 donation is suggested to help defray the cost of this beneficence.

NEW – RSVP by Sunday!! So the hosts know how much soup to prepare, please try to RSVP by
the Sunday before the Wednesday trip. It will really be a big help.

                          Rating        Meeting
Date   Location           Level          Place      Leader(s)           Host(s)             Comments
                                        Keystone    Sue Enderlin
                                         Nordic     453-1938                                Hill practice for
       Keystone                         Ctr 10:00   Jen Schrage         Lunch at Nordic     Beg./intermed.
1/6    Nordic Center           1          a.m.      262-5770            Ctr. Great soups!   10:00 a.m.
       Peru Creek,                         (S)    Pat Taylor
1/6    7 mi/400'               2        9:30 a.m. 262-5940              As above
       Enderlins'                                                    Enderlins
       Special Trail                                                 453-8961               **9:30 (F) or
       3.5 mi/350'                                Sue/Steve Enderlin Becky Hopkins          10:00 at
1/13   6 mi/600'          1         2       **    453-8961           668-9494               Enderlins
       Wildernest off                             Julie/Dick         262-3851
       Salt Lick Circle                    (S)    Humphrey           Corina Aragon
1/20   (mi/gain TBD)          TBD       9:30 a.m. 262-3851           513-1285
                                                                                            **9:30 (B) or
                                                                                            10:00 Breck
                                                    Tom Brogan          Tom Brogan          Nordic Center.
       Siberian Loop                                303-842-3593(c)     303-842-3593        Beans, bread &
       6 mi/500'                                    Donna/Michel        Bagnerises          cider. Must buy
1/27   10mi/1000'             2+           **       Bagneris 468-5454   468-5454            day pass.
                                                                                            Meet Peru Crk
       Hunki Dori Mine                     (S)    Tom Aguirre 390-      Tom Aguirre 390-    prkg lot (10:00
2/3    6mi./1,000’             2        9:30 a.m. 9718                  9718                To shuttle to TH

                                                       Page 4
Summit County Seniors Snowshoe Hares 2010 Schedule

Meeting places are as follows: Frisco (F) —Safeway parking lot, Silverthorne (S)                    –
parking lot at Pavillion, Breckenridge (B) – City Market parking lot. Any exceptions for meetings are
noted for that day. Meeting time is 10:00 a.m. unless an exception is noted.

Leaders have the right to cancel or change trips at any time, but they will meet the group at the time
and place scheduled to announce any changes. If you are going directly to a trailhead and not
stopping at the meeting place, you MUST inform the leader before that morning (in case there has
been a change of plans).

Parking is limited at the trailheads so we will carpool from the meeting place.

Remember that snowshoeing is a very demanding sport and it requires strength and endurance.
Bring a daypack with snack food, water, layers of warm/windproof clothing. If a trip is ―out and back‖
you may turn around at any time if you inform the leader.

  Date         Trail                   Mtg. Place    Leader(s)          Notes
  1/4          Lily Pad Lake                F        Barb Strauss
                                                     Joanne Masica
  1/11         Ravens Golf Course           S        Pat Taylor         Follow course of Swift
                                                     262-5940           Skedaddle
  1/18         Watrous Gulch Exit           S        Bonnie Guthrie
               218 I-70                              468-0405
  1/25         Breck Nordic Ctr.            B        Becky Hopkins      Nordic Center fee
                                                     668-9494           required
  2/1          Webster Pass                 S        Don Harris
                                                     (330) 232-5665
  2/8          Meadow Mtn.                  F        Bob Noonan         Leave Frisco 9:00
               (Minturn)                             262-9092           Fee area – Golden
                                                                        Age pass ½ price

          Huff & Puff Snowshoeing – The trails are easy to moderate with outings lasting 1½ to 3
          hours. The distance can be 2 to 5 miles roundtrip. The elevations listed are approximate.
          These outings are perfect for beginners, intermediates and conversationalists. Not all trails
          are in and out; if a person chooses to turn back, they must be accompanied by someone.

Always dress warmly, bring water, snacks, snowshoes, poles, sunglasses, sunscreen, walkie-talkies
(if one is owned) identification and money for impromptu lunch.

Trip leaders may cancel or change destination at the last minute due to weather conditions or other
unforeseeable issues. It is suggested that the leader be called prior to the outing. The group will
meet at the designated place at 9:15 a.m. ready to leave for the trailhead by 9:30 a.m. SHARP.

