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E Y E   O N   A R B O N N E


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                 UNWRAP THE
                                                                      GIFT TODAY
mary stansbury
                 Independent Consultant, National Vice President
                 Mary Stansbury Nation; Kansas City, MO

                 My Arbonne business reminds me of Christmas. First of all, you decide it
                 is an incredible thing and you talk about it to everyone. It gets a little crazy
                 and hectic at times, but when you finish all the shopping, cooking and
                 planning, the Christmas Day celebration is amazing. As Christmas morn-
                 ing approaches, you are so much more excited to watch a child, grand-
                 child, friend or loved one open their gift than you are to open the pres-
                 ents with your name on them. You know in your heart that what you
                 picked out for them is exactly what they wanted, what they needed, or
                 what they have been asking for. Every time someone says, “Yes, I want to
                 do the business,” it seems to me as if they are saying “Yes, I accept this
                 gift … it is exactly what I was looking for.”

                 Perhaps the gift they unwrap is the gift of overcoming their fear of speak-
                 ing in public. Perhaps the gift is removing a car payment from their fam-
                 ily’s monthly financial challenge. Perhaps the gift is being able to tuck
                 more money away for their children’s college savings. Many times the gift
                 is having more quality time with people you enjoy being around. I realize
                 that may sound like a cliché, but it is true. Life is about choices. You can       Mary’s Why: T.J., Chris, Jake and Holly.
                 choose to be happy or choose to be grumpy. You can choose to enjoy
                 new challenges or remain in your comfort zone. You can choose to be
                 positive or negative. Arbonne has allowed me to see things in a new light
                 and has given me a new perspective on life.

                 My Arbonne journey started in July 2004. My close friend, ENVP Susan
                 Kilborn, became a Consultant and quickly advanced to District and then
                 Area, while I sat on the sidelines and watched. The entire time I was think-
                 ing there is no way I am going to do that business. I was reluctant to step
                 out of my comfort zone, primarily for fear that my friends and relatives
                 might not agree with my choice to jump into Arbonne. Susan was able to
                 paint a picture for me to visualize what possibilities existed with this busi-
                 ness. The first two questions that kept ringing in my ears, as well as my
                 husband, Chris,’ ears were, “What have we lost if it does not work?” and,
                 “But what if it does work?” Other questions we continued asking ourselves
                 were, “What is going to be different about our lives in a couple years if

                 we keep doing the same thing we are doing today?” “What if something
                 were to happen to Chris’ job?” “Do we have enough money in savings?”
                 “Are we saving enough for our kid’s college?” “Are we saving enough for
                 retirement?” “What is our plan B?” These were tough questions that most
                 people prefer to ignore, and as soon as we posed them to ourselves and
                 each other, we realized we did not have a lot of great answers to those
                 questions. We borrowed Susan’s faith and jumped in with both feet.

                                                                                                      Mary with daughter, Holly.
                                                                                Holly, Jake and T.J. in the Bahamas.
  Mary’s husband, Chris, on the ASAP Hawaii 2005 trip.

                                                                                      in an orphanage that sheltered more than 100 children. Being able to go
                                                                                      on trips like that, share with people need financial assistance, and with
Reflecting back, it has been a fast journey from Consultant to RVP in seven           others beyond what we would normally is a gift from Arbonne.
months. It was not long after that my team pushed me into achieving NVP
in 13 months. It has been a head-spinning achievement! However, that                  More gifts from Arbonne come in the form of personal growth and devel-
rapid pace came with both great days filled with blessings, and not so great          opment, new and meaningful friendships that probably never would have
days filled with disappointments and sacrifices. One lesson I have learned            happened, and new levels of responsibility. Being able to impact others in
is to control your ups and downs. Find a good balance in life so when an              a positive way by facilitating these kinds of things has been one of the most
issue arises you do not get too down. At one of the meetings I attended, I            fulfilling things for me. For example, my first Ace to sign up was Joey
remember someone saying, “Make short-term sacrifices for long-term                    Proctor (expect to be reading her NVP story in the future). Joey, like most,
gains.” We all like the sound of “long-term gains,” but no one ever likes to          was reluctant to become a business builder the first few times she heard of
think about the “short-term sacrifices” required before you can even see a            the opportunity. She was terrified and uncomfortable speaking in front of
fraction of those gains. I have learned that whoever expressed that was right         others, so speaking in front of a large group was completely out of the
on target. The things I gave up in the past year, I have come to look at as           question. Now that she has unwrapped the gift of Arbonne, she speaks
investments that are already paying dividends toward my family’s future.              regularly at meetings. Most recently she was the main presenter at our first
For example, we saved more in the year 2005, specifically for our three               national meeting where approximately 130 people were in attendance —
children’s college funds, than we have saved in the past 10 years com-                and she was awesome! She grew personally from opening the gift.
bined. Sure, I missed a few things here and there over the past year. Sure,
my husband has made a choice to help in the home more than he would                   I want to thank my friends and team members. ENVP Cecilia Stoll: Thank
have otherwise. The blessings from Arbonne are abundant and overflow-                 you for all of your help along the way. The trainings, retreats and encour-
ing. Recently, I asked Chris what Arbonne has done for him. He quickly                agement have been a true blessing. You are an incredible role model as
replied, “I sleep much better at night knowing Arbonne is in our lives.”              an Arbonne leader and as a person.
                                                                                                                                                      continued ...
In our meetings, Chris and I often explain that the potential I have to earn
the money Arbonne contributes to our family does not go toward more stuff.
Rather, the income we have the potential to earn provides us with more             Mary’s Nation.
choices. We recently chose to go on a mission trip to Trinidad with our bible
study group. It was our second mission trip to Trinidad. We were able to
take our 10-year-old son with us this time. Our group worked for five days

