Partnering with FWS for Sustainable Organizations by fre77224


									  Partnering with FWS for
 Sustainable Organizations

        Leigh Ann Vradenburg
           Executive Director
Friends of the Bosque del Apache NWR
Successful partnerships rely
 on the understanding and
     appreciation of the
motivations, limitations, and
 expectations of the parties
The Friends of the Bosque del Apache has
  been around for 17 years. It has been a
    long road with many growing pains.

Please do not feel that your group must be
       where we are, but learn from our
  experience and identify those things that
   will help your group reach its potential.
        The Volunteer

                  One-time   Resident
Board   General    special
                The Volunteer
• Various backgrounds
   – Amazing skill sets / qualifications
• Fresh, enthusiastic
• Various education levels
• Nationwide
• Various motivations
   – Bored
   – Climate
   – Feel useful
   – Learn new skill
   – Stepping stone to job
   – Likes refuge
   – Likes to volunteer
            The Volunteer
        Bosque del Apache NWR
• Boy scout groups to full timers
• Resident vs. local volunteers
• Residents – 32-36 hours/wk
• ~26,000 hours to refuge per year
  @$19.51 = $507,260
• >60% return for more than one
• Rewards
    –   Treated like coworker
    –   RV site or apartment
    –   Propane, water, sewer, electricity, wi-fi
    –   Common area- lounge with full kitchen,
                    The Volunteer
                    Friends Board
• Motivation can be different
  than a general volunteer
  –   Ownership
  –   Recognition
  –   Location / job obligations
  –   Want to make changes
  –   Recruited
       •   Skill set
       •   Contacts
       •   Name / title
       •   Money
         The Refuge Employee
•   Various backgrounds
•   Various education levels
•   Nationwide
•   Various motivations
     – Learn new skills
     – Stepping stone
     – Likes refuge
     – Job / career
     – Money / benefits
     – Posterity / personal beliefs
•   Physical                  • Position description
•   Skills / certifications   • Supervisor approval /
•   Hours                       support
•   Time commitment           • Management
•   Accommodations            • Hours / work load
•   Location
•   Desire / interest
•   Clear direction           • Competitive wage /
•   Meets desire / interest     benefits
•   Perks                     • Clear direction
•   Key to accomplishing      • Career advancement
    mission of Refuge         • Skill development
                              • Role in the
                                accomplishing the
                                objectives of the USFWS
Friends and volunteers are
    different from Refuge
  employees and this must
factor into every interaction
          with them.

   The Bottom Line
Pitfalls for a Productive
    Friends / Refuge
The Board Member(s) Agenda
• Mission / Bylaws
• Cooperative Agreement
• Constant / open
• Remember, there will
  and should be turnover
  for both entities
• * Friends staff can help
  with communication,
  continuity, focus
      Territorial Refuge Staff
• Appoint a liaison
• Allow / encourage
  Friends direct
  communication with
  other Refuge staff
• Involve Friends in
  Refuge meetings and
• * Friends staff can take
  pressure off of the
  Refuge liaison
             Friends Staff
• On-site
• Available
• Involved
• Knowledgeable of Refuge
• “Middle man”
• Motivations more closely
  aligned with Refuge staff
• Case example- The Friends
   Friends Organizational
  Where you are will determine the
breadth and depth of your partnership
Step 1: Friends Trinity

     Mission &


   Ready for Step 2
          Step 2: Planning

Friends of the Refuge
Strategic Plan
    Step 3: Accountability

Directors and Officers
General liability
Special Event
Worker’s Comp

                          Legal support
                          Accounting support
           Step 4: Paid Staff
• Could Be:
  • Store manager
  • Educator
  • Special Event
  • Executive Director
• Should Not Be:
  • Refuge staff grunt
  • Replacement for easily
    filled volunteer position
  • Mole for Friends Board
            Step 4: Paid Staff
• New Friends
  •   Salary ($100k)
  •   Payroll Taxes ($8k)
  •   Other expenses
  •   Worker’s Comp ($780)
  •   Supervision
  •   Office Space / Equipment
  •   Health Insurance*
           Step 4: Paid Staff
• Comments for Refuge Staff to remember
  • Multiple bosses and co-workers
  • Work with you, but often do not have the
    salary, benefits, career opportunities, etc. that
    you do
• Comments for Friends Boards to remember
  • Multiple bosses and co-workers
  • Give staff the support and power necessary to
    conduct their job – The Board makes policies,
    the staff carry them out
• Manager’s Discretionary Fund-
  • Small expenditures
  • Do not require Board approval
• Project Funds- $10,000
  • May be earmarked at beginning
    of budget
  • Require Board approval
  • May be carried over from year to
    year with Board approval
   • Hours count as match for
     grants- Pump case
   • Friends can draw long-
     term volunteers
   • Friends volunteer support
     can be a determining
     factor for Friends-driven
   • Often essential for special
         Grant and Donation
• 501(c)(3) required by many grant makers and
  desired by many donors
• Government not eligible for many grants
• Volunteers or staff can research and write grants
• Friends may be able to administer funds more
  efficiently than the Government- no CCR, no; though should have similar policies
  for bids and/or sole source justification
         Grant and Donation
• Friends and Refuge must be aware of and
  adhere to the reporting and filing requirements
• Friends may provide admin fee-free or may
  charge a percentage based on the complexity of
  the project, partners, or value of the grant
  (accountants and audits cost money)
$160,000                      Bosque del Apache
  funds                        Challenge Cost
                                Share Projects

             –   Water management and habitat improvements
             –   Graduate student research projects
             –   Youth outdoor education and hunting programs
             –   Visitor services improvements
             –   Festival of the Cranes
             –   Research into the efficiency of current land use
                 and wildlife management practices
Contract Management
         • Easier to hire students
           and other temporary
           workers, such as for grant
         • Friends may offer greater
           flexibility for contractors in
           terms of payments
         • Friends must issue 1099’s
           for contractors
Bookstore Management
         • Management of a Point of
           Sale System may require
           the continuity and time not
           available from volunteers.
         • Purchasing, pricing, sales,
           etc. do not seem to be in
           the PD of any Refuge
         • Bookstore managers can
           provide another support
           figure for volunteer
Special Event Coordination
            • Can support Visitor
              Services staff
            • Some events, by
              complexity or time
              commitment, are outside
              of the Refuge’s capability
              to coordinate
            • Can coordinate with
              outside entities
            • Can easily receive and
              dispense funds
 Environmental Education
Program Development and
         • Can fill void in Refuge
           education program
         • Could be Friends staff or
           volunteer (once curriculum is
         • Should align with USFWS and
           Refuge environmental
           education goals and promote
           the Refuge System
Public Relations
     • Can support Visitor Services
       staff with press releases
     • Friends websites are easily
       modified, and can therefore
       have current events
     • Friends can pay for
       • Community relations
       • Yellow pages to national
     • Case example –Habitat!
Political Advocacy
       • Can provide valuable
         linkages between Refuge
         and local, State, and
         Federal politicians
       • Can communicate Refuge
         and Refuge System needs
         and budget requirements
       • Appropriate for any size of
         Friends group
            Capital Campaigns
>$650,000               • Manpower and funds for
                          fundraising drives/events
                        • Funds management
                        • 501(c)(3) benefit
                        • Fosters Friends
                          ownership in Refuge
 >$72,000 in one year     projects
                        • Case example- Lannan
                          Annex and Chupadera

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