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									Corcentric Announces Release Of Its COR360(TM) Accounts Payable
Automation Product

(1888PressRelease) COR360™ Accounts Payable Automation Product Provides Businesses with
Leading-Edge Technology that Automates, Streamlines, and Drastically Reduces the Costs
Associated with Invoice Processing.

(1888PressRelease) - MCLEAN, VA - Corcentric, a leading provider of accounts payable
automation solutions, today announced the launch of its COR360™ Accounts Payable
Automation product which features leading-edge technology advancements that automate,
streamline, and drastically reduce the costs associated with invoice processing. This offering will
become part of the Corcentric suite of powerful accounts payable and accounts receivable
solutions. Corcentric is headquartered in McLean, VA.

COR360 will feature automated three way matching using StraightThrough Processing
technology, electronic invoice delivery via the Corcentric Supplier Network and ZeroTouch
processing, which streamlines the invoice capture process by using technology to scan and
capture invoice data down to the line item detail so that even paper-based invoices are electronic.
Additionally, COR360's rules-based workflow automation technology will allow companies to
simplify their AP process by setting up approval-based routing rules which will allow the system
to smart route invoices directly to the appropriate approver. As with existing Corcentric
products, invoices will be readily available on demand from any computer with Internet access
and is fully-integrated with current ERP or AP business systems; maximizing the AP
department's and current business processes value and investment.

"Adding capabilities that now exist in our COR360 platform integrated with our already strong
e-invoicing network on the front end coupled with our ERP integration technology on the back
end gives us a very strong value-added solution for our clients," stated Doug Clark, CEO.

"I'm very excited to have joined Corcentric to lead the product roadmap for the COR360
Accounts Payable Automation product. Having previously led the growth of a very similar AP
technology platform, ASPEN 360, during my tenure at Archive Systems, COR360 is likewise
positioned to be one of the leading SaaS solutions in the AP market," stated Rob DeVincent,
Vice President of Product Marketing.
About Corcentric
Corcentric is a leader in providing accounts payable automation solutions that are powerful, yet
easy-to-use; giving companies an easy-to-adopt conduit between AP/AR and suppliers with
uncompromising functionality. Corcentric builds customized solutions that allow clients to
electronically mange 100% of their invoices, resulting in increased revenues and reduced
business costs. For more information about Corcentric, contact Dave Lindeen, Vice President, at
(630) 925-7677, e-mail dlindeen ( @ ) corcentric dot com,
or visit the Website at .

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