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									                                      Applebee’s Nutrition

                                           If you want to eat in variety and really reap the benefits of
                                           your food then Applebee's is the place to go.
                                           Applebee's is known to people well versed with the art of
                                           fine dining; they are splendid for serving high quality food to
                                           people. Applebee's is in fact a chain of hotels spread across
                                           the globe; they have a presence in the USA and nine other
                                           countries        besides        the       United       states.
                                           Applebee's is a favourite among all ages, young and old, it
                                           holds appeal to people from all walks of life, families,
                                           bachelors, home-makers and career people. The hotels have
                                           an easy-going, relaxed fun-filled ambience. Their bar menu
and grill menu are well known for array and excellence. They keep improving their menu to suit the
changing tastes and styles of their patrons. They always have something new to offer so their clientele
does not get bored- such as "Carside to Go" or "It's a Whole New Neighborhood.
Even weight-watchers love eating at Applebee's. They have a special menu that caters to the low
calorie          requirements            of           these                    conscious
                                                                      weight-conscious             people.
The diversified menu that Applebee's offers their clients has not only chicken, beef, and pork items but
also burgers, pasta and seafood. Some of the menu items are special and available only at Applebee's.
The Lunch Combos called Pick 'N Pair are very popular with the lunchtime crowd as this offers a
variety of choices of more than 60 different combinations to make up the meal.
The Weight Watchers International, Inc. menu is also worth considering. It remains very popula and
in demand even today. The Weight Watcher's POINTS values also appear on that menu alongside the
tasty items the Applebee's menu offers, though this is exclusive information. Applebee's do not choose
to disclose the nutritional value and content of food items on their other menus.
Those interested in the calorie values will be glad to know that accurate nutritional information on all
manner of restaurant food, including Applebee's is available from other very reliable sources.

Listed here are some of the items on the Applebee's menu along with their calorie
values, you could call it the Applebee's nutritional guide

    •       The Boneless Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dressing - 1,724 calories
    •       The Chicken Broccoli Pasta Alfredo bowl - 1644 calories
    •                                    calories
            Chicken Fajita Rollup - 642 calorie
    •       Applebee's Quesadilla Burger - 518 calories
    •                                       calories
            Oriental Chicken Rollup - 709 calorie
    •                                    calories
            Baja Chicken Roll-up - 490 calorie
    •                                      calories
            Sizzling Chicken Skillet- 360 calorie
    •                                    calories
            Fiesta Lime Chicken - 1285 calorie
    •                                  Salmon-
            Applebee's Honey Grilled Salmon 555 calories
    •                                   calories
            Garlic Herb Chicken - 370 calorie
    •                          calories
            Cowboy Burger- 840 calorie

Listed here are some of the calorie values of the salads that Applebee's offers on
their menu:

        •   Tropical Spinach Salad with Grilled Shrimp Recipe -263 calories
        •        Fat
            Low-Fat Asian Chicken Salad - 714 calories
•   Southwest Cobb Salad - 440 calories
•   Crispy Orange Chicken Bowl - 544 calories
•   Santa Fe Chicken Salad - 672 calories
•   Grilled Shrimp Skewer Salad - 210 calories
•   Oriental Chicken Salad- Regular Size - 709 calories
•   Dessert Shooter - 300 calories
•   Cajun Lime Tilapia - 310 calories
•   Grilled Citrus Chicken Salad - 240 calories
•   Confetti Chicken - 370 calories

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