  success strategy:

“         Control your ‘ups’ and ‘downs,’
           and find a good balance in
           your business and your life.
                                                                                                                                                                                NATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT
                                                                                                           ENVP Susan Kilborn, ENVP Cecilia Stoll and Mary at
                                                                                                           NTC 2005 Las Vegas.

Kissie, Heidi, Nicola, Debbie, Mary and
Jamila at St. Mary’s Orphanage in Trinidad.

                                                                                    To all of my DMs and Consultants: As Cecilia always says, “If you can
                                                                                    go District, you can go Region.” I believe this and I want you all to
ENVP Susan Kilborn: Thank you for being the kind of friend that most                believe it as well. You are the lifeline of Arbonne and I am looking for-
                                                                                    ward to seeing you all at the top.

                                                                                                                                                                                         The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.
people only dream about having. Even before Arbonne, you were
always trying to help me find my niche and encouraging me to follow
my dreams. Then you found Arbonne for both of us. Sorry I was too                   To my crossline buddies: You all have been a true inspiration to me and
scared to jump on at first. Once again, thank you for painting the per-             I love being able to call you my friends. Thanks for all the encourage-
fect picture for me to catch the vision. Your encouragement and belief              ment and support along the way.
brought me to this point. I love you.
                                                                                    Last, but definitely not least, I want to thank my family. Mom, I love you
To RVPs Joey Proctor and Robin Minder: I am in awe of your dedica-                  and appreciate all of your support along the way. To my dad, who
tion and leadership. Your work ethic and drive have pushed me to be                 passed away three-and-a-half years ago: Thank you for being an excel-
a better person myself. Thank you for accepting me for who I am.                    lent role model and an amazing encourager. Chris, you are the best
                                                                                    and I do not think this Eye on Arbonne story would be done if it were
To AMs, Krisha Tormes, Julie Herrick, Linzi Gieger, Dinah Brooks, Amy               not for you. Thank you for helping me stay even and not getting too up
Ivy, Kimmie Jones, Linda Reese, Carol Smith, Cindy Onelio, Ricky                    or down. I love you. To Jake, Holly and T.J.: Thank you for all of your
McIntire, Joyce Lindsey, Misty Trinidad, Mary Parrish, Amy Middleton,               help. I am so blessed to have the most awesome kids.
Terri Trieb, Jill Yeomans, Kelly Burlingame and Nicki Crow: You all
have seen the big picture and recognize the importance of a team. I                 In conclusion, I want to encourage anyone reading this to jump in, be
am very proud of your accomplishments and how you have paved the                    passionate, do not wait and once you get rolling, do not stop. Do not
way for your Area. Stick with it and you all will soon be driving your              look for excuses to keep yourself from unwrapping the gift that is wait-
own, white Mercedes-Benz.                                                           ing for you. Once you have stepped out of your comfort zone and
                                                                                    unwrapped this gift called Arbonne, then you will be able to see what
                                                                                    I see, and share this special gift with others.

AM Linzi Geiger, ENVP Susan Kilborn, RVP Joey Proctor, Mary and EDM Judy Proctor.

                                                                                    AM Linzi Gieger, EAM Linda Reese, AM Donna Quarles, ENVP Cecilia Stoll, ENVP Susan
                                                                                    Kilborn, EAM Amy Ivy, RVP Robin Minder and Mary at an AM retreat in Dallas.

                                                                                                                                           EYE ON ARBONNE       FEBRUARY 2006