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									first thing in the morning
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Fishing glasses are a very important piece of fly
fishing equipment. Not only do they protect your eyes
but they also greatly enhance your chances of spotting
fish. Wading becomes safer when you can actually see
where you are putting your feet. Our exclusive range
of polarized eyewear offers all levels of performance
and style. They are all made in France and available
with lightweight Sunaktiv™ or Polarflite™ lenses.
sunaktiv™ series              Two days are never the same. The Vision Sunaktiv™ collection
                              is made to serve you in all variable light conditions. The lenses’
                              photochromic ability to adapt according to the amount of harsh
                              sunlight will give you the best visual result every day. Active cell
                              technology transmits light rays while altering the lenses, changing
                              the lenses from light to dark and back in a blink. Sunaktiv™ lenses
                              are also mineral coated. This means a very high rate of UV filtering
                              and scratch resistance. These lenses are exclusively made for
                              Vision. A normal fishing day includes also driving and walking in
                              different light conditions from dawn till dusk. Sunaktiv™ shades
                              are made for wear 24/7. Made in France.

                   terrace    Sunaktiv™ lens colours
                              Grey lenses transmit all the colours of the spectrum so there is
                              little distortion. Grey photochromic gives lenses the best ability to
                              adapt to variable conditions. Unlike yellow eyewear they work well
                              in darker conditions too. This is why we recommend grey lenses as
                              our first choice. With a blue mirror finish this lens is at its best on
                              the sunniest days and for off-shore use.

                              Sunaktiv series
                              Model      Lens colour        Frame               Item nr
                              Blokaut    Grey               Black/Silver        VS3
                              Blokaut    Yellow             Black/Silver        VS4
                   blokaut    Bueno
                                                            Transparent brown
                                                            Transparent brown
                              Bishop     Grey               Black               VS7
                              Bishop     Yellow             Black               VS8
                              Offshore   Grey/Blue mirror   Dk.Blue             VS9
                              Terrace    Grey               Black               VS10

                                                                 neck cord
                                                                 Our neck cord comes with floatants
                                                                 which will keep your sunglasses on
                                                                 the surface should you drop them in
                                                                 the water. Fits most frames. VFN

                                               Polarflite series
                                               Model          Lens colour   Frame                         Item nr
                                               Speed          Yellow        Gun                           VWF17
                                               Speed          Brown         Gun                           VWF18
                                               Speed          Grey          Gun                           VWF19
                                               Diablo         Yellow        Rubber touch mat black        VWF25
                                               Diablo         Brown         Rubber touch mat brown        VWF26
                   offshore                    4Head
                                                                            Transparent grey
                                                                            Transparent orange
                                               GT             Yellow        Rubber touch mat black        VWF30
                                               GT             Brown         Transparent orange gradient   VWF31
                                               Blade          Yellow        Transparent grey              VWF33
                                               Blade          Brown         Rubber touch mat brown        VWF34
                                               2by4 Medium    Brown         Mat demi brown                VWF35
                                               2by4 Large     Brown         Mat demi brown                VWF36
                                               2by4 Large     Yellow        Mat demi brown                VWF39
                                               Zopper         Yellow        Rubber touch mat black        VWF37
                                               Zopper         Brown         Mat demi brown                VWF38
                                               Panorama       Yellow        Rubber touch mat black        VWF40
                                               Panorama       Brown         Rubber touch mat black        VWF41
                                               X-Spider       Brown         Transparent grey              VWF42
                                               X-Spider       Yellow        Transparent grey              VWF43
                                               Total          Brown         Black                         VWF44
                                               Total          Yellow        Black                         VWF45
                                                                                            polarflite™ series







Polarflite™ lens colours                                                                                                   2by4
The lens colour determines how much light will pass
through a lens. To keep vision optimal you need less light in        Our Polarflite shades include a wide collection of frames with Actif tri-
sunny conditions and more in cloudy weather.                         acetate cellulose lenses. They give 100% protection from UVA-, UVB-
Yellow                                                               and UVC light. They effectively block both visible light and the light
These lenses actually work as light enhancers. Good for dusk         reflected from water surface reducing the aligned, partially polarized
and low light as well as for overcast days and evenings.             glare. They are finished with hardcoat scratch- resistant surface. These
Brown                                                                lenses will not absorb haze and will stay constant with a low haze
A superb all-round constant density lens. It provides the            value of 0,4%. A perfect choice for all-round shades. These standard
best combination of true colour transmission and contrast.           polarized plastic lenses have all the optical qualities needed for
The optimal performance is achieved in medium bright to              fishing. They are also very light. The 2by4 is designed to be worn with
bright conditions.                                                   the glasses. Pouch included. Made in France.
Vision chemicals have been developed using a new
composition of chemicals to really offer something new
and better. They are designed to maximize performance
but to minimize or eliminate chemical stresses harmful to
our waterways.                                                                            wing & strike
                                                                                          When you fish with longer leaders the
                                                                                          strike indicator has to be able to go
                                                                                          through the guides on your rod. In this
                                                                                          case use Wing & Strike. Indicators made
                                                                                          of this special material are absolutely the
                                                                                          best as they absorb no water at all. It is
                                                                                          simply impossible to get them soaked. As
                                                                                          our material is also relatively stiff it works
                                                                                          perfectly with larger dry fly wings too.
                                                                                          Colours: White, black, fl. green, fl.
                                                                                          orange, brown, pink and yellow

