A LIFE AND by joshcorey


									                                         E      Y       E      O        N             A       R       B      O     N       N      E

                 A LIFE AND
                     A LE G A C Y
   Three years ago, when I was introduced to Arbonne, I was the direc-
   tor of a non-profit children’s museum. I worked a lot, earned too little
   and played less than I would have liked. I longed to slow down and
   spend more time with my son and husband. Our days were racing by;
   I was introduced to Arbonne at the perfect time. I had just quit a part-
   time nanny position. Michaela Schager, my colleague at the museum,
   casually introduced me to Arbonne by planting an Unwind Arbonne
   Aromassential Body Lotion on the table while we were attending a
   conference together. That got the conversation started! Later that night
   she told me more about the products and showed me a catalog. I was
   impressed. I have always sought out products made with essential oils
   and here was a company with over 300 botanically-based health and
   wellness products. The following day, I started making a list of everyone
   I wanted to share these products and company with. I could not stop                                                                        cindy bullis
   thinking about Arbonne. I had not really even decided to do the business
                                                                                                                      Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President
   … I just started doing it.
                                                                                                                                   Cindy Bullis Region; Missoula, MT
   I signed up and purchased products for my family and myself. The big
   picture quickly came into focus, and I realized that this opportunity
   would go far beyond replacing the income of that part-time nanny job.                       help so many people achieve their dreams and the ability to give to the
   Shortly after I started my business, I found out I was pregnant with baby                   causes close to my heart. This is not just a career; it is about creating a
   number two. One more reason to build an Arbonne business! I feel                            life and leaving a legacy!
   so blessed to have found a career that encourages me to dream! My
   partner, Chris, and I always talked about living a life that was not so                     Making this business work is a choice. It works when you work! I became
   focused on working just to pay the bills. We have big dreams – we want                      a District Manager in December 2004. I continued to work my business
   to travel, open a cross-country ski yurt retreat, buy a lake cabin, build a                 in the nooks and crannies of my life. I attended my first NTC at NTC
   “green” house, donate money to help children in need, the list goes on.                     2006 St. Louis. Wow! I came away with such belief and pride and
   My ability to affect change in our lives and in the world makes this an                     determination. My baby girl had just turned one and I was ready to end
   once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I have the potential, through Arbonne, to                                                                                  continued ...

Cindy’s partner, Chris, and kids, Quinn and Solvei at their   Cindy and her family cross-country skiing at                                                 Solvei and Quinn.
favorite hot springs.                                         Lolo Pass.
                               success strategy:
                Commit to consistent activity
                 and build relationships.

                                                                                                                                                                       REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT
  the hokey pokey and put my whole self in! I promoted to Area Manager
  in September 2006 and quit my job at the museum shortly after.
                                                                                  NTC 2007 Las Vegas. EDM Erin Huffman, Jeanne Beuckens, Cindy, Cindy’s
                                                                                  sponsor ERVP Michaela Schager, AM Christa Weathers, EDM Drea Dineen and
  At NTC 2007 Las Vegas, in April, I declared a goal: Promote to Regional         AM Janna Van Witbeck.
  Vice President by August 2007. One of the speakers at NTC trained on
  a 10 for 10 challenge, which had me talking to ten people each day
  for ten days. The challenge was like a catapult for my business – activity      the time you have spent helping me and my team. Your belief made me
  and energy was building and we went into qualification that month. I             believe. Thank you for that!
  became an RVP on August 1st 2007!
                                                                                  To ERVP Besty Dahlberg, NVP Amy McGovern, ENVP Julie Lackner:
  How could you make it happen? Make the decision to work this business,          Thank you for leading the way. You all bring such different strengths
  believe and get to work making it happen. Commit to consistent activity         and inspiration!
  and build relationships. Know your Why and learn by doing. Follow up
  and follow through to make the most of this incredible opportunity!             To my incredible sidelines: You are the best! Your love and support has
                                                                                  been amazing.
  To my amazing team: DMs Amanda Casaray, Corey Anderson, Jennifer
  Marrow, Jess Hines, Pum Lowry, Ruth Sissel, Sarah LaMar and Tahmina             To my love, Chris – I am a lucky girl to have such a wonderful partner
  Ringer, and EDMs Elisabeth Ristau, Erin Huffman, Katie Brase and Julie          in life. Thank you for all that you do – always believing; dinners and
  Clark, you are the backbone of this business. You have proven that you          bedtime and chauffeuring for family road trips to out of town classes.
  have what it takes! I am truly honored to have each of you in my business       Here is to adventure, love and laughter!
  and grateful for the chance to get to know you.
                                                                                  To my little love bugs, Quinn and Solvei – You are my sunshine! I love
  To my dear friend, EDM Drea Dineen: I am so glad you are on this                you so much. This is for you!
  journey with me. I will see you at the beach!
                                                                                  To Mom – Thanks so much for your constant support and belief. You
  To my lovely sister, DM-in-qualification Jeanne Beuckens: Thanks for             have been such a good sport. Your willingness to help out with the
  jumping on board. We are closer than ever and we have Arbonne to                kiddos, the house and the dogs has been such a blessing. We are so
  thank for that. See you at the top!                                             fortunate to have you!

  To AMs Janna Van Witbeck and Christa Weathers: You are both such                To the entire Arbonne Executive Team: It is so nice to know you have got
  amazing women! I cannot wait until we have a fleet of Mercedes-                  my back! Thanks for all your hard work to make this the best company,
  Benzes! I know what you are capable of and it will not be long until            with the best products and the best people!
  you achieve it. You are awesome leaders with steadfast belief and
  contagious enthusiasm.

  To all of the Consultants and Clients in our Region: Thank you for your
  support. Your love for these amazing products made this happen!

  To my sponsor, ERVP Michaela Schager: You rock! You are an awesome
  leader. Thank you for sharing this amazing business with me and for

Cindy and her new Mercedes-Benz at Manager’s Retreat 2007: FRONT, L-R: AM
Christa Weathers, DM Tahmina Ringer, EDM Elisabeth Ristau. BACK, L-R: EDM Julie
Clark, AM Janna Van Witbeck, DM Jennifer Marrow.                                  DM Tahmina Ringer, Jodi McKay, DM Pum Lowry, AM Janna Van Witbeck, DM
                                                                                  Bobbie Reeves, EDM Elisabeth Ristau and Kate Brewer.

                                                                                                                                             Cindy with her
                                                                                                                                             sponsor and team at
                                                                                                                                             the Grand Awards
                                                                                                                                             Ceremony, NTC
                                                                                                                                             2007 Las Vegas.

                                                                                                                            E Y E O N A R B O N N E | SEPTEMBER 2007

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