Meeting Places: Silverthorne (S), North side of the Pavilion; Frisco (F)—Summit Stage parking lot
behind Safeway (near street); Breckenridge (B)—City Market parking lot (near street)

                                                 Page 5
      Date         Trail             Mtg Place     Dist/Gain  Leader/Phone
                                                              Judy Anderson 668-1469
        1/4        Rainbow Lake        S       3 mi/300'      (Apres Ski - see below **)
       1/11        Willow Brook        S       4 mi/500'      Pam Coffey 262-7701
       1/18        Tenderfoot          S       4 mi/400'      Corina Aragon 513-1285
                                                              Myrlene Zimmerman
       1/25        Lily Pad            S       2-3 mi/300' 468-9069
** Judy has very graciously opened her house for apres ski. Please call her if you plan to attend and
learn what you can bring to share.
                                                            Ladies’ Bridge and Luncheon – January’s
          Indoor Activities                                 Ladies’ Bridge and luncheon will be held on
                                                            Wednesday, January 13 at the home of
              Bike INDOORS at the Center:                   Margery Nemura. Note that we begin
                Two new exercise bikes are                  playing at 10 a.m. and finish by 3 p.m.
                available for your use; they are            Please call Margery at 262-3811 if you would
               located outside the Hobby                    like to join us and tell her what you will be
Room. If the Center is open, you may put the                bringing for the salad buffet. There is also a
pedal to the metal. (Lemond Fitness Bikes                   sign-up sheet in the Bridge Room.
were made available through a grant.) Hours:
Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.                              Second Saturday Swiss Teams –. Saturday
                   ♠♣♥♦                                     Swiss is back! First session January 9th. Pot
Party Bridge – Tuesdays at 1:00 p.m. in the                 luck lunch at 11:30, play starts at noon. Please
Hobby Room. Be there by 12:50.                              sign up IN PAIRS in the Hobby Room. All
Duplicate Bridge – Every Monday and
                                                            Bridge now has a donated set of peripatetic
Friday, 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. You need a
                                                            boards and equipment - enough to play up to 5
partner or please call Corley at 970-262-0417.
                                                            tables. Want to borrow them for a home game?
$1 donation for SCSC members/$1.50 non-
                                                            Call Maggie Jones (547-4613).
members. ACBL sanctioned.
                                                            PLEASE REMEMBER: It is requested that all
Supervised Play –Wednesdays 3:30 – 5:30                     bridge games and classes be fragrance free.
p.m. Call Maggie 970-547-4613 for info!                     Some of our folks are extremely allergic and
                                                            are not able to participate when fragrances are
Wednesday Bridge Classes – Intermediate                     in the room. Please respect their health issues
Bridge classes with Corley, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.                and refrain from wearing fragrances.
Call Corley for information, 970-262-0417.
                                                                            Summit Quilters –Time to start
         Winter Round Robin Bridge – Once                                   on your Quilting New Year’s
            again, it is time to sign-up for a                              Resolutions!! Summit Quilters
               place in Round Robin Bridge.                                 next Sit 'n Sew is Monday,
               We shall be starting in January.                             January 4 , 7:00 p.m. at the
Save Thursday, March 25, for the ―Awards                    Center. The regular meeting will be Monday,
Dinner.‖ It’s a fun and simple format. You play             January 18, 7:00 p.m. Come join us for some
three other teams and determine the time and                fun quilting in the New Year!
place with each one. Sign up at the Center or               If you have questions, contact Carol at
call Margery at 262-3811. Jean can also           
answer questions (262-0381).

                                                   Page 6
Mah Jongg – Games will be on Tuesdays                      Book Club – The Book Club will meet on
           and Fridays at 1:00 p.m. For                    Tuesday, January 19 at 7:00 p.m. at the home
           information call Marcia at 668-                 of Joan DeGraaff. The book for discussion will
           8322. Come and learn!                           be Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Don Pascal
                                                           will lead the discussion. Please call Joan at
                                                           468-6660 to RSVP by the weekend before the
                                                           meeting. Remember that space is sometimes

"SOCIAL IMPROV" – GAMES on Thursdays
at 1:00 p.m. in the Hobby Room.

               Scrabble and more! For info call
               Helen Fitzgerald at 468-7630.               Tale Spinners –The January program will be
               Our games group has grown.                  Monday, January 4. The meeting starts at
               Show your interest by coming at             11:30 a.m. at the Community & Senior Center.
1:00 p.m. on Thursdays. The more people who                (Bring your own brown bag lunch.) GUESTS
participate, the better the games!!                        ARE ALWAYS WELCOME. For more
                                                           information call Allan Schutt at 668-8322.

