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					Energy Shots – Battle on the Race Track – Who’s #1

On the race track it’s always clear whose best, the one who comes first. Whether it’s the Dakar
Race, F1, Motocross Gran Prix or NASCAR – the one who crosses the finish line first gets the
champagne to drink and the glittery paper falling down on him. I suppose that’s why a lot of
energy drink-manufacturers decide to sponsor a racing team.
Because it’s not about the smartest or the best driver (although those can help) - but about the
fastest one. Which energy shot/drink is the best then? We measure them against how well
their teams have done. Who is the Ultimate Energy Shot!

Red Bull sponsors a lot of sport teams. But most relevant to this discussion is the fact that Red
Bull has sponsored a lot of race car drivers like NASCAR drivers Brian Vickers and Scott Speed
and Formula One drivers Christian Klein and Vitantonio Liuzzi.

Racing for Team Red Bull in this round is Brian Vickers. And yes, that really is the team's name.
Vickers has been racing for Team Red Bull since 2007, and has driven team Red Bull to very high
heights. In the #83 Red Bull Toyota Camry Vickers gave Toyota their first top-five racing car.
2007 wasn't their best year though, due to irregularities in the team's management. In 2008 it
went much better with Vickers landing Team Red Bull in the top 35. 2009 was their year
though. On June 10 last year Vickers and his team pulled off an amazing pit stop in the middle
of Times Square, New York. All four of the #83's tires were changed with traffic still buzzing
around them. Of course people applauded. 2010 has not been quite as kind. In 2009 Vickers
won 6 poles and finished 12th - his personal best. Due to illness Vickers will not race again until
2011. Team Red Bull hasn't done bad for themselves in the last few years since their debut, and
for the new kid on the block, they aren't half bad. But are they the Ultimate Energy Shot?

Also competing for the title of Ultimate Energy Shot are drinks like Wave and Monster Energy,
but their drivers aren't half as awake as Vickers, so we'll just skip them. The serious contender
for the title of ultimate Energy Shot next to Team Red Bull is NOS! NOS is the official sponsor of
the famous Kyle Busch - a young racer scoring win after win. Busch debuted in NASCAR in 2003
and from there on out it seems to be Kyle Busch everywhere. In the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
he had his first win in 2005 and in the Nationwide Series he made his first win in 2004. Winning
energy shot maybe? Since his win in 2004 he has won 39 more times, finished in the top ten
123 times not to mention 60 times qualifying in the pole position. He's currently ranked first in
both the above mentioned races – with a special thanks to NOS energy drink and his primary
sponsor M&Ms.

So it's clear who the winner of the title of the Ultimate Energy Shot is: NOS energy shots!
Although Vickers was a great competitor there's just nothing like the new guys on the block,
people like Busch and NOS, to show you how old you've gotten.

The question is now whether up and coming energy shots like Hero Energy Shot or 5 Hour can
make a dent in the Kyle Busch dynasty. 5 Hour is well known and seems to be available
everywhere, while Hero Energy Shot is available online through its online store and select retail

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