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FRESHMAN ORIENTATION 2007 2008 Librarian Media Specialist


 Librarian/Media Specialist

Mrs. Zink
Assistant Librarians

 Mrs. Bareuther
  Mrs. Carr
Library Hours

         7:30 a.m.
         3:15 p.m.
Library and school rules include:
    No hats/sunglasses

    No gum

    No food and drinks
Can students come to the
library during class time?
 Teacher must approve.
 A signed pass is

 Teachers can schedule

  time for an entire class
  to do research.
  Where can I find the Online Public
  Access Catalog?

All computers have an
OPAC            icon

on the desktop that will
connect to the online
catalog. Use this link to look
for books.
     How can I find books in the library?
   Follett catalog
      Search by keyword, author, title, and/or
      Find Dewey Decimal number (call #)
      at far left of screen

   Physical location
      See end of shelves for call #
      Find numbers and letters on
What do you need to show the
librarian to check out a book?

                Student ID
Can you check out
reference books?

 No. Reference books are
 to be used in the library.
What are the guidelines
for checking out a book?
            You may check out 2
             books at a time.

            They will be due in 10
             school days.

            You may renew a book
             for another 10 school
             days (unless someone
             has placed it on “hold”).
What happens when you leave the
library with a book you have not
checked out?

                 The alarm
                  will sound,
                  and you
                  must return
                  to the
What is a fine for an
overdue book?

            10 cents
             per school
             day per
What are the rules for the
computers and the Internet?

                 Internet form on file
                 Appropriate use
                 No email
                 No games
                 No chat
                 School work has
Can you cut up the
library’s newspapers and

   Where are the maps and atlases
   located in the library?

Maps and atlases
are in the Round
Table Room and at
the magazine rack
at the front of the
 What does it cost to print?

5 cents
per page
YES, the library does have a
photocopy machine.

                 15 cents per copy
                 Only black &
                  white copies
                 Only 8 1/2 x 11
                  letter size copies
Where can I go to find books that are
not available in this library?
    The Washoe County Library can be
     accessed from any computer.
    Click on the Washoe County Library
     website through the Internet or the
     McQueen Library website.
    It is easy to place a hold using your
     library card number. Ask the library
     staff for assistance.
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