Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya by hcj


									           Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
                   General People's Committee
Decision No.315/2008 regarding latest legislation amendments concerning
commercial agencies in Libya

   -    After reviewing Law No 1 of 1375 p.d 2007 AD Re the function of the
        People’s Congresses and committees and their legislations.
   -    And Libyan Commercial Law, and its integrals and amendment Laws
   -    And Law No 21 of 2001, asserting some rules regarding business
        activities which were amended by Law No 1 of 2004, and its executive
   -    And Law No 6 of 2004, regarding the organisation of functions of Trade
        Agencies and its executive regulations.
   -    And decision of General People's Committee No 68 of 2006, organizing
        administrative body of GPC for Economy Trade and Investment.
   -    And decision of General People's Committee No 83 of 2006, regarding
        asserting some rules organizing Commercial Agency functions
   -    And what has been decided by the General People's Committee in its
        nominal 6th meeting for year 2008.

   It has been decided as follows:

Article (1)
For each commodity and/or service imported into Libya more than one agent
and/or distributor may be appointed according to the population density of each
Libyan city, village and or town in question.
The commercial relationship of the Libyan party should be directly with the
foreign principal manufacturer or service provider or principal distributor.
The minimum number of agents and distributors in Libya, shall be determined
through a decision to be issued by the GPC for Economy, Trade and Investment.

Article (2)
Goods listed hereafter can be distributed by more than one agent and or
distributor. Each agent and or distributor is allowed only one brand
representation from the following categories:

   1.   Heavy duty tools, machinery and equipment.
   2.   Equipment and installations for roads and quarries.
   3.   Cars, trucks and buses.
   4.   Agricultural machinery.

The appointed agents and or distributors must ensure that they offer after sales
services including the provision of spare parts and maintenance services.
Article (3)
Goods listed hereafter are to be distributed by more than one agent and or
distributor for any one brand of one category subject that no agent and or
distributor represent more than 3 agencies from the following categories:

       1. Medical apparatuses used in diagnosis and medication purposes.
       2. Office equipment and machines.
       3. Household electrical goods.
       4. Non household electrical goods.
       5. Electronic devices for different use.
       6. Devices and tools for workshop.
       7. Light agricultural tools.
       8. Agricultural materials and accessories.
       9. Medical accessories and Pharmaceuticals, excluding vaccines which
          are to be imported through Public Entities.
       10.Photography machines, equipment and accessories.
       11.Watercrafts, Yachts and fishing trawlers of all types.
       12.Fishing tools and equipment
       13.Bakery machines and devices.

Article (4)
The GPC for Economy, Trade and Investment is the competent authority to
determine whether foodstuffs and construction building materials should be
imported into Libya without adhering with the above trade agency regulations.

Article (5)
It is prohibited on those holding a managerial responsibility of a Public Entity
or any of their immediate relatives up to the fourth level to engage in agency
and or distribution agreements in commodities which that Public Entity is
already involved in during the course of their employment with that
particular entity.

Article (6)
All commercial agencies which the rulings of this decision applies to them, should
reconcile their status in conformity with these rulings by not later than 31st
December, 2008.
Article (7)
The GPC’s decision No.83 for 2006 is to be considered as null and void as well as any
other regulation which is in contradictory with the regulations as set in this decision.

Article (8)
This decision comes into force from the date of issue and is to be executed by
concerned authorities and published in the procedural record.

Issued on 18th May, 2008

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