                                                           Café Scientifique – A schedule for 2010 Café
                Great Decisions Returns –
                                                           Scientifique presentations has been set. The
                This discussion group will
                                                           initial meeting with co-sponsorship by
                meet on Wednesdays from
                                                           Keystone Symposium, is scheduled for
                3:30 to 5:30 p.m. at the Senior
                                                           Monday, January 25, at Silverthorne Town
                Center, beginning January 13
                                                           Hall in the Council Chambers from 7:00 – 8:30
                and the eight following
                                                           p.m. The presenter will be Steve Shoelson,
                                                           M.D., from Harvard University, providing an
                                                           overall review of diabetes and metabolism, a
                 The topics will include:
                                                           timely topic in view of the current health care
1) The use of special envoys in our diplomacy
                                                           initiative. Feb- June will be at the Center.
2) Kenya and R2P, lessons learned
                                                            Feb. 23, Daniel J. Taylor, will present a
3) Protection from global crime
                                                           lavishly illustrated slide presentation taking the
4) US-China Security Relations
                                                           audience back to the origin of the Olympic
5) Global financial crisis
                                                           Games in classical Greece.
6) Russia and its neighbors
                                                           Mar. 24, John Spierling and Elmer Koneman
7) Persian Gulf problems
                                                           will focus on the National History Contest and
8) Peace Building and Conflict Resolution
                                                           participation by students at the Summit Middle
The Briefing Books have been ordered and
                                                           Apr. 27, Dr. Martin Hertzberg will show the
should be at the Senior Center desk early in
                                                           documentary, "Not Evil, Just Wrong‖.
                                                           May 25, Sandy Greenhut and Tim Sabo will
Millicent Plant, 970-668-1352
                                                           serve as presenters on the topic, ―Inspiration,
                                                           Process, and Technique of Pine Beetle Art‖.
                                                           June 29, co-sponsored by the Keystone
                                                           Symposium with the topic and presenter to be
                                                           July and August, no meetings

                                                  Page 7
                                                              Wanted – The Appetizers musical group would
                                                              like to honor John Roberts by continuing to
                 Socialize                                    perform for the Seniors before Monday night
                       “GALS” (Golden                         dinners. With his passing, we are in need of a
                       Adventurous Ladies of                  guitar player. If you are interested or know of
                       the Summit) –                          someone who might be, please give Marie a
                       The GALS group will                    call at 668-8961.
                       meet at Sandy
                       Ruggaber's home on
                       Jan. 7th at 4 p.m. Bring
                                                                 SCSC, Inc., Fund Raising
a small appetizer to share and whatever you
want to drink. Directions will follow by e-mail or            The Summit Seniors Foundation – Support
call Sandy at 513-8468.                                       Summit Seniors! Anyone interested in making
                                                              present contributions or a testamentary gift by
MEALS – FOOD – EATS – NOURISHMENT                             a provision in a will or revocable living trust to
                                                              the Foundation should contact:
Tuesday/Thursday Lunch – Great food and                                     Larry R. Niedergerke
people make our luncheons fun. The                                          Attorney at Law
luncheons are a place to make friends and                                   PO Box 1274
strike up a conversation. Call the office at 668-                           Breckenridge, CO 80424
2940 one day prior to the lunch to make a                                   970-547-2170
reservation. (okay to leave a weekend
message on phone) $2.50 - $3.50 sliding scale                 Frisco/Copper Info Center – Summit Seniors
for those 60 and over. Guest fee: $8.00 (59                   are responsible for staffing the Frisco/Copper
and under).                                                   Information Center on Sundays as a
                                                              fundraiser. We cover two shifts (9-1, 1-5), and
Monday Night Dinner – Dinner is served at                     we need volunteers. It is a significant
5:30 p.m. Please call to make a reservation;                  fundraiser, and it's an opportunity to meet
you may leave a message on the machine over                   people and provide information about Summit
the weekend (668-2940). Correct change is                     County. Please share the fun and spread the
helpful. ($5 or $6 depending on income; non-                  experience. Call Becky Hopkins at 668-9494 or
members pay $2 more) If you don't show, you                   write
still owe. Help with setup (4:40); clean-up help
is welcome. Arrival time: 5:00 – 5:30.                        Sunday, Senior Staffing, January 2010
                                                              Jan. 3
             In Memory Of                                     9 - 1 Mil Plant/Chuck Boyd
                                                              1 - 5 Anne Crane/Rosemary Shaw
John E. Roberts, a resident of Summit County
since 1991, died of lung cancer on November                    Jan. 10
27 at the age of 76. Over 200 friends attended                9 - 1 Sandy Franzen/Judi Quinn
his Celebration of Life December 6th. John                    1 - 5 Kathy/Tony Allitto
was an avid skier, bicyclist, musician and                    Jan. 17
volunteer. He served as treasurer and board                   9 - 1 Susana/Pete Novembre
member of the Summit Seniors. Because of                      1 - 5 Pat Hutson/Peg Bartko
their volunteerism in the community, he and his               Jan. 24
wife, Marie, were named Seniors of the Year in                9 - 1 Phyllis/Clyde Grindell
2006. John’s presence at the Senior Center                    1 - 5 Bob Noonan/Andy Searls
will be greatly missed.                                       Jan. 31
                                                              9 - 1 Gretha/John Vermuelen
                                                              1 - 5 Gretha/John Vermeulen