Ultra Float II
is much improved. It now floats better
and is easier to use. A universal non-        The very best floatant for small and
sticky floatant which can be applied          medium flies. Prolongs the life of
with your fingertips. Colour and scent        your flies and removes fish slime and
free. Removes any remnant of human            blood. Rinse your flies in water before
odour from the flies. V0901                   applying Powder Float, put them in
                                              the box, shake a couple of times and
                                              presto! They are ready for use again.
Nano Silicon Float                            The double-sided bottle makes this          StrikeRight
We have never used a better floatant!         much easier compared to traditional         indicators are 30% lighter than other foam
This works like a miracle. A must             bottles. It also has a loop to attach the   indicators, so they float higher and are
among all of our pro guides world             bottle to your pin on reel. V0903           easier to see and cast. Because they are
wide. Nano silicon float is 100% pure                                                     aerodynamically shaped at both ends, they
high quality silicon. It is so fine that it
                                              FlySpray                                    cause less wind resistance when casting.
is easy to apply to your fly or fly line to                                               StrikeRight indicators are easy to apply
give float or lubrication. V0902              Permeates nearly every kind of fly
                                              body material, and gives your flies         and remove, and they are reusable. Each
                                              a water-repellent treatment. Give           package includes six pieces.
                                              the fly a couple of blind casts after       Medium. 9511
                                              application. V0904                          Small. 9512
nipper/fly tool            This high quality tool is made
from the finest cutlery stainless steel and includes a fine &
medium 2 grit diamond sharpener, tweezers with serrated
jaws, a patented line clipper with retractable needle and a
swivel D ring. Tools swing out to full working position for
easy use. Suitable for fresh and saltwater use. After use in
saltwater a rinse is recommended. V9021

nipper       These exceptionally fine tools perfectly and
easily cut any monofilament from ½ lb. to 100lb. The needle
is so sharp it will clean the hook eyes as well as straighten
wings, hackles, wind knots, picking, dubbing etc. V9022

                                                                    pliers     Our pliers are made of German high quality stainless
                                                                    steel. They have large polyurethane coated handles for easy use
                                                                    and visibility. The heavy version is strong enough to release large
Finally zingers This high quality tool is made from                 hooks from predators’ mouths. They have smooth tips so as not to
the finest cutlery stainless steel and includes a fine &            harm flies and a serrated back section for a good grip while barbing
medium 2 grit diamond sharpener, tweezers with serrated             the hook.
jaws, a patented line clipper with retractable needle and a                                                       Classic pliers. V9010
swivel D ring. Tools swing out to full working position for                                                        Heavy pliers. V9041
easy use. Suitable for fresh and saltwater use. After use in
saltwater a rinse is recommended.
                                            Classic. V9020
                                   Carabine zinger. V9018
                                        Rotozinger. V9019

classic      quality fly boxes are made of durable and
lightweight ABS plastic. They feature tight fitting lids,
full-length piano hinges, lanyard eyelets and easy-open
recessed latches. Fine-grained ethafoam holds hooks
securely without dulling points and will not absorb water.

classic crystal          Extra slim pocket size Classic
Crystal boxes are made of tough M.B.S plastic with brass-
pinned hinges and excellent latches. They easily stick back
to back to create double boxes.

