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					List of Societies
    Archi tecture

       Computer Society

       Construction

       Cosmology/ Astronomy

       GEOS (Geology & Geography

       Human Movement Science

       Human Resource s Society

       Law Student Society

       Logi stics Society

       PEPSA (Pharmacy)

       Psychology (Vi sta Campus)

       Quantity Surveying

       SAPAS A (SA Public Admini stration Students Association

       UPEAP (UP E Advancement Programme)

       Vista Universi ty Law Society (Vista Campus)

     African Culture
     Choir
     Hip Hop (African Hip Hop)

       International Students

    ABASA (Advancement of Black Accounting Students)
       Advancement of Black Accountants of Southern Africa. The society is established to
       promote the interests of black students engaged in the study of accounting. It is the vision
       of the society to be a support system to black accounting students and thereby promoting
       their professional and academic excellence. The NMMU ABASA student chapter seeks to
       achieve its mission through liaison with ABASA National Society.

       AIES EC (Economics & Accounting)

       Black Lawyers Association

       Black Management Forum
       The BMF strives to be the foremost organisation in the development of managerial
       leadership among students and advancing broader socio -economic trans formation in
       tertiary institutions of higher learning and beyond.
       Their ideal is to prepare and equip students/youth in tertiary institutions of higher learning
       with managerial leadership and business skills, and to prepare them (students) to
       effectively and productively respond to the challenges of the corporate world, labour
       market and the society at large.

      Debating

      Nerds (Community)

      Media Student Society

      Rotaract

      SASVO (SA Stud Voluntary Org)

      SIFE (Students in Free Enterpri se)

      Toastmasters

      Tzu-Chi (Community Service s)

      Wine Culture

     AZAS CO (Azanian Student Convention)

      PASMA (Pan Africani st Student Movement)

      SASCO (SA Student Congre ss

      UDESMO (Uni ted Democratic Movement)

    Art & Photography

      Deejay’s

      Drama (Vista Campus)

      Exqui site (Fashion)

      Ballroom Dancing

      Film Society

      Jazz

      Mountain Club
       Broaden your horizons, take a fresh look at life and experience the awes ome beauty that
       is South Africa. Come climb our hills, come trek across the dunes, come stroll on the
       beach, come relax in our forests. Come walk with us.
       All hikes are booked on a first come first served basis, bookings for hikes may be
       completed at the Societies Office in Goldfields South.

      Spoken Word Art Movement (Vi sta Campus)

     ACTS (Catholic)

      Ad Lib

      ANS OC (Anglican Society)

      Church of Chri st

      Conquerors Through Chri st

      Family Christian Fellowship

      Gospel Explosion

      Hindu Students

      Hi s People

      Islamic Students

      SDAS A (Seventh Day Adventi st Student Association)
       To promote the teaching of Jesus Christ.
       To proclaim the eminent coming of Jes us Christ.
       To promote fellowship among Adventist students and staff members as well as any other
       interested persons.
       To encourage members in personal servic e and evangelistic outreac h for others.

      Student Chri stian Organisation
      TASA (Twelve Apostle s)

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