                                                     Page 8
City Market CARES                                           Tuesday, January 26, 8 a.m. – noon
Link your City Market discount card to SCSC                 Wednesday, January 27, 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.
by bringing the discount card to the Senior                 Cost: $12 for AARP members
Center office. Seniors, Inc. will receive a                       $14 for non-members
donation quarterly. Personal discounts are not
affected.                                                   Directory of Services – is available to
                                                            Summit County Senior Citizens in hard copy at
                                                            the Center or on-line:
                 Services                                   Click on Seniors in left column. Click on
Caregiver Support Group – Do you know of                    Services on top tab.
someone in our community who is providing                   3rd down on list: ―Senior Services Concierge
care for someone who is ill, injured, or dying?             Directory‖ – open.
Is someone you know trying to care for a                    [Directory of Services October 2009 update]
spouse, parents, friends, or family members                 It is lengthy; thus, it would be greatly
who live outside of Summit County? If so, let               appreciated if you could access it on the
them know about this upcoming opportunity.                  internet. The Directory of Services provides a
What: Caregiver Support Group                               list of services available to seniors.
When: Thur., Jan. 14, 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.
Where: Senior Center                                                           Help Stock the Food Bank –
*Please join us! Information and resources will                                Food Share America is a
be provided in a supportive group setting to                                   great program for anyone
support and assist those who provide care for                                  trying to save money on
others.                                                                        groceries. Each order gives
*No cost to attend and food will be provided.                                  FIRC a percentage to spend
*Complimentary respite care will be provided.               on food for their food bank.
Please call 668-2940 for reservations or                    The January Food Share America menu is
questions about the group.                                  available on the website
Network of Care for Seniors – Summit              , as well as at the
County seniors now have an excellent online                 FIRC office in Dillon.
source of information for community resources               How to Place your Order:
- the Network of Care for Seniors. Log onto                     1. Online with a credit card (Go To and              Click on
you'll gain access to information about health                     ―Denver Metro All‖ then choose l―80443
and wellness, Summit County service                                Frisco‖ as the site)
providers, links to helpful websites and much                   2. At the FIRC office in Dillon with cash,
more. Click on "Live Demo" and you'll be able                      check, credit card, or food stamp cards.
to participate in a 20 minute overview to help              Order and save up to 50% on meat, produce,
you navigate the site with ease! If you have                and pantry items! Pickup is Saturday, January
any questions, or would like to schedule a free             23, from 11:00-12:30 at the Senior Center.
Network of Care training session, please                    Please contact Rob Murphy (970-262-3888)
contact Laura Dickinson at                                  with any questions about the program or                                ordering.

                   Safe Driving Course in                                  Silver Sneakers – Silverthorne
                      January – Ernie Werren                               Rec Center has a program
                      will teach the Safe                                  specifically geared for seniors.
                     Driving Course at the                                 Call 262-7370. Curves in Frisco
Senior Center. Please call the Center at 668-                              offers a free Silver Sneakers
2940 to sign up. In addition, there is a sign-up                           workout also. Call 668-8789.
sheet available at Monday Night Dinner and
the Tuesday/Thursday lunches.
                                                   Page 9
Senior “Ask A Lawyer” Day – This                         The Outreach Committee – Our mission is to
successful program is offered on the 3rd                 reach out to the needs of the senior
Tuesday every other month. The next one is               community. If you or someone you know is
January 19 at 12:30. Bring your legal                    going into the hospital, is in need of
questions for private consultation with a lawyer.        transportation to a doctor’s appointment or is
                                                         homebound, please call Andy Searls at
Old Eye Glasses? – Donate your eye glass                 668-0625 or Christy Nelson at 668-2942.
frames at the Center.
                                                         Senior Name Tags – Can be ordered at the
Notary Public at the Senior Center – Lorie               Center office, $5.75 (pin) or $6.75 (magnetic).
Williams is able to notarize your important
documents for you. Please call for an                             Wellness Testing – Is offered to
appointment at 970-668-2940.                                      seniors by the Summit Medical Center.
                                                                   They offer lab tests such as complete
                                                                   blood count, chemistry panel, lipid
                                                                     panel, PSA, and thyroid screening.
Medicare Counseling at the Senior Center –                           These services are offered at a
Ed Ozark and other trained volunteers offer              significant savings and available on a year-
free Medicare counseling to assist in                    round basis, weekdays, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
understanding Medicare benefits, coverage                You must pick up a form at the Senior Center.
gaps, billing concerns, Medicare supplemental
insurance plans, Medicare HMOs and                       The Summit Cancer Support Group –
Medicare prescription drug plans.                        Melanie Hendershott, nutritionist for the Shaw
                                                         Regional Cancer Center, will be our guest
The Medicare counseling session for January              speaker. She will talk about the importance of
will be offered Monday, January 4. Friday,               eating a plant-based diet as well as directing
February 26 is also available. Appointments              us in cooking a few of the plant-based foods.
are necessary; contact the Center to                     The meeting will take place at the Community
schedule. Bring relevant materials to your               and Senior Center on Wednesday, January
counseling session. We look forward to your              27th at 7:00 p.m. The group meets every other
participation.                                           month on the odd numbered months.

