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Silverlight application development


Mindfire’s Silverlight Development India vertical has rich experience in Silverlight and .NET programming and creation of Silverlight Development Solutions. Mindfire’s Silverlight Outsourcing services have been used by global customers who vouch for our expertise, quality of work and commitment to business growth of our customers.

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          Introduction: Silverlight
   It is an web application development framework

   Consists of the main presentation framework that is responsible for
    the overall and feel of an application

   Helps in generating and creating effects of high-class value in web

   It helps in effective and more efficient rendering of text animation
    within an application

    It brings in the properties of light class library with components
    like extensible controls, XML, networking components and
    Language Integrated Query APIs etc.
              Features: SilverLight
   Silverlight allows for a cross platform and cross browser
    compatibility giving you a wider scope of operation

   It is highly cost effective and you get the best quality solutions at a
    minimum price.

   Cross-Platform, Cross-Browser Remote Debugging is also possible

   Silverlight gives content providers complete control over their rich
    media content

   You get best development enviornment in Silverlight that is Visual
                     Our Services
   Silverlight Application Development
   ASP.NET Silverlight Development
   XAML Development.
   Out of Browser Silverlight Application Development
   Silverlight and XML
   WCF RIA Serices for Silverlight
   Silverlight Modules Development
   Silverlight Application Programming
   Web Application Development
   Custom Application Development
   Silverlight HealthCare Development
   Silverlight Sales Dashboard Development
   Portal Development
   Plug-ins Development, Customization and Implementation
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