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					      August 30, 2007                     Friends of Carolina Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge

        The Carolina Sandhills                       Sandhills Refuge News
        National Wildlife Refuge
        is one of the southeast's
        premier sites for viewing
        the rapidly diminishing
        longleaf pine/wiregrass
        ecosystem, one of the
        most imperiled
        ecosystems on Earth.

                                        The History of Carolina Sandhills NWR:
  Calendar of Events                    A Conversation with Denny Holland & Colleen Holland Yates
                                9/10   Carolina Sandhills Na-                                           Denny and Colleen will
Public Planning Meeting                                                  1943-1950 and 1959-
McBee Scout Hut
                                       tional Wildlife Refuge            1965), including picnic        reminisce with old friends
                                       (NWR) near McBee, SC              shelters, restrooms, and       and new “Friends” on
 National Hunting & Fishing     9/22   was established in 1939           ponds. He also oversaw         Thursday evening, Septem-
 Day, Styx Fish Hatchery        9:00   from lands purchased un-          the paving of the wildlife     ber 27, 2007 at 7:00 pm at
 Columbia, SC (V)               AM     der the Resettlement Act.                                        the Refuge Headquarters.
 Friends Meeting: “An Evening 9/27     This refuge has become a                                         The public is invited to
 With the Holland’s”            7:00   flagship refuge for sound         The Friends of Carolina        share in this unique oppor-
 (See Article) Refuge HQ        PM     wildlife and forest manage-       Sandhills NWR invite you       tunity. Along with the oral
                                       ment in the longleaf pine         to learn more about Refuge     history, photographs from
 *National Wildlife Refuge      10/7 - ecosystem. This distin-           Manager Ernest Holland         this era will be on hand.
 Week                           10/13 guished legacy began un-           and the refuge’s early years   For more information, con-
                                       der the leadership of Flor-       from the perspective of his    tact Lyne Askins, Refuge
                                10/13 ence native Ernest Holland.        children Denny Holland of      Manager, at (843)335-
 Birding & Nature Walk (F)
 Meet at Refuge HQ
                                9:00   During his 26-year career         Eufaula, Alabama and Col-      6023.
                                AM     with the U. S. Fish and           leen Holland Yates of
                                12/1   Wildlife Service, the             Sumter, SC. Denny and
 Working for Wildlife Volun-           agency that administers the       Colleen grew up on the
 teer Day (V) Meet at Refuge HQ        National Wildlife Refuge
                                AM                                       refuge in the 1940s and
                                       System, Holland served 16         attended McBee schools.
                                12/6   years at Carolina Sandhills.      Although they have moved
 Board of Directors Meeting            He oversaw the construc-
                                TBA                                      from the area, both have
                                       tion of facilities, tree plant-   maintained relationships
                                1/24   ing, and the restocking of        with local citizens and a
 Friends Annual Meeting with
                                7:00   wildlife. Today, those            strong affiliation with the
 Ricky Ingram (F) Refuge HQ
                                PM     once barren lands are abun-       National Wildlife Refuge
                                       dant with mature, vigorous        System. In fact, Denny,
                                2/15   longleaf pine trees and na-       after volunteering as a
 Night Prowl (F)
                                TBA    tive wildlife species such                                        Photo of Ernest Holland, Refuge
                                                                         teenager at Santee NWR,
                                       as songbirds, whitetail           went on to have a 28-year       Manager, circa 1947. This photo-
(V) - Volunteers Needed                deer, and wild turkeys.           career with the U.S. Fish       graph was taken with “homemade
(F) - Friends Event                    Many of the public facili-        and Wildlife Service, serv-     equipment”. Mr. Holland took the
                                       ties that are enjoyed by          ing as Assistant Manager        first black & white and color photo-
(Hunting Calendar on Page 2)           refuge visitors were con-         and Manager at six refuges      graphs of the refuge.
                                       structed during his years at      in the states of South Caro-
*For more information, visit           the refuge (1939-1942,            lina, Arkansas, Alabama, and view                                             and Virginia.
Special Events link for details.
  Page 2                                 Sandhills Refuge News