                                                         Understanding Memory Loss and Dementia
                                                         A free presentation will be given by Sandy
           Campbell Soup Labels –My sincere              Bainbridge from the Alzheimers Association at
           thanks to those who have donated              7:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 7, at the
           labels. Our schools and children              Summit County Community & Senior Center.
           benefit from the money they receive           Learn more about a topic which impacts many
           for them. I am hoping that we can get         of our friends, neighbors and loved ones. Find
MORE VOLUNTEERS to bring in Campbell’s,                  resources for coping with Alzheimers or
Swanson Broth and Chef Boyardee labels!                  Dementia. Call 668-2940 for more information.
Tear off labels and put them in the red box at
the center....simple task but very valuable.             Computer Basics – Call the Front Desk to
Thanks!      Margery Nemura                              request an instructor 668-2940.

                                                         The Center’s three computers are available
                                                         in the Hobby Room for seniors to use Monday
                                                         to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. They have
                                                         Word, Excel, Internet, and a shared printer.

                                                   Page 10
          Colorado Legal Services                        SCSC Member Published a Book!
            Advance Directives

            ―Advance Directives‖ are documents
            you prepare while you are competent
            that will provide direction to your
            loved ones and to medical personnel
if you are no longer able to speak for yourself.
These include Living Wills, CPR Directives,              Brand new off the press is the 2010 edition of
DNR Orders, medical durable Powers of                    Colorado’s SOUTH PARK,
Attorney, and other documents and directives.            High Country Paradise a book by resident
Living Wills provide direction if you are                author/ photographer Bernie Nagy.
terminally ill, unable to communicate and are            The deluxe embossed travel essay photo book
being kept alive by artificial means. If you             includes mining history, gold medal fishing,
move to a new state, or live in more than one            14ers, hiking, mountain passes, four-wheel
state, you may want to make sure that your               drives, wildlife viewing, wildflowers, bristlecone
Living Will is valid in each state. CPR                  pines, lakes, heritage, world championship
Directives and DNR (Do Not Resuscitate)                  pack burro race, culture and history of South
Orders are signed by your doctor, not you.               Park. The book can be ordered from High
Talk to your doctor if you want to have orders           Country Artworks, PO Box 1795, Fairplay, CO
in place that would direct medical personnel             80440 at a special price of $29.95 or at
not to use CPR or other methods to revive you  
if your heart stops or you stop breathing.
Medical durable Powers of Attorney give an
―agent‖ appointed by you the authority to make                      RSVP Volunteer
medical decisions if you are not able to                             Opportunities
communicate your wishes. There are specific
requirements under new federal privacy laws if                         What is the RSVP Senior
you want your ―agent‖ to discuss your                                  Corps? It has been brought to
condition with medical personnel or arrange for                        my attention that people are not
medication. The Colorado Legal Services                                aware what the RSVP program
website has a ―Values History Form‖ to help                            is all about, and why volunteer
talk to loved ones and health care providers             hours are asked to be submitted.
about wishes regarding medical decisions
others might make for you some day. (Go to               The RSVP Senior Corps helps individuals age and follow the             55 and older put their skills and life experience
links to ―Legal Information‖ and ―Elder Law‖ to          to work for their communities. RSVP was
find this form and other information.)                   created with bipartisan support from Congress,
                                                         the President and community groups
Questions? Call Colorado Legal Services at               nationwide in 1993 and is administered by the
800-521-6968 for more information!                       Corporation for National Service.

