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BECOME A by joshcorey


									FEBRUARY 2005

                             BECOME A
                                                    E       Y        E               O      N
                                                                                                   eoa      A       R       B      O        N          N    E

                       SHOOTING STAR
                   How do you go from a Consultant to an RVP in 17 years? Believe
                   in the products, the company, the plan and in yourself. That’s what

                                                                                                                 NEW RVP
                   I did. I was introduced to Arbonne by my sponsor, ENVP Julie
                   Newcomb. I fell in love with the superior products and the results
                   I saw. I had no need to work full time, but I liked the extra money
                   that Arbonne provided. Because of my belief in the product, my
                   intention was to work the business long enough to become a DM
                   and earn some extra spending money for family fun. My big
                   “hook” during those years was the trips that Arbonne offered. I
                   love to travel and see new places, so, I took advantage of the won-
                   derful trips Consultants could earn.
                                                                                                                                                           kathleen parker
                   I was a pro at playing the game of “Arbonnopoly” and figuring                                                       Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President
                   out what needed to be done to win the trips. Arbonne taught me
                                                                                                                                                             Looking Up; Phoenix, AZ
                   the concept of breaking down my goals into smaller goals and to
                   be consistent. My intention was to earn paid trips, and I did this                               Opportunity, Realize Your Potential.” Throughout all these years
                   many times, even with Founder Petter Mørck as a personal escort.                                 Arbonne had never left me. I was still waiting to discover and find
                   What a privilege it was to learn firsthand about the integrity and                               my belief in the plan. My goal has changed and I now believe in
                   giving nature of this company. I developed a belief in Arbonne.                                  the concept of network marketing, and in the generosity of
                                                                                                                    Arbonne’s compensation plan. I believed that this would be the
                   You never know when or where life-altering moments will be. It                                   way I would finally be able to support myself financially.
                   was not until two years ago when changes in my personal life
                   forced me to re-evaluate my role in Arbonne, and my reason for                                   On August 5, 2004, ENVP Donna Johnson encouraged me to
                   being a Consultant. I needed to find a full-time job to support                                  make a dream board on which I stated my goal of becoming an
                   myself. How could I possibly do that? Who would hire me at my                                    RVP in December of 2004. Massive action made my dream a
                   age? Where could I start? Then, I saw the answer on a decal I had                                reality. I became very coachable, listening to what had worked for
                   put on the back window of my car — “Arbonne Discover The                                         others. I went to every meeting that was offered and listened to

           Kathleen’s daughter, Christine, enjoying her mom’s new, white Mercedes-Benz.                                                                                                    continued ...

                                                                                          L–R: DM Joanne Hallstrom, DM Debbie Moore, Kathleen and AM
                                                                                          Kathy Collum.                                                         Kathleen with her sponsor, ENVP Julie
                            s u c c e s s strategy:

                                                                                                                                                                                     NEW REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT
   “        Keep looking up and examine
                  your beliefs; then
                reach out to others.
 every coaching call given — all the while motivating my team and
 sharing my belief in Arbonne with everyone. I hosted training class-
 es twice a month in my home for my team. I trained them over and
 over on the “puppy (dog) method.” I even bought NutriMinC® RE9
 sets, or “puppies” for my team to use until they could afford their
 own. I taught and encouraged the “six for success,” even present-
                                                                                       DM Suzanne Hawk, DM Tess Watson, AM Sue Ciccolini, DM Andrea Frausto and DM
 ing the first three classes for new Consultants at my home. I instruct-               Madonna Cooper with their “puppies.”
 ed Clients about the Arbonne business opportunity and even went
 to Consultants’ homes to talk to their husbands about the business
                                                                                      will meet you there. Is it time for you to discover this opportunity
 plan. I gave recognition to my Managers and offered specials and
                                                                                      and realize your potential? Look up to find your truth and reach
 incentives to customers and Consultants. I gave away products as
                                                                                      out to others.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.
 gifts as well as sending e-mails and making phone calls. You name
 it, I did it. I was a woman on a mission, and my intention was to
                                                                                      I now have the most wonderful and supportive Arbonne family. I
 make it to RVP.
                                                                                      am thankful for my team who have also become my steadfast
                                                                                      friends. It is a joy to watch you grow and discover your potential.
 During this time my belief in myself had taken a nose dive. I
                                                                                      To my AMs Sue Ciccolini and Lee Spina; my DMs Debbie Moore,
 believed lies that had been told to me and listened to the dream-
                                                                                      Kathy Collum, Christine Parker, Nancy McClarty, JoAnne
 stealers. I stopped listening to negative ideas. I started listening to
                                                                                      Hallstrom, Gayle Burchfield, Brenda Nygaard, Amy Angelo, Judy
 truth, which is helpful for me. By looking up, I saw that I am spe-
                                                                                      Mouer, Andrea Frausto, Betty Jean Reilly, Tess Watson, Sharla
 cial, wonderful and unique — I am my own personality. I have
                                                                                      Powley, Madonna Cooper and Suzanne Hawk: Thank you all so
 value and worth. I took the focus off of myself and focused it on
                                                                                      much! To my business builders who have made the commitment to
 others to help them get what they want from Arbonne.
                                                                                      be stars in 2005 — Laura Wood, Katie McGlenn, Barbara
                                                                                      Nordman, Denise Heard, Carol McConnell, Susan Vovinette,
 I made a conscious choice to change my destiny. I discovered that
                                                                                      Marilyn McGrath and Tana Behling: You are the best.
 my financial potential and personal development is in direct cor-
 relation to my belief system, along with my efforts to reach out and
                                                                                      I would also like to thank my parents, Orval and Muriel Taylor, for
 help others. Where is your belief? What is your intent? Arbonne
                                                                                      always believing in me and showing me how to live a faithful life
                                                                                      of integrity. Thanks for always looking up and reaching out to help
                                                                                      others. I love you both very much.

                                                                                      Whether you are a shooting star going from Consultant to RVP in
                                                                                      six months, or a steady, dependable north star always present and
                                                                                      never giving up, your destiny is among the stars and you will light
    RIGHT: DM Debbie
  Moore, Founder Petter                                                               the way for your team.
  Mørck and Kathleen at
   NTC 2003 Nashville.
  BELOW: Kathleen with
President Rita Davenport,
   ENVP Julie Newcomb                                                                                    Kathleen, ENVP Euphazine Linder, President Rita Davenport and ENVP
       and ENVP Donna                                                                                    Julie Newcomb in 1991.
       Johnson in 1989.

                                                       AM Lee Spina, Kathleen and AM Sue Ciccolini.
                                                                                                                                           E Y E O N A R B O N N E | FEBRUARY 2005

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