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									                                      Part VII


                                       Feeling overwhelmed about writing
                                       a speech? The sample outline should
                                       relieve some of the pressure.

A How-to-Handbook to Support the National Wildlife Refuge System’s Centennial - August 2001   Part VII-1
                             Sample Outline
                             for a Speech

                             Tips for Preparing a Speech or          I) Introduction
                             Presentation for Your Special Event     Introduces you, your refuge or
                             First, Assess your Audience             facility at which you are presenting,
                             Who is your audience? What is your      to the Refuge System.
                             audience’s current awareness of the
                             Refuge System? What is their            Example:
                             knowledge of your refuge? What          Thank you, and welcome to
                             preconceptions might they have of       (National Wildlife Refuge Week) at
                             national wildlife refuges?              (Albuquerque’s Rio Grande Zoo).
                                                                     The (zoo) has played a leadership
                             (Note: Generally the audience           role in wildlife conservation and
                             consists of citizens from diverse       education. I commend (zoo) for its
                             backgrounds with little awareness of    leadership role in working with and
                             the National Wildlife Refuge System     for sustaining genetic diversity for
                             and its inherent biologic, sociologic   many wildlife species, and for
                             and economic values).                   supporting wildlife education
                                                                     opportunities for the millions of
                             Purpose                                 people who visit every year.
                             Inform the audience of the National
                             Wildlife Refuge System (and its         II) Explain National Wildlife Refuge
                             connection to the Centennial or         Week (or Centennial Event) as It
                             other special event, such as National   Relates to the National Wildlife
                             Wildlife Refuge Week) and inspire       Refuge System
                             them to want to become personally       Example:
                             involved in supporting refuges in       Today, learning about wildlife, and
                             their own community, home state or      the need to protect habitat could not
                             region.                                 be more important. That’s what
                                                                     National Wildlife Refuge Week is all
                             Objective                               about and why I’m here today––to
                             After listening to your presentation,   share my joy of wild things so that
                             audience members will:                  you also can know the wonder,
                             ■ understand the rational for your      mysteries, and excitement of
                                special event or Centennial          wildlife, and can, in turn, share this
                                promotion.                           excitement with your family, friends,
                             ■ be aware of the extraordinary         and colleagues.
                                biological diversity and
                                abundance of wildlife conserved      National Wildlife Refuge Week is
                                by the National Wildlife Refuge      celebrated annually during the
                                System.                              second full week in October. It is the
                                                                     hallmark event, leading up to the
                             ■ be informed of individual refuges
                                                                     National Wildlife Refuge System’s
                                in their community, home state or    Centennial in the year 2003.
                                region and the outstanding
                                characteristics of these refuges.
                                                                     III) Identify Major Distinguishing
                             ■ become inspired by a positive         Features of the National Wildlife
                                and powerful vision for the          Refuge System
                                Refuge System that will              History
                                carry over into the next century     Example:
                                of wildlife support.                 Let me share with you a few things
                             ■ become motivated to support           about the Refuge System. It is the
                                the Refuge System and find           product of a novel, yet ambitious
                                opportunities to become              idea–setting aside a network of
                                personally involved in refuges in    habitat areas for the conservation of
                                their community, home state or       the nation’s fish and wildlife.
                                region.                              President Theodore Roosevelt

Part VII-2   A How-to-Handbook to Support the National Wildlife Refuge System’s Centennial - August 2001
started it with the first national        IV) A Vision for the National Wildlife   V) A Call to Action: The National
wildlife refuge at Pelican Island in      Refuge System                            Wildlife Refuge System Needs Your
Florida in 1903.                          Example:                                 Support
                                          Were he alive today, Teddy               Example:
A network of lands containing             Roosevelt would no doubt be pleased      The Refuge System and each of the
extraordinary biological diversity        that Americans have become world         more than 530 individual refuges can
Example:                                  leaders in conserving lands for          benefit from support of passionate,
Today, the Refuge System                  wildlife. He could point with pride to   motivated, and involved citizens. I
encompasses more than 93 million          the pelicans and egrets protected on     call on every one of you here today
acres, including more than 530            Pelican Island, to the buffalo           to join with me and become involved
national wildlife refuges and             roaming on the National Bison            in some small way in one of the
thousands of waterfowl production         Range, and the elk on Wichita            national wildlife refuges in your
areas, with at least one refuge in        Mountains National Wildlife Refuge.      state or near your community. Each
every state and U.S. Territory.           These are just a few of the reasons      one of us has an opportunity to
Collectively, these lands embrace         we have to celebrate National            become more involved in the
awesome beauty and diversity, from        Wildlife Refuge Week (or event).         National Wildlife Refuge System by:
Alaska’s icy north coast to the balmy                                              ■ visiting a refuge and
Florida Keys, from the Rocky              But Roosevelt would know that his            participating in bird walks,
Mountains to the Prairie Potholes,        vision was far from complete. As we          habitat tours and many other
and far beyond to tropical islands in     approach our Centennial in 2003, let         public programs.
the Caribbean and Pacific.                me share with you our ideas of what      ■ taking part in volunteer
                                          the Refuge System should be to               programs.
A network of lands dedicated              complete that vision.
                                                                                   ■ conducting educational programs
specifically to wildlife conservation
                                                                                       in our school system.
Example:                                  ■   It should be a system that is
The National Wildlife Refuge                  dedicated to the conservation of     ■ encouraging reporters to write
System is the only one of its kind in         habitat for this nation’s                articles about the System.
the world, dedicated to wildlife and          migratory birds, and other fish      ■ joining national and local
conserving wildlife habitat. Refuges          and wildlife;                            conservation organizations that
encompass every form of ecosystem         ■   It should protect a wide diversity       support the National Wildlife
in the United States and are home to          of biological communities and            Refuge System.
a great diversity of wildlife,                ecosystems;                          ■ joining an existing Friends group
primarily migratory birds, and over                                                    or start a new one.
                                          ■   It should be an international
200 threatened or endangered
                                              leader in wildlife conservation;     ■ letting business owners know
                                          ■   It should be widely recognized           that local refuges need their
A network for wildlife-dependent              for offering diverse, high quality       support through public and
recreation                                    wildlife-dependent recreation and        private partnerships.
Example:                                      educational programs, and
Refuges are special places because        ■   It should be a System that enjoys    VI Close
they are the only public lands where          wide public support.                 Example:
people go simply to enjoy wildlife.                                                The challenge has never been
To the nearly 35 million people who                                                greater and the need for your
visit refuges each year, they are a                                                support for wildlife and conservation
mosaic of special places to hunt, fish,                                            has also never been greater. Thank
enjoy wildlife photography and                                                     you.
observation and learn through
environmental education and                                                        Or end with a quote.
Draw specifics from your refuge                                                    The famous conservationist, Aldo
Example:                                                                           Leopold wrote in the book, A Sand
Here in the (Southwest) we have                                                    County Almanac, “There are some
some of the most unique and                                                        who can live without wild things, and
outstanding refuges in the System.                                                 some who cannot.” Like Leopold, I
(Include specifics of refuges in your                                              am one who cannot, and, I suspect
region and describe their                                                          many of you are the same. Thank
outstanding characteristics.)                                                      you.