                                                         RSVP volunteers do just about everything –
                                                         from tutoring to leading recreational groups.
                                                         RSVP volunteers choose how and where they
                                                         want to serve. However they choose to serve,
                                                         RSVP volunteers meet critical community

                                                   Page 11
needs. Studies show that those who volunteer                  Go to the Summit County website
live longer, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.   
                                                              Click on ―SENIORS‖ (found on the left side
RSVP lets community leaders and government                     of page under Quick Links)
officials see the power and importance of older               Click on ―Volunteer‖ tab.
volunteers. While an individual makes a
difference in the lives of those they help each            I hope this clears up any questions you may
day, as a group RSVP is showing how vital the              have, but if not, you can always stop by the
civic engagement of the maturing generation of             center and see me or contact me at 668-2942.
Summit County is. The local RSVP staff works
closely with the local RSVP Advisory Council.              Thank you to the 266 volunteers that served
Their job is to advise and assist the staff in             our county in 2009!
setting policies and in program planning,
development and operation as well as review                Christy Nelson
the annual grant application.                              RSVP Volunteer Coordinator
In 2000, Summit County, in conjunction with
Eagle County, applied for and received RSVP                Looking for Volunteer “Neighbors” We’re
grant monies. The monies received from the                 developing a network of volunteers to provide
federal grant are spent specifically to                    free short-term home support for seniors who
encourage volunteerism and recognize the                   due to illness, injury or aging find it difficult or
efforts of the volunteers in the program. For              impossible to do daily tasks (meals, getting to
reporting purposes, RSVP volunteers submit                 doctors’ appointments, walking dogs, changing
their hours each month.                                    kitty litter, watering plants, picking up mail, to
                                                           name just a few). If we share the tasks, it
To become an RSVP volunteer you must be 55                 won’t be that much work for any one person
years of age (or beyond.) An application must              and your volunteer neighbors will be there for
be on file and the 501c3 non-profit organization           you if the need should arise. Be the first in your
where you volunteer must be serving the                    neighborhood to volunteer!
needs of Summit County.
                                                           Also, we’d like to find folks interested in a Daily
Application Forms and Service Hour reports                 Check-in Phone Call Service.
may be picked up at the Community & Senior                 For more information and to volunteer, contact
Center or on the county website:                           Bonnie Guthrie at