                                         Boy, It Was Beautiful
                                         By Den Latham
                                         On Saturday, June 2, the   “I came in 1974, and we      covers of dwarf huckle-
                                         Friends hosted a botanical resumed burning. Back        berry ripe with blue ber-
                                         walk. Retired refuge forester
                                         and Friends board member
                                                                    then we didn’t have big      ries.
                                         Dave Robinson led 15 peoplefire crews. No helicop-
                                         on a tour that covered fourters, just two or three      We hiked to pocosins
                                                                    men with drip torches.
                                         distinct areas of the refuge.                           thick with red bay, sweet
                                         Unfortunately, Den Latham  There was a lot of duff,     bay, pond pines, and
                                         couldn't attend the event.
                                                                    so we started slow mov-
                                         Dave was kind enough to rep-
                                                                                                 switchcane, which
                                         licate the tour for Den anding backfires.” Smoke        “follows the fire,” said
                                         Allison a few weeks later. guidelines were less         Lyne. “Excellent habitat
                                         Below, Den writes about thestringent then. “We’d        for Swainson’s warbler,
                                         experience.                start a fire in the after-   a species of concern.”
                                                                    noon, let it burn through
Dave Robinson takes questions            Life in the forest has     the night. Driving these     We rambled down the
about wetlands plants at Carolina        been good to Dave.         Sandhills, you’d see a       slope at Oxpen Lake, the
Sandhills NWR                            Dressed in boots, jeans, a red horizon—it was like      hillside clothed with pur-
                                         khaki shirt and ball cap, the sky was on fire, and      ple meadowbeauty,
    Hunting Calendar
                                         he looked healthy and      boy, it was beautiful.”      white fringed orchids
                                         fit. Usually on the quiet                               and yellow fringeless
                               10/1-     side, this morning he      On our tour, Dave led us
    Archery Hunt
                               10/6                                                              ones, hat pins, blazing
                                         was animated and happy, through forests of long-        stars, sundews, and yel-
    Youth Hunt                 10/13
                                         and we were happy to be leaf pines and along            low and sweet pitcher
                                         with him. Having           ridges, discoursing on       plants.
    Primitive Weapons          10/19-    worked at the refuge for the Sandhills’ plant di-
    Hunt                       10/20     32 years, Dave knew its versity—niches of hick-         “I wish people would
    Primitive Weapons          10/26-    landscape as well as any- ory and bluejack, black-      come here every month,”
    Hunt                       10/27     one, probably better.      jack, and turkey oaks.       said Lyne. “There’s al-
                                         “There was an ice storm Clay-loving southern red        ways something new. In
    Modern Weapons Hunt
                               11/3      in 1969,” he recalled.     oaks. Winged sumac,          April, this slope is a sea
                                         “Probably a third of the sweetleaf, and goat’s          of purple Robinia nana.
                               11/9-     trees on the refuge were rue. Catbrier and
    Modern Weapons Hunt                                                                          Gorgeous.”
                                         down. Because of the       staggerbush. Inkberry,
    Modern Weapons Hunt
                               11/16-    heavy fuel load, there     persimmon. Spurge net-
                               11/17     were no burns for a num- tle, lupine, wiregrass,
                                         ber of years.              bluestem, and ground-
    Quail Season Opens         11/23

   Friends of Carolina
   Sandhills National Wildlife
   Refuge                                    The Friends of Carolina Sandhills NWR believe that the Carolina
                                             Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge is an extraordinary natural
  Dr. William Alexander—President            resource and that we can help the surrounding communities
  Josh Arrants—Vice President
  Cissy Alexander—Treasurer                  develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Refuge
  Allison Latham—Secretary                   and its mission.
  David Robinson—At Large Board Member