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     How can immigrants gain access to the services they need?
     What skills do newcomers need?
     How might immigrants respond to help from an outsider?

      Answer the questions from each textbook section on a separate piece of paper. Answers should CLEARLY indicate the question.

                                                 Section 1 – The New Immigrants

Objective 1: Identify immigrants countries of origin. (11.2.2)

         1-1. From which parts of the world did immigrants come into the US?
         1-2. For what reasons did they journey to America

Objective 2: Describe the journey immigrants endured and their experiences at United States immigration stations (11.2.2)

         2-1. What difficulties did immigrants face on their journery to the US?
         2-2. What were the differences and similarities between the two US immigration centers?
         2-3. How did many immigrants cope after arriving in America?

Objective 3: Examine the causes and effects of the nativists’ anti-immigrant sentiments. (11.2.3)

         3-1. What did nativists believe?
         3-2. How did the Chinese Exclusion Act and the Gentleman’s Agreement limit Asian immigration?

QW: pg. 259 #5

                                           Section 2 – The Challenges of Urbanization

Objective 1: Describe the movement of immigrants to the cities and the opportunities they found there. (11.2.3)

         1-1. Why did many immigrants settle in the nation’s cities?
         1-2. What was the goal of the Americanization movement?

Objective 2: Explain how cities dealt with housing, transportation, sanitation, and safety issues (11.2.1)

         2-1. What were the housing problems that many poor urban dwellers faced?
         2-2. What other difficulties did immigrants and poor residents encounter?

Objective 3: Describe some of the organizations and people who offered help to urban immigrants. (11.2.7)

         3-1. What was the Social Gospel movement?
         3-2. What was the purpose of settlement houses?
         3-3. Who was Jane Addams and how did she contribute to reform?

QW: pg.266 #3

Chapter 7 Immigrants & Urbanization                                                                                                 1
                                            Section 3 – Politics in the Gilded Age

Objective 1: Explain the role of political machines and political bosses. (11.2.4)

         1-1. What was a political machine?
         1-2. What was the role of the political boss?
         1-3. What role did immigrants play in the politics of many big cities?

Objective 2: Describe how some politicians’ greed and fraud cost taxpayers millions of dollars. (11.2.4)

         2-1. What means did many political machines use to maintain power?
         2-2. For what reasons was the Tweed ring so notorious?

Objective 3: Describe the measures taken by presidents Hayes, Garfield, and Arthur to reform the spoils system. (11.2.4)

         3-1. What were the consequences of the patronage system?
         3-2. What political reform efforts did Hayes, Garfield, and Arthur undertake?
         3-3. What was the Pendleton Civil Service Act?

Objective 4: Explain the positions taken by presidents Cleveland, Harrison, and McKinley on the tariff issue. (11.2.4)

         4-1. Where did Cleveland and Harrison stand on the tariff issue?
         4-2. What was the McKinley Tariff Act of 1890?
         4-3. What happened to tariffs when Cleveland was reelected, and how did things change when McKinley took office?

Chapter 7 Immigrants & Urbanization                                                                                        2

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