                                                     Page 12
                                    JANUARY BIRTHDAYS
01/01   Wayne        Haley          01/11   James        Edwards       01/22   Edwina     Thomas
01/01   Marie        Dodgion        01/12   Martha       Sinquefield   01/22   Linda      Orseck
01/01   Jan          Lytle          01/12   Barbara      Berger        01/22   Bart       Bartoletti
01/01   Jarisse      Sanborn        01/12   Vicki        Morgan        01/22   Ann        Watson
01/02   Chris        Bochan         01/12   Jim          Phillips      01/22   Vicki      Siegert
01/02   Donna        Lewark         01/12   Cathy        Brosius       01/22   Rhonda     Pederson
01/02   Jim          Karns          01/13   Sally        Frederick     01/22   Ann        Butler
01/02   Alex         Drummond       01/13   Mary Kay     Jones         01/23   Marilynn   Burger
01/02   Lily         Lo             01/13   Mary Ellen   Gilliland     01/23   Janet      Scervino
01/02   Mark         Layden         01/13   Betty        Keith         01/23   John       Carr
01/02   Fred         Forman         01/13   Richard      Becker        01/23   Janice     Parrish
01/03   Robert       Schulthess     01/13   Tom          Hess          01/23   Marsha     Cooper
01/03   Arthur       Holveck        01/14   Teresa       Moen          01/23   Judy       Camp
01/03   Bobbie       Thorin         01/14   Dave         Staub         01/23   Pati       Hammer
01/03   Jim          Calvin         01/14   Michael      Clary         01/24   Jane       Hendrix
01/04   William      Smith          01/14   Karen        Simpson       01/24   Judy       Armstrong
01/04   Karen        Sanderman      01/14   David        Johnstone     01/24   Bill       Moller
01/04   Margaret     Johnson        01/14   Maryann      Gaug          01/24   Ken        Luebstorf
01/04   Heidi        Bast           01/14   Lee          Dodgion       01/24   Rod        Hartnett
01/04   John         Gregory        01/14   Robert       Platzer       01/25   Avis       Davis
01/04   Don          Shaeffer               Baronesse    T. Von        01/25   Steven     Horn
01/04   Judy         Day            01/14   Ernemartl    Falkenstein   01/25   Fred       Andrews
01/04   Ellis        Simon          01/15   Rose         Kallin        01/25   Karen      Steinbrink
01/04   Wolfgang     Bast           01/15   Jackie       Boroff        01/25   Mary       Ford
01/04   Hans         Zimmer         01/15   Egon         Gerson        01/25   Bob        Otten
01/05   Doni         Watts          01/15   Bill         Hunt          01/26   Bonnie     Brown
01/05   Gerry        Meier          01/15   John R.      Anderson      01/26   Martha     Macdonald
01/05   Thomas       Keinath        01/15   Lee          Sevald        01/26   Judy       Evans
01/05   Jean         Johnson        01/16   Susan        Mclaurin      01/26   Annettte   Kelly
01/06   Maggie       Ducayet        01/16   Leslie       Aaholm        01/26   Eileen     Finkel
01/06   Teresa       Pannomarew     01/16   Dorothy      Jackson       01/26   Jean       Spivack
01/06   Edythe       Trail          01/16   Diana        Dettmering    01/26   Joyce      Stucker
01/06   Mary         Lyle           01/16   Donald       Orseck        01/27   Kay        Bullington
01/06   Theresa      Ashton         01/16   Delmar       Myers         01/27   Aleene     Nyquist
01/06   Frank        Ybarguen       01/16   Arlene       Dinkel        01/27   Jo         Hartsuck
01/06   Linus        Zumberge       01/16   David        Brunk         01/27   Donna      Schmeiser
01/06   Alex         Turner         01/16   Charlie      Black         01/27   Lee        Vroble
01/07   Shirley      Wiglesworth    01/17   Laila        Johnson       01/28   George     Ford
01/07   Bill         May            01/17   William      Eppers        01/28   Jacki      Tobin
01/07   Carol        Schroeder      01/17   Jody         Anderson      01/28   Martin     Folkenflik
01/07   Myra         Kincaide       01/17   Bruce        Schmeiser     01/29   Donna      Ozark
01/07   Mario        Saint-Pierre   01/17   Robert       Kresley Jr.   01/29   Corinne    Nielsen
01/07   Margaret     Garver         01/17   Caroline     Nance         01/29   Steve      Hatton
01/08   Joanne       Masica         01/17   Sterling     Barclay       01/29   Linda      Elliott
01/08   Peggy        Pascal         01/18   Kit          Pratt         01/29   John       Midyette
01/08   John         Gerlach        01/18   Barbara      Weil          01/29   Jerry      Lachance
01/08   Gale         Glasson        01/19   Betty        Faulkner      01/29   Patti      Lottermoser
01/08   Dennis       Zimmerman      01/19   Polly        Keys          01/29   Alyce      Miller
01/09   Dick         Masica         01/19   Mark         Jackson       01/30   Robert     Wallis
01/09   Charlotte    Weiler         01/19   Jim          Tate          01/31   Robert     Matzke
01/10   Jody         Cain           01/20   David        Lund          01/31   Jay        Brossman
01/10   Alastair     Stone          01/21   Georgiann    Sutor         01/31   Nancy      Copeland
01/10   Michael H.   Forster        01/21   Dick         Newkirk       01/31   Mary       Sielaff
01/10   Alberta      Barnett        01/21   Charlotte    Assor         01/31   Norm       Stoller
01/11   Richard      Nauman         01/22   Joan         De Graaff
           Advertisements                               Frisco Lagoon Townhome – Available Dec.
Breckenridge Town Home on Blue River –                  through April. 2 BD. 2.5 Bath. Fully-furnished
Walk to slopes and Main St. Families and                kitchen. Gas FP. Cable TV. BBQ gas grill on
mature adults desired. 2 BD. 3 Bath. Heated             deck. 2-car heated tandem garage. WD.
garage. Wood-burning fireplace w/wood                   Clubhouse w/2 hot tubs, Olympic-size pool,
provided. Short or long-term rates available.           racquetball court. Close to bike path (2 bikes
Phone for rates and availability. Call 970-668-         provided). Great mountain views. Deposit
3411 or 970-333-4950.                                   required. $1900/month. Daily rental $175 (3-
                                                        day minimum). All utilities pd. Photos available
Beautiful Downtown Breckenridge Victorian               on-line. Mary or Randy at 719-266-1243.
– Great views! 3 BD, 2 ½ Bath. 1-car garage &
laundry. Weekly or monthly rental. Walk                 Luxury Apartment – Exquisitely decorated
everywhere! Call 970-453-1718 for details and           980 sf apartment with full kitchen; dining, living
availability.                                           room area w/TV, wifi; queen-size sleeper-sofa;
                                                        BD with queen-size bed; Bath with lg. shower;
Large Keystone Townhouse for Rent – (Dec.               Washer/dryer. Fairplay/Alma area, close to
21 – May 8) Our townhouse lies directly across          Hwy 9. Only 35 minutes from Breckenridge.
from River Run Village and ski area in the              Available mid-Dec to mid-April from 14 days up
Enclave Community. It is in excellent condition         to 3 months. Great for active senior couple.
with 3 large bedrooms sleeping 8 very easily, 3 706-319-6037
full bathrooms, great room with stone fireplace,
dining area, and fully loaded kitchen. The              Adorable Furnished Frisco Home For Rent
downstairs hosts a Jacuzzi, hot tub and steam           – Seasonally or Year-round. 2 BD (1 large, 1
shower with a full 2-car garage. The Enclave            small), 1 ¾ Bath. NS/NP. $1600/month. Call
includes a beautiful clubhouse with pool,               970-485-5374 to set up a time to see home.
weights, racquetball, ping pong, pool table, TV
and a comfortable area for reading. Please              For Sale: Great Investment Opportunity!
call for GREAT weekly and monthly rentals and           GRAND TIMBER LODGE ~ Breckenridge,
availability @970-468-6337 or cell 772-321-             Colorado Time Share. Floating Red Week (Ski
0620.                                                   Week). Includes One Bedroom Master Unit
                                                        (sleeps 4) and lock-off Studio (sleeps 4).
Looking for a Companion/Live-in                         Check it out at
Opportunity? – Lady, now a senior for 30       #809562.
years in Summit County, of German heritage,             This is a great investment in Grand Timber
and immigration, living alone, is healthy,              Lodge, which is an award-winning, FIVE-
educated, who owns her own home in                      STAR Condominium Resort offering ski-in/ski-
Keystone, CO, is extending for FREE a guest             out access located between Peaks 8 and 9 at
room with own half bath. Individual should be           the world-famous Breckenridge Ski Resort.
unencumbered, meaning unattached, perhaps               Grand Timber Lodge is a family-friendly resort
also an immigrant, who left family in Europe            offering wonderful amenities including two
behind, is educated, healthy, positive, and             indoor/outdoor pools, two indoor and three
pleasant, who could make a stay permanent, is           large outdoor hot tubs, Victorian Day Spa and
also looking for a friend, respectively for             restaurant, etc. Please call (970) 468-6566
someone to belong. Anyone in a similar                  (Mountain Time) for price/info.
situation and wishes to apply, please call 970-

