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									Deepika Padukone News Interviews – 2010 has been great year for her

As per Latest Bollywood News, Deepika Padukone says 2010 has been a great year for
her as she had three releases and two more are in the pipeline.

As per Latest Deepika Padukone Interviews, she said that, “It’s been a great year for
me. I already had three releases this year and two more are ready to come – ‘Break Ke
Baad’ and ‘Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey’, which will release just a week apart. The next
couple of months will be exciting for me because I have never done two films that released
at the same time. So in terms of promotion and just to watch the reaction of the people
seeing me in two completely different looks, will be quite interesting to see. We have got a
very positive feedback to the promo that is out now. People are liking the promo.

They like the chemistry between Imran and me and that’s all we wanted”

“We did a lot of rehearsals, a lot of readings because the dialogues are such in this film that
are just like a normal conversation between two people in a relationship. It’s not just
dialogues, it’s more like a conversation, so we needed to a lot of rehearsals. Imran was very
supportive in everything.”

The 24-year-old actress was seen in “Karthik Calling Karthik”, “Housefull” and “Lafangey
Parindey” this year.

The first look of “Break Ke Baad”, a modern love story of a young couple who break up and
try to come together, is already out. Deepika has teamed up with Imran Khan in the movie,
which is directed by Danish Aslam and produced by Kunal Kohli. The film is slated for a
Nov 26 release.

When asked about her experience of working with Imran, the actress said: “He is very
sweet and we got along very well.”

This is the first time that Imran and Deepika Padukone are working together.

Her “Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey” is based on the Chittagong uprising of the 1930s.
Directed by Ashutosh Gowariker, the film will see Abhishek Bachchan playing Surya Sen,
while Deepika essays Kalpana Dutt’s role.

As per Latest Bollywood Interviews about her and Siddharth Mallya, she said that,
“Let me put it this way. If someone decides to lose that much weight the willpower has to
come from within, and not from someone else. Beyond that, I wouldn’t know why he lost
so much weight. I never had to lose so much weight.”

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