Classic                               Dimension      Item nr:   Classic Crystal                           Dimension       Item nr:
Flat foam in lid and ripple in base   105x75x25 mm   7901       8 Compartments with individual lids       146x96x25 mm    7905
Flat foam in lid and base             146x96x25 mm   7902       8 Compartments, dry fly                   85x115x18 mm    7908
Flat foam in lid and Ripple in base   146x96x25 mm   7903       12 Compartments, dry fly                  85x115x18 mm    7909
4 x Surfaces of flat foam             146x96x25 mm   7904       5 Compartments, tube flies                100x145x25 mm   7918
                                                                10 Compartments, tube trebles / dry fly   100x145x25 mm   7919
    Trophy Brown Trout, 02.07.07

“   Since the age of 16 I am an enthusiastic fly fisherman.
    At the beautiful river Möll in Carinthia /Austria I own yearly
    licenses since a long time. It is the water where I am fishing
                                                                         My reel was screaming and its first escape the fish took about
                                                                         80 meters line and backing out of my reel. The brake of my XLA
                                                                         I fixed perfect and it worked well. Suddenly the fish stopped
                                                                         and staid in the current for a while!
    It has been a hot evening in June, while my fishing with a small     There has been a really hard pressure to the line as well as
    dry fly (a trico hair sedge) when I made a special experience. A     the rod.
    big fish, a really big fish has been feeding at the surface; which   Then the fight started again. I heard my heartbeat! At the end
    kind of fish has not been clearly visible. Although I caught and     of this pool, which is about 100m meter long there is big tree
    landed lots of big trout, rainbow as well as brownies, I never       in the water since last winter - and the fish tried to reach it.
    saw such a big fish before. It must have about 1 meter length        In order to avoid this I went some more steps into the river and
    and about 10 kg weight I thought by myself.                          from this position it succeeded me to bring the fish away from
    I did not tell anybody the place where I saw the fish, only to       the tree.
    my wife and my family I mentioned about a fish, surfacing and        After half an hour, the fish was running upstream, I saw him for
    moments later disappearing like a dolphin.                           the first time. It was a brown trout! Unbelievable!
    My father, who took me with him for fly-fishing several times        Like the old man in E. Hemingway’s book “The old Man and
    when I was a little boy, had only a bland smile for this story …     the Sea” I talked to oneself. And several times I said loud to
    But I could not get this fish out of my mind, and I was sure that    myself:
    catching it I will need top-quality equipment. At the beginning      “Trout, I checked my material very accurate, my lines and knots
    of this season I bought a 6 piece Vision 3-Zone rod, line class      are tied exactly, and my material will not break! So it’s only up
    8, and a Vision XLA reel spooled with a 300 grain Bottom             to you and me who will win this fight.”
    Express line including 100 meter backing. As a leader I used a       I was very concentrated all the time and at least I got the fish
    hard mono (40 lbs strength), where I put a Lucky Diver and 10        away from the current to the shallow water for the first time
    cm long Streamer in purple colour on it.                             and I realised that “my” trout became tired more and more.
    I want to describe my equipment so exactly, because I am sure,       The flights into the middle of the river were not as fast and
    without it, I would never had a chance to land the fish of my        strong as at the beginning of the drill.
    life, mine called “Möll dolphin”, successful.                        The brown trout was very beautiful signed, I rated the fish has
    The weather report for the 2nd of July said that there will be       a length of about 80 cm and maybe 9 kg weight.
    thunder storms in Carinthia. During the day I had to work in my      The drill lasted for 45 minutes, my arms hurtled more and
    Café called ICE and I realised thunder storms coming up.             more.
    After work I went to the river place, where I saw the fish days      Fortunately I did not hurry up landing the fish. And the place
    before. The “Möll” has been cloudy and little bit higher than        for the final of this fight was luckily again for me. The 15 meter
    usual, so the conditions seemed to be really good for me at          long sandbar close to me was a perfect circumstance for
    this evening!                                                        landing the fish.
    If the water is totally clear and low the chances to get a bite of   After one hour drill and fight my trophy brown trout was tired
    such a giant fish are very small.                                    enough and I could take her with both hands to bring the fish
    It was windy and the rain became heavier, but I weared my            to a safe place.
    Vision waders and jacket, which kept me dry.                         I emitted a primal scream; the giant brown trout was beaten.
    “If the fish is feeding tonight I might have good chances to get     I am very, very proud of this record – fishing! But more than
    him” I thought by myself.                                            this I am proud to catch this fish in my home country, in the

    The river Möll makes a flat bend at this place and I waded a few     beautiful valley Möll with its wonderful nature.
    meters from the bank into a pool, trying to get a safe grip at the
    bottom. I took about 10 meters line out of my reel and threw it      Hans-Peter Schaar
    straight into the current. Line and Streamer were sinking very
    fast. I stripped the line a few times but nothing happened at        The accurate measures of my record - brown trout are:
    all.                                                                 Length: 106 cm
    My pulse rate was rapid; everything seemed to be different to        Weight: 16,5 kg
    a normal fishing day.                                                Abdominal measurement: 69 cm
    My second cast was a little bit farther than the first one; again
    Streamer and line were sinking extremely fast. And then it
    happened! When I “stripped” for the second time, I realised
    a hard bite and the fish was running downstream immediately.
pimp my ride, part 3
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