                                                  Page 14
For Rent: Grand Timber Lodge ~                       Tucson Home Exchange – Would you like to
Breckenridge, Colorado ~ Luxury Studio               make an exchange for my home sometime
(sleeps 4), February 13 - 20, 2010. (President's     between December 2009 and March 2010?
Holiday Week!) Ski-in/Ski-out unit located           Quiet country living 30 minutes from center of
between Peaks 8 and 9. Check out the virtual         town. Home sits at the end of a private road of
tour for the studio at           a foothills ridge community. Ten minutes from
Check out the amenities on the website!              two 5-star resorts with golf courses, 15,000
Check-in at 4 PM. Check-out at 10 AM. Grand          acre national recreation area, restaurants and
Timber Lodge offers a courtesy van to take           shopping. Hard to match geographic diversity
you/guests anywhere within the town of               of Southern Arizona and Mexico in the sunniest
Breckenridge. $1200 for the week, includes all       city in the Nation. For info and pictures please
taxes/fees/cleaning. Please call (970) 468-          see my listing at with
6566 (Mountain Time).                                ID number 63441 and contact me at
Wanted: Garage Space to Rent. Winter
season or yearly. Responsible senior. Frisco         Come sailing in the Virgin Islands! I’m
references. Mike @ 440-655-4522                      chartering a boat April 24 – May 1 or possibly
                                                     May 8 – 15, 2010. We have room for one
                                                     more woman. We’ll sail about 2 hours, then
                                                     stop to swim, snorkel, dive and explore the
                                                     islands, including trails, shops and restaurants.
                                                     No sailing knowledge needed. Just come,
                                                     relax with other women and have fun. Contact
                                                     Joan De Graaff or 970-468-

                                               Page 15
Summit County Senior Citizens, Inc.                     NONPROFIT ORG.
Box 1845                                                US POSTAGE PAID
Frisco, CO 80443                                        FRISCO, CO 80443
                                                        PERMIT NO 10

                                      Summit County Senior Newsletter is
                                      published monthly by Summit County
                                      Senior Citizens, Inc. (SCSC)

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