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									LeadFormix announces Expanded Partner Program

San Francisco, CA - October 27, 2010 LeadFormix, a provider of next-generation marketing automation
2.0 solutions, announced today the launch of its expanded partner program. LeadFormix already has a
diversified network of partners in Scotland, UK, India, Canada and Taiwan.

The company’s expanded program is designed for marketing, demand generation, outsourced calling
agencies, marketing professionals and consultants who assist B2B companies and clients with lead

The expanded partner program, offers the following benefits –
     Free access to the full version of LeadFormix marketing automation 2.0 platform.
     Partners will be promoted as Lead Accelerators to LeadFormix’s 350 clients worldwide.
     LeadFormix applications can be co-branded, Partners can use their own logo on the applications.
     LeadFormix will use its marketing programs to promote its partners – for example: through joint
       press releases, joint webinars, joint video promotions, etc.
     Partners will be provided access to all LeadFormix marketing assets including lead generation
       frameworks, best practices documents, successful marketing campaigns, etc.
     Access to a customized customer success roadmap for every partner.
     Assistance with promotions across social media assets and channels.

According to Shreesha Ramdas, COO, “Under the LeadFormix partner program we are looking for
partners who extend the value of our marketing automation platform. Our partner ecosystem is
carefully designed to create the most value for our customers and at the same time is structured to
create significant incremental revenue for each partner. Our partnerships are aimed at providing
customers around the world with industry-leading solutions and services that address business needs.”

Chris Herbert, Founder and CMO, Mi6, says, “Mi6 partnered with LeadFormix for two critical reasons.
First, marketing ROI is a core requirement for all marketing and business development programs. Lead
management systems, like LeadFormix, are delivering the metrics that our clients need to become more
effective, efficient and successful. Second, is their approach to partnering with agencies like Mi6 where
flexibility, responsiveness and joint go to market lead generation programs are important to our

About LeadFormix

LeadFormix is a leader in 2.0 marketing automation and sales enablement, providing a real-time solution
that delivers a new level of enriched lead data LeadFormix enables enterprise sales and marketing teams
to uncover hidden opportunities, accurately identify decision-makers and assess their buying potential.
LeadFormix has designed its automation platform to work CRM, analytics, and data management
technologies, supported by leading vendor partners.

LeadFormix was founded by experienced software executives from Microsoft, Yodlee, Autonomy, and
Healtheon, and has offices in California, Michigan, and India.

For more information, please visit http://www.leadformix.com

Contact Information
Michael Sasaki
Marketing & Business Development
408 988 8070

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