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									                          Nordic News
             The Canadian Nordic Society                      June 2009 Page                                 1
                   240 Sparks Street, PO Box 55023, Ottawa, ON K1P 1A1
      – email:

             PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                                     Detail                           Page
                                                                     President’s Message                1
The Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Nordic                    Agenda for AGM                     1
                                                                     CNS 2008-09 Dates to remember      1
Society will be held on Thursday, May 21, 2009 at the
                                                                     Canadian Nordic Society Events     1
Army Officer’s Mess.                                                 Midsummer Boat Cruise              2
Please Note that we have changed the original date of this           Swedish School ad for Teachers     2
meeting moving it back one week from its earlier scheduled           Embassy Information                2
date of Thursday, May 14.                                            CNS Membership/Renewal Form        3
                                                                     CNS Board Members                  3
The Agenda for the AGM is listed elsewhere on this page.             Annual General Meeting Proxy     4
Those interested in serving on the Board are invited to
contact members of our Nominating Committee:
       Per Talgoy: 613-260-9066
       Ed Napke: 613-224-5966
       Maria Shaar-Öhman: 613-828-3151

Memberships will be sold at the door: $20.00 for an
individual membership; $30.00 for a family.

For those members who may not be able to attend, we
would ask that you sign the enclosed proxy form and give it
to a member who will be attending. Proxies can also be
faxed to: 613-837-4927.                                       CNS 2008-09 Dates to Remember
                                                                            SPEAKERS EVENTS
  Annual General Meeting: Thursday, May 21                    May 21, 2009 Annual General Meeting
Location: Army Officers’ Mess, 149 Somerset Street West,
Ottawa                                                                      LUNCHEON DATES
Starting Time: 7:30 p.m.                                      Monday June 8, 2009
1. Approval of Agenda
2. Approval of Minutes of AGM May 2008
3. President’s Report                                           CANADIAN NORDIC SOCIETY EVENTS
                                                                                  CNS Luncheon
4. Treasurer’s Report
                                                              Monday, June 8, 2009
5. Auditor’s Statement                                        Army Officers Mess, 149 Somerset Street West
                                                              Please arrive by 11:45 am for 12:00 pm luncheon.
6. Report of Nominating Committee: Per Talgoy, Ed             Lunch will be a choice of a light lunch or two hot
Napke, Maria Shaar-Öhman                                      dishes. Parking is not available at the Mess during
                                                              daytime hours. Dress code requires jacket and tie, no
7. Other Business                                             jeans or jogging suits. If you plan to attend please
                                                              contact Bernard Deadman at 613-241-3640 no later
8. Adjournment                                                than the Thursday before each luncheon.
                           Nordic News
             The Canadian Nordic Society                                         June 2009 Page              2

             MIDSUMMER BOAT CRUISE                                               Royal Norwegian Embassy: Ottawa
              ON THE OTTAWA RIVER.                                     150 Metcalfe Street Suite 1300,
                     Saturday, June 6, 2009                            Ottawa, Ont, K2P 1P1
                                                                       Phone: 613-238-6571, Fax: 613-238-2765,

                                                                                 Swedish Embassy: Ottawa
                                                                       377 Dalhousie Street
                                                                       Ottawa, ON K1N 9N8
The Canadian Nordic Society will be holding a Midsummer Boat           Phone: 613-244 8200, Fax: 613-241 2277
Cruise on the Ottawa River. The cruise starts at 6:30 p.m. at Paul’s   E-mail:
Boat Lines. Ticket are now available at a cost of $25.00 per           Website:
person. Tickets can be purchased from Tony Baron: 613-695-
                                                                                  Royal Danish Embassy: Ottawa
THE SWEDISH SCHOOL IN OTTAWA IN NEED OF                                47 Clarence Street, Suite 450
TEACHERS FOR SEPTEMBER 2009.                                           Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 9K1
                                                                       Tel. (613) 562 1811, Fax. (613) 562 1812
The person/s must have Swedish back ground, speak Swedish well         E-mail:
and fluently, be interested in children ages 4-8 and/or 9-14, and      Website:
willing to teach every Saturday 9.30-12.00 during the school year.
They do NOT need to have formal education as teachers. The
teachers are paid per hour.                                                      Embassy of Finland: Ottawa
                                                                       55 Metcalfe Street, Suite 850
For detailed information please contact Ingela Stromberg,              Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6L5, phone 613/789-6395.                               Tel. 613-288 2233, Fax: 613-288 2244

                                                                                  Embassy of Iceland: Ottawa
                                                                       360 Albert Street, Suite 710, Ottawa, ON
                                                                       K1R 7X7
                                                                       Tel: (613) 482 1944, Fax: (613) 482 1945
                    Nordic News
       The Canadian Nordic Society                                                   June 2009 Page         3
Canadian Nordic Society Membership Application/Renewal Form
                If you are already a member, please pass this on to a friend!

    Name: __________________________________________ Date: _______________

       Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________

       Phone (home): ____________________ Phone (work): ______________________

       e-mail: _______________________________ Fax: _________________________

                       To reduce costs, the newsletter is sent electronically to those
                             with email addresses unless otherwise advised.

Family Membership - $30, Individual Membership - $20. Student Membership - $15.
As a Member you:

        will receive the Society’s Newsletter
        are invited to participate in all CNS events
        are encouraged to become actively involved in the life of the Society
        receive discounts on tickets to CNS events

                   Canadian Nordic Society Board Members – 2008-2009
Len Sillanpaa     - President                               613-837-1641
                  - Vice-President
Reina Lahtinen    - Secretary                               819-208-0899
David Murray      - Treasurer                               613-523-7022
Bernard Deadman   - Councillor                              613-241-3640       no email
Maria Shaar-Öhman - Councillor                              613-828-3151
Tony Baron        - Councillor                              613-695-2602       no email
James Lamb        - Councillor (Newsletter)                 613-592-3752

If you have any questions about your membership, please contact one of the Board Members.
Membership dues can be given to any Board member or you can mail your payment to:

                                    Canadian Nordic Society
                                       240 Sparks Street
                                        P.O. Box 55023
                                     Ottawa, ON K1P 1A1
         Website: - email:
                   Nordic News
   The Canadian Nordic Society                                         June 2009 Page     4
                                     CANADIAN NORDIC SOCIETY
                                              PROXY FORM

The undersigned hereby appoints ______________________________ as proxy with
power to attend and vote for the Undersigned at the Annual General Meeting of
the Members of the Canadian Nordic Society on the 21st of May, 2009, for the
business to be transacted at the meeting.

Name: _________________________                              Date: ____________________

Signature / Authorization: _____________________________________

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