A How-to-Handbook to Support the National Wildlife Refuge System’s Centennial - August 2001                   Part VII-3
                                          Useful Quotes

                                          You may want to use these in
                                          speeches or publications that your
                                          field station generates.

“A thing is right when it tends to        “Wild beasts and birds are by right        “Human action can be modified to
preserve the integrity, stability, and    not the property merely of the people      some extent but human nature cannot
beauty of the biotic community. It is     who are alive today, but the property      be changed.”
wrong when it tends otherwise.”           of unborn generations, whose               President Abraham Lincoln
Aldo Leopold                              belongings we have no right to
                                          squander.”                                 “I say ‘try;’ if we never try, we shall
“Wildlife Management is                   President Theodore Roosevelt               never succeed.”
comparatively easy; human                                                            President Abraham Lincoln
management difficult.”                    “We cannot do great deeds unless we
Aldo Leopold                              are willing to do the small things that    “If all the beasts were gone, man
                                          make up the sum of greatness. The          would die from a great loneliness of
“If you are going to tinker with a        welfare of each of us is dependent         spirit.”
system, it’s important to save all the    fundamentally upon the welfare of all      Chief Seattle
pieces.”                                  of us. I preach the gospel of hope.”
Aldo Leopold                              President Theodore Roosevelt               “The world is a fine place and worth
                                                                                     fighting for.”
“We abuse the land because we             “The human race is challenged more         Ernest Hemingway
regard it as a commodity belonging to     than ever before to demonstrate our
us. When we see land as a community       mastery––not over nature but of            “When one tugs at a single thing in
to which we belong, we may begin to       ourselves.”                                nature he finds it attached to the rest
use it with love and respect.”            Rachel Carson                              of the world.”
Aldo Leopold                                                                         John Muir
                                          “Those who contemplate the beauty
“Short-sighted men, in their greed        of the earth find reserves of strength     “The world cares very little about
and selfishness will, if permitted, rob   that will endure as long as life lasts.”   what a man or woman knows; it is
our country of half its charm by their    Rachel Carson                              what the man or women is able to do
reckless extermination of all useful                                                 that counts.”
and beautiful wild things.”               “The lasting pleasures of contact with     Booker T. Washington
President Theodore Roosevelt              the natural world are not reserved for
                                          scientists but are available to anyone     “The face and character of our
“There can be no greater issue than       who will place himself under the           country are determined by what we
that of conservation in this country.     influence of earth, sea and sky, and       do with America and its resources.”
Just as we must conserve our men,         their amazing life.”                       President Thomas Jefferson
women, and children, so we must           Rachel Carson
conserve the resources of the land on                                                “The house of America is founded
which they live...Short of the actual     “What a country chooses to save is         upon our land and if we keep that
preservation of its existence in a        what a country chooses to say about        whole, then the storm can rage, but
great war, there is none which            itself.”                                   the house will stand forever.”
compares in importance with the           Past Service Director Mollie Beattie       President Lyndon B. Johnson
great central task of leaving this land
even a better land for our                “Prairie is much more than land            “God has lent us the earth for our life.
descendants.”                             covered with grass. It is a slowly         It is a great entail. It belongs as much
President Theodore Roosevelt              evolved, highly complex organic            to those who follow us as it does to us.
                                          entity, centuries old...Once destroyed     And we have no right, by anything we
“The Nation behaves well if it treats     it can never be replaced by man.”          may do or neglect to do, to involve
the natural resources as assets which     J.E. Weaver, writer                        them in unnecessary penalties, or to
it must turn over to the next                                                        deprive them of the benefit which we
generation increased and not              “Many people see the environment as        have in our power to bequeath.”
impaired in value.”                       a hostile setting, and humans as           John Ruskin (1819-1900)
President Theodore Roosevelt              separate from it. The fundamental
                                          fact is that human health is totally       and lastly,
“It is not what we have as a nation       dependent on species.”
that makes us great; it is how we use     Eric Chivian, Harvard Medical              “Never be afraid to show your
it.”                                      School                                     passion for the resource.”
President Theodore Roosevelt                                                         Dave Stout, USFWS

 Part VII-4             A How-to-Handbook to Support the National Wildlife Refuge System’s Centennial - August 2001

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