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					You Should be Selling
                     By Darl Black

Eyewear                                                                              Matte Black
                                                                                     Kaenon Polarized
                                                                                        Available in Kaenon’s most popu-
                                                                                     lar styles, the new Matte Black col-
                                                                                     lection features high-gloss black
                                                                                     frames, SR-91 lenses (the lightest
                                                                                     weight polarized lens ever), sculpted
                                                                                     temple tips for a more secure fit and
                                                                                     buried Variflex rubber for a cush-
                                                                                     ioned grip and all-day comfort.

 recognizing that    Howler
     anglers need    Costa Del Mar
                       This year, Costa Del Mar reinvents its classic
           quality   Deep Blue sunglasses with an updated retro design
       sunglasses,   and a great wrap fit with better peripheral protection
   companies are     to block glare while out on the water. They are avail-
                     able in the full range of Costa’s polarized lenses, in-
    bringing your    cluding the “high def” 580 lenses, so anglers can
       store more    spot fish in the water faster and more clearly.                 VisionGear
options each year.   »; 386-274-4000                             Rapala
                                                                                        Using the input from pro anglers
                                                                                     and skilled optical designers, Rapala
                                                                                     VisionGear is designed to deliver true
                                                                                     optical performance without distor-
                                                                                     tion at the edges. They come with
                                                                                     polarized lenses offering 100 percent
                                                                                     UV protection and giving anglers the
                                                                                     ability to see well. The sunglasses are
                     Magnum                                                          available in three styles and come
                     Flying Fisherman                                                with either gray or amber lenses.
                        The Magnum is a large wrap frame with sporty,                »;
                     contemporary styling; extra-wide temples help block               952-933-0046
                     outside glare and wind. The AcuTint lens system of-
                     fers the most effective lens tints designed for fishing,
                     eliminating glare with true color perception.
                                                                                        Polycarbonate polarized lenses are
                     Roland                                                          treated with scratch-resistant hard
                     Martin                                                          coating with additional silver flash
                     Signature                                                       mirror on the front side to enhance
                     Series                                                          filtration, plus antireflection treat-
                     Sun-Mag Plus                                                    ment on the backside to enhance
                        The Roland Martin Signature Series of sunglasses fea-        contrast. The Coppermax lens tint is
                     tures low-profile bifocals with magnification for tying         a great contrast lens for driving and
                     knots, releasing fish, clearing reel tangles and other close-   outdoor sporting activities.
                     up tasks. They are available with either gray or amber          »;
                     lenses and offered with three different magnifications.           888-333-8667
                     »; 866-786-6249
FTR 38
February 2009
Pacific Coast Sunglasses
   This eyewear has no-distortion        Interlock Spoiler
smoke polarized lenses and is the        Smith Optics
ultimate for fishing. The full wrap         The Interlock optimizes the perfect blend of per-
style and half rim frame, combined       formance and style for the angler, enabling one to
with sleek metal trim on the arms,       seamlessly adapt to varying light and water condi-      AirRage
make this sunglass a winner.             tions with a simple twist of the two temple arms.       Wiley X
»; 800-845-5459            Rotating temple arms gently pry open the frame, al-        These new additions to
                                         lowing one to easily and quickly change lenses.         Wiley X’s Climate Control
                                         »;                                  Series are for on-the-water
                                           208-726-4477                                          enthusiasts with a need for
                                                                                                 speed. The series is designed
                                                                                                 to save eyes from being buf-
                                                                                                 feted by wind, dust, dirt,
                                                                                                 debris and spray that can
                                                                                                 whip through the sides of
Longitude                                                                                        conventional sunglasses.
Ono’s Trading Co.                                                                                The Wiley AirRage 689
   The Longitude is a new light-                                                                 features a new polarized
weight titanium model featuring          Monsta                                                  blue mirror over universal
hinged and flex-form temple pieces       Strike King                                             gray tint lenses and gloss
that remember the best fit for each         The new Monsta polarized sunglasses from Strike      black frame.
wearer. Like all Ono’s models, this      King are available in black with a gray-blue mirror     »;
new model includes built-in bifocal      lens or white with a gray-blue mirror lens. The full      800-776-7842
magnifiers for reading and other         frame design helps keep light from penetrating in
close-up tasks. The upper portion of     the corners of your eyes and will allow you to keep
the lens is for normal distance vision   fishing longer with less eye fatigue.
or vision corrected by bifocals.         »; 800-467-5873
                                                                                                 Wiley X
                                                                                                    New in the Street Series,
                                                                                                 the Wiley X Reign’s light-
                                                                                                 weight, rugged and durable
                                                                                                   frame is matched with the
Gradient Polarized                                                                                 company’s proprietary
Solar Bat                                                                                          High Velocity Protection
  There are two new double gradi-                                                                 Selenite polycarbonate
ent polarized sunglass tints. By a       Coosa                                                    lenses for serious protection
shift of the eyes up or down you can     & Sniper                                                and distortion-free vision
experience the benefits of two sun-      Vicious                                                 under the most challenging
glasses in one. Either Mossback             Coosa and Sniper frames have been added to the       conditions. Whatever
Gradient or Amber Gradient is            Vicious Fishing eyewear lineup. The Coosa is a large    Mother Nature dishes out,
available in the new Noctular            frame for maximum coverage; it is available in rub-     these rugged glasses reduce
PNVX series of sunglasses.               berized matte black or matte pearl. The Sniper is a     eyestrain while providing
»;                      bit smaller but offers full coverage. Both styles are   optimum protection.
  800-761-8228                           offered in gray or amber Tac lenses with blue or        »;
                                         green mirror tint.                                        800-776-7842
                                         »; 800-416-0866
                                                                                                                        39 FTR
                                                                                                                  February 2009