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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Workshop
Date/Times: May 10-14, 2010 (0830-1630 hrs)

Location: Harris County Sheriff’s Training Academy, 2316 Atasocita, Humble, Texas 77396

Contact Person: Kimberly Shoe, Coordinator, 240-627-7016

Description: 40-hours. Reconstruction of a crime scene requires an accurate description and documentation of all
evidence observed and collected on various crime scenes. Being familiar with bloodstain evidence allows investigators to
develop a preserved scene for future evaluation; evaluate the events as told by witnesses; reconstruct the sequence of
events during bloodshed; obtain important stains for later DNA testing. Topics: (1) Biological and Physical
Characteristics of Blood; (2) Stains Produced by Free Falling, Small Volume; (3) Directionality, Measuring and Angle of
Impact Calculations; (4) Delivery vs. Stain; (5) Diameter and Drop Volume; (6) Blood in Free Fall; (7) Impact Angle
Calculations and Standards; (8) Stains Produced by Volumes of Blood; (9) Blood Origin; (10) Patterns Produced by
Force; (10) Bloodstains Thrown From an Object in Motion; (11) Drip Patterns; (12) Blood into Blood; (13) Impact
Spatter; (14) Force of Impact vs. Size of Stains; (15) Spatter from Gunshots; (16) Blood in Free Fall; (17) Moving Blood
Source;(18) Cast Off & Drip; (19) Stain Detection / Enhancement; (20) Blood Evidence Documentation; Photography,
and Diagrams

Instructors: Rex T. Plant: Former, Metropolitan Police Department (Washington, DC), Mobile Crime Laboratory,
conducting Forensic Investigations of major crime scenes. Rex is a nationally recognized instructor and qualified expert in
the areas of: Crime Scene Management/ Reconstruction/ Documentation, Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation,
Homicide/Cold Case Investigation, Recognition of Forensic Evidence, Major Narcotic Investigation, Advanced Latent
Print Techniques and Forensic Photography. Adjunct Instructor- Prince Georges College, Md.

Registration/Fee: $395.00 per student, Registration and payment must be received on or before April 21, 2010.
Visa/MasterCard/AE, PO’s and Checks MUST BE PAID prior to the first day of class.

AT: Forensic Training Services Inc. P.O. Box 380, Dunkirk, MD 20754, Tax ID #52-2359156. Fax- 301-855-2630, or
online at, Office 240-627-7016

Accommodations: Comfort Suites Humble, 22223 Hwy 59N, Kingwood, Texas 77339, Phone # 281-359-4448
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