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Reasons why you should consider Spanish as a second language if you already speak fluent English.

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									Why Learn To Speak Spanish

Have you ever wished that you could speak a second language? I do not mean
mumble a few words or say thank you and please when trying to order food while on
holiday abroad. I mean fluently speak a second language and hold a conversation
with someone from another nationality other than your own.

When considering a second language which one should you learn? Assuming you
already speak fluent English I would place Spanish top of my list of languages to
learn. Doesn’t it just sound great when you listen to someone who can switch
between English and Spanish.

Not only does it sound great, imagine the employment opportunities, from a full time
professional Interpertator right through to the banking industry. With so many
companies now dealing world-wide, many multinational companies are paying big
money to those that can speak a second language. If you speak fluent English and
would like to learn a second language why should you consider Spanish as an option?
Well a few quick reasons why many English speaking people want to learn how to
speak Spanish.

Spanish is actually a more popular native first language than English and there are at
least 3 million native speakers of Spanish spanning 44 different countries. Spanish is
also one of the easier languages to learn being as it is one of the world’s most
phonetic languages, what this means is that if you know how to spell a word then you
have a very good chance of knowing how to pronounce it too.

Spanish is one of the Romance languages, (not as in romantic) Romance as in of
Latin origin. Romance languages share a similar grammatical structure and there are
often many similarities in their vocabulary. Spanish as a language is more widely
used in Latin America than it is in Spain (accepted there are some minor differences
in vocabulary and Latin America does cover a vast area).

English and Spanish share Latin words, or should I say of Latin origin. If you can
read English then you will have a head start as there are more than 3,000 Spanish
words that you will probably recognise. For example, many words ending in –tion in
English end in –ción in Spanish , e.g. atención, publicación, liberación.

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